Alexa 13h

We say goodbye
early in the morning.

It seems we cannot sleep
without a gentle goodbye.

We tell each other to sleep well
though the sun is coming over the horizon.

We'll be sleeping until late in the afternoon.

And then,
we'll meet again
until early morning.

With every morning ...

with every morning ...
with it sunrise ...
you are my ...
coffee ...
cigarette ...
and my muse ...
with ever sip ...
i think of you ...

to start my day ...
with you ...
only with you ...
within my eyes ...
creating you ...
to dive so deep ...
while you dance ...
as my cigarette's smoke ...
on a bird's melody ...
on my widow ...

while i'm carrying my cup ...
feeling  you ...
smelling you ...
as i'm carrying a rose ...
smell it as it you ...
smell it aroma ...
and think ...
only about you ...

with every new morning ...
you are the morning ...
to my every days ...
starting it ...
with my coffee ...
and only with you ...

sweetheart ...
do you feel me ...
do think of me ...
with your mornings ...
as i every morning ...
do ...

good morning sweetheart ...
my all mornings you are ...

hazem al ...

I silently sit and wait
as dawn rears its head
my mind and breath is still
entranced by the meditative stridulation
of love making

© 2017 Case Coniglio
All rights reserved

She was so hung up on the moon
that she forgot it disappeared sometimes
and every time they would remind her
to which she would reply
"he's still there
quiet but aware
and i'm still here
waiting, unafraid"

but young one
do you not see the light?
the ever glow of the morn
that causes you to stir
and awaken from your slumber
that shines on you
that you may live one more day

the moon may define the day with its orbit
but it can never be called the day
without the sun

we need to have a little of both
so here i am,
giving 2 portions of my heart
to one called the moon
and the other, called the sun

then i thought of you
reaching me
a pale glow
held by slender hands
morning's breath
of dew and dont's
in leaving me alone
and leaving me lonely
looking up at you
is only what i can do

to pjh;
i believe in all of your existence
with all of my heart

It's three in the morning
The mourning hour
The hour where naught is awake but
Lovers and dreamers
And those deemed too far gone by the rest of us
To which we send a wilting flower.

It's three in the morning
The mourning hour
And I sit upon a lush coven of cotton and broken dreams
And peer into the crisp, aging pages of a crisp, aging story
To dissolve away the alms that haunt my hollow tower.

It's three in the morning
The mourning hour
And I mourn
I mourn the loss of love
And the loss of hope
I mourn a loss I have known so well
As well as a loss I have never myself felt
Tied, side by side, in a waking melancholy sour.

It's three in the morning
The mourning hour
And doves less mournful than I have passed on to sleep
And he, as I dream, is far away and dead to me
Still dear to me
And I reach out, into the darkness of the night
And end the mourning hour.

The moment water trickles down your body

The moment you step out of the showers

The moment the smell of freshly brewed beverage hits

The moment amazing breakfast washes into your mouth

The moment you put on music and hum along

Enjoy your morning all! For an introvert like myself, I take breakfast seirously, it's me-time, where I am generally undisturbed. I love my typical mornings. I hope you do too :)

White wall, dandelion
soft covers, hard bed
open window, I shiver
chirping songs, calming rain

White morning, tall trees
soft sand, hard ground
open world, I smile
singing songs, drenched by the rain

JAC 6d

In the mornings,
there may still
be a light fog
on the water.

A continuation of "The Sea and the Clouds",
because everything is but one part of a whole.

Can I capture that serene moment
when you first stir and slowly wake
hungry and sleepy eyes
intoxicating smile

© 2017 Case Coniglio
All rights reserved
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