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A Deco Apr 30
it happened and my heart quickened
and I want you to feel the pain like I did
but for the reasons
I felt it

I wanted to say sorry

but I only did what was set to be done

what was to be proven

I didn't know what I set to do

I had no intention of proof

no bar to high jump over
at one point pole vault

apathetic occupation when it didn't belong

but it stands to no more reason

what was to be shown

is what had to be done

Get close ...

while i'm thinking ...
of you ...
and writing my feelings ...
about you ..
as a great poem ...
only for you ...

i fly so high ...
with my pen ...
to get you ...
with every details ...
with a deep image ...
just to let my letters ...
draw you ...
within my beats ...
that my heart ...
feeling now ...
with you ...

get more close...
sweetheart ...
to my brain ...
to my lines ...
because my letters ...
missed you so ...

hazem Al ...
The most intimate thing you can ask a poet,
Is the meaning behind their poems...
Spriha Kant Apr 7
When fear flutters me I close my heart's shutter for preventing its entry inside me.

mark soltero Apr 5
starving to lick your wounds
clean and fresh
i really love you
special and divine
it is hard to swallow
what seems to be knives
sometimes we cry
it’s casual *******
painful close and loving relief
your heart beats with mine
the pain that comes with our current residence
unprecedented times
get stronger as we age like wine
pull me with you
all i want is you with i
Cole Apr 4
A secret that is always telling

But no one will ever quite understand…

You are my biggest heartbreak.

On so many levels,

Not anyone else even, ever comes close.
deadhead Mar 23
this embrace of mine
will always hold you closely
in my loving arms
Lee Aaun Feb 28
if you think, i love you
and i should take a step towards you
but what if you also love me—
why don't you close that distance then.
do what you expect from others first!.
Payton Feb 24
You are like a sky.
A fire across the clouds.
And I can't peel my eyes away.
Like a moth drawn to your flame,
I'd rather burn down to nothing, then to
fade from your memory.
I was a part of you,     the way each  
adds a little bit of character
                  to the moon.
And you erased me from your life. Dressed me in nonexistence.
                      It was easier for you to look away than to wrap me in
                   your love.
I guess I flew too close to you, because
my dear, you were the sun, and
when you pulled me into you,
                      my wings
disintegrated, and
                   I crumbled away in your
This poem was written in 2016.
rig Feb 13
a sea so non-sonorous
snows summers on amorous
rose woven aurora rooms…
on a moon i run scenes as
wars are won over rumours.
see – no nexus. none. success.
zero cameras on me.
prisioner's constraint - not using any letters with ascenders or descenders. basically only half of the alphabet is available, no b, d, f, g, h, j, k, l, p, q, t, and y. also i. i know there's one in the poem. it's on purpose.
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