Luvanna Sep 10

One body
One mind
Feelings stretched as if an old loose rubber band
At night, I would toss and turn
Toss and turn feeling the weight of the universe
In my shoulders
In the morning, I would feel less shitty
As if the moonlight has sucked out my feelings completely
Left me only with the aftermath of my own war
An empty feeling

Most sublime, the art of love is,
the inner worlds, it keeps churning.
At her I take a hard look; at once
I fully realize this,her lips tremble
like the fecund earth, awaiting seeds!

Eyes acquire a misty morn quality
that to her tell aloud "Look at him!
he is the one you had seen in a dream
and swooned, pained not knowing
where to find him,out side the dream"

That meta text's context quickly get
transferred, to my database of smells
warmth and endearing sounds,pout
of lips conveying multiple meanings;
my search runs exactly three seconds,
decides to cue her on the result,still not
open, an enigma it remains,but she gets it.

A twitch starts at that exact moment,
somewhere deep, that's all I can tell,
in us both it resonates, deep,  till we shake
uncontrollably like two leaves in a blizzard!

Her feet wear, two shoes made of wind,
and mine try to match their frenzied speed,
in course, rush , collide in a mid air embrace.
Two pairs of hungry lips, now need no words,
to see what just spontaneously, did happen
at nature's own, sweet, free, will, ethereal!

Kate Gilleo Sep 1

Why him?
This I emplore
Why is it him
That I so adore?

Why is it his hands
I feel in my own
Phantom affection
While I sleep alone?
Why is it his lips
That have naught yet brushed mine
That I feel in my dreams
Those fantasies so sublime?

Why him, I beg as the moon gazes on
Why him, I cry as the stars sing their song
Why him, I entreat as the rooster first crows
Why him, I scream into the wind that blows

Who can tell why the heart aches
Or why the soul breaks
Who can know why the yearning night air
Whispers secrets farther from the public stare

Why him? she asks, question old as love's own reign.
Why not another, more suited, less strange?

But in the end nobody knows
For fate knows no liars
And love stings
For whomever it desires.

Is grace being treated lightly
Are the leaders
Minsters of  church of Scotland
some  not all
In the church of assembly
Not truely living like the bible commands.
God clearly points out
If we continue to live like
this we will not inherit the
Kingdom of God.

Jesus says I never knew you.

If you see a hawk
on a bough at field's edge
beyond the corner you should have turned
maybe it's a sign to go on.

Such as during an improvisation on
Flamingo or I've Got You Under My Skin
you play in the wrong key or mode completely
maybe it's a sign to go on, in the wrong key.

Or when my sons cry not wanting
to be alone, I'm upstairs writing
or just enjoying trees in every direction
it too may be a sign to go on alone.

Calamari float,
changing tack,dive inwards quick,
life's contrary turns!

Type all the thoughts
Tenderness Torture
Trips that tries the tendencies
Tempts till the tricky turns
Traces the track to transition
Type these trending thoughts
Turn the trap on

There are few bottlebrush trees here,
A couple grew in front of our house,
The entrance to our house they guard.

When it is season for them,
They bloom very lavishly,
Even striking is one's stem.

It was pecked upon by a woodpecker,
Thak-Thak-Thak, Thak-Thak-Thak,
The stem's bark finally gave away slowly.

By the end of October '06,
The hollow was readied,
The woodpecker moved in.

It gave shelter to the two birds initially,
The male & the female woodpeckers,
They stayed there for a complete season.

Saw their family grow,
From just the parents,
It even had chicks now.

The chicks grew fast under parental care,
I even listened to their infant chirping,
Saw the parents flying to get forage not so rare.

Then one day a snake slithered,
Until that hollow, it climbed,
The woodpeckers made a lot of noise.

They both screeched repeatedly,
But their cries were useless,
They could not scare away the snake.

The serpent then came out after few hours,
Now the crawling was sluggishly lazy,
Its mouth smeared with gooey young feathers.

The family had been destroyed,
An eerie silence shrouded the hollow,
The woodpecker chicks were dead.

Soon, an eagle had hunted the snake,
Hovering in the sky it spotted it,
Grabbed it when in the sunlight it basked.

Now the woodpeckers were gone,
Probably in search of a new tree,
A new tree where a snake won't come.

As for the tree's hollow,
It made a new home,
For a parrot species this time.

And time knows that change will descend,
Even the parrots will desert the hollow,
They will leave in search of the better greens.

Maybe a family of owls will come in the end,
It will be a long-time home, the hollow,
For owls are known to fill all the vacancies.

We live in a research institute campus since my infancy where I have been always so close to mother nature and I can chronicle the various avian species spotted here.

I guess that's life.

Give and take.

Like the birds in the hollow provide the tree with nutrients through their droppings.

But I wonder when I will be rewarded for my share of the good deeds done in life.

Karma is a bitch.

My HP Poem #1526
©Atul Kaushal
Poetic T Apr 21

Driving along then a heard a murmur and the
hairs on my neck crept up,
                                                I looked behind.....

Seeing myself in the back seat, "Don't turn around,
I reacted in fright, I angled my view to see
                                                           nothing before my eyes?

Swinging back, I saw lights eclipsing in my sight,
then the impact. I awoke up in the back seat, the force
had severed me from my seat, I was disembowelled.

As my life bled out I looked in the rear view mirror
seeing myself
                        I said
                                 "Don't turn around,

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