TJR 3h


Being trapped in a corner
Where everything stops
And simultaneously
Comes crashing down in a torrent of voices.
Echoing the same self loathing
That you beat every day, and lose to every day.

Looking desperately for a way out
Ready to sell your soul to the wrong buyer
For a quick gratification
Or just a way out.

Boxed in

Cave in, but can’t save him.

Jerking in his sleep but it’s not working

It won’t stop. His head is unlocked
Because he left his keys out of the lockbox

Struggling to breathe.
It’s only been 3 minutes



And then everything stopped.

And he became numb again.

Still twitching. Still feeling it.
 But buried.
Ice over the water’s surface

It came out messy, but I didn't want to touch it. It's just how it is.

A rose bloomed.
A poem written in buds.
It offered its arms, illiterate to whats been written.
It fell asleep. A garden in thought.
Slipping from the ledge it grew.
In REM it whispered.
Wake me when we land.
For I will have acheived my dream

Brendan Owens Dec 2017

I’ve fallen face-first
And hit the cement
My lips puckered upward,
My Cupid’s bow bent.
The puddle that tripped me
Was slightly filled,
But as I rushed toward it,
Full speed ahead,
I plummeted,
Like the ground was my bed.
Blood and saliva
Have mixed to form
A horrible brew.
Tasteless and void,
No feelings or few.
I sip it,
I live it,
It’s alcohol, it’s new.
But I live it, yes
And memorize it, yet
Just like I’ve done with you.

Chaos and madness,
Creeping in from all corners,
Whirlwinds of stress,
Knocking down my borders.

I’ve been hurt
I can’t trust anyone anymore

i could get over you
climb up over my feelings for you
like stepping over an anthill
whilst humming my favorite song
i could pull you off of my thoughts
the way my ratty old sweatpants
slide down my legs at 2 a.m.
i am content with becoming a wallflower
yet again when you tire of my blue eyes
and the way the sun shines
straight through the middle of them
but i just want you to look at me
one last time the way you did when
the "october sky" end credits rolled
just one more time so i can feel the
electricity of locked eyes in a crowded room
look at me again
make me a garden of wildflowers
in the middle of june

ENR Jan 10

I’m addicted to suffering
The hormones that flood my systems
Pushing until it’s too late
Until I’ve failed again

I’m addicted to the rise
And once I reach the top
I have to fall to feel that glory
I have to fall to feel
I have to fall

Floating along
Trying to smile while it doesn’t falter
Drooping at the corners, where the temptation is too strong
And the hopelessness is too heavy
False laughs make friends leave
Isolated by my own heartlessness,
A dull beat pumping,
dragging me through the day
Wind lifting my spirit momentarily
before I spiral back
into the inevitable tug of my habits

JosilinP Jan 9

We don't talk much anymore
we'll watch as the clock hits the floor
as time is slowing
theres nothing showing
but a small clip of your life
and how you killed out of spite
try and fix it all
we'll watch as the world starts to fall

took me like 6 minutes to write this. sorry
Asami Jan 7

So many years ago , my foot slipped
I've been falling ever since
Into a hell that seems to have no end
In front of an audience who couldn't care less

The deeper I fall , the harder it gets
Everything I try to hold on to , quickly melts
Hope certainly doesn't hangout in a place like this

If the fall is too much to bear , what will happen to me
When rock bottom and I finally meet

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