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Sam H 7d
navy crystal skies,
hidden dreamy paradise

life fades away
as i await the sun to rise

when the light touches
the boundless evergreen

i am filled with contentment,
happiness i've never seen
We're all in life's long race,
Pondering on a distant place,
Where we are spiritual beings,
Our souls free beyond dreaming,
No, we can't take stuff beyond,
Immaterial thoughts to wonder on,
Do you believe in the afterlife?
Why wait for peace, no strife?
If we all had a Peace day today,
The world could unite this way,
A distant place, how far away?
Feedback welcome. .
c Sep 25
I am riding in the backseat of Desire
Lust rides shotgun, mocking me
It would be nice to see you
Growing distant in the rear view mirror
But the headlights coming towards us
Are just a bit too bright
I’m tired of asphalt burns
Hafza Awan Sep 21
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hmm, so he is doing well, I am  doing well

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***, my heart is sinking, I am not breathing well.
when your lifeline moves with them being online and that is only how you can feel them near to you.
Seanathon Sep 20
You strengthen me
Stretch me tall in fond pursuit
And call my waking trees to move with subtle hints

Familiar as the folding sound
Between quiet rustling parchment leaves
Becoming new our newest sounds as an inkwell drawn

Like a sunlit jewel your dulcet glow
Is stumbling down a penciled path of painted memory
Colored by every season anew with the hues of you

Don’t cry when I am no more seen, my felicity
It was always and with you in mind
That you made me want to try
Painted Words Between Distant Mailboxes is built around a song, a sketch, a classic story. Separated by time and space no more. These lovers turn now, to face a new fate, having not been left alone in an empty word. "Through the long and lonely night." We persevere until the dawning bright. Shines back at us with joy.

LaCayla Sep 7
Can you please answer me?
I haven't heard from you in a long time
N I'm rlly getting worried
Ik that ur fine, but I want to talk to my mom
I wish that u would get ahold of me in someway
We were getting close
N now I feel like we're becoming distant now
N it rlly gets me upset
Bc I am rlly stressed rn
N rlly wish I could have my mom to talk to about these kinda things
Wen u get this, can u pls contact me somehow?
دema Aug 23
i had a dream
i was out and about
and midway the tears
suddenly started dripping
onto thy cheeks relentlessly,
i woke up feeling as if my
soul is just too sad
to ever be happy
wherever it may be.
Seanathon Jul 29
Beyond the borders of this humble kingdom
You are living live
Breathing deep as the morning dew
And settling into the starry sky

Most beautiful, wonderful, glorious you
In awe are my eyes ever found alive
By the distant singularity which is new
And blinding as your sudden sight
Distant, Unwritable
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