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Pockets Aug 28
In a small town with big dreams
A girl named Chicago
Plays sim city
She builds the skylines
She will one day design
But until then her mom
says video games are just a waste of time
Heart becomes prison on the horizon!
Bhill Mar 15
rolling and floating along the skyline are the clouds of the day
clouds that can bring life to the earth below
clouds that silently, glide through your line of sight
clouds that rely on winds to empower them
clouds that will soon be observed by another

Brian Hill - 2020 # 75
Look up and see the clouds.
Jillian Jesser Jun 2019
Gravitating toward home
with its star stained skyline
a latch on every door
torn over coffee
the smell of peppermint
a tear here where tears have been
the hope of a stranger
helping to embolden
an empty cup
be-no-one Mar 2019
Morning light rises
yawning and stretching its way
above the skyline.
Bee Sep 2018
He was bound to the skies,
She was tied to the seas.
They spend their lives apart yet,
the way they glimmer at the horizon is prepossessing
Madelynn Nieves Sep 2018
‪Skyline erupts
‪Into a city landscape‬
‪Buildings peak through‬
‪Clouds and fog‬
‪As if they are taking a break‬
‪From their own‬
‪Rigorous work schedule‬
‪To simply say hello‬
‪Reaching heights unknown‬
‪And looking down upon us‬
‪Jealous of our freedom to roam‬
Yip Wayne Jul 2018
I stared out into the slums of a ruined society
Where the rich and the poor drew great disparity

I walked the streets that divided the city
On my left, the rich and to my right, those in poverty

The further I walk more sleeping eyes loomed upon me
A great unease befell with each shifting steps

The privileged stared down from their thrones
While the poor watched from below in envy

Politicians and conglomerates drew blood from the city's vein
While its citizens struggle to live through its pain

The rebels prowled the streets for their voices to be heard
Their cries silenced by temptations of ***** money

It reminded me of scenes from dystopian movies
Only this time I was living in its reality
My first take on poems about social issues. Please do leave a comment below to help me improve
Simra Sadaf May 2018
a young crescent moon
of silver velvet wanes,
while the sun edges the horizon,
vibrant hues of sunrise awakens
the earth with a whisper,
i try to give words to the
beautiful first beam
that cracks the skyline.
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