Anna 1h

Snowdrops will soon wake up
from their sweet dreams,
feeling the cold, light
and fluffy snow around,
the rays of sunshine falling over them.
Spreading fresh and pleasant frangrance.
Embellishing the season with their shiny, white colour.
They don't want to be detached from home - the soil.
They don't want to be trampled.
They want to be loved just as us.

One foot over another, another after another
I could feel the coolness against my feet
Under my weight the grains compress
As I walk, following an unknown beat
A look behind caught sight of the wave
Erasing my tracks on the summer beach
Once, I left my mark on your heart
But I guess you’ve erased it when we part

I lay down on my back, breathing in the sea breeze
A heart empty, my mind drifting
Like a raft alone in the vast ocean
Drifting without an end in sight
It’s cool and calm, and I could hear the ocean speak

Like an autumn leaf falling to the ground
Reddish brown hues all around
If you didn’t look closely you wouldn’t know
Which leaf had last fallen
When I had disappeared into the crowd

I used to like falling, mindless falling into the arms of strangers
Dangling my heart for others to see, pouring my thoughts out of me
I guess the game was too easy
And now I keep the words in me

Pretty words for myself to read
A loneliness like a single fir tree
Withstanding winter alone in the falling snow
If you didn’t look closely you wouldn’t know
Where it was under the blanket of snow


Though my window glass I see,
A fox, dancing, laughing with glee.

My eyes in awe,
my head and jaw,
had frozen shut.

The fox,
its red coat,
blended with snow.
The hill covered in pale blue.

The fox looked back,
body frozen.
It saw my window glass.

I opened my jaw,
moved my head.
But too late,
The fox was gone.

As snow descends unto the earth
With a calming, soothing, effortless ease

So you my friend should be like the snow
And settle the horizon beyond the trees

No snowflake was ever meant to last
Or to live to see the newborn leaves

For we are uniquely designed by God
As unique and beautiful as these

Not into special snowflakes. But everyone is uniquely designed. What we do to our selves after that is up to us. (:
ella 3d

In the city of New York
I want to be in a taxi
on a gloomy cold day.
leaning on the window of the car
watching how the snow melts to water
and slides down to win a race with other drops.
quietly listing to the distant music
and the laughs of a café
happy for how excited everyone
is for the first snow of the year.
"hey, stop here" i say to the driver.
in the middle of the street
i look up to the sky and smile
at the snow falling unto
my cheeks, making them rosier than ever
i laugh and twirl at the excitement.
what a world

listening to the music
that i played while
i was in New York,
take me back.

Grown up to fall like some
Timber bound trees
It may not be for you
but it's important to me
All that we feel
So undeniably
Cast away and ignored
Until winter turns spring

Above melting snow
we sit and we sing,
Waiting to see
What the future may bring
All while the snow
Bleeds under our feet
Only to find
No love underneath

I wrote this a few years back about my parents going through a divorce from my mothers point of view
Linkuya 4d

Striding forth from his mountain in the sky,
He came to us with speed and haste,
Cantering forward with mist and rains, clouds on high,
He gave to us this fertile soil, our hunger he erased.

He left as soon as he came, his work finished,
Our thankless beings scurried about with nary a peep,
Our stores full, our fields and crops replenished,
With even peace of mind gifted to us as we sleep.

Seasons shift and change, he came to us once again,
Bringing a chill in the air as he arrived, our mirth went cold,
Once gifting life and prosperity, he now came with fury and pain,
Biting frost and snows grasped us in a ceaseless stranglehold.

On these white fields we rest,
Wind howling as though possessed,
We then begged for the end,
And one by one, we would ascend.

’tis the time of year
when the sky appears bleaker
than it did
day has closed
its eyelids tighter—
longer nights
shorter days
bears of the North
pulling their blankets
for hibernation has come.

’tis the time of year
when things wrapped in gold,
red and blue
surround the tree
adorned with things
sparkling and shiny.
‘Tis the season
of merry-making
of thanksgiving
to Him whose love
has sent a Boy
to save the world.

’tis the time of year
when sock-adorned windows
wait for the potbellied man—
he wears red and white
his beard as white as snow
they say he rides on a sleigh
with reindeers pulling
Rudolph leading
flying, gliding
but none has ever seen one.

growing up, I learned
that ’tis the season
not made for kids
but a time for all
to laugh
to love
to celebrate
to breathe
to forgive
to accept differences
to give hope.

when winter wind
has breathed its first
December clock
will tick and tock
on longer nights
and shorter days
it’s time to pause
and ponder.

’tis that time of year.

Published in Cotabato Literary Journal Issue 13 (September 2017).

I hope the rain would
Come sooner than tomorrow.

I hope the leaves would
Fall quicker than snow.

I hope you would
Find me up in the sky

I hope
So . . .

A blanket so pure and soft
From the windows yender
And tiny droplets aloft
In manifold and splendor

Luscious silver droplets glisten
And puncture the frozen sand
The sparrows whisper, I listen
I indulge myself, coat in hand

The princess blooms to rise above
Her pale mantle remains unscathed
Perceiving the amber glow
In which her petals bathed

As mere buds scatter with the wind
As mere thoughts dwindle
As mere tufts gather on the hills
And spread over the shindles

And here I remain within the haven
Where I watch over the murky landscape
When the sun resolves, the pastel colours
Of glistening hope my locket holds

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