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Seanathon Feb 12
Does a paintbrush try and press itself? Or a fisherman cast to feel his own strength?


Likewise, does a moon know when its been idealized by the idealistic pen? Again and again.

Not likely.

Can you see through the colors of your own eyes? Or hear the kissing secrets of the wind on its lovers lips?

No, thankfully not.

And in choosing can you pull thought from mind? With an ease which sets you free to be taller than trees and freer than snow.

Sadly it is with me, when I say no.
How much fun it was to watch this one twist and turn. Yup.
Tens of Hen in a Pen
Waiting for their chance to come

Chance to breathe some nice fresh air
Chance to enjoy the joy of freedom

No, No, No, nothing like that
Is going to happen for the hens

I am sure their turn will come
Which will cause their **** Death

They will get killed one by one
And become nice food for some
Why one is born? Just to eat or being eaten by others?
A different pathway through life I now do walked heading of In
a different direction
from to were It will
I'm not really
Life much changed
from a year ago when
my darling was still
with me a once life
change so quick gone
In the blink of an
The pathway to were
I now walk upon haven't
a clue to were It may
lead that of If cause If anywhere at all so strange how life can change so
Life can change so fast turn one life upside down not knowing which way to turn
When I left this grey place eons ago
and the sun turned to water under my feet
the sky spit out seven horseshoes
hitting our heads in predictable defiance
and the sand turned to wind
the laughter to salt
when the world opened up
Was it really my fault?

The walls worn under my feet in the snow
who dares think badly back
the greyness left my dry blind eyes
and the haze was replaced with black
the sun sets on a cloudless skyless day
and rises on forgotten lands of warmth
trying to reach down and touch what it lost
too high up now
We’re all too dead.
What’s your interpretation of this poem?
Are you sad
or unhappy
Feeling lonely
Each day
dark and dreary
or blue?

Do not worry
my friend
I know just
how you feel
I have all
the right answers
for you

So to counter
the downward
You start
thinking upward
Bad thoughts
will stick to you like glue

It takes more
than just effort
You must
remain strong
So this trip
you'll see through

Now I want you to think
of a time
you were happy
When things
in the world
all seemed new

Full of love
and carefree
Truly pure
Crisp and clean
Much alike morning dew

When inside
of your mind
you project
types of thoughts
that are positive;
A "dream come true"

It rewires
your brain
new connections
Gets rid
of the old

But you must
stay the course
Don't give up
in distress
And in time
it will start
getting through

It is hard
I confess
But could never
Would I make
a false promise
to you

So if happiness is
what you want
from your life
Yet it always
finds ways
to elude

The change comes
from inside
Must have faith
Must believe
Make a batch
of fresh
"positive brew"

As you drink
this elixir
In time
you will see
Billiard *****
have all left
but the cue

A blank slate
to create
What you want
of the world
Every color
No longer
just blue

or debate
If you finish
the race
Like a big
gust of wind
that just blew

All the darkness
now gone
Feel like
'here I belong'
Peace of mind
A life filled
with love too
Written: October 21, 2018 (started) & January 31, 2019 (finished)

All rights reserved.
[Anapestic Heptameter format]
Which other side would you reflect
If you turn?
What kind of change could you affect
If you turn?
Something new to learn?
The world’s your concern?

What would be your new direction
If you turn?
You would overcome rejection
If you turn.
That to which you yearn?
Live the life you earn.  
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Johnny walker Jan 18
I guess this is how life was meant to be but no longer can I sit and do nothing when I see all suffering that going on In
Want to tell people of the world stop this, end this
the suffering of the most vulnerable of our society
the harshness cruelty they face every day of there lives
The people who have  suffered too much too long I say all these politicians open your eyes to what Is all around look at the suffering you've caused to so many
those who voted you In the
ones you've turned your back on that were foolish to believe your false words
empty promises
I do not know how politicians can sleep at night Its beyond me there will always place In my heart for all
those suffering bless them all and one day there will be reckoning for all those who have caused so much suffering that day will come and they
Written to let those who are suffering no they are not alone
not all of us are blind to what's going on not all of us turn our backs, shame on those that do
Spending to much time lost dreams can't do this any more  for I'm coming back to reality, to no longer hide away In
Face the reality of now what my life will be, no longer hidden from or protected from a world
that doesn't seem
A world that lost It's love
probably because of the way humans have disrespected nature
and destroyed or will destroy
whatever Is left
of an already dying world
that began dying the moment humans first walked upon It
We humans who all have contributed to an already dying world, gone too far to
turn back the clock to try to repair the damage
Johnny walker Dec 2018
Such an ever-changing world we live somehow
I feel it's no longer changing for the better
more a case for
So much more different
to the world I grew up In
as a kid, we didn't have terrorist opening up
with machine guns on
helpless people In the street
It breaks my heart how these so-called people
can justify doing this how
they live with
Use religion as an excuse for they are nothing but cowardly acts, from what
can't even say are humans being, wish I could go back
to the
I grew up In but sadly we can't turn back time, my clock started the ticking the day I was born a clock that won't ticking till the day I
Sadly we can't turn back for Of we could I'd go to 50s 60s to where life was so much simpler than today crazy world we now live
Maxim Keyfman Nov 2018
and turned off the lights in the daytime
turned off the light and it was snowing outside
it is snowing outside today

and I'm still still waiting

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