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Kitty 5d
I feel like an old pair of trousers left in a drawer
only brought out when you’re desperate cause you don’t want to be left naked
vulnerable in your knickers
better than nothing
I don’t fit what you want anymore
but you don’t fit me
so let me be in my drawer
I’ve got clothes for company
they don’t wear me out
whilst I keep them warm
Allesha Eman Oct 17
Dear capricious heart,
I’m sorry for leaving you at the door step of my past self.
I know you’re built with wings that can’t take you to the sky,
But I was made of broken bones, my identity split between a continental divide,
And I was yearning for the moment that I’d come to terms with ambiguity.

Now I feel at ease,
knowing you’ve found comfort in the changing of the seasons,

And I have conquered the impossible task of hearing you beat without apprehension
Today mama am signing off
In this suite and am ever gorgeous
Am emotional that I made you proud and ever pompous
You raised me with value and to never show off
But rather to strive and always grow up
I wish father was here to gaze at his face ever joyous
I am through but yet I  forever move forth
I love you mama though I've never spoke thus
Just graduated from the university officially and making my mama proud
Now I have yo move on to the next stage
PM 6d
For the first time in 22 years
I get to move on my own terms.
I get to finally make a place my own.
Somewhere where I don't feel trapped,
trapped by those walls you build long ago.
In a room where I hid day and night
making it harder for us to connect.
So now I'm finally moving all on my own.
To be able to find a way to find myself.
To find who I am away from all of you
and with this space and time I am creating,
I hope to bring us all back together again.
Building the bridge that should have been built
A bridge that was forgotten and left unstarted.
And now we get to build what we once forgot.
S Oct 6
It still hurts even now
and I wonder what I can do
to make it stop.
I knew that scars
Will never take me far,
But if I learn some way
To live with it
And heal somehow,
I could be my very own star.
Rinav Sep 4
look! :-)
i once tried to wear that smile
to reach the top of a tsunami
but then the bubbles all burst
and i paddled my way into the sea
i hoped my presence would excite a reaction
but the sharks and whales drifted off
and the kelp could only flail
so i sank down to the porous bed
and embraced its grainy mane
the bubbles stopped bursting
the sea pierced through
with the warm bed beneath
i saw a smile floating above me
For you everything is stationary, everything is fine
You are beyond space and time, space and time
To run the Wheel of Time, He has to be Satanic, Satanic, Satanic
To **** life He makes His forces manic, manic, manic
I hope to see you again as love never dies
We are ordinary people, don't be divine
To live in flesh and blood is no crime, crime, crime
So ride the Moving Wheel again like an appropriate train
And be a link for me in the Chain of Agency
I shed my despodency, I shed my despodency
I respect your decency, I respect your decency
I hope to see you again
You have flown so high, so high
You are beyond space and time, space and time
For you everything is stationary, everything is fine
her mind wandered
as she sat
mind wandering
as her body
should be
thinking of
what she shouldn't
her body was
she had
what they call
if her body
wasn't moving
then her mind
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