Cold candy
Pop rocks bursting in the morning hail

My mouth a mess and mind untested
Tired and still

The morning reaches out to me
But nothing gets better at this time of day

I wish my words could carry me
Like I carry a them, away

Nothing feels worse.
Aleeza 2d

my eyes wander to people
and i think
does anybody really know

who do you think you are
walking this fragile earth
and preaching the lies of centuries
telling the people of a treachery

you rely the world on this feeling
when it is nothing but fleeting in a world of change
you think that this is salvation
when it will abandon you

because this is far too human
too sweet in the mornings
all coffee and sunlight and soft music
and too bitter in the moonlight
all scratches on skin and empty screams and tears

all too human
that in every day it morphs into something unfamiliar
this feeling we hold so high
this feeling we crave to drown in

and the centuries that we have wasted in search of such
we were blind to the real force that pushes us over the edge
we have denied ourselves the truth for the longest time
it is now that we need to see

that this world does not allow for the existence of love
the very thing that wars were fought over and bonds were created
and it is only a passion that drives us
to our beginnings or to our ends

Ww 3d

i treasure
1 to 4 a.m
the quiet and calm hours of the morning

the only hours of the day
that wants nothing from me
the only time that I am free.

thereafter obligations start to weigh me down.
adr 3d

until the morning
there’ll be times
the world seems out of control.
days will come that make you feel
you never can be whole.

until the morning
“happy” may be
your greatest challenge faced.
little smiles come painfully
and every effort is waste.

until the morning
yes, you will cry.
the tears will flow (with reason):
maybe you won’t feel any love
or love will change with season.

there will be mourning.
and sometimes, dear,
you won’t know why you do it.
you’ll weep and weep into the night
and won’t see reason to it.

until the morning
you won’t find
the purpose to keep going.
you’ll cower when the light fades out,
when the darkness starts its showing.

but then comes morning.

and, ah! the sun-
it will burst in through your cracks.
your lungs will fill with air again
and you’ll finally relax.

dear, until the morning
there will always
be my hand to hold.
now close your eyes; the hour is passing
and night will soon grow cold.

Morning comes ...

a sunken night left ...
within my mind's ship ...
carried all my thoughts ...
which i wrote ...
on my moon's night ...
in my lonely sky ...
with it's stars ...

wrote it as whispers ...
and all talks about you  ...
about the love which i live ...
which i feel ...
and how i think ...
about the meet ...
me and you ...
till the sun rised up ...
with it smile ...
and it's warm ...
to give it's happiness ...
to my heart ...
by irrigating it by love ...
as it gives a joy ...
to all flowers ...
with every dew's drop ...
to start it job ...
by giving it's aroma ...
to every lover's breathe ...
with every new morning ...
to live this happiness ...
all the day ...

sweetheart ...
morning comes ...
came just because of us ...
only for you and me ...
to share our love ...
as every morning ...
we share our breathes ...
by sipping our morning's coffee ...
as every day ...

good morning my lady ...
the reality lady ...
whom i dress all my life ...

love you ...

hazem al ...

Daisy Marrow Nov 10

It's the morning once again.
I feel the sun on my skin as it shines in.
The sound of today's birds are chirping inside my head.
I can feel your breath on my neck.
I soak in the moment,
because the world is so quiet at this time.
We're the only one's alive right now,
I'm so glad you're mine.

So open up the windows as it starts to rain.
Let the rain calm you.
Let my touch soothe you.
No need to think about the day and the hours,
just let them linger.
Let your stress melt in our heat,
as we lay next to each other
filling all the gaps.
I can not tell a lie,
this is my paradise.

I don't want to talk about it really

I was just sitting on the grey couch
While he sat across from me with a pen and paper
And we were laughing
Laughing about how
I never really had to watch someone slowly die
Because everyone I've cared about that's passed
Was shot point blank
Close range
And my therapist giggled
As the morbid humor rushed out of me
And it kind of just echoed through the small dimly lit room

Until I started to scream
Crying hysterically
He just looked at me slowly
Realizing the moment had quickly passed
And turned into a very visceral flashback

He's trying to talk me down but all I could see
Was the footage looping over and over again
In my head
Why was he holding a knife yelling 'dont shoot'
Why the fuck was he holding a knife?

So no,
I don't really want to talk about it.
I just want to lie here and focus on the pressure you're applying to my chest
While you hold me
Wrap your arms around me
So I can finally fall asleep.

I think it was August. The leaves we're starting to fall but it was hot outside.
I think he was on coke but he still shouldn't have died.
Lyn-Purcell Nov 8

from my bed,
with mewling kittens in my head.
I take my jam with wholemeal bread.
Eager for the day ahead.

Short poem about how my morning started!
Dusk Nov 7

Everything is heavy
A blanket that feels like a sheet of granite
And eyelids embracing gravity like they were old friends

Or maybe I’m just weak
Frozen statuesque like
One I saw in a museum, all chicken wire and saran wrap
Nothing of real substance
The outline of a teenage girl

My head is a cotton ball full of angry hornets
Fuzzy and unfocused but full of unrelenting pain
That comes back again and again
Issues don’t disappear just because they’ve already
Made themselves known

Maybe real girls have to get up
Get dressed, brush their teeth
Go to school and raise their hands
Or their skirts

But I’m not a real girl
I’m Pinocchio in reverse
And my strings have been cut
So I’ll stay in my box,
If you don’t mind

Eliah SolRae Nov 6

Shiny, soft, and wet.
Beautiful, reflective,
The new morning dew...

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