You swirl around,
as you make your way
to the ground
Never come back as same one
But together you become one,
as you gently cover the land
Light up the entire field, the entire hill,
the whole forest and
freeze the entire ocean
Even the trees try catch you to stay,
they don't want to be left astray
Your beauty is unique,
but it's not only your physique

You choose where you fall
Then some would never witness your sight,
but in the depths of their mind they just might

You are the inspiration for our dreams,
This creation of nature,
so perfect with all its imperfections
The nutrition for our hopes

You bring warmth in the midst of cold,
So soft, yet so bold
So tiny, yet together so huge

You are Snowflake.
One day i looked out the window and watched how a single snowflake makes it's way to the ground. I imagined being that snowflake, the things i would experience..
i sat in a corner,
eyes darting to the
cracks on the ceiling—

then to her: huddled
in solitude, snow falling
around her neck

snow falling inside my mind.
Tricia May 15
Maybe snow cones
And pickup lines
Aren’t meant to go
Hand in hand,
But I needed a map
Because I was lost in your eyes.

You gave me a snow cone
I gave you my number
And maybe
That’s not a good trade
But you thought
It was worth it
At least for one night.

You’re just a football-playing
Baseball boy
And maybe
There was a spark
And maybe
You liked the taste of grape
That lingered on my lips
And maybe
You’re still going
To text me back.

But maybe
Is no assurance
To a girl
In love with love
And boys who make
Snow cones.
i watch a snowflake falling in spring
and running by i hear a thought of slowing
as time remembered sweetly sings

a melody so distant yet so clear
futures intertwined with present here
a dance of possibilities shimmers
on the edges of snowflake washed by my tears

my joyful heart is deepening to pause
and wonder at these feelings’ artful cause
the weight of all these possible paths
is floating lightly in the breeze

i watch a snowflake falling in spring
and running by i think of slowing
as time remembered sweetly sings
Aa Harvey May 11

Stop the winter; bring back summer.
I was happy once.
Stop the heartbreak; paint a landscape.
Let me fall in love.

I need a kiss from my true love to warm my frozen heart.
Let it go!  Let it go!  That perfect girl is gone…
I am tired of all the snow; I stare into the stars.
On this cold night, I kiss goodbye, to the heat inside my heart.
The leaves are beginning to fall, summer is no more,
Love is left afar.

Staring from the ice tower balcony, all I see is snow.
Arendelle has frozen over; I am left hollow.
Where is my true love?  Have I already met her?
Where is my true love?  I never will forget her.

If only she could be my true love, I would be free at last,
But as I only see my future, no turning back,
I am frozen by my past.
Princes and Princesses belong together,
No matter what the weather.
Sun or rain, snowstorms or thunder;
You have cast a spell so perfectly, that I am forever under.
Rescue me from what I hold inside;
These memories of love, frozen in this heart of ice.

Anna made me laugh…

I want a love that lasts.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Alex Zhang May 9
A surface of snow
Lay thin on the grass
Whose thickness will grow
With crystals of grass
And pure white it shines
As bright as the sun
Or cold as the moon
But still just as fun

A dog saw it glow
So gay yet alone
And rolled in that snow
To give it a home
And laid in its tracks
A present of sorts
Something snow lacks
A warm and brown quartz

Tainted yet happy
Soiled yet whole
The winter is snappy
So enjoy it in full
Found only in dreams
Perfection is fake
Though not as it seems
Life is not a mistake

Purity lasts
Only in dreams
Reality contrasts
And tears at the seams
Jolan Lade May 4
Sweet blow
Feel the flow
I just know, everymind can grow
Although its snow, we find the comfort below
To me
Every electron
Cirkelig every proton in
Every atom
Has a purpose
There was no one there
at the building site
when he arrived
with his lunch and tools.

He stood around
for an hour or so
but no one came.

It was cold
and the wind
was keen.

He sipped
from his flask
and ate a sandwich
or two
what to do.

No point in staying
he mused
and packed up
his things
and left.

It snowed
on his way
to the station
and felt colder
than before.

He got home
and drank
a hot drink
and finished
his sandwiches
and sat
and listened to jazz.

When the work manager
rang that evening
and asked how it went.

He said
"Nobody showed."

"Go back tomorrow"
the manager said.

"Don't think so"
he replied.

The manager
repeated his request.

He put down
the phone
and turned up
the gramaphone.
Jo Barber May 2
It's snowing in May.
What more is there really to say?
Droplets are drip-dropping on me
every which way.

I rush through the slippery streets,
and to my dismay,
I see a soaked-through toupee
on the head of a man having quite a bad day.

Oh, what a strange melee
is this snowy Tuesday.
A May 1
When the sun makes an appearance
When it greets us all hello
When it's represented colour
Is the brightness of yellow

When the rain starts to pour
After a long hot summers day
When it breaks through the clouds  
Nothing can stand in its way

When the snow starts to drift
Bringing children outside to play
Bringing families around the fire
After a bitter wintery day

When the leaves start to fall
Concors picked up from the ground
Keeping a little collection
When they are no longer around

When the flowers start to grow
To feed that bird and busy bee
The sky swarms with sweet music
And sights we are blessed to see

The seasons come and go
But remain forever and ever
One thing I'll have with me
Whenever and wherever.
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