TJR 3h


Being trapped in a corner
Where everything stops
And simultaneously
Comes crashing down in a torrent of voices.
Echoing the same self loathing
That you beat every day, and lose to every day.

Looking desperately for a way out
Ready to sell your soul to the wrong buyer
For a quick gratification
Or just a way out.

Boxed in

Cave in, but can’t save him.

Jerking in his sleep but it’s not working

It won’t stop. His head is unlocked
Because he left his keys out of the lockbox

Struggling to breathe.
It’s only been 3 minutes



And then everything stopped.

And he became numb again.

Still twitching. Still feeling it.
 But buried.
Ice over the water’s surface

It came out messy, but I didn't want to touch it. It's just how it is.

She's awake.
She's alive.
She's thankful
another day she's survived.
Some days
are hard to dwell
but with God
all is well.

Perhaps the birds will carry on
singing after I am gone,
or perhaps the world unfolds
only in my lonely mind.

I’m not yet old enough to find
a good answer to this burning question,
for though my fledgling fingers
grasp facile responses,
the same doubt always plays over
in my aching head:
what if I’m looking at things all wrong?

Half awake and ruminating in bed,
cool winter wind carries through the window
that familiar morning melody that reminds me:
listen to life’s song!

In the park , by the bench,

There stands a tree,

Which has seen innumerable seasons pass

and innumerable humans pass,

Seen their laughter and tears dissolve into past.

With ‘its’ fresh new leaves lost to fresh fallen snow

And ‘its’ dead fallen leaves on the ground

Walked upon by dead fallen souls.

Lost ‘its’ fruits to cruel season and hungry mouths.

Stripped away of ‘its’ branches and its pride.

‘It’ stands there now, not noticed by an eye.

In the dew covered grass

‘It’ feels my steps.

In he morning fog

‘It’ hears my cries.

I feel ‘it’ looking down on me

And wondering

How my loss is more important than ‘its’.

Simply because

‘It’ suffered everything in silence.

winter dawn
sparrows tail-dancing
atop the tall grass

I'll be waiting
For those raging-fire smiles
To sear into my heart
And brand it with your desire

When the time comes
I will surrender everything
And want for nothing
Except for each word you whisper
To topple my castle
And your daring lips
To claim control of my own throne
As you speak

For I am lost in the darkness of your hair
The rivers of laughter
Typhoons of your waist
The legacy within your grasp
Long and familiar

This, I acknowledge
Under the epidermis of nightfall
Where blood departs from within my crown
Deposits in the veins of my hands
That glean your vessel like a cherished charm
Hoping to continue connecting like
Sinews and bone
Roads to Rome's ruins

I am dizzy, but stand in assurance
And the soul is ready
To navigate the universe in your eyes.
I'll remain starstruck
Even when you're afar
Dazzling me more everyday.

Ifeanyi N. Okoro © 2018

i look for signs
in all the cardboard signs
never find them
keep my money

keep the windows open
keep cold hands
keep my lighter busy
devil dancing all the way behind me

not a pretty picture
by day, a five year old child
who needs to be told what to do

if they hadn't have cut out my tongue
old boy, I'd really have a lot to say
about the guy in the purple bandanna,
hadn't seen him in months, but he re-emerged
he is still short, his hair is still curly
he still carries himself importantly

looking so ridiculous to me
it's been mean out lately

a woman is yelling at him
he calls her a cunt
she keeps right on yelling
she really has a lot to say

she keeps on walking away in both directions
and she keeps on coming back

she is not going to shut the fuck up

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