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Dahlia 1d
The clock ticks, the clock tocks,
The sun sinks deep behind the rocks;
This day has fallen far astray,
Returned to follow yesterday,
    And the clock ticks, the clock tocks.

With evening comes the song of clocks-
They rang before, but now no one talks.
Much more clearly are they heard
When not drowned out by every word-
    And the clock ticks, the clock tocks.

To live a life unorthodox-
Not worry for the missing socks-
Seems to be a pitiful goal;
Yet she finds those trappings in her soul.
    And, still, the clock ticks, the clock tocks.

The clock ticks, the clock tocks,
On and on and on she walks,
The valleys fold, the mountains peak,
The flowers bloom most every week,
    And the clock ticks, the clock stops.
Another imitation poem, this time it's Longfellow I believe.
I could sit for hours watching snowfall
All is peaceful and quiet
As flakes fall to my lips and cheeks
All is forgotten in a wonderland
Soft winds carry the treasure around you
Accumulating even in persistent winds
The sky and ground reflect each other
All is white and soundless
Under a glow of winter
We finally wake in the dream-like setting
Only soft crunches and gasps of awe fill the air
And all you can do is stop and stare
We have snow here in Washington- it's lovely and there's so much of it! Definitely the most snow I've ever seen :)
Reflect Now
Ya may not think we are worth it..
It's so not perfect.
Yet were about to wreck it.
We've been enjoying the tune of it.

Even with no jewels around my neck.
Things don't have to be perfect..
Reflect before we reject.. Us just yet.
You don't seem to wanna reflect.

You don't need nobody else.
Would ya rather be placed back on the shelf.
I can handle me all by myself.
you've kept returning all by yourself.

6-ways to amaze.. Touching my soulful ways.
keeping our secrets, and cherishing our days.
I can't see all your silver trays.
I can only simmer in the glow of this maze.

With no conversation to measure.
No diamonds to treasure.
I can't even call you when ever.
I want to reflect in my solemn weather.

Show me what.. you've neva..
Come on bae... it's now.. not when ever.
I need ya to reflect..
Right Now I reflect all by myself.

by selinasharday rose.
its now not when ever..reflect Its easier to reject..
even in the loneliest moments,
i have been there for my self
Robin Lemmen Feb 4
I always trust the wrong person
With remnants of my heart
Giving away parts of me
They think they want
But reality is messy
Fantasies write better on paper
And fights are only romantic in movies
I am an **** crier
A malicious fighter
An incredibly complicated version of normal
I whisper to myself to make me feel special
Life is nothing like they will tell you
Because it's incomparable to anyone else's
I don't know where I belong
I have seen many a place
But home is a concept to me, estranged
I am young but sometimes the world
Makes me feel so old, soul heavy
I wish I knew
How to turn anxious thoughts into
Precious gold for I would surely
Be the richest of them all
Melochany moods sipping ice coffee
In my underwear tapping along
To my favorite album
I find solitude in music
I find peace in unexpected places
But stray from comfort found in strangers
Help me, is all I know to ask
But when offered I refuse
I am the biggst burden of all, to myself
Eric Jan 23
Morning brings , a sunshine that sings . As it may lift us brighter then normal days . Ice upon the ground to reflect our ways . Salt to melt past's bitter taste . Lets not forget how unique you are , just like the falling snowflakes . Keep changing everyone's life with your smile , thats all it takes . There's nothing better then not wearing a mask and traveling with the fakes .a smile is all it takes.
Kapi Laur Jan 22
returning back
to the art of word
makes me realize
there is no art in these words
the interpretation of such nouns
is what makes poetry
and what breaks poets
Sunshine Dec 2018
Look in the mirror
What do you see?
A beautiful person
Don’t you agree?

Unless you don’t know
just how you bright you glow
Then Don't look at what you show
Eventually That we all will outgrow

Instead Check inside your heart
For the bad and for the good
That's where it really matters

outside is simply just a hood.
Always Be you !
Nylee Nov 2018
Why doesn't the mirror lie
Why does it make me cry
showing my flaws
right on eyes
no chance to hide.

how many questions I ask
answers come out harsh
finding it hard
even when on guard
it awakens my ears loud.

how much should I pretend
what is there to understand
in the shadow
I don't follow
Keep hoping in vain.

Where should I go now
where does the river flow
where is solace
what point should I turn
and when will I learn
to accept me?
Mike Nov 2018
I lie here.
My eyes caress the ceiling.
My thoughts visit my past,
And bring back with it memories both fond and distasteful.

Artificial lights ******* the eyes that once saw things differently.
Eyes now glazed with perspective given to them by experience and time.
Eyes that now display with more clarity where my thoughts lie.

Although intangible, I feel my breath dance along my skin.
I conclude there’ll be more of these moments to come.
So I close the eyes that once saw things differently,
As my thoughts stroll aimlessly into my imagination from what once was.
It's fun to see, in hindsight, how certain experiences have shaped the young woman I've become. As long as there is breath in my lungs, there will be more opportunities to reflect. I look forward to that. For now, i'll busy myself by letting my imagination run wild until sleep whisks me away.
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