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Melody Mann Jul 18
& in the fragrance of yesterday I'll bow my head in humility to pay respects to the child that roamed free.

For she was a mischievous character who tended to nature, heeding the wind's call.

She was a ferocious mine, eager to answer the precarious pondering of mental illness and abandonment.

She was confused because she was young and couldn't handle such complexity.

She found solace in lavenders.

A scent that rooted her in spirituality and happiness.
A scent that reminded her of happiness and rebirth.
A scent that provided her refuge from the uncertainty of life.
A simple embrace from the mystic himself.
A simple flower carried her through tedious transitions and remained a stable symbol in her ever shifting life.

Bowing her head in humility she prepares to transition into the next chapter of her life.

With a humble heart I tread forward.

Onto a new state, a new journey, a new chapter.
Onto the next phase I go
Gekyla C May 31
From seeing your name
That makes my dream to flame
It gets me excited to aim
The better frame of my life

How many times that I wish
I can hold on to you for a lifetime
To climb in all the obstacles
That hinders myself for a longtime

I will forever cheerish you
Whenever I walk into a new path
Letting you go was never easy
Whatever happens you will always be my dream
Nylee May 1
Why bind me to my own words
You are free from all the strings
I am not moving in years
But you've been flying ever since.
Norman Crane Apr 28
The world inside / the house
is empty, and you're hanging on-
to the railing one final time,
before your father starts the engine /
you're moving out / you're gone
deep into your book, the one
you took (from the library with no
intention of giving back) so long,
childhood; so long: shadows
expanding on the lawn as you sink
into your thoughts / into the wall,
feshly painted so the house would sell,
reading: receding: what you could never tell
your parents. [ ... ]
"Let's go," your mother calls,
but you're no longer there. She doesn't
notice that you're staying / it isn't
you who is obeying, exiting the door.
I have several things left to pack:
First, the old grey jumper.
Second, a dusty photo album.
Third, that China plate from the kitchen.

Moving through to the hallway,
I swivel on the spot.
The cat eyes me from the stairs,
Swishing his tail left to right.

I gesture to him: In childlike voice
"Don't worry I won't be leaving you".

Boxes laid at my feet, I fumble about.
What a life;
You spend most of it collecting junk;
And then you realise,
What an earth are you going to do with it all?

Leave it behind?
Chuck it away?
Chuck it away, leave it behind?
A disastrously difficult decision!
We are all sentimental someway.

The smell of cooked beef wafted from the kitchen.
Ah, home cooked meals.
I suppose it'll be takeaways soon.
Until we've settled in of course.

It's really real now isn't it?
Like a punch of reality,
Slapping you in the face.
Mixed emotions,
A bit like Sunday: You enjoy it but know that Mondays coming.

Gently, I stroked my cat.
Amongst the purring:
There came a sudden realisation,
That I had not started my list yet.
©️ 2021 Joshua Reece Wylie. All rights reserved.
blake Mar 29
the solid beat along the floor
the echo of the violin
the pace of pining breaths
against each other's skin

the music kicks up
you part with my waist
and the longer i'm away
the more time seems to chase

my eyes open to darkness
i'm left with a dream fleeting
all i recall are the notes of a song
such a bittersweet meeting!
inspired by merry go round of life from howl's moving castle

legit just let me dance with sophie pleaseeeee
Sahil Jan 30
The solitary stars shine again
reminiscing the elysian amity
The petty cravings begin
with wishful uncertainty

Time does mend the wounds of past
uncertainty scrapes the scabs
Till dawn will it last
trips to the herbs begin

Sanity seeps out of the crooked corners
Leaving behind a hollow me
Melancholic madness seems warmer
Alluring gelid me!
julius Jan 14
you left
we didn't say goodbye
ignored the current state
of things
i won't think about my state of mind
i had plans to kiss you
but it just didn't seem like the right time
a very awkward hug,
we parted ways
i didn't look back
from "marble demons" ©2021
the only person i like romantically is moving away
Nade V Jan 14
The past will bind you if you fall in regret.
The future will blind you if you heave stone-set.

To be neither here nor there
Recall from your previous presents.

And use this to bend, fold, break
Your future presents.

The past cannot be mended, but will be studied.
The future cannot be changed, but will be guided.
a look on the attitude and perception of time and self.
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