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Jade Wright Jul 2022
I have always stared longingly at it
on wide open mornings
or endless Sundays, even after a hellish shift
or post-apocalyptic nap

Soaking in that pink and brooding scope
caring or warning,
forever hopeful of what’s to come
reassured that nothing before this really mattered.

When the moon is full, tortilla-round and brazen
I think of you
and the way you also loved
to stare at the sky.
Erian Rose May 2021
The stars mended overhead
Igniting the night
Sounds of the bustling highways
Blocking out the fear of falling

I stared up at the skyscrapers
No one would notice if I fell
Life would keep going on
It always does

A cold breeze brushed through
Taking a step at a time
Up the skyscraper
Until I see the skyline

Lights exploded
In the whites of my eyes
A city engulfed in darkness
Standing still

It only took a second
For my feet to fly off the concrete
Plunging towards the ground
No one noticed I jumped.

The world keeps moving on.
Repost from a while ago that I accidently deleted
Pax Feb 2021
How overly flawed
My mistakes are,
As they flew
Under the skyline.

I exhaled those regrets
But they kept on
Back at me.
I've written to much today
Is this enough for me to live?
Pockets Aug 2020
In a small town with big dreams
A girl named Chicago
Plays sim city
She builds the skylines
She will one day design
But until then her mom
says video games are just a waste of time
Heart becomes prison on the horizon!
Bhill Mar 2020
rolling and floating along the skyline are the clouds of the day
clouds that can bring life to the earth below
clouds that silently, glide through your line of sight
clouds that rely on winds to empower them
clouds that will soon be observed by another

Brian Hill - 2020 # 75
Look up and see the clouds.
Jillian Jesser Jun 2019
Gravitating toward home
with its star stained skyline
a latch on every door
torn over coffee
the smell of peppermint
a tear here where tears have been
the hope of a stranger
helping to embolden
an empty cup
be-no-one Mar 2019
Morning light rises
yawning and stretching its way
above the skyline.
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