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I miss you
in the morning;
I miss you
late at night.
Just thinking about you
gives my tears that I have to fight.
I can't wait
to see you again.
Please come back soon.
I will be waiting for you.
Without you
I will always live in this doom.
Please come back...
Well time to wake
Need to shower
Got alot to do
Wish I could wake
next to you
I do miss those mornings
Being close
Making your coffee
Kissing you till you woke
Those were the mornings
I miss I really do
Ok time to get my coffee on
Can't lay here all day
Ok there we go
Music's on
Coffee brewing
Hot shower
Now I'm ready
to get my got to do

© Jennifer Delong 1/23/19
Eric 21h
Morning brings , a sunshine that sings . As it may lift us brighter then normal days . Ice upon the ground to reflect our ways . Salt to melt past's bitter taste . Lets not forget how unique you are , just like the falling snowflakes . Keep changing everyone's life with your smile , thats all it takes . There's nothing better then not wearing a mask and traveling with the fakes .a smile is all it takes.
Rowan S 1d
Grit down deep, the final dregs
Looks like I've lost sleep again
Burning fumes, and barking dogs
With hopeless reminiscing

Home is where my pillow is
And not where I can find a friend
So why spend time still wondering
If luck had never left me
Poolza 1d
My Morning Star
How bright you are!

You wake me from my never-ending slumber
My Shiny Morning Star

You help me get through the days of sorrow
My Helpful Morning Star

You make my mourning a little better
My Caring Morning Star

You tell me how I have to eat
My Blissful Morning Star

You tell me that I should go outside
My Worried Morning Star

You convince me to keep going forward
My Scared Morning Star

You tell me not to end it all
My Only Morning Star
Mae 1d
a melody whispered,
it was beautiful and not blistered.
a deep song,
through my ears you sang.
how wonderful it was,
to hear your voice.
soft and smooth.
the song has a nice message too.
the lyrics it had.
a beautiful memory.
happened on a sunday morning.
Who has picked up pencil colors,
Such deep red colors,
And lighted a little red fire,
on that pine shrub:
Who, O Who, has made
this red cardinal!
On this colorless white
morning, who made my
morning, lucky with red!

© Manan sheel.
Sunny 3d
I feel somewhat new
these are the morning blues.

Some days I feel like moving
Moving away from here and nowhere near,
Today I just feel empty. Like my hart could never be full
So now I’m craving healing, I want my feelings to be certain. To give the same love the way I have received
Learn to escape these negative thoughts and feelings.

Do I settle for what I think could be true?
Or do I continue to be comfortable with my morning blues.
Arianna 4d
07:30, and I'm the first to arrive,
Staking out the best table,
Positioned strategically
So the entire room is visible.

I curl up by the window,
Admiring the sun rising through the trees,
Watching the city awaken in waves
Of yawning pedestrians.

Chopin's waltzes
Pirouette in my ears,
And Serge Gainsbourg
Stares out the window next to me
Puff-puffing away
Sur un petit café.

I see everyone
Who walks through the door.

I know what time to expect them.

Of course,
They have no idea:

          No idea at all
          That I have code names for each one of them,

          That I keep a list in my notebook,
          Marking them Here when they walk in;

          That I wait for them
          Just to observe them;

          That I notice when they arrive late, early,
          Or not at all;

          That I wonder
          What's keeping them;

          That the volume in my headphones is purposely low
          To hear the conversations around me...

          ... Or that the reason
          I've walked to the counter for water
          Ten times
          In as many minutes
          Is because I wanted
          To look closer at you,
          However briefly...
******* people watching every morning at a coffee shop where I used to spend WAY too much time. :-)

Serge Gainsbourg - "L'Hôtel Particulier":


Frédéric Chopin - "Waltz, Op. 64 No. 2 in C-Sharp Minor"
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