i’m broken
i tried holding it together.
but i don’t want you around when I break down.

© Matthew Harlovic

today's a bad day

In the morning
Our egos settle
In slanted beds
Made of twisted metal
The rotten moth eaten cotton
Turns pink skin brittle
You rise earlier than wanting
Petrichor listens
She's still there
On the dry earth - she glistens
Softening the hum
Pressing the pane
I don't want to be dressed
She murmurs
I want to regress to naked nothingness
Or something less violent than red nylon
Or what it means to be a woman.
In the morning you feel the calm. Still.
Like a tremor
Forced by a strangers hand. Still
Not knowing who, not knowing
The morning is subtle
Empty and beautiful.

She awakes
as the dawn nearly awakens
Rising above the river banks
the moon is slowly disappearing.

She walks on the pasture
watching the lake ripple
as the wind brushes against her
she looks to the sky.

A blue light sky
a color between dark and light
shines where the flowers lie
turned to periwinkle dandelions.

Her hand picks up the tips
as her breath touches the top.
Nearly brushing her lips
watching where the petals go.

water rustles
in the dawn
birds awaken
their morning songs
Earth is tired,
like all mankind
stretching through the mold
that holds us tight

sunbeams ripple
across the clouds
sowing a tapestry
of light and sound
blue and gold
like lovers' hands
hidden by night

sophia 2d

the morning star swells
as i live another day
still in love with him

I may not have exaggerating poetic diction
Or the most flowering words
Or the right syntax
To describe how wonderful you are
I may be cheesy, and cringe halfway through
But I still won't care, as long as it's for you

i hope you're having a great day
e 3d

there is something strangely
about taking
a morning shower
when there is no force
or coercion
being exacted upon

on a morning
where you believed—
you'd attained
the solitude that was
fought so hard for
those preceding

a bug, black,
creeps along the insides
of the tub,
climbing up and down
the sides.

"you little FUCK,"
I say, reaching for my old man's
near empty shaving foam.
"I'll get you!"

spray, spray, spray
and he just won't fucking

he moves up the side
of the tub,
feelers twitching, feeling
feeling for some kind
of salvation.

there will be none
for him;
I've done this before —
they reach the peak
and collapse,
fat black carcasses
with the rest.

attain and retain.
attain and retain.

9-16-17, 23:20
MU 6d

Smelling the sunrise
All the new light
And the chances
That are ahead.

Feeling the wind blow
And its freshness
The soul of the world
Coming to life

When the dreams
And the nightmares
All die of
All as before

When your loved ones
Are around you
Or your remember
They are not

When you wonder
What just happened
How it did come
To what is now?

When you ask yourself
Where did all the years
And all your goals
Just disappear?

Smelling the sunrise
And the new days
And the bad smell
Of your old ones

Smelling the surise
Is how your life smells
You decide
If good or bad...

Waking up early the morning is good, because it is probably the only time during the way where you have clarity to ask the difficult question in life..

The sun is beaming
Amidst the stormy weather
Oh, a good morning

Good morning from PH :) The rain finally stopped. How lovely to walk outside..

Yesterday's coffee
Heat it up as rain comes down
Today's cigarette

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