He's a skyline
Endless highs wash and glide over my eyelids sparkling wide like the sea
Hook line and sinker, those blue green irises sure do allure a girl like me
Caught in the West-side stormy horizons around his pupils
Falling deep into his sunny day Harbourside gaze
And he wonders aloud why I'm so dazed
so I say yeah, honey, yeah no, I'm great

He's a skyline
Running along avenues of my skin like a city that he's glad as fuck to be locked in
Climbing streetlights and smoking trees like it's easy
Feels me in like a summer breeze 'cause it thrills me
Writhing like a motorway, scaling ribcages like a multi-storey
I think he might want to stay, I know cities have a certain glory
I curl up in the curve of his spine like a half pipe
I know he'll keep me safe, he's positive like his blood type
Early morning grey he stands on top of the world with me,
and his heart shaped face breaks me out of boxes I didn't know I had in me.

He's a skyline
I know all the words to his sunset car songs
He likes the windows down and we both like to sing along
And when we go in circles, slipping past the road to the M5
We just turn the volume up and let the whole world just pass us by
It's true what they say that time flies
I can't hold onto these eternities in every easy moment, but I,
I know I'm shotgun eternally, double barrel shots of red wine
and he's gonna think this is funny now 'cause I can't find a clever rhyme

We're a skyline; an only-way-is-up vertical horizon of opportunity
and he knows exactly where to drive to get into my
brain, and
It's only us in the whole place and our bodies breathe adventure 'cause all I see is his face
Close to mine, eyes shining like the universe awaits
With fingers intertwined like atoms in space

The catalyst for my daydreams is the rave where time stopped on the bass notes
So I could build a wall right up to his skyline for all my high hopes
But he breaks it down every time I fall asleep in his arms
Hearts replace guards, never felt so good to be disarmed.

ellie elliott
CoolLen Aug 2017

The possibilities that light up a skyline seem endless.
There are so many outcomes. So many ways a life can turn without any inclination its right or wrong.
A glimmer could be a diamond shining through just as easily as it could be fools gold, or more specifically disappointment, reality's favorite trap.
All the lights are close enough that I can hold them with my gaze.. but I cant touch them.
They are the stars of my existence.
In this moment my only certainty is seated at the edge of the sidewalk 39 floors below.
Just waiting for the weight of my soul to pry my hands from the balcony that has me perched in a way that's reminiscent of the Titanic.
The pressures of the world weigh down on us all but in this moment, gravity is quite appealing.
Such a permanent solution to a fickle picture.
Even as I prepare to etch my last words with broken bones and blood and confusion and tears, my robe hangs over the rail for someone, anyone to pull me back.

Ron Gavalik Aug 2017

Gazing at the city skyline at night
through the living room window
brings peace to raging thoughts.
From a distance, all one sees are lights,
they twinkle peacefully
against a black curtain.

The rapists and the drunkards,
the hookers and the fascists,
they're all hidden in the landscape,
right below the surface.

If we allow them to seduce us,
even for one succulent moment,
they will consume every last ounce
of our reason, our purpose,
and leave us in madness.

K Balachandran Apr 2017

A construction crane,
Kisses skyscraper maiden
Red faced sun on edge.

Sometimes I like to go for a late night swim
I strip down and sit on the edge of the horizon
Dip my toes in the darkness before plunging into the stars
I swim and swim until my feet can't touch the skyline and the moonlight could easily drown me
I lay on my back and gaze down at the city below me
I watch cars on the freeway and lovers on the boardwalk
I dive deep into the universe open my eyes to observe the planets
Soon the sun starts to float towards me
Wrap myself in its rays
Walk back into my apartment
I grab coffee and watch the world rotate around me
Those nights and these mornings are when I feel most content

Rory Nunn Jan 2017

I started with an early climb
Left morning's waking yawn behind
And high above a sleeping street
As Tuesday's heart began to beat
The morning broke clean open
And I saw the sky torn wide

The brittle ceiling of the Earth
Recalled an oyster shell at first
The pearl horizon, silver pink,
Entranced me as I stooped to drink
The splendour of the morning down
With all its healing peace

I let the first light warm me through
And shared the incandescent view
With others perched in eyries
All along the city's edge
We watched the rolling world unfurl
And offered silent thanks
While far below the tangled flow of commerce burst its banks

Seanathon Jul 2016

Clock work,
Chronoshift me into blue.

Ocean eyes,
Color me a different hue.

Shatter me.
Meld me out of broken glass,

Enter me,
Exit please,
Fore the present comes to past.

b e mccomb Jul 2016

There are
In me.

A small town girl full of

The only time I am ever
Is when the oceans of
Surround me
Concrete walls and window tiles
Every face dissolves
Into every other, just
Blur the skylines
A little more.

I always feel the restless
Energy, but only when
The ceaseless floods of
Mankind wash me over.

There are
In me.

Every block, every brick
Every beam and every balcony
Every inch of this
World in me.

There are
In me.

But I saw once face
In all the seas of shifting life
And suddenly the smoke-rimmed sky
Parted ways for you.

On the escalator mountaintop
Friday evening at seven
One face, one name
Made its way through
The tiled maze, and then
I woke up from my
Metropolis dreams.

In one split
Second, the thousands of
Souls, all shoved
Together, swayed
To reveal
Just two souls, spotlighted
And me.

There are cities
In me
But never
Can anyone
But you
Light up the roving night.

Copyright 5/30/14 by B. E. McComb
Joy May 2016

I am the skyline,
I'm the night littered with stars;
My shine roars for you.

May, 2016
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