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Dee 1m
Those early mornings,
When thoughts are hushed,
Sunrise chasing away the darkness,
Scattering the stars.

Those early mornings,
When time seems to slow,
Warm embraces soothe an icy soul,
Defrosting with each kiss.

Those early mornings,
When light becomes a soft glow,
Deep breaths are a soundtrack,
To that lazy weekend morning.
Trip-A 10h
Sip sip sip sip sip
Sip sip sip sip sip sip sip
Sip sip sip drip drip
Another humorous haiku poem about the sad realization that all good things come to ends.
A quiet morning
breath visible in the cold
a sky painted blue
cj 3d
i know when one
wakes up,
they say hello
to sir sun
but i want to continue
saying hi to you
because you're like the sun
with how much
you illuminate my day.
pnam Feb 21
Every morning begins with you in my mind
When you are not with me O my sweetheart
Every night in my dreams you be so kind
To wish those dreams stay and never depart

Hindi - Translation
Bus aapki yaad se shooru hoti hai har subah
Jab nahi rahte ** paas mere, mere dil-rooba
Aate raho har raaton ke khawabon mein sahi
Aarzoo meri un khwabon se na jaagoon kabhi !
As the early morning sun is peeking
behind the mountains in my backyard,
I begin to romanticize a day where I do not doubt,
a day where I do not indulge in self-sabotage,
a day where I believe I am capable of achieving my childhood dream.
Allesha Eman Feb 17
At the break of dawn, letters sit by your bedside
narrating moon sonnets,
Remnants of satsuma and rose, colour in childhood streets
and you find ways to bottle nostalgia into a fragrance,
and with it, blooms melancholy.
I had a cat's scream symphony by the night,
'Till the neighbour's dog got tired and barked away, scaring em ***** cats,
Then the clock hit 4 a.m and Jennie's baby started to cry,
She yelled, loud as if she had a tail  between her legs and two cat ears over her head,
My ears, gladly super powered by the earlier *****, would also catch moans, from downstairs
And a soft, wet rain that would fall upstairs,
Hangover would meet me later, but 'till then, I'd hear all this and giggle as if life was better than it really was;
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