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Someone I know
today he is no more.

Sudden cancer was still
chasing him moments ago.
Can it trace him anymore?
Brynn S Nov 14
I cannot count the nights devoted to you
Wishing at candle flame for your eyes
Adornment and absolute
You were the one to fan the spark
Raging fires under fingertips
Strong hands down onto heartbeat
Controlling breath with trace
Movements like a conductor
I was your muse
The piece that would give you forever
Obtain the stars and guide reunion
Together we shall not fall again
cupid Nov 11
we leave behind pieces of ourselves everywhere we go
we leave traces of ours souls on everything
mostly these are memories or accomplishments
things we’ve made or created ruts of
my cinnamon gum and cherry scented kiss is a trace i left
everything everyone writes out or says is a trace
a mark on the permanent celestial history of existence
every second you spend in a dark room crying
every moment you spend reading off a screen
is marked down by a keeper of time
every song and every vibration of your nervous voice
is recorded by some deity of remembrance
the way i kick open doors laughing and rip things apart crying
is written in some grand book of past happenings
every mean word and compliment that has spilled from your lips
every single time you’ve failed or flown will be read on judgment day
we leave traces of who we are on existence itself
our moral essence leaves colorful marks on the pages of life
**** red and forest green ink left to drip from my artist heart
beautiful lavender and pale yellow, sunset orange
mint blue, desert gold, death white and cold black to run off your soul
we leave the worst yet most vibrant traces on the past
traces to been seen by future monsters just like us
i left a cinnamon scented crimson kiss on his neck, he left a royal violet handprint around my throat
Brynn S Nov 10
Conclude the dream
Dew melt my eyes as a suken scene
Soft spoken words pour from your lips
With bones of greetings how often our slips
Gaze and grasp
Each night to pass
I follow you to heaven
Lift me to the ceilings of above
Paint me unto the walls of love
Grasp the two sides of the bodice
Reach to me closer, call me the goddess
Place unto the petals, leave me your alter
With breaths intertwined movements cease to falter
Eyes melt into one sight
Share with me our night

Loves together in a single moment
Kelidoscopes of rosed colors tint
Small traces to guide the hint
This is my moment to share, racing thoughts bleed into the air
Z Sep 26
An imprint on your face and my mind,
Your dimples curved like gentle commas
demanding I pause to trace those lines
Between kisses of every genre
Wyatt Jul 30
Here we are,
the light is coming
in from the right.
Cannot hide our fears,
cannot shed any more tears.
Our faces have run dry
running opposite the wind.
Like a sinking angel,
the fall from grace is long.
Don't waste your time
counting the seconds.
How can we enjoy the view
we've got when we're falling in place?
Soon we'll be taken away
without a trace.

My body is wrought
with frustration,
my hands still tremble
in the midst of temptation.
I'm slowly dying,
but I dream of the light
to wrap me in it's embrace.
The cold wind meets my eyes,
losing the feeling in my face.
I've lost my voice,
can't call upon brethren
and I'm slowly dying,
I can't gaze into heaven.
I'm sending myself off,
there is no lesson.
The wolves will fight,
the birds will fly,
but the people
only ever go to die.
Jo Barber Jul 9
Roaring skyscrapers.
Businessmen shuffling papers.

Beautiful women with stilts for legs.
Maids making rich men's beds.

Runners swoosh by with grace.
Everybody a brand new face.

It's all too easy to leave no trace.
Dear ***, what a place!
Maxim Keyfman Jun 28
I saw today a catastrophe
I saw an explosion today
I saw a terrible fire
I saw death in my eyes

a terrible fire in my eyes
a terrible explosion in my mind
a terrible fire in my eyes
a terrible explosion in my mind

The fire surrounded all
Without leaving a trace
The explosion swallowed up everything
Without leaving anything

a terrible fire in my eyes
a terrible explosion in my mind
a terrible fire in my eyes
a terrible explosion in my mind

Autumn Lewis May 16
Finding myself is harder than it seems
Especially since my heart is tearing at the seams
I feel my guilt build up and then finally it comes out into streams
Streams... of tears
The chambers of my heart are made up of many different lairs
I got lost just earlier today trying to find forgiveness
I just can't control my impulsiveness
I sometimes stay trapped days at a time
My anxiety pushes me away and leaves nothing but a hallow inside filled with grime
I need you I heard in a whisper and I ignored it
I waited...I wanted it to quit
But it longer got louder as time went on
Then it ceased and was gone
Then I remembered what had brought me here in the first place
It took me back to the outside and I looked at me and knew who I was , there was no doubt not even a trace
I'm here now
And  I learned you reap what you sow
I don't know why I wrote this but in a way I do
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