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Evan L 3d
I used to trace the acne scars down your back
Like a blind man reading a poem in braille
Colors that caress the eyes
With majestic hues grace our souls
In comfort and expression;
A devout offering of love
From those that came before us
To every generation since.
Ahmad Attr Jun 3
My right to life isn’t an agenda
My right to life isn’t as described by your *******
It isn’t a propaganda
It isn’t a part of politics
The fact that we have to justify our existence is saddening.
TTagain Jun 1
Sometimes I get tired of listening
To you and your friends
Your antiquated ideas
I want to speak my mind
But I love you too much
I fear losing you
I fear your hatred
But your ******* is my fuel
You make me angry
And I turn that into my poetry

I wish I could stop you
And many others like you
So filled with loathing
For people who don’t live the way you do
So eager to carve their lives
So they could fit your view
I wish I could walk off
As soon as you open your mouth
But hate is another form of love
Another form of obsession
Keeping me glued to your side

But I will never comply, abide by
the nonsense rules
the path all the privileged ones like you
want us to go to
all it ever takes is empathy
something so unknown to you
Happy Pride Month, say no to Homophobia.
Ozul May 28
I'm no longer lost and confused
  Found out whom I truly am,
  happy as ever, no one can bring me down.
  Gay and proud, no longer confused.

  If you feel lost and confused,
  talk, wait, figure it out.
  You, too, will be found,
No longer lost and confused.
I have a vision of my future
one I’m not sure could ever come true
A vision where the world won’t  judge
the love I share with you

A vision of my future
where I could have the guts
To hold your hand in public
Hold each other on the bus

I wish that I could find a place
where I will not be shamed
For gazing in your pretty eyes
that lack in any pain

I wish we could get married
without hearing a complaint
And no one thought twice of our lives and we were normal, plain

But as we walk the sidewalk
most people stare and gawk
As though we are a freak show
or evil they must stop

I only want to love you
Without living in fear
I wish that I could say “I do”
and keep my lovers near
Just some thoughts that can apply to multiple situations.
Justin Lai May 19
A boy, sketching

         His friends, fellow neighbours, skinny dipping

This is not the first time,
      but what is indeed new are the imprints
                                  of streams, droplets;
                                        yelps, giggles;
                      the force of a tumbling body,
                                   or limbs on limbs,
    shivers and waves in his very young heart.

       He finds his nib forming strange contours,
               fingers tracing the imprints as much as his
                  eyes could picture,

          only to tear the paper, later,
             ripping out a flat, grimacing tangle of lines,
                   his friend, grotesque on canvas.

     Night beckons;
              his sketch, made anew, alive as
                     he lay within burgeoning wants
                           that he never wished
Soundtrack: Alexandra Stréliski - Plus tôt
can't say May 19
i guess **** isn't art
because it doesn't really
make much of an effort to
go beyond showing men and women
being men and women.

i remember when i was a kid in sunday school
i got a ***** when we learned that
adam and eve lived naked
in the garden of eden.

when i do **** i like to take off all of my clothes.
when i do **** i want to visit a beach
where a lot of people are naked.
I don’t mind if they’re men.
it's always eyes on the guy when you do ****.

im not like other straight guys
in the sense that i have a
few male pornstars i really like.
work it, homie.

is **** more like watching a movie
or is it more like having ***?
the other day my friends from twitter
were laughing at a guy
who called himself an 'adult toys enthusiast.'

i made more friends on twitter than i did in college.
i look at people having *** on the computer
and that is not cinema.

is sexuality a hobby?
*** is called sleeping with someone
is napping a hobby?
is watching **** like taking a ****?
is watching **** like breathing?

i guess if **** isn't art
then it isn't a poem either.
I'm just trying to live my life
Like any other human being
I get on the bus, sit on the guys side
I go through my day-to-day

I get called down to the office
I'm told I have to sit on the girls side because I'm in the system as a girl
I tell him I'm not a girl and the heteronormative system is ridiculous
I didn't do anything wrong and sit by myself anyways

He says he will see what he can do
In the hallway not long after, after school ends, going down stairs
I group of kids scream near my ears
I mumble to myself and they touch my head

I said stop
They didn't stop
I turned around
And for the first time in my life I lower myself to violence
And punch one in the leg

I break down
I'm lucky to work with such wonderful people in theatre
I just want to live my life
I just want to be left and not harassed

Im told I can sit on the boys side
I have to sit alone
I can only sit in the front or back
I have to tell the stranger next to me he can't sit there

I want to tell him why
I don't want to out myself
I have to give up the ounce of validation of being treated like a normal guy on the bus by the other guys, who are unafraid to get in trouble for sitting with me cause they don't know what I am or care

I wish...
I wish I was born right just like he and every other guy on the bus

But if I was I would not be me.

I could not understand my own struggles
Or sympathize so much with others

I could not learn and adapt the way I do now
Could not have taught myself to be brave in the same way I am

I could not have the experience of having kids with my spouse the way I want to

I would not have needed to stand up for my rights or that of others

I would not have addresssed my lack of understanding and my internalized transphobia

I am stronger for who and what I am.
My gestalt.
For learning to come to terms with the harsh truths of what I am to the world.

If that wish came true, I would not be me. I would not be
An improv prompt from my theatre teacher/director. My group decided to do a funny skit but I wanted to answer it in a heartfelt way on my own separately.
Jay May 13
To feel yourself falling in love
With somebody over the course of months
Is to realise that you're more kind,
Happier, caring, gentle, and sweet-
A better person in general-
Keeping that person in mind.

No matter what you do,
Nobody else will understand
The way you feel every day,
The bubbliness of your actions,
The air of generosity and dreaminess
In every word you say.

To fall in love with someone
Is to notice you're not alone
And that you're loved and cared for.
It is to notice you matter as well
And to better yourself and others
Through kindness you pour.

To fall deeply in love with someone
Is to fall in love with yourself,
To fall in love with life as a whole,
To fall in love with everything.
Before you even know it,
Love has taken its grand toll.
For Aidan, the first person I've ever felt love like this toward

Thank you for helping me out of the immense depression when I'm not doing too well. You truly have no idea how greatly you've helped me.
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