Currently we judge,
Looking at angles to win
Just to please your own mind.

We throw insults and we fight,
We ignite fuel to our fingers
Tapping away like it's a race for popularity.

The world spins and spins,
Yet nothing really changes
Because we just keep spinning.

But it's as if we have weaved
Ourselves into a ditch of
Despairing linear paths.

As we watch, we listen, we observe
And try to become something else,
Something we're not supposed to be.

Just to let everyone know
That you watch the same things,
That you do the same things.

But then after it all we realise
As we grow older and as we mature,
We merely did nothing for ourselves.

We just followed the same road,
We followed the same destiny
And we lose ourselves in our journey.

At the end of it all we start to notice
We have taken the wrong path,
And the other roads are too far away.

So we turn into the side-roads,
Which lead to nothing but plagued floors
Broken doors and empty souls.

Mobiles have taken love out of sex,
Generations have missed out
How it feels to actually be connected.

You make love and your phone rings,
People stop to answer like your moments
Aren't precious enough with loved ones.

We eat meals at restaurants
With our families and friends,
All I see is arched necks and fiery fingers.

I wish I was in a time when we spoke
To one another about our days,
Not about a video that has gone viral.

I wish that as I grow and my children
Will walk amongst the earth I have,
It won't suck them into inevitable fates.

I don't want them to be another
White sheep hopping the same fence,
Like the rest of this miserable world.

Systems have taken individualism
Out of individuals and get labelled weird,
They give us titles like "OCD, ADHD".

I'm not either, and I don't actually have
A label to my name, yet I feel I should
I feel why shouldn't I?

After all I like to think different,
I like to think one day we will see
The clear glass in front of us.

But most of all, I truly hope one day,
We can become a better world
Instead of repetition in characters.

Just some quick thoughts I had on my brain. But this type of thing doesn't get spoken about enough. This may "offend" some, but I only speak in truths. My heart can only love so much until it gets stretched beyond its limit.

i fell apart.
i didn't get back together.
who cares if i don't recognize myself?
i dug my fingers into
my head
i squeezed on the hem
of my tshirt.
always ending on a bad note.

inspired by my own blackout poetry

As I fall through the cold hard ground,
I see nothing but darkness,
The fall seems endless,
Like nothing exists anymore

Hannah Jul 15

I have always believed that when you're in love, you will know
But what if I don't know until I've fallen out of it?

It's scary, the possibility that after everything is said and done and people are moved on with their lives that the past will be the only determining factor that tells you yes, you were in love with them
And by that time, you can't go back to when you were

It's hard to tell myself I'm in love. I am either in it, or closer than I've ever been. I know I shouldn't doubt my instincts, because I will only hold myself back from embracing a beautiful feeling, but it is something to think about.

Angela K Jul 14

She bumped into me.
And everything I thought was together
Each paper, book, pen
                                                             Even I
Fell ridiculously.

She picked them all up.
Gave them to me

And continued on walking.

Makayla Shea Jul 13

Sometimes life can be a lot like a taco
It's all falling apart, but it still tastes good.

Kinda just a funny thought I had. But also has a legit point, life might be falling apart right now and it seems like nothing is going right, but no matter how much it sucks, life is a gift, you can enjoy it, it will be crazy hard to do at times, but if you look around you, there is atleast one thing I promise that you can find that is worth living for, because life really is beautiful even with all the pain it brings.
chipped tooth Jul 12

Falling backwards- Never mind where from,
it could have happened anywhere
you stood.
The dark water below is so vast that
the only word that can describe it's volume
is open.
Landing on its surface, like a crucifix
you sink forever downward, but
otherwise still.
There is no end to its depth,
but increasingly crushing the farther
you drown.

Julie C Smith Jul 12

I didn't fall
I didn't die
I love you, full circle
There's nothing to deny
And you never know until you try

One time fall
I heard the call
To run and to catch up with you
Was all I knew I had to do

Kept the pace
Stayed but lost you in a haze
Alone but the less lonely with you
You made me stand up after fall number two

The circle closed and I thought I would fall
But instead a jump made me see it all
And right before I could hit the ground
You came back around

Next to the bright sun and the cold blue sky
Was where I came from when I learned to fly
Took a look at the moon
But had to land back on Earth to see you soon

Learning and hard work, running, jumping and staying
I never gave up, I tried again after failing
After all this time and with the help of a few
I know now that the only reason I will fall is for you

And I did. Fell big time. It was good.
Written in February as some kind of recap when I didn't know it all hadn't even started yet...
I think it's a bit naive.
Julie C Smith Jul 12

Hey, I hit a record high
Because of you I learned to fly
You made me live and gave me wings
Instead of chunky diamond rings

Up in the air behind the clouds
The sky is blue and without doubts
I know I will and have to fall
To save the greatest love of all

Flying alone is not fulfilling
For you I'd fall to the precipice of sinning
Descending from the highest height
To be with you before it's too late

Written in February and I only now realize that this was an exact premonition of what was about to happen to me. I understand it now in retrospective and it all makes sense and it all came true.
Marin Jul 12

I never meant to
do so
yet still

I want to say that
I'm sorry

But I honestly
don't know
to whom

what I
do know

Is that

I'm falling for you
faster than I
could have ever


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