Against the blackness of early morning
my reflection in the glass door
is multiplied, an optical delusion.  Two
of me returns my gaze.  Which is me?
I overlap myself.

My hope for this new day is an awareness
of a sacred singularity that celebrates
difference, yet joins all things, all beings,
in the reality of The One.

I hope for faith grounded in wisdom,
trust and kindness...harmony of thought
and will as the result of the peaceful union
of divergent voices...and peace replacing
the taste of greed and violence in our

Faint light peeks shyly around the partially
drawn curtain.  Morning is not far behind.
Slowly she moves across the garden,
climbs deep green vines clinging to the
stone wall, then casts her smile on two
sparrows as they toss fresh water into
the air from the shallow birdbath.

Early morning's somber light suddenly
bursts golden as the sun makes clear
the arrival of day, erasing all reflected

I am one with One.
Softly and gently, I swim him along
the frail whirlpool of a lie,
He visits like a lamp in the froth of cold
forward towards but shy

I remember to keep my palm onto the cold night's sheet
and tell him how his would fit in,
how every moment of my cold nights would burn
into the arms of his unconscious sin

I canst remember thy face though,
o love, was the dust of snow much.?

Swaying like a leaf in the wind of my poem
skimming on the foam of an immortal stream,
with his perfect structured fingers touching his evening cup,
he flutters like a laugh from the lips of a weeping dream.

A dream.
O my.! Was this illusory?

Years of long closed eyelids imagining their perfect fit
The word exists the definition doesn't,
Dejection over fancies is dejecting
Perfection is straight where you find true love.
Both girls and boys alike, dream about their "perfect" life-partner from the very beginning of their formative years. This "perfect" illusion seems to surmount over there subconscious self and when they aren't provided with the same revolutionised "perfect" partner, they feel dejected.
"don't be", I say. "Perfect" has no meaning. That one time when you find true love, It is, nevertheless, "Perfect".
Deeba 2d
A fresh splash of water
into one's face
is all that is needed
to awaken the half dead
from the dreamy fantasy
into today's insipid world.
I thank Thee, O LORD my God
that Thou dost renew Thy presence to me day-by-day
that I awake in Thy praise in my heart.

Do not let me
I plead of Thee LORD,
leave Thy courts today
but let me dwell there in peace and joy

Let me be
in all I do
Thy tool
Thy vessel
Thy servant
The evening sky is sea foam,
With the clouds a-flowing in.
The tide is turning nicely,
While the wind brings darkness in.

The earth keeps on a-spinning,
While the sky keeps it in shade.
How strange it is to see the sea,
From underneath the waves.

The bats are flying fishes,
The trees are coral reefs,
The fireflies are plankton,
All a-living down beneath.

But people have no purpose here,
Not in the ocean deep.
I know it’s time to travel back,
And wake up from my sleep.
A soft glow of light
peaks through a window , today
the world looks lovely
Amanda 3d
I love the pink sky
On summer days like this
Morning awakens softly
With sun's gentle kiss
I don’t need magic.
I don’t need a life that’s way too fantastic.
What I need is your arms around me
at 3:47 in the morning
when the room is so dark you can’t see a thing,
when I wake up and realize I’m so lonely.
I need you to be there when no one else is.
I need you to be real when nothing else is.

One day, I’ll wake up at 3:47 in the morning,
unable to sleep
and I will look next to me,
and there you’ll be
sleeping peacefully beside me,
letting me know my world is no longer lonely.
Written on November 3, 2016
Composition number: 569
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