Every morning when I wake up,
My heartbeat kicks up,
I am scared,
I'm just sitting on bed,
I think that I woke up to a new day,
I don't know what will happen,
Is it my last day,
Few minutes ago I was in dreamland,
And now I wake up to this nightmare,
Everytime I wake up scared,
My surroundings feel weird,
I don't like it,
I have to sit and breath,
Till everything settles,
Till my heart slows down,
Till I feel,
Safe and sound.
A roof over my head,
A sheet to cover my bed.
Fridge full, spa pool.
No rent, a room for my parents.
A job, coming home to a dog.
Red bricks, logged walls.
Enjoying the rain drops fall.
Meeting my lover in the bath.
Not having to do any complex math.
Laugh in the rain, watching the children play.
Reminiscing the good old days.
Catching up with siblings, lovely Parisian springs.
Celebrating many first birthdays, music still makes me sway.
Surrounded by grandchildren, spreading words of wisdom.
A collection of adventures, to be shared with utmost pleasure.
Leaving this world, no words left unsaid.
Having loved all there is to be loved.
Soulace 2d
I miss the days...

When a secret was about where I hid my pencils
When my biggest fear was being grounded for a note home
When violence was only played on TV
When guns were only in my video games
When everyone I met was my friend
When the world didn't feel it was out to get me
When having a good day didn't feel like I owe the universe a bad one
When assuming the worst wasn't a self defence mechanism
When having a bad day meant that I still had tomorrow
When "I like you" was meant for one person
When love meant "no strings attached"
When I wasn't so scared all the god damn time.

I miss the innocence.
Feel free to add to this list.
Toothpaste splattering
On the polished wood floor
I am just like this
Mike D 2d
You had me at goodbye
though it didn’t buy us anything good
an oxymoron
I’m the moronic asshole
give me some Oxys!
I know the path it leads
but at least I’ll be lead
not aimlessly wandering
otherwise pull the trigger
give me that lead instead

A fool, I thought you loved me
but you just lived me
lived with me
a partner in my home
No, even that is too much
A ghost of faded memories
an echo in the past
I couldn’t let go

And so,
here we are
didn’t go far
Seems the farther we go the closer we get
makes no sense
but nothing with you does
Common sense
or any sensitivity and feelings
Forget feelings
feels more like a fling
but yet it’s still more

I don’t know what love is
but I know it isn’t this
Start pushing you away
but when you’re gone
I start to miss
Your menacing grin
Those deep brown eyes
Like I could dive right in and swim
In your clutches for all time

I know this isn’t right
It’s left, you left, we fight
we scream and shout
Don’t shut up when we should
instead more buttons we press
like a game show we’re on
The loser is the one who flips
and it doesn’t take us very long
Blue lights filling up the sky
A glow we know so well
dive into the bottom of the well
farther down and down we go
turning blue; about to burst
Sudden reverse as the top blew
the steam whistle screams it’s song
Uncontrollable and hostile
Might as well do something wrong
provoke, instigate be a combative punk
puking on your shoes
a fucking joke
wasted junk
Just like this relationship
That’s a laugh
We don’t relate
We fuck and hate
But if that’s all it ever was
and that’s all it ever will be
I’ll buy up every cent of it
and I’ll gladly pay the fee
Written: February 21, 2018

All rights reserved.
I've seen it coming brother
It is murder.
Far too late
To offset hate
Yet we do.
And no white person can wear a shirt that says i support white people, but blacks can? Somethimg inherently wrong?!
Black white ot brown yellow or red
Camryn 6d
Its hard to keep up with life
When it seems as though
Life is holding you back
We all gifted by a
Treat (him)
Like a
Keep training him

And always be ready to take a
Any chance
As you increased your trainings
You will be surprised by
The chances that you might
jas 7d
as im typing this out im overwhelmed with emotions,
spilling them into text is how I release them.
I wonder if one day my words make it out there will you read them?
about all my scars and imperfections, my life and the journey I've gone thru to get here. to get there, wherever you are.

I hope your reading this.

scars on my heart, the pages of the book where you took a piece of me out.
blissful peace, my past romances, heartfelt goodbyes,  and a earning of a life.

I hope your reading this.

twenty three years on this earth and counting.
you'd never recognize me in the streets if you knew it was coming.
maybe I sit back and I think you don't get to know me
twenty three years I have been brave.
I have been striving and blossoming into the person you never knew I could become
and I couldn't have done it without my mom.

sorry , but I hope your reading this.
so you can know I don't need you in my life
no need to search anymore that option went out when you went out the door
on the day I was born
I was no longer yours

I hope you never learned how to read
to pastures green
what life
the depths


scream oh silence scream
what washing
from my dreams
castle window
round edge
count me

what woo have i
your cling to me is deep
beyond how
we have
nothing is real

what flesh have you weighed for me
what skies have i painted
your favorite

that my words lose their mean it
i cry out to rocks
for my blood
what is this

have we not been circumcised
that the brushing
fingertips could soothe you

what words do you feel
use your letters as jacks
toss them
bounce the ball
did you pick up enough letters
to make the word love
did it want to
what is this
harm from me

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