Sofia 10h
The eros if you never feel
You shall not hurt, you shall not bend
Fortunate you will be, though unfortunate too
A case of pain so sweet and incurable too
your (darkness)
(continues) to dance around you
i (will) find its rhythm and synch to that tune
+if (you)r stars refuse to quit falling as you roam
i will (swim) across oceans to catch them
and i will take (back) your light
(to) guide us back
if darkness continues, will you swim back to me?
III 19h
I can feel myself slipping again
And I'm so tempted
To let myself fall.
Watching meteors
streak across the sky
Sparks the realization
even things falling apart
and combusting all around you
can be beautiful
Sage 1d
you were perfect for hold
pulling close
hugging tight
little did i know
you would fall through
the cracks of my fingers
like sand
and each time I tried to hold to hold you tighter
more of you would fall away
I tried to hold on
but you disappeared between my fingers
and every hand i reached for
turned out to be air
and I was left with nothing to hold
I hold my tears
As I fall into you
Your arms so inviting
Your heart out of reach

I let myself dream
That you have always been
The one
For me

I know
That when the sun rises
You will push me away
Once more

And I will fall back

Back into you
And endless loop

I will never be enough
And I will always
Yan F 3d
Have you ever felt
Like you've gone too far to stop?
What if you're falling?

When you fall deeply
Quickly descending so bleak
Would you climb back up?

Have you ever tried
Climbing atop a mountain
And then miss the ground?

When you are falling
It's not the fall that kills you
It's the sudden stop.
Blanche is the man protagonist of the play A Streetcar Named Desire and a woman who lived in her delusions of reality. She continued to fall deeper into her dreams until a taste of reality made her snap to insanity in the end--- It was her fantasies that kept her sane.

Blanche is also close to the Blanca or Blancé meaning white or pure, basically empty.
raised to believe stagnation is a death
to stay still even in safety is a slope
never to be content with good enough
even when good enough is your best
never to take a rest
because to rest is a slope
that they say I am always falling down
there is always something to reach
“but dont you dare reach for what you love”

this is a loveless cruel thing
to never rest is to reach the end
before you’ve done anything at all
rest is not a stand still
but a chance to grow in a different way
and to reach for something you dont love
is a mocking insult to your heart and soul
that I will take no part of

From the sky I fall forever;
Warp speed, light years, I can fly!
Further down I plummet towards you,
Through the wings of a butterfly.
Forever falling, sweat is pouring;
Silence is golden to the eagle at my side.

Faster, faster I travel along;
The new born sun shows rainbow blood.
It’s cold up here; I am going for a free falling song!
But the words do not mention what I have become
And what I will become.

Inside a sunbeam I disappeared.  
They dropped me off a cloud
And now my destiny is beckoning me to come down here.
And then with a crash, I splish! I splash!
I change into a vast ocean mass.

Now I am surrounded by H2O;
I have a place I can feel at home.
Through endless currents, I float along.

I cannot swim, but I can adapt.
I am a raindrop no more; I have become an ocean.
I told you I would be back.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Love is reaching where
The sunset touches the trees
Only you keep falling
On your raw skinned knees
Unfazed by the pain or cuts
Or the rising bruise
Nothing will keep you
From your true loves muse

Though their absence aches
With the deepest pain
You feel no fear and climb
The treacherous trunk again
Scaling with bloody knuckles
Into the leaves once more
For where the sky meets the trees,
Free hearts may truly soar
@LadyofRavenhill 2018
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