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snipes Oct 9
i lived in a time
where the moonlight
was my only sunlight
frog Oct 2
I fall too fast
I fall for friends
I fall for anyone
I fall for everyone

I fall in love
I fall in love too fast
I fall in love too hard

I fall in love a bit with everyone
I fall in love a bit with everything
I fall in love a bit with all my friends

and I wish I didn't
Ali Hilout Aug 14
Be like the pouring rain
Audacious to fall
Be like the snow
Undaunted to lose hope
Be like the wind
Unapprehensive to show emotion
Be like the sunrise
Valiant for growth and change
Be like the night
Unafraid to show darkness.
expecting a boom -
but it was only a whisper.
expecting a spectacle -
but it only got dimmer.
expecting praise -
when only deserving of pity.
just when you couldn’t finish the race
was the distance travelled all a waste?
fell too short, a disgrace
when the expectation wasn’t my fate.
Kassan Jahmal Jul 24
As the stars aligned, in constant of a Moon.
The dancing oceans; twirling and twirling in circles.
Eyes focused—on the horizons of waking under new Sun.
Warm as the lips that kissed me with it's light.

I did have a question of...there being a life in between;
Settling on the grey areas that are non existent?

The answer...

Life is simple as black and white, darkness and light,
As there's only good and bad. We fall only on one side.

To fall in love: would it be a good, or a bad experience,
To fall into depression: to inspire courage, or fears of dark,
To fall back: avoiding rebellious conflict, or being too comfortable,
To fall asleep: in the rest of hard labour, or sleeping on our dreams,
To fall out: of those pulling us down, or those who value us,

We fall only on one side. Which side do I choose to fall?
snipes Jul 23
walkin’ barefoot in the rain
with my drink in the air
i try my hardest to forget
home is where the heart is
no matter for nomads
the world around them
is filled with laughter
but nothing is sadder
then when the clouds
drop-lets fall together
falling with someone would be better. But why would I want to bring someone down.
I've been in my head
Trying not to be misled
But you heard me
I was screaming and you heard me

Fading and you saw me
Awakened and shaking from a bad dream
But you had me
It's ok because you had me

That night at the tree
We watched the lights from underneath
And when you kissed me
Oh my god and when you kissed me

Holding me down
Slowing things down
Like a wizard stopping time
Do you want to stay at mine?

Holding me down
Slowing things down
My pirate ship hits dry land
I want to do it all again

Silence turns to quiet
Everything is calm when you're right here
Stay right here next to me
You're all I want to see
15 days and 15 nights I kept you right here by my side
Through the darkness, hunger, and ice
I miss your hand on my back
I want your head on my chest
I want your lips on my neck
I want your voice whispering
"Do you like that?"
I like that

15 days and 15 nights I kept you right here by my side
But ****, my bed feels cold tonight

Oh no, I love you
And now I gotta tell you
Oh no, oh no

I thought I was just having a nice time
But then as you left for work I cried
Oh no, oh no
journal entry
snipes Jul 6
as gravity falls
I tell her
I gave it my all
drawing towards the center of emptiness
neth jones Jun 20
no bleak
      no gravel
            no granary

flushed upward         flossed through the cloud
proud       of our colourful obituary
but there's nothing to hold us here
fear nothing wary
     no feline attention
           no canary to fulfil the coal mine
just the foggy cotton of perspiration       and no cling
so we are benign      to respond
  rung to sense
     to physics
    to every-mans gravity

no grieve
      no manner
            no calamity

just plummet
       and wind sore
              and sun-bleached torn clothing
                      and dread of developing horrors
                    perhaps collision    with unwanted human company
               no paid way into outer space
        jest descent

you flounder for memories
         to flutter before eyes
              instead    you are battered by collage
an old video game console the cat peed on
     clips you    fragrant between the eyes
a set of your golf clubs in their bag
         winds you     hugging in the gut
             (did you ever play golf ?)
so much more product     and then the car
      Jeep Grand Cherokee     colour burgundy
          draws level
             doors hung open   to the yap of history
grateful and familiar       you take to its back seat
  pull over a tarp     and sleep
     but its all crushed apart
and you face again
                          the plunge

turning corpses of hills below
  the quaking landscape bellows "NO!"
       and patches of spikey urban ventilation
                all gush to volunteer you
                     ***** toward your voice
                          that's screams also 'No!'
                              but realize
                                 the voice
                                    of the
                      ­            screams rowdier
                             and on a weeping in-breath
                                                              to­ replenish
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