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You don't have to go
But if you must,
Escape to a place
Where the cold winds blow,
A place of starry nights
And even better snow.
The snow is a distant memory,
Peppering the ground with white
Smoke arises from brick chimneys,
Producing warmth with all its might
Skinny trees with leaves so feathery
Are illuminated by moonlight
The eyes of the wild blaze at every
Whisper of the wind or odd sight
The stars swimming in ink offers me
A glimpse following twilight

I remember these mountains
I am fond of them, indeed.
Tatiana May 19
It's snowing in May
white flurries coat the ground
before my 23rd birthday
and I'm lingering around
like Wintry disdain
a frosty mark on Spring's refrain
A week ago it snowed in May and I had feelings
OrcasTogether May 16
White domes cap the mountain's head
Heathers bloom in roses’ stead
We cherish the diminishing light
The world blanketed with beguiling white

A serene evening, oh so still
Sun battling with nighttime’s will
A cloud of vapor when I speak
A rosy glow upon my cheek

A flicker sets the world on fire
A flaring coldness in its entire
If I close my eyes, I could almost imagine
The fairytale about to begin

The dazzling landscape sits bright and clear
The breath of winter almost here
Back to the wonderland so long ago
From a little bit of snow…
I just love the serene feeling of winter.
Liz May 16
Getting goose bumps at the brush of new
leaves gushing together on a warm wind.
The soft crunch of grass underfoot
Like the pad of foot on snow.
A mustard brown duck waddles towards me, his comrade in tow,
over daisies snow dropped on grass.
Tiny shiny white
Crystals tumble from the sky
Icy diamonds from heaven
Swirl around the trees
In our backyard
With love and affection

These trees
Once filled with leaves
Are fully perfected
By the immeasurable
Beauty of snowflakes
rk May 14
she dances
with the winter dew
in her hair
silver moonbeams
gently kissing her skin
carried by the wind,
she speaks
and the stars
sing along in unison
following her
into the unknown.
Poetic T May 3
An avalanche of empathy
covering me in suffocating

That I wasn't the mountain,
       more the snow.
               Soft and delicate,
   sentiment never compacted enough.
ejb May 2
i love the silence of a snowy winter night
where all you can hear is your breath and the crunch of the snow beneath your feet
the moon is in libra but tonight her beauty is covered by thick grey clouds
but still she is there
2/12/2020 9:00pm
Downtown’s sodium orange
penetrates the snow fog around us,
and the xenon sign outside this club
stains your teeth an electric blue.

There are bloodshot eyes behind puffs
of smoke as you **** on a cigarette.

Our feet ***** the salt and butts
under the slush as snow coats our
coats and your short, curly hair.

Your lips lap the tip for mere seconds
at a time, never leaving your lungs
full for long. I watch your chest rise
and fall with each burning breath
and imagine that coat curling away
and falling like ash. But I don’t smoke
and loathe the smell that lingers
betwixt my fingers.

by Aleksander Mielnikow | Alek the Poet
Did you know most streetlights are high pressured sodium lamps?

And yes, even with all my self-destructive behavior like binge eating, physical self-injury/self-harm, and several suicide attempts, I don't actually smoke. I tried a bit, and though I never minded the taste or smell in my mouth, I could never stand the smell it left on my fingers. So no more, except for the countless times I'm with friends in smoking areas inhaling 2nd hand.

I've mostly stopped drinking too ("mostly" because I'm still willing to sip to test taste), but that's a whole other story to turn into a lust filled poem 😄

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