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your body will be clay in my hands; molded by my touch
shaped, embraced, by my fountain of love
etched my love letter into your body
velvet kisses and whispering softly
embrace your maker while i embrace your arch
paint you in my love strokes, my art
etched my love letter in your body
velvet kisses and whimpering softly
I S A A C Jun 4
feed me green grapes
kisses down my nape
sing songs of woven fate
you are my Odyssey
you are my great
the volcanic eruption to set my heart ablaze
the diamond perfection i cannot help but gaze
i cannot help by sway to the timber
of you strumming my heart strings
each and everyday
feed me green grapes
with you i am safe
I S A A C May 31
i was scared to try, scared to fail
but if i never strike the iron while it’s hot
then I’ll never get my man of steel
i was blind to see the colours bleed
scared to bare witness to the unraveling
but to heal is to release
baggages, bandages, bruises of cool tones
repair the foundation before building the home
aligning with intent, the present a reformed man
actively pursuing my desired amend
arrows shot from cupid’s hand
Adonis’ kiss, Aphrodite commends
I S A A C May 10
the movement of a whirlpool
draining the oceans i filled for you
each drop a thought, i shed for you
cannot stop, i depend on you
it is stupid, it is a ruse
to paint you as my muse
but my heart is wicked and bruised
i channel the purple and blue hues
i wait for the time to be used
produce fruits for a love that never took root
I S A A C Apr 22
just when i thought
that should’ve been the end
when i get my hands on it
that’s when it begins
i need it and mould it
wrapped around my fingers like gold
your body my own
your voice is silent
the room is dim but your bright mind matches mine
we intertwined over common ties
there is something i will never know
i can always feel the thorn
i feel in puzzles and i speak in tones
you understand my wit but miss my hold
i understand your grit but miss your gold
just when we could’ve thought
that was the end
Heavy Hearted Apr 14
The alarm tolls,
On their rude device-
It's time for work
& yet still, despite
the thousand fascets
of one reality
These Newbrunswickin Chavs
Wouldn't recognize, really,
That Despite
the riddle's answer, Being  E;
& that double decade,
One might have over me,

When direct
go unanswered; The respect
I require
(now unvield)
Off, into the past
Oh, how I  become

The Whip

they crack
The Whip                        
& with
All that I am,

the past, In desperation, I forcefully trick
As the blackness, of my being
Forms a darkness,  spilling thick.
Engulfing light- mind's eye's Unseeing,  
Consumes oneself, like a candles wick -
Illuminating every route (for fleeing)
For me, the lights still on- homesick.

Forcefully, faithfully; to keep on believing, & even

just to keep the pathway lit-  by headlight, sunbeam, or doomscrolling trip-
Understand why might a human being
'S now become The Whip
Anything is possible and Nothing makes sense
I S A A C Apr 5
idle by my idols
practice like a recital
did not know your love was so vital
your ex my new rival
jealous and jealously
remember i am all you need
he looks upon every
disturbing part of me
with faith,

as if I were never dangerous; forever delicate...

when we stare into
one another, the thousand
ghosts of everything
I am ashamed of become pacified...
blood poetry
Nicole Jan 15
Sweet baby kitten
Veiled in black cat energy
I find home in your hazel eyes
As you share your soul with me

Wrapped into my arms
We fit together so perfectly
I'll hold you steady and safe
In our knot of sacred unity

Gentle forehead kisses
And laughing uncontrollably
I fall more in love with you
Building these sweet core memories

No thoughts are off limits
We've made safety a priority
Gay talks in blanket forts
Sharing our souls so vulnerably

Our connection is a precious gift
Grown from honor, trust, and empathy
You're all I never knew I needed
And I'll love you for all eternities
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