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When waking up is a chore
Getting out of bed I don't want to do a anymore
Lie here all day feeling depressed
Believing to myself i am getting rest

Them days are fading there time is out
I'd rather be out to scream and shout
We're here for a certain time only
There's no point sitting there lonely
Friends and familey were made for a reason
Even if you don't have them now they can be made in every season
About making friends and famileys. You can make new friends where ever you go you just need to look in the right places
Our path is a decision we  make ourselves
A blessing from above, no it's not a story about some elves
There's things we don't know and our minds are deceived
Maybe one day you will have the chance to believe
Have i been wrong all these years
Or was it you
Maybe I could teach you a thing or two
Instead of this bloodshed and tears
We all make our own path who is anyone to judge
It still hurts to hear your name
After all these months you still cloud my judgement
I’m starting to think that I might never be the same
But being alone is better than being your puppet

Maybe you never loved me, I’ll never know
But if you did, what kind of love was that?
Leaving me to cry on the floor when I was feeling low
If you really loved me then why did you raise your hand?

A few weeks ago I met a guy
He treats me like a queen, makes me smile
I gotta admit, I’ve never felt so high
And I think for him, I’ll walk down the aisle

I hope you’ll realize what you’ve done
When you see me with him, holding hands
I hope you see the way my face lights up like the sun
When he’s holding me while we dance
You only realize how bad someone was for you, when someone enters your life and treats you like a treasure. Never settle for anything less.
Julie Oct 6
once my parents said
that we had to move

away from my home town,
my birth place,
my comfort zone.

I found myself
in Paris then,
hardly not speaking any french,
missing the beaches of Cali
and thinking of better times

Sitting in a little cafe
near Rue Bonaparte
sharing a cigarette
with a gray-haired stranger

philosophizing about life
and feeling the sand of
Santa Monica Beach
on my skin

Suddenly a stranger asked me
something I didn't understand

so I stuttered
menez-moi à la maison,
à l'endroit auquel j'appartiens
last sentence means: "take me home to the place I belong"
Robin Lemmen Oct 3
Now when we are together
There is familiarity in your eyes
Our bodies like magnets
But our hearts no longer align
And every small difference
Between our definitions
Of wrong and right
Of care and love
Screams louder than memories
Making me wish I somehow
No longer knew you
And we were strangers again
But the thing is
You always find my calm
Still my ever aching mind
Hold on tight
Let me go all at the same time
I am not sure which is better
What would be a kinder farewell
But I anticipate that this time
You and I
Any and all concepts of us
Has settled for a silent last breathe

Goodbye, our time has come.
Anya Oct 3
At a certain
point in our lives
There's no more
"free time"
The closest thing
would be
Or only long term deadlines
We may
have "breaks"
But even if it takes a
We're still on the train
of life
Chugging away
Lu Lu Oct 3
She can look him in the eyes
and say honestly to herself
the person before her is not
who she wants anymore.
L Brown Oct 3
If I want to fuck another man,
That’s what I’ll do,
He will love me better than you ever could and you know it’s true,
I gave you my heart and you crushed it in your hand,
But now I’m supposed to give a fuck about how you feel,
All while you never kept it real,
So if he wants to wine and dine,
Show me the world and so much more,
You know it will only be a minute before my panties hit the floor,
Pussy wet, and gushing just like how it used to for you,
I’ll let him have his way because this ain’t what I’m used to,
I deserve to be worshipped like the queen I am,
Your friends even know this,
Be careful who you tell your business too,
Cause your boy been waiting to see what this booty do,
So when you see us know that’s me,
Because he saw the beauty you choose not to see.
Anika Nelson Oct 1
Today I woke up and didn't feel a burden.
Two years of the sour, fragile, cold and lonely nights are gone.
Although the snow comes soon, the only thing I can see is the sun.
I finally feel ok
Lacey Clark Oct 1
Raised faux-religiously (in a catholic school by convenience of neighborhood, I loved the plaid, I wanted to do Eucharist but my mom explained I wasn't Catholic, so I got by with Hymns and Cursive) by my two gay moms and some extra kids in Spokane, homeschooled later (seriously religiously, Vacation Bible School, NO HARRY POTTER and no saying 'stupid', a lot of neighborhood scootering) by uncle auntie and my two home-made and hilarious cousins (siblings) in Nevada, another private school in the Wild West with my grandpa and grandma (maybe religiously? they took me out to dinner religiously). and scattered across the West, Mid-West and South for all of this growing up business. Public schools majorly interwoven and equally traumatizing in between states.
One school in Florida was known for fist fights and head lice. I kissed my first boy there. I left for summer vacation and never came back.
I had been squeezed in-between the palms of each coast for high school (midwest). I popped like a pimple and broke some major skin. Suicide 'attempt' x3 (cry for help, hormones). They say you don't want to die.. you really want to start living. Recovery was like the smoothest, satisfying shaving... not a scratch since. Met Molly, Lucy, Mary before moving again. Left them behind too.
Now gliding along the West Coast in Academia's matrix. Politics and civic engagement. Clean. In the Heart of the City. Biking with helmets, shoebox studio apartment, nose in book, nose in food. Day job with a class of kids who I love and who love me. Space to grow, assess, reshape. Optimism. Peace.
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