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anotherdream Jul 1
In the middle of my ignorance
I believed our love would stay
Though you had nothing to lose
If you disappeared and ran away

And that's exactly what you did
When you realized I was afraid
I had nearly forgot the loneliness
That was keeping me awake

You understood I was alone
And I welcomed you to stay
So you could tell me all the reasons
Why you wanted it this way

But once you slammed the door
And couldn't stand me anymore
I fell into deep depression
With my eyes fixed on the floor

Solemn regret swept over me
Cause I can see you were ignored
I was fighting inner demons
While our relationship was torn

So in the end I am to blame
I should have met you in the rain
Before you walked into the storm
Before your hands had closed the door
Thomas Harvey May 12
The moon, the stars, all seem so far
The lakes, the sea, all call to me
How could it be, how could it be so bizarre
Where is it, where is it I long to be

For I could sail the seven seas
And all would end in misery
I could walk a thousand miles
And never get to see your smile

The birds, the trees, all seem so calming
The air, the wind, all fly around me
How can I, how can I keep from falling
In the abyss that I see

For I could roam the earth
Without a doubt in mind
Knowing that I know what your worth
And so, I could live being blind

The moon, the stars, all seem so far
The lakes, the sea, all call to me
How could it be, how could it be so bizarre
For where, where is it I long to be
Jellyfish Jan 23
I'm still ripping out my eye lashes
It makes me sad.
I lay and wonder about the woes I cast
and why I feel so bad.

Reflection is a tricky thing.
It can bring up so much, but is never-ending
Like the hyphen between never and ending
Reflection is a process that loops.

You can feel as if you're on top of the world
Once you've climbed out of a pit after reflecting...
only to fall into a ravine after taking a few steps outside instead of running.

The journey to healthy is a tough one.
I feel like I'm splashing in this gorge
Flapping and flailing around,
trying to escape and get warm

Overtime, I slow down more and more
until finally, I want to give up
Succumb to the bubbles...
and perhaps, never wash up.
Jeremy Betts Jan 20
I find everyday is either a challenge or a test with little too no time for rest
No time to reflect so I digress
No one there when I confess, only after a sneeze am I blessed
Mocked and laughed at for simply making a mess that my life reflects
Heart trying to beat out of my chest as I push through this bogus quest
Win or lose, I can always count on another hardship coming up next
Perplexed 'cause I can't tell if it's god or the devil trying to flex
Guess they'd have to prove their existence first and not only at the exits
But the names not Job, I will surrender to this hex, it's a guarantee, I've placed my Betts
I will say this, I tried my best but don't think I should've ever been allowed to enter this contest
Will go down as the perfect example of a bad contestant
I didn't ask for this complex nonsense
I'd be hard pressed to find any arguments to the contrary to try and digest
But to fit into the mold that best reflects the rest, I speak of the witnessed hardships of my life in jest

Heavy Hearted Dec 2023
Every time, you try-
counting time in quarter tones,
scribing rhymes on android phones

the great design-
As light's define
then they postpone,
another chance
To be alone
to change one's mind
To go back home.

would you always maybe sometimes make it easy take your time

in the foreground
and then back;
we reflect
as we react
wallow, in
the nighttime's black;
cinder's splinters trace us back.
Inspired by Grizzly Bear's Two Weeks
SiouxF Dec 2023
Sometimes the all-consuming intensity gets to me
And I need space
To step back
And reflect
And clear my head
So I can return refreshed
And renewed
And in control of my life once again
Francis Oct 2023
How do you do,
Mr. Shadow on the wall,
No rudeness intended,
But I did not miss you,
In your absence.

Remember when I was young,
Remember when I was weak?
You stole my sense of purpose,
I let you in,
And you had your way with me.

One step forward,
Ten steps back.
Each step backward,
I felt your breath on my neck.
This time is different.

I reflect on yesterday,
Today is the day to ponder,
Today I see one small change,
I’m strong,
No longer small.

Same problems, New mind,
Loneliness still haunts my soul.
Your presence gives me agita,
Cramping my style,
In this newfound perspective.

Back to square one,
Back to my square roots,
These exponential problems,
Are not yours to guide me through.
Get away, Stay away.
I’m back in the same place I was when I was a teen, battling the grief of a breakup, staying up late in bed to reflect on my thoughts— with depression lingering, except one thing… I’m a much stronger person now. I won’t let it become me.
Desire Aug 2023
Our debts are paid; all sin is slain.
To live is Christ; to die is gain.
Acts we render; faith we proclaim.
According to His holy Word and Name.
To choose Him who chose us, is to give God praise.
The chaos will come; our voices still raise:
Hallelujah, my God, by whom I am saved.
May our lives on this earth be a glimpse of God’s grace.
This, we pray, in Jesus’ name.
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