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Invisible Oct 7
The world goes round.
So why do we go straight?
A set path we have paved,
Through the blood of Earth.

This is the way of the world.
The way of the world is us.
Drowning our guilt,
In the Earth's innocence.

One's an accident.
Twice, a coincident.
Three's a pattern.
Four's just pushing it.

Soon we'll be lying on our backs,
Eyes half-closed, minds so cold,
In the shallows of what we have broken,
In the pain of what we leave behind.

We are in the center
The center will hold
But our center has already fallen
It cannot hold any longer.
William Yeats - The Second Coming
Äŧül Sep 6
We used to invite you,
Come September, Come.

But now we wait for you to end,
As the wounds you gave still bleed.

What we lost in your days is life,
More than life, we lost our love.

We remember New York,
We remember Munich.

So please hear our plea,
End September, End.
My HP Poem #1766
©Atul Kaushal
Juhlhaus Aug 22
Maybe you find your center
On a couch beside a divided highway,
Where asphalt ribbons melt together
In the beautiful mess of the day's last fire,
Where light falls on upholstery
In a manufactured Southwest pattern,
Best suited to drier air but somehow
At home on a Wisconsin shoulder,
Watching bodies flash past in metal
Paint colors and autoglass reflections,
Moving too fast to catch all
The almost-forgotten rivers crossed:
Rib River,
Rat River,
Jump River,
And any number of State Name Rivers.
Or maybe you find your center
On the other side of a plume of red granite dust,
Where the asphalt ends and the rivers
Are more than almost-forgotten
Signs beside a divided highway.
Inspired by an actual couch beside a divided highway.
San-Pei Lee Jul 25
The moment you touched my heart
I stopped searching for answers
For you were the center
Of the only universe
I ever desired to know
drew Jun 6
To close my eyes

Such a slight and easy voyage
To cancel out the ******

Like taking a step
Into a puddle
And falling
Five thousand feet
Into blue water
With no light
But there’s still a glistening
And you feel it

Even in the center we have our senses
Feeling cold and warm within our safety
Introspection is such a safe and lonely place
KMH May 18
You are the center
of your own world.
You look forward and you
turn around and you
are still looking forward.

(Even if someone tells you
you’re facing backward,
to you it is still forward.)

You are your own
pivot point- the axis-
The pin in the paper.
When you stand
you stand still.

(Everything else around you
Will change and
Sometimes you change to
But you’re still you.)
© KMH 2019
You're not the center of everyone's universe but sometimes it's okay to be the center of your own universe. (Take some self-care time sometimes, love yourself all the time (or as often as you can).)
Pictures hang on the wall
None of them with me in it
For I prefer being
Behind the camera
Than in front of it
I’m happy seeing others happy
Anna Mar 27

Think of rain not pain
Think of pages not rages
Think of the calm not the bomb

Find something to ground you,
Then...                                              Breath
Breath, focus, it will be okay
MJL Feb 22
One crescent
Inside of another
Inside of another
Curved snips of white gold
Rows upon rows
One, two, three or more wide
Shape shifting
Dancing together
Nestled in step with the black velvet dress holding them all together
Each ripple growing smaller further from home
Still moving as one
Still connected
Part of a family of rocking lights
With her as their source
With her as the center
Half Moon Mother

© 2019 MJL
Love moon lit ripples on water.
Crow Feb 2
I hinge upon you
you are the fulcrum
of all my motion
Not all three line poetry is Haiku
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