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Kapi Laur 22h
the snow falling
soft outside
the longing look
in her eyes
the things she keeps
he tried to hide
now buried in her snow
The snow like
herons alighting
on bridged pools;

and wand-like,
the crystalline air
makes the eye

see spirits,
dressed everyone in
feath'ry clothes.

Glen Brady
Wind, wind
Course and blow
Bring us, bring us
Cold and snow

What soon makes even strong boughs break
Will shake the world beneath its wake
Though come morning, these eyes will close
Where we go, the priest says he knows
But I keep my doubt deep in my heart
From life I'd wish to not now depart

Wonder, wonder
Til' the dawn
Wander, wander
Hung and drawn
Queen of the icy realm
Would you be mine?
If I won your heart
With dulcet rhyme?

I may be young, and full of hope
Lost in streams of snow
But the love I offer is of the sun
Beckoning life to grow

No, a love-struck fool
Seeking bitter fruits
Beware the burning heart
Poisoning nature's roots

Now I'm old, and bitter as frost
Like the fruit I tasted
If only I'd know, and chosen wisely
Life is not to be wasted
JAC 1d
Some of the leaves are still green
crawling between cold alleys in morning
thin wind stringing them along
carrying them towards December

The trees are decorated too early
every year is an unsurprising imitation
but still you are warm inside with your family
making up for the colours you lack outside

Cocktail dresses flash like little winks
hints of resolve so ready to be broken
the gold flows like goddess ichor and smiles
kissing like lovers who will leave tomorrow
loving as if we aren't

Love is in the air like chlorine gas
and no one is the wiser for it
the streets are still covered in old, dark snow
but we're too tired of it to notice
it's only a few sleeps until spring.
I love T. S. Eliot.
everything is
so peaceful on
this wintery day

except the storm
raging in my mind

someone help me
The bamboo forest favors impermanence
Flower petals, thunder, snow flakes
So let the time traveling tourist tell us
We will have something to say about this, later
National Sucide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255. May you walk each step in the garden of resurrection.
I have never known a child-like wonder as with the first snow
This year it is a November night
when the sun has begun its work at deceiving your Circadian clock
Now you cannot keep time like before—
when darkness sets before the dinner table
and only street-lights illuminate the figures that weave in and out of each other,
flickering like candle flames—lucid but intangible
Tell me of a rapport truer than that of people looking in the same direction—up,
through the flurrying snowflakes on their ignorant journey
towards pavement that is perhaps not cool enough to sustain them

But when the snow sticks,
it is frozen glitter that falls through the air with inevitability
and without purpose
It is always "how" and not "why"
Your naive astonishment skates only on untouched surface—
that which blankets the Earth with a blank slate
That which covers the human tracks,
the stains that come with living,
those place-based memories of all you wish to forget
That which leaves room for new imprints to be made and left behind

Watch as they build men out of snow,
searching for humanity in everything they touch,
as they launch icy globes at one another that disintegrate on impact—
It is so easy to forget
JoelP Dec 2016
Once when weather wasn't cold
And angels and auroras glowed
My father and his family loved
But they all died so long ago

Autumn has its wells and woes
To pour upon all flesh and bone
Baptisms of unholy doves
Unite our withered hearts and stone

Six years of winter thick with snow
Splits black within and white below
Splits black without and white above
Six years, they died so long ago.

                   Glen Brady
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