Sam 13h

Hand in hand, walking fields of snow. Pail and pure, as if flake fallen from the full moon above. The way her hand fits in mine, sends my heart glissading into the idea of forever. As she turns to look at me, fresh snow clinging to her hair, the term "snow angel" takes on a whole new meaning. For the first time in a long time, my heart begins to feel... whole.

He's like the first snowfall
in the beginning of winter.
After the heat and craze
of a stressful summer,
he shows up to cool you down
and is so lovely, but funny too.
He'll cheer you up,
even if it means throwing a snowball at you!
While blizzards sometimes occur,
he always goes back to that softness.
The softness that looks so perfect and simple.
The same way it looked
after the first snow fall.

I had a dream we were walking in knee deep snow. You smiled at me and like the snow, you glowed with the sun that peeked out at us through the clouds.

I hold onto the hope that someday I will see them. Those lights drug across the sky by a goddess with her water colour brush. Greens and blues and pinks that dance a star's song into being while the sky stretches and wakes up and prepares to host this fit of brilliance. When people down below lift their eyes to the heavens. Irises are filled and reflect a dazzling champagne of pastels which God has created. He wants to say 'I love you' and could think of no better way than this expression. Where snow gives way to reflective ice and the shiny sparkles slide silently through the night. It is the visual of the heart when in love, and it lights up the night like the first beautiful moment of a stage being brought to life. The conductor lifts his hands and a radiant explosion surrounds the audience. Music is not needed and none will ever accurately describe it. Few will see this spectacularity because the auroras only reveal themselves to the minds that wander and the hands that reach towards heaven.

Acina Joy Sep 11

Buried in the snow,
red like an apple in harvest
losing her warmth to the cold
beauty in her eyes that reflect kind

And oh, what an arrogant man
selfish man
condescending man
clueless man
naive man
ignorant man
who is amused by her beauty

Amused by her kind
amused by her ignorance
amused by her naivety
amused by her carelessness
amused by her, he's amused

And her heart was devoted
but swayed by this man
The man she had loved, was forgotten in a blind moment
And this arrogant man
whose hands have been stained by many others,
laid on her

And she's in the snow, red like an apple,
losing her warmth to the cold of the white blankets
In Moscow's piling ice
that glows on her skin

Her lips grow cold, her lashes collect ice
the warmth is gone, and a beautiful pearl now
lays buried beneath the ground

-six feet below, beyond her grave

I feel your pain

And it hurts my brain

I love to gain


I hate the pain

Oh what a shame
How I've turned  lame

Inspired by Rebecca H
Mono Sep 9

It was a cold winter day to see
a cough to vision your breath
and yet I feel this apricity
a longing touch of uniqueness
that the time has joined you and me
telling us our souls have met

But do come the lummings
like demure confessions
as much as unanswered prayers
to say you had to mention
my name with a thousand versions
so ample to yours that fits the perfect way
as to fly without ignition
to be further from the bay

And as the last snow has melted
the breeze derive to the grass
I shall go whenever I'm needed
to your arms at last

R M Grahn Sep 8

Watching you today
The way you played in the rain
Drenched from head to toe
A soul like new-fallen snow
A wonderful seed to sow

Guess it rhymes if it wants to ;)
Rebecca H Sep 8

I was your shield,
and you were my doom.
My heart you peeled,
until it could no longer bloom.

My face is blank,
void of emotion.
With you I'll be frank,
you've set a snowball in motion.

For a while I've been tumbling;
falling, but never landing.
The skies are grey and rumbling,
enjoy life while you're still standing.

- i'll hit you ten times worse, just you wait -

crime, staring competitions, tears.

these small things that lead us further
into the fog, closer to the moths,
attached at the hip, nothing new.
nothing blue, always red.

your guitar rips through the
navy skyline, alerting the stars of war,
violet mornings creeping over the
trees as sleep envelops your eyes.
i've dreamed of something like
this, but i got more than i asked for.

i'd never go back.
i'd never go back to that place where you
don't exist, the dark, the damp, the treacherous.
becoming a threat, was the purple leaves and blinding snow.

but the next morning was lined with amnesia, we both forgave;

but we'll never forget.

jade, jasper, jet.

Riley Smith Aug 22

The frost’s bite is harsh on my pale face
Yet is made warmer by the presence of
Her, my cheeks fill with blush by her gaze.
Yet, the pain of an unrequited love

Lurks in the back of my mindscape, biding
It’s time, providing doubts and resistance,
The unforgivable sin of lying,
The mistakes of naïve adolescence.

But of adolescence I am no more,
So together we walk and together
We talk and together warm to the core,
Together a night lasts for forever.

As we wander through soft powdered moonstone
She gazes at me, fiery hair windblown

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