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If the Ground was above Us
and the 'Sky' lay Below.
I would still Love U.........Darling,
as U are My Rose in the Snow.
If the Deserts had no Sand
and the Beaches had no Sea.
Concerts would be performing,
without the likes of U and Me.
If Today was Tomorrow
and old Memories turned New.
I would cherish all the flashbacks,
even if they were handful or few.
If only U turn, Days to Nights.
So My Dreams come True.
I would be a very lucky Fellow,
rocking the 'Sky' with U.
kayzamo May 2
Three stoic monitors,
Illuminating the room with a blue light glow.
If he squints hard enough, he can almost see
The ghastly spectres that crawl up his walls.
Haunting shadows
Of guilt and inferiority.

Waking up
At twelve o'clock PM sharp.
He was stirred awake by a dull drumming.
The sound of his suprachiasmatic nucleus
Echoing in his ear
Alerted him to consciousness.
He sunk his bare feet into the Texan snow,
Standing naked out in the flurry and
Somehow not getting cold.

He looked back at the footprints he made.
Despite having just stepped outside,
He had a nagging suspicion that
They had been there all along.
I haven't posted in almost a year but I have been writing, so... time to catch up and post a bunch of mediocre pieces!
LC Apr 19
ink melts through paper
during heat, cold, rain, and snow
to mark every heart.
Escapril Day 18! Prompt: creation.
This is my take on it, and a haiku felt right. Happy Monday :)
i used to lay on the snowed-in flowerbeds
of nan's backyard. once it snowed enough,
you couldn't tell that a ****** of perrenials
slept peacefully there: all crushed
and crooked beneath
dirt and ice.

some days she'd come and join me
if the ground was soft enough:
we'd stargaze up into the cosmos
of pine trees overhead and listen
for the stillness of winter - the hush
of silence that lingered in the air.

ivy and henbit writhed
gingerly underfoot:
a quiet dogfight
of frozen earth
that begged a
sluggish spring
to come out of
i wrote this an hour or two ago for a contest on allpoetry! the prompt was a video covering the spring snow storm that occurred in the northeast recently. it had to be less than 100 words and i'm pretty proud of it. cheers. (if you're interested, my username on there is @opheliaswam).
heard the mountaintop
be scraped clear of snow this morning.
some angry man
shouting up the cliffsides
he said:
"take it all and quickly.
before my hands find the strength to close.
take me into the calm
this thin air carries my tears too easily."
he said:
"you were right about my legs
standing for the sake of looking down at you
scared of laying things bare"
he cried
"i was wrong about you
that the words meant something more
and that things get better in the end"-------------------------------------------------------------­-----------------------------------------------------------------­-----------------------------------------------------------------­-------------------------------------

"that things get better in the end"

smothered in something icywarm
JKirin Mar 7
In quiet whispers, snowflakes hover, dance—
Can’t move, spellbound – it’s all serene, at peace…
I feel at home when snow descends, surrounds.
about snow
My will to live has left me so,
Now I'm alone
In the ******* snow
Lost my way while walking home,
Now I'm alone
In the ******* snow
Cold creeps in, my bones, so numb
The wolves they howl, my heart it thumps
My achy bowels, my arms in mumps
Blood is moving extra slow
Now I'm alone
In the ******* snow
Dying alone
In this frozen hellish landscape
In the *******
JKirin Feb 6
I wonder if you know,
there are few things as beautifully blinding
as sparkling diamonds on a sheet of snow
—pristine white snow—
when early in the morning after a storm,
the sun arises, spills its light—spellbinding!
There are few things…
and one of them I know.
I wake up to this wonder every morning.
With warmth, it fills me, and iridescent glow.
My feelings grow
as you look up, your hair spilled over pillows,
and smile so brilliantly, full of love and joy!
I wonder if you know,
you’re more beautiful than snow.
about love
calypso Feb 3
from my new york window,
i can see tall structures,
see snowfall upon green rust,
tiny ants move busily on jobs,
with their lives, missing rides,
all of this from a glass wall.

from my new york window,
i can find peace.
if it means staring at life moving,
playing a one-person game

is new york always this quiet at night,
the stars not shining as bright?
does their light not burn through dark stone?
or bring out the best in all?
new york, new york
where are you?
where are your wonderful parties?
where have you been?

from my new york window,
i can tell its faint outside
where are your constellations?
they used to move around your city
i miss when they were nebulas
just starting to explore the world
i was never like a ball of fire
so eager to be thriving
so ready to leave being an atom,
joining molecules, being compounds

new york, do you miss me?
do you remember our memories?
of us in the snow, looking above, making angels,
talking about how life would never be enough?
new york, don't you remember,
you and i being friends, singing together?
new york, you don't remember me
because i was never there,
i have never been to your magnificent city.
you are for all the big lights, the huge suns
i was never made to be a fireball,
never so much one to live a free life
new york, don't miss me
I'm not worthy of being so precious like your sky.
i never was, i never will.
new york, my best wishes to you,
don't forget me,
when you don't know me well.
in the third stanza, im talking about new york during the pandemic.
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