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Dave Robertson Apr 2022
It’s true that sometime
bare limb and sprig can be beautiful,
that dun lands can show stark heart,
but for this diurnal chimp
the cough of leaves remembered,
a view engorged,
is deeply needed
amme Mar 2022
Toss n turn all night i cant sleep
see my pills think I might OD

Too many thoughts inside my head
Chest full of regret and ashes from the cigarettes

Toss n turn all night to the break of dawn
check my phone each minute see if you are on
line, my heart is weak i change position
to fill the void where you used to lay within


Tossin n turning
my heart is hurting

How did I turn astray

Drinks I'll be stirring
slowly I'm learning

Why you chose to walk away

Money I'm yearning
**** I keep burning

Baby don't leave me

I cant't be strong
If you are gone

My remake of Toss n turn - LaLion
Dave Robertson Nov 2021
We sat and sounded beliefs
as the leaves chose to dance
with an almost panic
as if the chance wouldn’t come again
and the floor would be cleared

Clarity, for now, only coming
from this brittle winter light
that in high contrast picks out sad details
that murky days hide better

I will cry, I guess, tomorrow
or another day that would’ve been ours
the hours will let me know
I’m sure
Andrew Rueter Aug 2021
Transcendence is a lie
you’re not above it until you’re there.

Hedonism is a lie
once the costs start to add up.

Altruism is a lie
when living for others is living for the self.

There’s nowhere to turn
once it’s your turn.

Is there any way to save us from life
other than death?
Chelsea Rae Aug 2021
Such hot tears, that sizzle and evaporate
as they drip off the sides of hot cheeks.

Mist slowly rising off my shoulders,
out and off my head, and down my arms and legs.

Smokey fog swarming me from the humidity that begins to emit in the room from the heat.

Anger that boils blood
Now secreting through the skin
Through sweat and tears.

I clench my jaw, cemented shut, and squeeze my eyes tight.
Hoping to wring out all the pain and anger through the tear ducts.

Juice it to salty pulp.

Such hot tears pooled on top of burning cheeks.
Turning into hot springs.

One of the warmest things I have felt

In such a long time.
Man Apr 2021
on the wall
hung a clock
melting in the day's ire
running toward the ground,
it ran fast sometimes
and occasionally
mind numbingly sluggish

in the washbasin
the rags i wore
soaked in a soapy stillwater
waiting for the wash
that these tired hands
must do

these blemished hands
how they hurt
strained from work
like the oil stains
on his shirt
they are worn
they are torn
and are without comforting
though his resolve is strong
his will is weak
from the havoc wreaked
from a life of low pay
struggling to live
week to week
knowing you deserve better
Past Mar 2021
This is the end.

The end of what?

Danielle Feb 2021
I always write about love
and think I'm into it
And think of its twist and turn,
It wasn't that easy to love and
To be loved.
Each day we're swooning by
The comfort of the Sun,
I could not remember the last time
The light had left me;
No one would ever take a glance
on their dark times.

I know, I am complete--  living on a guarantee that
The stars will hold on into the night,
Each night where you will hear the
Swan's lullaby
And in morning, you will embrace
The thoughts of last night's catastrophe.
Akira Jan 2021
The sun giggles when she laugh.
The clouds dance every time she smiles.
The air touches her when she move.
She likes jazz that makes her groove.

Her eyes looked like mirrors,
her heart is a pure gold.
She has a great a sense of humor.
She takes risks, I know! She's bold.

People criticize her and says she's unclean,
but deep down we knew she is pristine.
Its sad  because she have to leave.
A powerful women that has a lot to give.
Its your turn to shine honey :)
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