Turn Around…by Jessie 5/06

Turn around; make your way
From the South up to the North
Freedoms there… go get it!
It’s waiting at every port
Turn around; make your way
Through the thickets and the mud
Take the hand of your fellow man
Wipe away his blood
Turn around; he’s coming
The dogs are on your heels
Keep down low; don’t make a sound
Or the master’s whip you’ll feel
Turn around; make your way
Follow the stars above
Travel by night, so you don’t get caught
If freedoms what you love
Turn around; make your way
Some of you will die
The price of freedoms costly
Cheaper to live a lie
Turn around; don’t look back
What you seek, is the other way
Suppress the fear and inclination
To hide your dreams and stay
Turn around; make the run
Time is running out
Masters getting closer
Of that there is no doubt
Turn around; freedom calls
It beckons, sweet the sound
Milk and honey on the other side
Trail north of town
Maria Etre Jan 17
Shooting stars **
to attract my attention
I tried to look away
I turned right >

Gigantic full moons "O"
to lure me
I kept turning right >>

Signs of "listen, your heart knows"
to alert me
I kept on turning right >>>

Songs of yesteryears played
to wake me up
I turned even more ...right >>>>

To find myself
back where I started
in your (arms) <<<<<
Magnetic are the things meant to be. #indiedoodles
I want to turn down our opacity
occupy the same physical space.
line up our hearts to beat together.
-E Dec 2017
Love isint blind..
Love just ignore the fualts..
Until the faults cover the whole page.

Some will love you for who you were.
Some will believe they can erase the ink.

But most will leave and find a blank page ,rewrite their story.

But no one seems knows they could just turn the page. Because thats just a chapter of their life.

And most pages are emty waiting for you to change the story's end..
july hearne Dec 2017
Bake up, tomorrow we can change our lives,
So many disappointments about town tonight,
Pine is down on its needles
Moon's not coming down from its rise,

Bake up,
Sad numbers are selfie pictures
Taken in thick make up,

My mother’s black eye
Always found it best
To get in the last word

Once her head was a hole in the wall
Last word kept on coming

Age is much more than a number
It is the saddest number of all
Edge of a feather is sad too
It is a sad place to stand
Even in fair weather

The good old days that were never here are gone now
And the new days keep on coming
Like her last words
"though my problems are meaningless that don't make them go away"

sang neil young
You're my dopamine,
Yes, you are.

You're my excitement,
You're my only turn on.

You're my motivation,
You're my one & only love.

You're my encouragement,
Yes, you are my dream girl.
It took me 1 week to post this one.

My HP Poem #1682
©Atul Kaushal
Maria Etre Dec 2017
It is only
when a writer
is broken
that ink spills
from her cracks
to fall on paper
For full entry: https://indiedoodles.wordpress.com/2017/12/06/cracked/
Liz Carlson Oct 2017
warm colors all around that capture your eye.
soft sweaters and cozy hats everywhere you turn.
this season of change reminds us that we all die.
so we must take this life and try our hardest to learn.
Saint Audrey Oct 2017
Stupid stuff, looks like
A diamond in the ruff
Wrapped in cellophane
And spray painted gold

Did you find it
A little odd when you
Searched for your alarm clock
And found it silent
Sewn in your violent
Rage induce youth
Machinery ticking out
What time you still had left

Fighting tooth and nail
Got me in this mess
The Diamond glistens as I turn my head away
Fingers are blessed with venom still red
Burning my fingertips with dreams that I still replay

How they left when I dug deep in

I only wish that I could see my face
I found out the the change I needed
Wasn't something I could get

Fettered to the cause
Bought and found lacking but marred
By the dept I will own
Who dares atone with
Loans unpaid and hearts now repentant
I will die in iron
Finer than china
As the rust soaks in every bone

I am still saving
I've got so much left to save
I've come to face down the endless possibility

Each second ticks out
A weight bearing down
How we live like
This isn't something

Irreverence still speaks to me
With chains soft enough
To make me forget that
I think
I am nothing
And Listlessness still loves me
Dragging me further
Through means of persistance

Ah, but
Am I wrong
Do I want to be

And some think the world will go up in flames
When everyone comes into work soaked in gasloline
And when I open the book of the saints
It will be stained with match books and empathy

What will stand
When it stands
What is stained
Burns clean

Life finds a way
To survive despite the simplicity
For the love of death
And/or all that is holy
For the love of what we
All took for granted
And wish less missed the mark
By more that a few inches
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