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JAW 1d
Our bodies have decided their favorite place
(discovered under cold bed sheets)
Intertwined feeling closer than anyone
(Hands wondering the maps of your skin)
Hold me tighter
(Socks lost in the depths of what was kept under your bed)
Tell me stories about your friends
(Place your heart in my damaged head)
I will listen to it all
While I let myself fall
Eleanor 1d
scared to fall,
but more scared
of never flying,
so i sit at the edge
and wait.
i need to be more okay with letting myself fail every so often.
Lost 1d
Down and
Down and
Down down down

Where am I falling
That goes so ******* far

Am I even falling?
Is this open air?
Or am I sinking—
Drowning in despair?

All I know is gravity
Weighing down inside of me
Squashing my guts
Riding me
Gravity is on top
I am bottoming

Submissive in nature
I perceive myself as helpless
My environment dictates all
She is my strict mistress
No control over my fall
I sink further into distress

I stopped wondering where I’m going
All I know is it’s down
Spinning, twirling in my descent
The world around me whirling about
I stopped wondering where I’m going
And started to look around
At the sky drifting farther away
And the impending ground
JAW 4d
Thoughts of it never happening filled my head
Doubting every word I said
But you loved it all
Who would’ve known
That the girl in the blue striped shirt noticed me too
austin 4d
I'm not sure if the sun came up
I haven't seen it shine
There's something wrong, I think I'm stuck
I'm running out of time

I'm not sure if I'm still awake
I think I might have drowned
There's nothing here, it feels so fake
I think I'm falling down
Alexis Jul 12
and if we were in the endless exosphere
i'm sure I would've fallen for you even then,
despite not having gravity.
Poetic T Sep 27
I weep for the flowers,
         who have lost the love of another.

when ever petal drops,
               they are alone.

          no longer beauty,
just a stem of
                                            what was....

What if's,
                could they have been
    moment of others picking
             sharing the beauty of life..

But alas, they departed in sorrow,
             and now hangs a stem..
with nothing to show but regrets..

Maybe next time.....
LC Sep 27
I'm falling.
How can no one
hear my screams or
see what holds me captive?
I'm trying to stay afloat,
and no one sees that.
I'm falling.
Fear of the unknown is on a mind
accepting feelings that were caught
leaking into uncharted zones
lasting a lifetime within a moment
intentionally bound to relive the hurt
neglecting wounds that haven't healed  
greatly intensifies the gravity of this
Acrostic poem  (fallings )
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