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I swear I just heard the trees breathe, a deep contented sigh. Harmonious to the one echoed in my soul.

Breathe in, Sway out.

Breathe in, Sway out.

Let the breeze move through your mirrored branches.
A movement dedicated to life beyond your center.
A late night observation in the middle of nowhere, in the middle of everything.
False claims and exploding stars.
A thousand years late from where we are.
I've been searching for the center of my universe too,
As I get closer,
I gravitate towards you.
Jackson Bussey Oct 2020
A human jawbreaker
With a layer for every occasion
And a center just for you.
ere long
bowls a
strike and
here Nevada
church league
the assembled  
spare when
he sparks
knolls bound
in trees
still the
sweat in
labor froze
orange in
a nerve
center about
the south
Erian Rose May 2020
we held onto dreams
wider than the Milkyway
dancing under the pouring rain
wishing dandelion buds
into a one-way to center stage

we stayed up past daybreak
conquering our fears
shaping them to laughter
timeless to the melody of
Our wild hearts
Carlo C Gomez Feb 2020
locate where i end
and you begin

and neutrons
inside this atomic nucleus
our energy levels
hover in the clouds

how can't we fall
for the rotation
of this sphere

this densely
structured wonder
of our assembled love
Bhill Dec 2019
Why Love?

Do we really know, when love was born
Where and why it happened and how it took form

From the start of it all, from the time it occurred
What was this new feeling, what is this new word
I believe it occurred, to be felt in your heart
From the center of your essence to the tips of all parts

Were the feelings just there, were they always that good
Was the meaning really known, was it truly understood
Sometimes you would be glowing, other times you might sting
It's perplexing to know, what this word can actually bring

I know love has meanings, how many, is not exact
It will change your life forever, I know that's a fact...

Brian Hill - 2019 # 322
Does anyone really know?
Ruheen Oct 2019
The world goes round.
So why do we go straight?
A set path we have paved,
Through the blood of Earth.

This is the way of the world.
The way of the world is us.
Drowning our guilt,
In the Earth's innocence.

One's an accident.
Twice, a coincident.
Three's a pattern.
Four's just pushing it.

Soon we'll be lying on our backs,
Eyes half-closed, minds so cold,
In the shallows of what we have broken,
In the pain of what we leave behind.

We are in the center
The center will hold
But our center has already fallen
It cannot hold any longer.
William Yeats - The Second Coming
Aŧül Sep 2019
We used to invite you,
Come September, Come.

But now we wait for you to end,
As the wounds you gave still bleed.

What we lost in your days is life,
More than life, we lost our love.

We remember New York,
We remember Munich.

So please hear our plea,
End September, End.
My HP Poem #1766
©Atul Kaushal
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