sometimes I sit and think
is what Im doing is really a sin?
loving someone just like me,
is that something people hate to see?
I'll never truly understand why loving someone with the same gender as myself
could cause an uproar as big as this and throw everything off the shelf

Now that I've entered the world
Of this burning tree
I feel much more fully
Because it's the only time I can

And the thought of you makes my heart ache
I don't know where we're at
My chest is heavy with the chance of losing you
I truly love you with all my heart

But understand I have trust issues
Honesty is the only option for me
So when I sense dishonesty
It shuts me down immediately

I feel petrified
Unable to move

And instead of running
I let my fires spend outward

But I love you
And though I say I'll be ok alone
Life would feel meaningless
Without your hand in mine

But I understand if you have to leave
You'll be in my heart forever

Lily 4d

I like a girl, you see.
It all started with the way she looks at me,
her eyes as blue as the ocean
piercing through my soul,
making it as though
she's the only one who can make me whole.

I like a girl, you see.
Because she's the only one who sees me for me.
She makes me feel as though I'm on cloud nine
and I couldn't be more happy than the moment when she said
"now I get to call you mine"

I like a girl, you see.
But now my religion, it shuns me.
I'm told I'll burn in hell
and when I told my parents it only made them yell.
I'm told it's unnatural and I should be ashamed,
but I can't help but feel a flame
inside my heart whenever she's in sight
but the reaction I get from others
makes me want to take flight.

I liked a girl, you see.
But the reaction of others
it made me flee.
Because I was fearful and not brave enough
to face the world to be with the one I love.
"girls don't like girls"
and that's just the way it is.
don't question or argue
you'll only make it worse
and make others feel as if you're a curse
to the family name ruining any chance of fortune and fame.

I liked a girl, you see.
and now I've lost everything.
My girl and my family
all because when I came out
I had
No support, not even a hint,
and now I'm living my worst nightmare,
and I've got nothing left.

I love a girl, you see.
Because see managed to see through
and come find me.
love me at my worst.
I was in my darkest,
but she was just the light I need.
Girls like girls,
and luckily my girl is strong
and loaning me some strength.

I love a girl, you see.
the reason is simple
She honestly and truly saved me.

I think you might be gay
But I accept you as you are
So if you ever come out
I will be here with open arms

Just some words on what is going on.
Middy 5d

It was raining today
Everything's dark and grey
I'm pushed to the ground
As I make it to school
It was barely first period

" hey, need help? "

My friend is there
He's my sunshine
The only person I've ever had
He gives me his soft hand
And I'm up on my feet again

" you got a black eye "
He said and touched it gently
Making my cheeks rosy pink
And my face wince in pain

We're in the back of the school
He's putting cream on my eye
It's crying tears of sorrow
As he wipes them away gently

" it's ok. It'll be ok. "

He whispers in the rain
We're under the umbrella
No one can see us
Maybe God can

" I love you. "

He whispers again
As a smile forms on my lips
Which he kisses
As the rain pours down
No one knew
It was just us
No one could see us

He slowly pulled away
From the gentle kiss in the rain
As I whisper back his words

" I love you too. "

Middy 5d

It rained 14 days ago

It was spitting
As my brother would say
School is starting
And I already have a bloody nose

It rained 13 days ago
And I was unlucky
My father left home last night
And never returned again

It rained 12 days ago
It got a little worse
My mother's crying on the sofa
A glass of red liquid on the table

It rained 11 days ago
I'm being ambushed everyday
I'm covered in cuts every day
And I'm beaten black and blue

It rained 10 days ago
It was practally a storm
I could barely walk home
While teachers barely glanced

It rained 9 days ago
It wasn't so bad I guess
A boy went and said hi to me
I barely knew his name

It rained 8 days ago
I now know his name
I keep repeating it in whispers
Into the drizzling night

It rained 7 days ago
He stuck up for me
Why would he?
I'm a boy, a misfit here.

It rained 6 days ago
It was a huge downfall
I cried on this boy's shoulder
And he simply held me

It rained 5 days ago
My mother looks better
The boy came around
And he put a smile on my face

It rained 4 days ago
It got worse again
I'm scared and paranoid
I've got blood on my arms

It rained 3 days ago
He keeps making me crimson red
My cheeks flush when I see him
And I can't help but stare

It rained 2 days ago
I don't believe it
I made it out my closet
And out into the light

It rained yesterday
I can't hide it anymore
He knows and I don't know
What he is thinking now

It rained today
It was another drizzle
As we walked in the park

He kissed me.
A boy kissed another boy!
I kissed him.

We didn't care
About any looks or stares
But the rain hid my tears

He noticed them anyway
Wiped them away
And whispered
" I love you. "
As he kissed me again

The sun shone afterwards
Lightening up our faces
We walked hand in hand
Without another secret or word

I support LGBT and I love seeing people unafraid to express themselves
I hope one day we will grow up in a word with no homophobia or hate
honey 6d

sun girls:
they’re all bright eyes and warm hands, they’ll kiss you on the cheek. beautiful freckles. glowing skin, sunflowers and paintbrushes gripped tightly in their hand.

moon girls:
dark clothes and a eyes-closed kind of grin, beat up sneakers and an arizona iced tea, hair that shines, they sparkle even in the dark. soft kisses that taste like spearmint.

mercury girls:
smooth talkers, could convince you to do anything. big eyes and round lips, hair tied up or tucked behind their ear. late night walks and quiet conversations.

venus girls:
lipgloss and breathless laughing, soft hands and tummy. kissing their girlfriend randomly. a voice like honey. hypnotizingly lovely. muffled music and strawberry lemonade.

mars girls:
quick winks and subtle smirks. would kill for you. a love deeper than the ocean, strong shoulders and collar bones. bloody knuckles healing over and tight hugs.

neptune girls:
dreamy girls, hazy around the edges. tilting their heads to the side and sleeping soundly. delicate hands and cherry chapstick. hot cups of tea served with knowing eyes.

saturn girls:
sharpened pencils tucked behind their ear. serious eyes with a hint of laughter. tapping their toes and paying attention. books piled high with the pages well loved.

jupiter girls:
moving their hips and applying lipstick. a smile that electrifies you and lips that entrance you. has a hundred admirers but loves the one girl she can’t have. red lights and excitement.

pluto girls:
confidence that carries through the air. tastes like energy drinks and lightning. crooked smile messy hair. continuous movement with no time to talk. gesturing hands and shuffling papers.

Story 6d

Glitter from yesterday's eyes
shimmers on my chest where she lay her head
& with each slow breath she travels deeper
into the beat between
theta waves and quickened pulse.
she dances with twitching signals
like buoys far off in the twilight sea
if the sea was me
& with each slow breath she travels deeper
into the beat between
delta waves and lucidity
and as each breath crests I follow trough
one great rolling sea
of shimmer glitter eyes chest we
lapping the shores of the beat between
consciousness and dream.

I sucked a dick, ok
but it was straight, it was in a 3-way
I know its a sin and I don't support it
but gays don't have to worry about abortion

We let a book control our lives
quote this, book of lies
I stuck my finger at "god"
and placed my mouth on a dick
man, I hope I'm not going to hell for this

gay people are weird
so I steer clear
all my straight friends don't know that I'm queer
they let me cuddle they let me smash
but little do they know
I kinda like that

I don't know, but I imagine that you taste like rain.
Perhaps it is because I am thirsty?
I feel the pressure of your lips against my tongue:
I prod; I wait; you let me in and
it's like the sun surrendering to the west, or the body to hunger-
to thirst:
A sweet submission to end the long, long fight against.

I don't know, but I imagine that you smell like earth:
like death and life:
like bracken and crisped leaves and the first bud of spring:
A Violet, perhaps? Or had I better say a Snowdrop?
I imagine that its concentrated in that one spot:
the one that she has never found,
Another proof that you are mine.

I can't know, but I imagine that you feel like air:
Like nothing; and everything.
Through hands and breasts and cunt I'll take you in
And you will give me new life, but I'll not alter.

I'll bet you fuck like fire: fast and hot and greedy.
That is to say: I don't know...
But I imagine.

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