As I turn the page
Thousand births and thousand deaths
None affecting me
KAE 2d
“oh baby girl, as in the beginning, as everything has started. turn off your emotions, your feelings, everything. all over again. so you are not going to feel pain, love, sadness like a fool again. do it and we are going to be just the three of us together like the old times. do it and everything is going to be all right, again.”

K said to me.
fairy May 24
You are in my stomach

A topsy-turny rumble

I can't swallow away.
Nylee May 21
The end of road
they are empty
without answers
but just a line
nothing further ahead

Turning back again
to where we came from
with a new question
the road looks stranger
than what it was before
jas May 5
your heart is black
you taste like honey
don’t care about anyone but the money
retrace your steps back to where our paths crossed
went left & that’s where you went wrong
i followed you and your impure thoughts

lick my lips as you taste so sweet
too bad your soul is as dead as can be
but there is no stopping me
from falling in love
with the wrong things
Mister J May 5
It took me just one moment
One exposure of vulnerability
To make me realize that all this time
All these years and months
These days and hours
These minutes and seconds
Of being by your side
Will lead my life to
Falling in love with you

I may have felt it before
Wondering your taste
Your thoughts
And how well they synchronized
With my own tastes
That would've been so perfect
I may have been madly in love
With you from the start
I just didn't know what to call it

You've been with me all this time
But your heart, it still eludes me
How could you be so distant
Being inches apart from me?
Who is he that makes you cry?
Who visits your nightmares every night?
Whose name clings to your very lips?
Who sets aside what I've been yearning for?
Who is he? Who blinds you from seeing me?

Why him? Who toys with your emotions?
When it can be me, who truly understands you?
Why him? When he doesn't give a damn about you?
Whereas my world revolves around you?
Why can't he see what he's wasting?
While here I am waste my time praying?
Praying to be yours no matter what it takes
Even if when you're with him every inch of me aches
Is someone even listening to my every plea?

I have watched you all of my life
I've watched you grow gracefully in spring
Growing stronger and fiercer
I've endured your ferocious glow in the summer
And when reason hits you hard
I've seen you wane sheepishly in the fall
And when you broke your fragile heart
I've seen you wither helplessly in the winter

But even so, I secretly desired your crying heart
No matter how broken and scattered it became
All I want for you is a slice of true happiness
All I want is for you to wear an endless smile
Feeling joy in your beautifully-crafted life
Even if not in the comfort of my wanting arms
Even if your gaze fixes on another man
And I could only remain as a trusted friend

So please, dear Lord, if not for my wretched self
Please protect her loving smile and pure heart
That she may find the happiness that she deserves
In exchange for the happiness she shared to the undeserving me

If only she could turn to me..
Okay. I am seriously done with the love poems for a while.
Is this the effect of staying single for a long time?
I may be feeling frustrated lately.
I hope that's not the case.

Signing-off from love poems for a while. ;)
Thanks for reading. :)
Don't turn off fires ...

fire's love ...

we created ...
as a humans beings ...
created within a soul ...
full of feelings ...
to mix up with another ...
to melt within ...
to make it as fire ...
the fire of love ...
which we created for ...

don't turn off this fires ...
fires of love ...
give it more ...
more fires ..
to increase it ...
so deep ...
until it touches us  ...
to feel each others ...
as we created for this love ...

sweetheart ...
true love means ...
melting ...
feelings ...
soul by soul ...
souls within bodies ...
just to create fire ...
the fire which every lover ...
seeks to live within ...
to feel a happiness ...
through those fires ...

come sweetheart ...
let's wake up ...
all our fires ...
to live the love ...
which we both need ...

hazem al ..
George Krokos Apr 16
Full moon is so bright
almost turns night into day
a wonderful sight
One of the few haikus I've written in 2018
Abigail Hobbs Apr 15
Inspired by the user, APriCoT, on here! This was fun to write, and I've never written one before! Thank you for the cool assignment/sharing :)
Carrion wings hang limp
On the backs of broken yesterdays
I don’t want them in any proximity
I cannot bear the stench
But vultures come along like doubts
At the speed of darkness
To save the undying from burial
And bring them back to me,
The predator feathers of prey wings
I man the guns myself and
Call all hands to battle stations
And it starts raining
Exhumed evidence
That the buried hatchet often is
A boomerang seeking fulfillment
With the new found vengeance
Of primeval sapience
Burning mad with
Insatiable curiosity
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