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Slime-God Sep 7
A storm passes by;
and though it is miles away;
It shakes my whole world.
Erian Rose Sep 4
I'm still me
And we're distant now
I've gotten stronger
And growing loud
Sometimes I wonder
If you hadn't gone
Extending hands
Vast beyond the sea
Collecting deep-colored shells
For a heart severed-to-be
Amanda Aug 14
Upon this shore my unsure feet stand
Slowly sinking into soft sand
Seashells shine as they catch sunlight
And drifted wood is washed all but white

Seagulls swoop from skies and soar
Birds and prey at a natural war
The sunrise glow fades
Air grows hot
In warm display beach is caught

Illuminates the sea below
From surface to undertow
A gentle ocean breeze waltzes by
As if the water breathes with a sigh

Enhancing sunbeams that darken my skin
Tranquility I am soaking in
This morning view so peaceful and bright
Where all is well within my sight

How many summer days remaining to waste?
When snow arrives I'll miss the taste
Of saltwater bitter on my tongue
The cool sensation filling my lungs

Upon this shore I memorize
The horizon distant from my eyes
The light outside fights the darkness within
And my cares float out as the tide rolls in
And I'm just trying to surf the waves
Back to expressed emotion,she would be distant!
if only you knew
the things i'd do for you
the things i've done for you

if only you knew
the pain i've felt on my feet
all those days spent
cleaning, cooking and entertaining

if only you knew
that i didn't have any pancake mix
but found a way to satisfy your cravings
because i wanted you to be happy

if only you knew
how tired i was
my body was shutting down
but my mind was racing with
thoughts of you

if only you knew
the time, energy and effort spent
all to just impress you and give
you a good time

if only you knew
the insane extra charge to deliver
a box of cupcakes for your mom
on mother's day but you didn't show up

if only you knew
how much i wanted to spend
time with you even if it was just
for ten minutes but it never happened

if only you knew
how much i wanted to hug you
or be near you to show you how much
you mean to me but you seemed distant

if only you knew
how willing i am,
how i'd go the ends of the earth for you,
how i'd write poems about you,
show you how you should be loved,
how much i care for you,
and how i'd give you more than the world
i'd give you the universe.

if you only just knew.
should i have told you?
Preston Reid Jul 4
Feelings are the body’s music, you can’t chose the tone or the song you play but it is your music you only get to chose when it’s played and how loud
CMXIClement Jun 28
Through the tunnel, distant voices.
Through the tunnel, I see them.
Through the tunnel, the shadows strafe.
Through the tunnel, raging noises.

Through this tunnel all danger is funneled... does this keeps me protected and safe?

The inner walls, are drab and dreary.
The inner walls, comprised of the past.
The inner walls, lined with scars and sores.
The inner walls, are tired, weary.

The tunnel is caving? Yes, from pain I was braving from words, actions, and more.

A foxhole, a foxhole, only as good as its structure.
A foxhole, a tunnel, only as good as its shelter.
A tunnel, a defense, only good when intact.
A defense, a defense, will fall when punctured.

This defense mechanism is a curse and will worsen the person it was meant to protect.

This defense, this defense, is a watery grave.
This defense, this foxhole, is filling up fast.
This foxhole, this trap, no longer has purpose.
This trap, this trap, was not meant to save.
Sujan Jun 26
As memories become,
Ruins of the past,
Remnants of history,
Hazy and distant

See, how time flies
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