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our souls will probably wind up in the same cemetery.
two plots away.
too far to roll in my grave and see you.
just barely out of touch.
but never quite close enough.
For the last time I closed my eyes,
I heard your cries.
You should not have done so,
For the Angels were carrying my soul,
In musk scented cloth,
To heaven, I had earned my worth,
On earth.
But when you cried and complained to the Lord,
In mid-flight the Angels stopped,
I beseeched them to move on,
Life on Earth for me was gone.
Hereafter is peaceful,
Serene, calm and beautiful,
Neither pain nor sorrow,
Everywhere is light aglow.
I walk in the Light of Adam and Eve,
All the prophets and saints before me,
Mohamed (pbuh),Ali (a.s)and Jesus too,
Tell me mum, what on Earth I
would do,
Mum,let go of missing me pain,
I have not died in vain,
I am happy with my Lord,my salvation.
Erian 3d
When we hold close
You turn away
When our hands touch
You drift  further from day
When things look calm
The tornado rages on
Not even an umbrella
Can conquer the pouring rain
In my head it's 2 a.m. and you're as awake as I am
heads against our pillows and we're both thinking of each other but neither of us know it
you're missing me
and you're unsure of whether you even knew me well enough to have the privilege of missing me at all
but you miss me for the things we never said
and in my head you're thinking of how you never really got close enough to wrap your arms around my waist
to tell me everything I made you feel and everything you saw coming
that never quite played out how you wanted
In my head even your fingers are sad when you think about my skin
even your lips burn at the thought of never kissing mine again
but it's probably just in my head
Just to close my eyes s briefly a moment I see
my love before me and
Oh so pretty she Is
smiling at me want to reach out my hand
and touch
but because she Is part of my Imagination now can't
do that anymore  She speaking now I can hear her beautiful
In my head saying she Is missing me so much and
asking If angry because she left me In this life behind alone but said she just had to
It was quite quick she said no time tell you so you couldn't have there for my final moments she said don't blame
you were not there at my final departure from life
It was how It was meant
to be she said I'd always been there for
In life and I had done enough for her and that she was happy with
and then I opened my eyes she had gone all part Imaginary world when I close my eyes It to then
I see
.my Imagination running away with me sometime don't know what real and what's not
Send me to sleep please
I can't bear this constant grief
Send me to the world
Of a dreamless dream
Where nothing is real
And I'm floating on nothing

Do not let me go through
Another waking day
Because I can't bear this
I can't bear the constant pain

Can I live in my memories
Where your smile will stay with me
And I'll never have to face another day
Lily Mar 14
~I treasure the pictures of us where we're hugging or you have your arm wrapped around my waist; it reminds me that at one time, no matter what changes, that we were that close~
m h John Mar 14

they can be
and dark

every single one
is sacred

each one is a messenger
to strangers
of who you are.

glory each one
so that if the strangers
do not grow close to you

your feelings will
and that will be
all the presences that you need
don’t be afraid to find your feelings
Johnny walker Mar 13
When I lost Helen so much shock I was In I thought If I closed my eyes and counted to ten then open them Helen would be back with me again so I did close my
many time and counted to ten but when opened my eyes again Helen wasn't there and so far this hasn't worked wishful thinking but still do this even
Wishful but still close my eyes then open them In hope Helen will be here with me but so far hasn't work but It dosen't stop me or keeping from trying
Empire Mar 13
Smile at me
Say my name
Gently lay your hands
On my hips
Look deep into my eyes
Smile again
Like I’m all you
Ever wanted
Then pull me close to
Your chest
So I can feel your
And just stay
Stay like this with me
Until my head stops spinning
My thoughts slow down
Until it’s just us
Please, just
To the man crazy enough to love me... if you’re out there...?
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