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There's a woody house overthere.bring my steps solidly.crip crop... I'm freezing this time of the day it's not very shocking to be cold.
The weather is snowing with a box of cheer the winter have been carrying.I move towerd the woody the door.light the candles& sit on the cozy couch.breath deeply.bring my guitar& play the part you turn on your recorder.happily you drink your coffee.then I read a book about great says nothing breaks like a heart even you need someone help you sweep the pieces of your broken heart.then a sudden phone call arised.
Umm... hello? _ hi Kelsey.this is Mery. oh Mery I missed you are you? _ I'm fine.where are you now? _ I'm in the country resting in my cozy woody house._well Saturday is Mery Christmas .would you like to join us? _of course. Then....
Part of my novel that is imaginary
It stabs
you in the face
every time
it gets a chance.
It takes
away your breath,
making it impossible to breathe.
It freezes
your limbs
and your insides.
Though it hurts,
I still love it.

It's a blizzard out there right now...
❄️ Can't wait to get out and see how it feels ❄️
Uniquely Beautiful and Frozen Cold...

... and yet able to willingly melt in loving hands...
Can I be your snowflake? Or can I be lost in winters wind?
I became hidden behind the severe weather's curtain of snow and ice

Running into a danger zone that was blinding white

Face beat red as ice shards pierced my lungs

Panting out winters puff, sinking into frozen love

My ankles shackled to the inches of snow

As the wind cried along with me, the rage only began to grow

Out of breath, I knelt for a bitter moment, just to feel, taste, and see

All the little Snow flakes kisses that laid upon me

On my coat, my hat, my face, and my lips

One with its each on individual beauty of crystalized hips

Edges so sharp, breaking through the numbness that lied

I began to laughed and cried, for I was also beautifully designed

Cloak me in your blasphemous hurricane winds, white me out from sorrow

Tuck me under your soft, icy sheets of snow

Color me white as I am buried away

So I maybe cleansed and purified. This will be my blackness grave

~ Wash Me In Winter's Kiss ~ For there is nothing more whiter then
For He Has Washed Me As white As Snow
Praise Him...p

So yeah where I live we had a very dangerous snow storm and I kinda just ran away?... XD

Although it was dangerous it was totally worth it. It amazing how gloriously beautiful a storm can create. Completely white!? How often do we see that?

I was so freezing cold XD but look over it from an abandoned play ground made the frost bites worth it. I would have dived into it if I could have

So many people were .ad and furious I ran away like that but I had to I had so much on my mind that was ripping me

Be one with the frozen breeze to see the pure whiteness of beauty was exactly what I needed

I just wish I could have shared it with somebody...

Oh well XD
cough, cough*  


Yes, I woke after one, as if t'avail
Myself of sleep ere tucking up has sense,
To find that notion snowplows were fr'intents
Upon the prowl in grinding form to scale
Long ere a Friday evning was past bail
Quite true, as snow filled that lone light's beams thence
With whiter mists, a blanket none could hence
Pierce on the blacker world in sheer betrayl.
If rolling phrases 'cross one's tongue in tour
Is grand, choice words the key 'fore their debut
On lo, this wrinkled notebook page, what were
They as I slipped into my nightie?  To
Effect:  "snow AFTER midnight--".  None too poor,
I spose.  And how winds craft dunes 'cross the view.

Sorry for the poor quality of my latest posts:  it's a new year.  Lo, and behold, my writing, topics are shoddy and not worth a perusal.  Mebbe some better day will show its face?  Who knows?
JasFow 1d
Facing a dimming light to find my way isn't the best idea
But it's all that I have at the moment.
If I face the other way I may fall out of alignment
Teetering back and forth until I slip off the edge.
Even with the vision tunneling inwards
It seems a better path to run.
For awhile I didn't think there was a difference
Between faking and facing it, neither seems right.
I have it all, the apartment, the best friend, the job
But I wake up in panic not knowing what is wrong.
Closed eyes feel the snow melt on my eyelids
Melting before it sticks to anything.
I wish I could exist as long as a snowflake does
Just long enough to show its beauty then gone.
We don't treat the loss of a flake the same we do ourselves;
Knowing that while it's gone, it'll be back.
Of course it will come with a slightly different look,
With a feeling leaving you just as chilled.
These are silly thoughts of a woman who is falling
Just hoping the land is just as soft.
I have to keep pushing and balance the pain. It's what is expected.
I've never walked by the woods on a snowy evening,
Never have the snow covered paths ever held my footprint.
Oh how much i desire to see the snowflakes floating by,
And how i crave to taste one on my outstretched tongue.
I've never built a snowman or had a snowball fight,
I never knew the arrival of Christmas from the chill of the night.
Oh how i long to see a blade of grass enveloped in crisp frost,
That melts on the softest of touch to reveal the lush it veiled.

I wish to sit by the crackling fire at home,
In my warmest clothes,
Reading another account of a snowy night by another man of words,
Sipping a spoonful of hot soup,
My face all red and smooth.

I have but known these snowy days,
Through the eyes and ears of the masters of verses,
And would they cease to hail the mist and snow!
Oh how i wish to revel in the fun and frolic,
Beauty and wonders of the cold.
just a winter thought
a glazed mirage in street lamp glow:

i only like the snow because you do.
icy lace mends beaten pavement
til i forget a world un-hidden,
glitter-ridden before the slush,
before the fuss of bustling morning.

shimmering streets, a whispered brilliance,
only im awake to see it.
still it’s ours,
though you are sleeping
i will marvel for us both.
There was a Winter’s chill
But we still had fun
Sledding down the hill
In the clear Winter sun

It was a cold day of play
Mittens stuck to the sleds
A frantic snowball fray
With woolen caps on our heads

And we all slipped and slid
Never really knowing
How great it was being a kid
In our yard, as it was snowing

But then as we grew older
Winter never seemed the same
Each year grew a little colder
Reliving our childhood game

By Kirke Wise

The first publication of this poem was in the Winter 2019 edition of The Watershed Journal
Just a little poem to help me capture and remember some of those winter moments in the back yard so long ago.
Burning snow
Seeping ice
Freezing closed
The teeth that bite
Chattering, Gnashing
Clawing at cold
The cold that gnaws the heart and soul
To fill my core with bitter snow
Where once your touch had made me whole
**** has frozen over. It's called Idaho.
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