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Nicx 4d
Handprints collide
All our warmth intertwined and
In the dewy space between
I feel your heartbeat echoing mine
Our foreheads pressed together
I'm begging for your soul to melt into mine
I want to mix with you like oil in water
But these bodies are so constricting
This life we walk is a lonely one
We seek closeness beyond our broken skin
And maybe one day when this life is done
Our souls can connect for eternity
I adore you with every ounce of my being
Within every imperfectly perfect moment
Beyond all words and understanding
I'll love you forever and forever after
Cody Haag Nov 29
I'm in love with the idea of being in love,
Of kissing a boy, of having enough.
I trust in the process of having trust,
Of flying free like the happiest dove.
I'm in love with the idea of being in love,
But more so in love with all of the above.
This one's a little weird, but I like it.
Descovia Nov 15
Never had a problem with a sister or brother of color from another mother.

I am all for fun and games. You see?

I love the idea of seeing, COLORFUL Yoshis enjoying rainbow sherbert ice cream on a hot unforgiving summer day.

I have more shades of color, than the pride flag representing LBGQT community all the way.

If the color of my skin, serves to be a threat or issue. My darkness, is a problem for you?  When we are not far, from each other on the shade spectrum?

I believe you are in the wrong on your perspective of darkness. You worried about the WRONG darkness. When we bleed the same red!?  Shame on you. I never wished for your downfall. I been down with falls filling me, my soul suffering accompanied with dread. I'd be a different person worse than hell, if I ever ignored my family's teachings and all the rightful words, of what any mindful mentor ever said.

******* racism. You and your whole clique can drop dead.
I can feel
Her presence
From across
The room
Her quick glances
And drunken desires
Her hand
Into mine
The blanket uncovering
Our tender feelings

They know
margo Nov 3
Not knowing if we would have worked out had I stayed in London.
Not knowing if you think about me as much as I think about you.
Not knowing if you ever thought about me all those days apart.
Not knowing if you had also wanted to kiss me that afternoon.
Not knowing if we would be together had I been born a boy.
Not knowing if it is me or my gender that is putting you off.
Not knowing if I will ever get to hold your hand.
Not knowing if I will ever get to kiss you.
Not knowing if I will ever see you again.
Not knowing if I will ever be with you.
Not knowing if I will ever be myself.
Not knowing if I will ever be you.
This 'poem' marks me starting to write again. Everything else on my page is fairly old, so please do not take it too seriously..
Red Oct 23
where is the support group
for Trans Masc kids
with bad fathers
alcoholic fathers

ones that didn't show up
and still try to tell you
what a man is
and isn't
and by God it isn't you

a Father with misogyny
ran so deep
that my body is
a beautiful woman's
and God made me
to be this way

Born into the beautiful body of a woman

where is the support group
for fathers who are so damaged
dating girls within 5 years of me

i've never felt safe around a man
even the one who is half of me

maybe why i don't feel safe around myself

where is the support group
for Trans kids
that are 27
who always wanted to be like their dad
until they got to know him

who found the masculine beauty
within their best friend
who picked them up
every other weekend

and now
who can't even stomach
to muster
that that is my father.

the guilt
of a kid who just wished one of us
would die


can you please stop traumatizing me
its been 20 years
haven't you had enough?
where is all of this material coming from?
is this a never ending bit and i simply just don't get the joke?
sofolo Oct 7
Talcum powder
And water
And a few
Other things
Something pink

Smoothed onto
My innocent cheek
Like a mask

The sneaking
Into your closet
The blouse
Falling off my shoulder
High-heeled stumble
I’ll understand this
When I’m older

The curiosity
Testing borders
Pushing limits
It’s always been
In me
This glimmering
/// before you get offended…as a queer man, “******” is a word I’ve personally reclaimed the power of /// it has become a word I cherish as something that defines my very identity /// queer is invincible /// ******* forever ///
you are warm and kind and you give me butterflies
when i am with you things feel bright and exciting
you make me feel like I am in home depots lighting section
poem I wrote about my boyfriend when my thoughts were barely coherent
Katy Miles Sep 7
to hear the words, “i was scared” fall from your lips was all the closure i thought i needed.
but i have my answers now, and i don’t feel much better. maybe i feel worse.
closure is a ******* hoax.
my mind can’t leave something behind if it doesn’t make sense to me,
and no explanation will ever make this make sense.
there will always be more questions, more questions, more questions…
i’ll live with the weight of it until they become background noise, like the videos i fall asleep to
until i know they’re there but i can’t hear what they’re asking or what it all means anymore.
but the thought that you couldn’t love someone who would have died for you
god, i wish that thought could leave me the way that you did.
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