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Erian Nov 2019
They watched each other’s footprints tremble against an entangled bliss, captured in fond devotion of those they wished to miss. The sirens rang but they whose hearts crumbled down their walls. Different lengths as the story did sing. Their melody’s patching from the grasp in the moonlit dawn.
Nothing as though sang the same, as their fervor drew them at the closest reach. A notice so unseen, depth by emotions too far to be unscathed.
Unnoticeable, as they, farther and farther as the weakening sun.
Broken hearts waiting for them, but mended into one.
Tammy Cusick Aug 2019
Withered through these relinquished lips,
softly lays an embellished, embroidered, carcass.
Torn across flesh-like soil
caressing gently into this impermeable being,
you're only human.

So allowing in the presence of indigenous, oblique thoughts
slanting into the belly
never feeling so bare
the hunger deprives.
The nails of your eyes piercing into the forefront of mush you call a brain,
feeling the earth distinctively tremble with each step you chase closer to the ledge

Clutching onto the white knuckle breast
your hands pounding at your fingertips
its electric running through your veins
feeling it at the core
so helplessly, lost.

Your throat knots into one-thousand splinters
splicing relentlessly between your core
the wedge of your mortal body becomes noticeable to your soul

Slithering one step closer,
pull the rope
you leap
you rot

one more inch closer,
you can feel it
separating your surroundings from comfort ability
picking up between each breath
shaking at your own wake.

there you have it
at the brim of the edge
you've push yourself this close
whats one last jump out of this skin?
Sabila Siddiqui Jul 2019
A vile of acid on your tongue.

You words are like toxins I inhale,
suffocating every breath I take,
injecting self doubt in my veins.
Muscles trembling with every pace,
landfiling my heart with every beat.

Blaming and calling
crazy and emotional
in response to your says,
leaving me to question
my own sanity everyday.

You felt like a insidious catalyst;
a cancerous wound,
a rabid havoc,
a malicious destruction
withering me in the subtlest of ways.

But here we are once again,
rekindling old flames
even when we know it's poisonous for us to stay.

Don't know if we're too weak to leave
or are too mindlessly lusting
for the poison to infiltrate our bloodstream
and corrupt us  to our cellular level.

Either way, it's a grosteque addiction
for the soul, mind and heart.
gabrielle Jun 2019
i've loved you thus far
and i never knew why
i felt alone
with you

i've swam in your eyes
and i never knew why
my hands are tied
with you

i've read your mind
and i never knew why
i lied to myself
of you

when the reality
is the only truth
and i never knew why
im just afraid
wondering what to do
if i'm with you
i tremble and crash down
be-no-one May 2019
for you today I may be the light
meet me in the night
tremble as you're fulfilled
you have not begun to glimpse
the borders of your darkness.
Daniel Ruiz Mar 2019
The tremble of my hands is equivalent to an old man’s, satisfied with what he has accomplished, but with little time left.

The void in my chest leads my heartbeat into a never ending free fall, going from 0 to almost giving up on me, telling me that today is a good day to die because there won’t be another good day like yesterday. Or the day before, or last week.

Beating faster and faster like in the waiting line of a roller coaster you weren’t expecting to be boarding today.

And it’ll always be easier to not get on, because the wait was a good enough adrenaline rush for me.
PrernaK Mar 2019
I dip my fingers in me
thinking of your face.
biting my lips,
figuring out your taste.

you seem like a
drop of sweat on my nape,
honey milk on my waist.

One summer
you shall flow
and the flowers
would glow waiting
for the rains.

Do not haze, neither haste.
the world inside me will tremble,
and so will my skin.

for some stones
now know
how a bud blossom
in the cold snow.

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A M Ryder Feb 2019
I am stone
I do not move

I take my time
I let him come closer

I have only a single bullet
I aim for his eye

I hold my breath
My finger presses on the trigger
I do not tremble

I have no fear
Eleanor Feb 2019
your hand trembles

as you try to write

they need to know

your lips quiver

as you open up

the part hidden

so meticulously

from the world
Sabila Siddiqui Nov 2018
My heart is pacing
thudding against my ear drums
like I just ran a marathon.

I feel nauseous and light.
But somehow this word doesn't seem to make a difference.
But no sir seems to find a way into my lungs.
But somehow all I find myself is being a sympathetic nervous system.
With self doubt crashing
and enveloping me.

My hands are trembling with
jittering nerves passing underlyingly.
Somehow nothing is soothing
Or calming me.
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