Blake 1d

On a day like today, flurries and all, it should be giving off warm feelings.
Instead, my home is full of loud, crisp noises,
shouts and screams,
shivers and cries.
The soft greens we should have, are replaced by blistering cold attitudes.

Snowflakes shaking and dancing
onto the roof of the old brick house.
Prancing and lancing
toward the ground.
Each flake with a different structure
but each one is glimmering
one after another
with a whispering windy sound.

oliver 1d

amongst verdant glens of evergreen,
‘twixt feral realms of boreal splendour.
the wilderness calls to the heavens,
in a chorus of birdsong, of whispering leaves,
the howl of the wolf and the fawn’s tender cry,
from the fierce sanctity of mother earth.

her roots pierced below the powd’ry ground.
slender branches soaring skyward,
lined with strokes of emerald trusses—
their lissome needles gracefully sharp;
brushed in thin sheets of glittering frost,
& laced with a flurry of shimmering sleet.

adorned with clusters of robust pinecones,
russet blossoms of sturdy petals,
clustered upon the tails of branches,
& scattered throughout the sylvan floors—
cloak’d in silken blankets of snow and frost.
soaked in the cold gauze of lunar light.

U Mims 1d

O how beautiful you are
Freshly f
                   ­      l

White and pure
The dangers you hide
The joy u bring to lil kids
The terror you inflict on the old ppls fears
Powdered snow powdered snow
So innocent yet so vile
Playing 1 minute
Down on the ground the next
Powdered snow
Just go
So eye won't no the horrors of the fallen
© KingandQueen Productions

Snow can hood or bad lol

Snow feels like soft, smashed ice
Mixed with bits of cotton fluffs
Covered with hints of sandy textures
As well as tiny grains of rice,

Snow is the glacial pain unevenly spread on toasts of cement, wood, gravel and natural mountains,
It is the mixture of past ingredients
Molded to create present doughs
To be tasted by future tongues,

Snow is the heavy, damp droplets of the past after setting it free
It is the unending cycle of life flying from rivers, lakes, ponds, oceans, and seas
To the white, fleecy floating clouds now painted with greys
To fall back down with ease
Where it will take flight once again like a swarm of beaming bees,

Snow is the unheard whispers sent by those who took their lives
It is a lonely reminder of the withering dead that lay next to forgotten sages
And newer days for the living given in daily gift packages,

Snow is the endless trail of frosty tears
Being shed by the forever aging mother nature
In sympathetic empathy over the undead trees' fears
And the unfree breathing creatures with stolen gears,

And snow balls are everything and anything
Rolling back and forth on rugged, rusty roads
In the minds carrying tightly, closed packets of unsaid words.

Inspired by my trip to Georgia in December 2016.

You are allowed to guffaw at me, considering what came before this.


Snow.  Likeas if what, eh? mists' fragile veil
Haunts gathring darkness as white caps from hence
That thought of April in the wings, suspense
Put back to sleep with frozen kisses' scale
Of niceness was't?  Rain's tripping through t'avail
Culled naked lawns in yellowed Death, which thence
Are tucked 'neath that chill coverlid, and whence
Straps on its boots 'gainst crunching forth, hope pale?
Nah.  It is Janry still, and violets' tour
Shall not be guaranteed until the dew
Once more rests silver on green carpets fer
Soft light and warmer hours lost under blue
Skies nary iciness skulks in as twere.
Tonight we'll shiver, glad the furnace knew.


Talk about the landscape changing when your back was turned as it were, as if the world itself were your naughty child, was that?
lauren 3d

snowflakes are prettier when I’m alone

when i walk with my face up towards the sky
smiling goofily to myself

when i twirl around pretending i’m in a movie that no one is watching
because no one is if no one is there

and i like it that way


Butterflies have left the North
they've gone South for the warmth

No more sweet melodies
from the birds in the trees

On the snow is the winters prey,
and green hills have faded away

Now silence falls
and nothing makes a beat

as crickets lay underneath
a white sheet

Ollie 3d

Snow is too much like
The people who are perfect
And won’t admit it

I went sledding. I wrote a haiku.

The sound of snow is a beautiful thing
Catch every snowflake, you could not
But the earth can
Like the marching ants in the fruitful spring
Snowflakes need not tiptoe through the house of winter
Instead, they patter a song to sing on the frozen ground
And we, as humans are helpless to stop it from falling down
With tiny little pinprick sounds
The reign of winter falls all around

End of storm
Beginning of season

This one... I really like
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