Liz Carlson Oct 28

warm colors all around that capture your eye.
soft sweaters and cozy hats everywhere you turn.
this season of change reminds us that we all die.
so we must take this life and try our hardest to learn.

Saint Audrey Oct 3

Stupid stuff, looks like
A diamond in the ruff
Wrapped in cellophane
And spray painted gold

Did you find it
A little odd when you
Searched for your alarm clock
And found it silent
Sewn in your violent
Rage induce youth
Machinery ticking out
What time you still had left

Fighting tooth and nail
Got me in this mess
The Diamond glistens as I turn my head away
Fingers are blessed with venom still red
Burning my fingertips with dreams that I still replay

How they left when I dug deep in

I only wish that I could see my face
I found out the the change I needed
Wasn't something I could get

Fettered to the cause
Bought and found lacking but marred
By the dept I will own
Who dares atone with
Loans unpaid and hearts now repentant
I will die in iron
Finer than china
As the rust soaks in every bone

I am still saving
I've got so much left to save
I've come to face down the endless possibility

Each second ticks out
A weight bearing down
How we live like
This isn't something

Irreverence still speaks to me
With chains soft enough
To make me forget that
I think
I am nothing
And Listlessness still loves me
Dragging me further
Through means of persistance

Ah, but
Am I wrong
Do I want to be

And some think the world will go up in flames
When everyone comes into work soaked in gasloline
And when I open the book of the saints
It will be stained with match books and empathy

What will stand
When it stands
What is stained
Burns clean

Life finds a way
To survive despite the simplicity
For the love of death
And/or all that is holy
For the love of what we
All took for granted
And wish less missed the mark
By more that a few inches

Luvanna Sep 10

One body
One mind
Feelings stretched as if an old loose rubber band
At night, I would toss and turn
Toss and turn feeling the weight of the universe
In my shoulders
In the morning, I would feel less shitty
As if the moonlight has sucked out my feelings completely
Left me only with the aftermath of my own war
An empty feeling

Most sublime, the art of love is,
the inner worlds, it keeps churning.
At her I take a hard look; at once
I fully realize this,her lips tremble
like the fecund earth, awaiting seeds!

Eyes acquire a misty morn quality
that to her tell aloud "Look at him!
he is the one you had seen in a dream
and swooned, pained not knowing
where to find him,out side the dream"

That meta text's context quickly get
transferred, to my database of smells
warmth and endearing sounds,pout
of lips conveying multiple meanings;
my search runs exactly three seconds,
decides to cue her on the result,still not
open, an enigma it remains,but she gets it.

A twitch starts at that exact moment,
somewhere deep, that's all I can tell,
in us both it resonates, deep,  till we shake
uncontrollably like two leaves in a blizzard!

Her feet wear, two shoes made of wind,
and mine try to match their frenzied speed,
in course, rush , collide in a mid air embrace.
Two pairs of hungry lips, now need no words,
to see what just spontaneously, did happen
at nature's own, sweet, free, will, ethereal!

Kate Gilleo Sep 1

Why him?
This I emplore
Why is it him
That I so adore?

Why is it his hands
I feel in my own
Phantom affection
While I sleep alone?
Why is it his lips
That have naught yet brushed mine
That I feel in my dreams
Those fantasies so sublime?

Why him, I beg as the moon gazes on
Why him, I cry as the stars sing their song
Why him, I entreat as the rooster first crows
Why him, I scream into the wind that blows

Who can tell why the heart aches
Or why the soul breaks
Who can know why the yearning night air
Whispers secrets farther from the public stare

Why him? she asks, question old as love's own reign.
Why not another, more suited, less strange?

But in the end nobody knows
For fate knows no liars
And love stings
For whomever it desires.

Is grace being treated lightly
Are the leaders
Minsters of  church of Scotland
some  not all
In the church of assembly
Not truely living like the bible commands.
God clearly points out
If we continue to live like
this we will not inherit the
Kingdom of God.

Jesus says I never knew you.

If you see a hawk
on a bough at field's edge
beyond the corner you should have turned
maybe it's a sign to go on.

Such as during an improvisation on
Flamingo or I've Got You Under My Skin
you play in the wrong key or mode completely
maybe it's a sign to go on, in the wrong key.

Or when my sons cry not wanting
to be alone, I'm upstairs writing
or just enjoying trees in every direction
it too may be a sign to go on alone.

Calamari float,
changing tack,dive inwards quick,
life's contrary turns!

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