you look at her and you see a fucking /ocean/
and not an ocean of pain, a sea of sorrow, like you see yourself

you look at her ocean and see coral reefs teeming with /life/ and /possibility/ and /beauty/

you look at her and you see a pristine mountain spring you mustn't tarnish with the pollutant that is you

your fingers ache to be allowed to just graze her surface, calm and still, like a mirror, but you'd leave ripples if you did

to you, she is a river in which you would willingly drown, but to her, you are but a raindrop haphazardly landing where you may

to her, you are just another girl
Benjamin 19h
Sun sets to fall asleep
but leaves it's gloss to play the encore
before the day ends.

I've known for a long time
which direction my feelings go.

The goal has not been known
but I hope it stays here to live.

The second hour of our vacation is running
my hand moves closer,
in the rough grass,
to back of his hand.

I want him to say my name,
in a way which no one will hear.
Hold me,
in a way which no one will experience

- then he rises and joins with our classmates,
who start to play soccer.

He hugs Mary and they swing side to side
– eventually falling to the ground – laughing.

Jealousy whispers,
asks to join me.

I consider it.

I try to stop sadness to become visible.

Doesn't take long,
when a goal is scored.

Cheering, laughing – enjoyment.
Mims 3d
You are next to me
I turn to you
And touch your face
Warm lips
Slow kiss
Arms around me
Under white sheets
And flannel blankets
"I missed you"
You smile
"I can tell,

I missed you too"
I'm sick of this screen
Come visit me
I am not at fault.
I didn't do anything wrong.
Why am I being treated as though I did?

Stop it with the pity and the shame.
I am not ashamed. I don't need pity.
Especially not yours.

Life is messed up, but I am not.

One in five. one in five. ONE IN FIVE
One in five LGBTQ+ people have been mistreated because of their sexual orientation. It's not that hard to find these statistics. Look it up. Look up anything about LGBTQ+ people and I'm sure you'll find mistreatment.
I'm sure you'll find harm.
I'm sure you'll find that they harm themselves.
Because they feel at fault.
It's not their fault that they feel a common emotion towards another person you, selfish, close-minded..

Four in five. four in five. FOUR IN FIVE
Don't talk about it.
The way they were mistreated.
If you don't really get that
If you can't  really fathom that
Almost all of them
Almost every single one of these people that have been mistreated don't even talk about it they don't reach out they don't tell

of LGBTQ+ people in school are bullied
Are mistreated
Are hurt
Are mocked
Are called names
In school.
Yeah, bullying happens all the time over stupid shit. All the time. Wearing glasses, looking different, being gay.
I get it.
It happens.
Nearly half.

"72 countries criminalise same-sex relationships ...
The death penalty is either ‘allowed’, or evidence of its existence occurs, in 8 countries
In more than half the world, LGBT people may not be protected from discrimination by workplace law
Most governments deny trans people the right to legally change their name and gender from those that were assigned to them at birth
Between 2008 and 2014, there were 1,612 trans people were murdered across 62 countries - equivalent to a killing every two days
A quarter of the world’s population believes that being LGBT should be a crime"

Oh hey, just some statistics. Isn't that interesting. Isn't it cool to take a step back and check that out. That's pretty crazy huh? Pretty outrageous. But, you know, maybe if you weren't such a

I did nothing
I tried to stop it.
I tried.
But how can you stop

People are hurting
People are dying
People are being killed
People are killing themselves

Stop it with the pity and the shame.

We are not to blame.
All statistics were taken from this website.
There once was a man who shouted … I am healed
His friends replied
That’s great but we didn’t realise that you were ill
The man answered
I have been healed from being gay
His friends responded
But to be happy is a good thing
The man said
No you don’t understand
Not gay as in being happy
But gay as in loving another man
His friends replied
Since when is Love an illness
Written by: Sean Achilleos
13 March 2018©
Amazon: Sean Achilleos 'An Affair with Life' The Philosophical Poems of Sean Achilleos
YouTube: Sean Achilleos
I remember gravel
crunching under feet,
sun beating down
a sea of heads. At a booth,
we were offered advice on cleaning
products and chamois.
We walked passed fake gardens,
pet prized-winning sheep,
soared overhead on the sky tram.

My parents bought me a pickle
from the pickle man. Large,
juicy, plump, thick, delectable...
My tiny hands wrapped around it;
my lips sucking delicious juice,
nibbling meaty flesh.
When they’d take it away,
I’d throw a fit; cry.
They should’ve known then.
© BC Jaime 2014 || IG: @B.C.Jaime

This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. To view a copy of this license, visit
luca 6d
there is fire licking at your
      calves. tongue hot
      and heavy (taste me
      where my soul ends and
      my heart begins, i think
      you tell me. find the places
      hidden to even my eyes,
      a prayer, a whisper).


AFTERTHOUGHT: i can shift the heft of the sky and its sire onto my shoulders, shape them into wings under your gaze, let them watch the fire like you watch a ritual (it burns with ancient fury, older than my words could ever dream).
idk what this is
gay ????? as hell???? like me wow
being gay won’t save me from touches i didn’t ask for,
because that’s what they are,
touches i didn’t ask for.
and you still punch me lightly in the arm,
like we’re fooling around, like you didn’t do anything wrong.
but i don’t like it like that,
i never have.
it feels so much worse when it’s forced,
or even when they're simple touches that the eye can barely see,
the alarms fire through my body at different speeds,
it’s absolutely riveting.
i'm learning the difference between want and need,
and i think when it all comes down to it,
you never even wanted me.
my eyes are up here,
not scattered in the crevices folded in my skin,
my eyes are up here,
but you don't care because you're wearing my favorite lopsided grin.
i believe in individuals having a right to their own consent,
and no offense, but you're not my romeo and i'm not your juliet.
liking the same sex won't save you from touches you didn't ask for,
because that's what they were,
touches you didn't ask for.
petals resigning from a rose
turning ground into infinite
stretch of liquid sweetness;

tub sinking into a pool sinking into
a lake sinking into a sea
of rose-scented water
girls are hot
take my mouth on a ride
on a strawberry flavoured waterslide
by a cotton candy sky
drenched, soaked
in pink.
wow i miss them it be like that sometimes stay strong fellow gays
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