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Perhaps one day these words I write,
will somehow make you see the light,
until that day,
here I shall lay,
and fix your broken heart.
I lay here alone and i recall those words you said,
how you told me all you longed for was to lie in my bed,
how you wished to feel my touch,
as i stroke your stubble grown a little too much.
How you'd call me late and declare you're cold,
say the only possible cure was to be in my hold.
I wonder if you still lay alone,
in this new place not all that far from home,
the thought so awful has now fled
I hate myself for letting such ideas inside my head
you are mine and I am yours, a trust neither should betray,
though difficult without a word it is to keep evil thoughts at bay.
But I shall fight until our wedding day.
My boyfriend has moved to university, not too far away. Though he struggles with his head and he does not let me see him.
I feel as if i’m cursed
As if it’s a misfortune to love her
In this lifetime at least

How brave we must be to love each other.
It’s like
We were both north poles
Only meant to connect with south instead of each other
Opposites attract...right?
That’s how everything was supposed to be laid out…

But there have to be some similarities
Whether that similarity is music
Friends, family, hobbies, sports...
Or gender.

Would you really rather see two men holding weapons
Than hands?
Do you want to see the slits on wrists
When you tell them who they can’t kiss?

Just so you know
I'm a girl
I love a girl
And I’m okay with that
You should be too.
I'm not expecting this to do very well's a good feeling to write about it..
Evan L 7d
Never knew I could hurt
Like I hurt with you.
Become the darkest
Shade of midnight blue.
But that’s love, ain’t it?
Elizabeth Oct 3

You left when I needed you most
One minute you were there then the next gone
Like smoke in the wind, never to be seen again


I try to talk, to get your attention
But there’s always something more important
Or someone, it’s her now not me


Thrown to the side like a piece of trash
No meaning or worth
Something that was once useful but is no more


I used to be the apple of your eye, adored and cherished
But you don’t seem to remember anymore
As if everything that was once between us never existed

There’s no one to save me from the dark abyss anymore
To shine your light when I need it most
No one to reach down and pull me above water, allow me to breathe
To be safe in you company and feel joy seep into my life once again

You left and now I feel empty again
I grew so much from when you found me
But now I’m back at the start
Back in my pit of self loathing

Maybe another one will come around
Pick me up and dust me off
Show me the thrill of life again

Or maybe she’ll leave like you did
Maybe they’ll all leave like you did
Will I ever find love again?
Abi Oct 3
I tried to write about you
About everything
To do with you
But it burnt and twisted until I had to force
My heart out of my body.
Sad songs, too much guitar
Honey is it what you deserve?
For me to rip myself up
For you; you won’t watch
You won’t even pass me with a smile.
I wonder if you notice
How much I dare to stare at you?
Maybe I’m waiting for a day
You wear a colour that’s not blue
Or maybe I’m waiting for you to
Stop, see me and your face lights up.
But whatever
Maybe I’m waiting for nothing
You’ve already bled blue into my heart
And stained it forever
In the brightest way.
Sam Bowden Oct 3
What hides beneath my breath,
lies dormant just beneath,
vows about forever,
imprisoned behind my teeth.

A life of bread and roses,
a steady hand to weather the storm.
It's hardly an open secret,
I want you to carry my first born.

After years of trial and error,
sands pass through the hands of time.
Casting off the forlorn darkness,
one sublime kiss at a time.

I met you in the winter;
and we'll weather every season.  
I'll never let you go,
not for any reason.
Take my hand for now,
love me without reason.

Grueling days and restless nights,
are the price we have to pay.
We toil in the sun of now,
to lie in tomorrow's shade.

You're worth every hardship,
just to have you by my side.
It's hardly an open secret,
I want you as my bride.

Because you're worth every effort,
and ounce of sacrifice,
it's hardly an open secret,
I want you as my wife.

It's hardly an open secret,
I'll love you til I die.
If you ever forget the reasons,
let my poems remind you why.  

Take this ring as a token,
of the durability of love.
Say yes to my proposal,
make my heart lighter than a dove.
I've begun drafting proposal poems for my Beloved.
Siyana Sep 29
I never met a soul like hers.
She made me feel wild and free like the wind..
I felt the heat of the sun and the lush of the grass,
as she placed her hands beneath my skirt....
Her wild eyes could evacuate my soul from my body..
I don't now your name
But let's pretend that that's okay
Your'e the only thought in my brain
Every minute of every day

You an you and you again
I keep seeing you everywhere
Look my way now and then ?
I see you even when you're not there

I don't know if I'm glorifying you
And I honestly don't care
All I wanna do is be alone with you
Touch that pixie cut hair

Sorry but I've got one hell of a
Crush on you
Never felt this kinda
Way oh you

You're making me feel ways
I've never felt before
I'm a little obsessed now days
My grades are flat on the floor

Can't concentrate in class
Can't answer a question
Or respond if someone asks
For a suggestion

I'm way to distracted
Looking for you out the window
Thoughts of you come back
Every second or so

I think I'm in love with you
Don't even know your name
I wanna be beside you
And kiss under the rain

My knees get weak
Whenever you go bye
My heart gets bleak
'Cause you'll never be mine

I'm so dangerously obsessed
With you
Girl you make me so depressed
Yet you
Are the reason I get up every ******* morning
I love you wanna be with you i want you to break up with your girlfriend youyoyuyouyyouyouyoyuyouyoyuyoyuyuyouyouyouyouyou
declan morrow Sep 28
if you see him, tell him.
tell him i miss him.
tell him i forgive him.

tell him to let his guilt dissipate,
like the smoke from his cigarette;
tell him he knows
he can't just let it churn indefinitely there,
in his lungs.
tell him to exhale.

tell him i love him.
he knows, but tell him;
he needs reminding.

and tell him it's a feeling that
has never left me: not once,
not for a moment,
from then, when we first broke bread,
to now, when we shatter each other's
stares across the room full of people.

tell him our love was a miracle
that gave light to my soul,
confirming its once elusive vitality.

tell him how true it all was,
in spite of and yet because of everything:
the pain,
the laughter,
the ramblings,
the loneliness,
and the chins held high.
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