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I can't handle
falling in love
because without you
I am only falling
and my demons tell me
I am not good enough
not pretty enough
not skinny enough
and they don't stop
until you're with me
and tell them
to go away
so baby

-The Poetic Fairy
Sam 1d
You were so cute today
And yesterday
And even the first day I saw you

My first day at your school
I saw you and thought,
“***, who made you this way?”

Because you were so handsome
Wearing a denim jacket
And some jeans that fit you well

You looked so confident
So manly and sweet
I wanted to hug you

I just want to hold you close
Kiss you and whisper,
“***, who made you this way?”

I feel as if we have grown close
Closer than you have with most
Why is that?

Why do you hug me so much?
Why do you show me so much affection?
Why do I love it so much...?

I just want to pull you close
Give you love while I whisper,
“***, who made you this way?”

You are so beautiful
So handsome
So, unmistakably hot

In every way you have captured my attention
Your personality has pulled me in and it won’t let go
Your heart has connected to mine and now it pounds against my chest

Who made you this way?
Because they did good
You are good
I’m. Such. A. Freaking. Mess. Over. You. ****.
Becca 1d
it’s as if I grow taller
as the sun grows colder
as the world stops for a second
as I fall in
darkness encases me

reaching out
into nothing

attempts to end my descent

ringing fills my ears
my eyes open to the world

i feel no relief
Monika 2d
I´m in love...

Attracted to the man,
whose deeds have changed.

Behind the angelic face
rests the cruel truth;

There were signs of warning,
along the way,  
I should have seen them.

Even he himself
tried to protect me from falling.

But I never listened.  
Being blinded by his charms
that remained.

Even the devil was once an angel...

It´s a perfect irony
because he once fell too.

And landed in ****,
instead of heaven.
This might be his second fall.
Meme 2d
Left to wonder…
What is going on?
Why haven’t I heard from your phone?
What is going through your mind?
To let silence roll by all this time
What is it that you feel?
If I can’t get a simple text… boy tell me is it real?
What are you up to?
Games? Lies? Out to get something new?
How could you?
Leave me here waiting to hear from you
Catching all these feelings so soon
When you know my heart has been bruised
Yet, Here I am …
Feeling once again like a big a** fool
I hover in my red balloon
(heated with smiles, blurred, warm)
Too near to the cliff face.
It is blue;
Its creases are the folded poems
That I threw out months ago
Damp with tears cried over you.

I hover in my red balloon
(patchwork, fragile, fuelled by stars)
Still aiming for the moon
Summoned swiftly back to Mars
But it's hopeless-
Oh clouds of iris,
The great giants blocking flight
Like glaring tree roots in the night
That won't let human freedom sail.
I try to float,
But I'm derailed by the cliff face

Whose features share the traces
Of darkened sin like black coffee spilled
On maps that twists the human race
Into a blade no Love could build.

I hover with a frowning face
Next to the cliff edge.
We reflect each other;
Violence under a cover
So ****** that I scream to stop.

And then it works-
My balloon pops.
A poem about disillusionment, I guess.
you touch me and the cracks in my lips bleed I bite them so hard
no one has ever been this close
your fingers draw circles on the back of my legs
you kiss every part of me I say I'd like to change
then your lips drip honey on all of my wounds
(the same ones he used to call a burden)
the sound was still ticking.
Tickling my mind.
Yet inside there was something still missing.
I'm behind the curve.
My mind can't keep up with my words.
My brain can't pass its turn.
Trying to stay awake is like biting into a stale steak...
Its hard.
My arm is so far away I can barely lift it.
My legs are so stray they won't stay near me.
Suddenly my eyes go black and I can think clearly.
"Relax" says the cataracts of my soul (at its best).
My synapses rest as I prepare for the synopsis of what's next. Dream on...
Time moves fast, but the ticking chime moves so slow, everything in my mind goes out the window.
This is part two of the ticking clock poem where I fall asleep.
We drink cheap cider under the spell of the moonlight.
Another round of laughter and it'll be time to head home.
So lost in each others eyes we forget whose turn it is to buy.
I will kindly tuck a tress of your hair behind your ear.
You will kindly glance down, your bashful nature coming to light.
My mind races with an eternity of hopes I want to carry on my shoulders for you.
Our tenderfoot hearts pounding swiftly.
My hand will caress your comfortable cheek.
Your hand will lull upon my wrist.
We will meet in the middle and our lips will collide.
Electromagnetic fields will hold us together as we ignite.

I'm awoken to a barren bed and a hollow heart.
Falling back on forever, each time I fall back to sleep.
If you give up on the hope that you can fix your broken dreams. What have you got to keep you going every time you wake up? Don't give up.
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