zane b 23m
one bite out of one peach / one bite out of one boy that has kissed with nothing but bared teeth in his past / hoping / not to get too used to the flavour of a taste loved too much / his stomach held / nothing / a simple buzz of nothing / simple is not / the word to explain this situation / simple is not (the) word to explain / how these nights tell one boy / that he is so alone when / his stomach aches / there are no more peaches left due to his own gluttony and impulsivity in the kitchen / (world) / two bites out of two peaches / two bites out of the sticky / icky / sickly peaches / their coat of fuzz has been (renewed) / these peaches / fresh / one boy holds a boy / that has walked miles barefooted / across a border drawn with a black felt marker / a boy holds one boy / i-love-him-so-much-kind-of-**** / this time one boy lets his teeth retract for the sake of letting in / (this time) / their juices are mixed in with love / and then one boy can't remember what teeth felt like in the first place
a handful of air separates us,
and i'm trying to bottoms up the nerves.
there's no prelude, no warning -
i'm just a sober drunk.

it's been two thousand days since i felt this way,
and i don't know what to do,
because i always **** it up.
do i force it to go away?
or do i let it stay
a while?

what can i say that'll wash my anxieties away?
maybe you'll say something, but can i wait?
can i wait until the waves are up to my head?
can i bear the weight of uncertainty?
can i withstand handful after handful of air
until there's only a pinch of it left?
can my eyes stay open every time you glow so bright?
can i keep my lips from trembling every time you're near?
can i stop my mind from going hazy?
and can i judge the intensity of things are they too fast are they too slow too much too less too much talking too much rambling too much waiting too much hoping too much too much too much.

maybe i can't.
and maybe you can't either
wrote something i really felt, after nearly a whole year.
Haylin 1d
I am a girl, at least to everyone but me,
I am ***, and straight too, and both, and neither,
I do not want attention, I even try to avoid,
But you call me a she,
But I am changing, every day,

I cry when you know I am not so,
I am a boy today...I am ***
You don't notice, or care,
You just put more cuts on my wrist,
And hurt me more with every word...
"*****," you call with ease,
But you do not know, I am a boy today
"****," you say... I am a ******

Death my mind calls with every single word...
But you do not care, for you smile at my pain, as I call for my love,
Enzo 2d
I showed you love but you were color blind
All you could see were two colors:black and white;

Man and woman, woman and man
Thats what you see, love living only in binary

You're straight with the hate when two from the same gender procreate
You're pro-life but never did love life nor live a life of love

All you are is hate hiding behind your faith

I could diss you and spite but yknow I'm not like you
I swing my own way, why should you care if it ain't straight?
Not *** or bi or anything but I love my lgbtq+ friends
Tyler 2d
I close my eyes and return to you
I return to the memories we have
The ghosts of your soft gaze
I forget and re-remember things, over and over
Like how you wink when you say something cheeky
How you warm your hands on mine
How you do the dishes in your underwear
How your hug feels like it could fit an entire world
And I feel the little fire in my chest grow larger
Smoke seeping through my skin
Because I remember how much I miss you
I miss seeing your face
I miss feeling your scent
I miss not being lonely
Because my bed will always be cold
As long as you’re not here.
I met her on a narrow street of old Verona
Her beauty’s magical, her name was Lady Mona
She rolled a cigarette between her diva fingers
A little cherry smoke around her gently lingers

She had a long deep fire-coloured autumn hair
That with the wind dance as if out of very care
Her eyes are brighter, gayer then azure sapphires
Two little diamonds that can start unholy fires

Her ******* are full of life, the sweetest goddess milk
It taste like childhood memories wrapped up in silk
The skin – an undiscovered lands of sinful wild
It sends you on a trip so rough yet very mild

She was so picturesque, a genuine sugarbomb
Like rays of sun that dazzle through a ***** palm
I pray thee, Jupiter, align the heaven stars
And let me be the one who strikes of her guitars

Wish I could walk to her and ask her dearly out
I feel so brave yet nervous, want to scream and shout
I want to spill it out, express my inner passion
But that’s not me behaving in such crazy fashion

**** to the no! I go! I’ll spit my fire lines!
I am a blonde! I curse those ****** *** designs
I’ll offer things to her, I promise I’ll pushy
****, I am gonna offer her my cola *****

If men be ***** models, I shall be one too
I have one in my mouth – a nasty point of view
If men can flirt and conquer, so can ******* I
This Aphrodite’s taken, she is only mine

I walk to her, approach her like the mighty Taurus
Rehearse my lyrics, shuffle through my love thesaurus
I smell perfume – ambrosia, nectar, lemonade…
Formation, hold up, queen of… ******* Lemonade..?

“What is the name of thee, do tell me, pretty dear
Just like the beauty goddess you to me appear
By any chance you are one of the youthful Graces?
Be careful, darling, I can see your leather laces”
I’m standing on the platform,
I should’ve never let you go,
I miss your warmth,
I die as fast as you’ve seen me grow.

Silent, blind and slow,
I still see you go,
Here today, gone tomorrow,
You were my morning rain,
And I was your night snow.

Even with the sun gone,
You were my light through it all.
Let me say my last goodbye,
So I don’t have to be covered up in blankets,
And look like a sad snowball.
It’s forbidden to feel what I feel,
But only by love is life made real,
The world was never designed for me,
But somehow,
I’m still here.
My tears are falling down and burning the wooden floor,
In the single tiny bedroom of the house,
Where we lived and loved before,
I poured petrol everywhere,
Threw in a match and slammed the door,
I went outside,
So I could see the flames dancing in the air,
And especially to forget it all.
Love me, when I don’t love myself

Your the best that ever happened

Your skin so deep, I can tell

On a winter day your warm as ****
I’ve only talked to him once today. I think he knows.
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