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Debbie Lydon Apr 26
Inchoate truth,
No, you are not yet real,
How quiet you are inside,
As though I'm seeing but not hearing a family through a window,
Oh, my very own inchoate truth,
It would not do to love you,
It is not yet love that will see your arrival into the world out there.
LC Apr 15
they stuff "yes, no matter what" / "you're always wrong" / "what will people say?" / into a flimsy puppet skin / rigidly moving the strings in one direction / whenever someone comes over / they mount the puppet on the wall / proudly showing off their prized creation.
but when their eyes come to a close / the puppet feels scorching strings on its shoulders / it reaches inside / gutted by what it sees / one by one / it examines each phrase / it takes everything out / replaces it with "no" / "I am not always wrong or right" / "what do I say?" / and slowly snips the strings off its shoulders / so it can walk freely.
Escapril Day 14! Prompt: taxidermy (the art of preparing, stuffing, and mounting the skins of animals with a lifelike effect).
This is my take on the prompt! Thank you for reading.
Idklove Nov 2021
Keep you close
Until i breathe you through my nose
Wish i could leave you with someone
Who can care of you
Cause I'm capable for your love but you are not
Àŧùl Oct 2021
Today, I feel free,
Free to love you,
Yes, I do feel so...

Today, I feel possessed,
Possessed by you,
Yes, I am so...

Today, I feel happy,
Happy to be with you,
Yes, I want you only so...

Today, I feel obsessed,
Obsessed with your love,
Yes, I am totally obsessed...

Today, I feel closer to you,
I am closer to your lips,
Yes, I hold your hips...

Today, I feel lifted up,
Up until the dark sky,
Yes, you are my light.

Today, I feel entangled,
Entangled in your slivers,
Yes, you are the biggest star.
My HP Poem #1948
©Atul Kaushal
Maja Aug 2021
barely a meter away
i can hear them
so why can’t they hear me
i can see them
so why can’t they see me
it’s like i’m invisible
it’s like i’m mute
in reality
i’m just me
and they are just them
and we are close
but we’re a world
of friends away
Mark Wanless Jul 2021
we stand apart so
near we perceive under soul
thought just confusion
George Krokos May 2021
Do not ever let anger overpower your heart or mind
and you will get to be one of an extraordinary kind.
When anger is expressed in an ignorant or unenlightened way
it causes some door of the heart to close where love does play.
From 'The Quatrains' ongoing writings since the early '90's.
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