am so weary
everything there were
that i feel
i can do it
can live like
used to but
just don't know
to do anymore
moments where i
like everything is
pointless come should
let it? must
fight the feeling?
i even do either?

they say humans
are complicated or
rather they make
things complicated we
are the reason
for every single
thing that happens
in this world
then must i
blame myself for
feeling this way?


[F]or the time
th[a]t I was
in [l]ove,
I cou[l]d not tell
wh[i]ch reaso[n]
kept me [g]oing

[at the wrong time.]

(...between the lines I say.)
Zafreen 1d

It's a strange feeling
Hard to identify

It starts with butterflies in your stomach
Then comes the giant down hill on the rollercoaster
It's a total mix
One part Adrenaline and two parts caffeine
Makes you frantically search for the right emotion

But you mind is in the clouds
Slowly, but surely falling down to earth

I'm falling and
falling and falling


You are hit with the brick wall of realization
I fell
I fell in love

All the way
Back to the start
The time doesn’t matter now
It’s not about when
It’s about how
You made me fall
Hit the floor
And still
Want more.

Laura 1d

I knew that they couldn't possibly understand
why I was taking this climb
knew that in a thousand words
I could not explain to them
what would possess someone to jump
to want to fall
so I left no note
and I began my climb
I was intent
oh, so intent
and ready to throw myself to the murky water below
when I found myself at the top
I realized I like it that way
being on top
I didn't want to become
another fallen angel
a meteor hurtling towards the earth
no intent but to reach
the ground
to let gravity pull me down
I didn't want to let gravity pull me down
I didn't want to let anything pull me down
I wanted to stay there forever
stuck in that moment
alone, but content
so, so above
I don't need to jump
I am already flying

Note: This is written in a different point of view than my own. I have never attempted suicide

Walk on the wind and ride -
Take my hand, we can dance
Through the night, we will slide -
Into cracks of earths trance
Finding a cloud to hide -
Beautiful raw romance.

You touched my body
But you never touched me
There are so many things
You never will see

You held all of my love
And I thought I held yours
But as it turns out
I was just one of your whores

And so I learned the hard way
What broken trust is
What it feels like
To have a heart turn to abyss

And baby I was broken
Unbelievably so
I shattered into pieces
All because you chose to go

But here I am today
Standing proud standing tall
Learning for myself
What it feels like to have it all

Because I know I am enough
And I know who I am
Is someone truly great
And when it comes to what you think well,
I don't give a damn

Take my hand
Follow me
Let's waste away

Let the music fill your head
Your soul
Ignite the fire
And let me burn for you

Gaze into my eyes
Let me fall for you
And make things better

The vinyl spins like I do
When our lips meet
Joining as one
Under the moonlit sky

I'll wait for you
For a chance
A moment to seize
To see your eyes glisten
Like the stars and beyond
Gazing into my soul
Where I ache for life

Let us adventure
Into the wilderness
A dark forest awaits us

The unknown beckons
Calling us to act
Discovering more than we know
And reassuring our minds

I see your thoughts
Not too fast,
You might trip and fall
But I'll be there to catch you
I hope you know

Open your heart to me
Let me hear you sing
The song of the ages
A beautiful voice

And when you fall
Deep into slumber
I'll wonder what you dream
As I hold you in my arms
And admire it all


i've never been good with crushes
never been good with
not getting attached to those i like

because when i fall for someone i leap
into a bottomless pit of
happiness and sadness entertwined

and when those feelings aren't returned
then where does this,
this useless crush, leave me? nowhere.

i am left with nothing to catch me
as i free fall into pain
a pain i hoped would never happen, but

i knew what was coming when i lept
i knew the risk i took
but still, it just hurts so damn much

because i've fallen for you
and i don't know how to stop
so i keep fallin' til i reach the end

It’s like I’m falling, descending.

But, really, I’m just repeating the same thing over and over again.

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