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Tizzop 4d
the snow is playing with your face
our lifes are fast-paced, so fast-paced
stay with you like always, 'till our last days
waking up with you is sunday, sunny sunday

and when i feel jumpy, ****** up or insane
still on the cocktail, still completely awake
you always calm me, my mighty mermaid
happy birthday, our luck is homemade

we don't need a foreplay for play
come on, let's go to your place
i like to place dem dreamcatchers
for dreams captured, mind the screen

hours of a lifetime, welcome to the life style
datin' at nite time, ipod-white, flymode style
lovers of a lifetime, welcome to my soul mode
we be ridin' roads, only talking in codes

fantasies never seen, inhale the galaxies
let's keep it all-flighty, show me your caller id
our knees in high seas, 16 for the diaries
show me your caller id, and stay all-flighty

nite of the niteties, unite me wit dem sprities
dey come so shiny, whisper of a shiver
circle shadows, shoot at 'em wit rainbows
we hug each other and we watchin' our pain go
Jade C 6d
I'm trying to slow down
interrupt my step
prolong my sleep
roll out my mornings

loving feels so sacred right now
delicate like vintage china
I hope to pass this love down
or maybe someone will find it at a second hand store in
a couple decades
and savor it with their morning tea

love is wind that I try to grasp
it overpowers my body
it pushes and escapes me

I'd like to freeze this moment
immortalize the tenderness and
the smokey haze that contains it

insane how love can puncture
and tame us simultaneously
Tizzop Sep 8
angelique's hair is shining redblack
reflecting the pool water, the white castle
lovely energies, embers and greed in your eyes
closely observating, behind a mirror, you are sneaking

spraypaintings of your fantasies, **** lioness
you are inhaling the air of sunny freedom
Sunny Freedom Flavour
Tizzop Sep 7
talking 'bout kush, so cali, holy swoosh like nike
doing the right thing: the double truth, spike lee
i am overflowing wisdom and shine out of words
but you'll only see tattoos, my body is a haze

if you're not from me, at the corner of the real ones
i'll be catching whole ones, re-up and ride on
as i put a smile on vivian's face, i live the pace
of something you will never feel, explosionz

wait, i'll be starting the mirror, check out the ring
check out the seal, amber-red, the shining
now, you're acting seemingly dead, eyes winered
after a night with me, you realize your schism

no worries, there comes just a snowstorm, glossywhite flurry
synthies are falling down, bombs are blasting sounds
when i was five, i got bass-addicted, waterfalls splashing
holy swoosh, you are asking for forgiveness

36 souls in a prada bag, the dead, the ashes
morocco and nador, the runner, the hashish
multicultural friendshipz, all the world
16er lifestyle, golden lights, green fog
S O P H I E Sep 5
when i was a child
my father never checked the closet
i never asked him too
i knew what was hiding there
the secrecy and the skeletons i lay to rest
i kept it shut tightly
locked and sealed
like my mouth
never open long enough
for anyone to know what was going on inside
not even a locksmith could pry open
my closet doors
im gay lol
My heart breaks a little bit
Each time I talk to you
Yet still I reach out
As if one day you'll be
Back to that person I knew before
Not that who you are is bad
I just know it's my fault you changed
I stole pieces of you so often
Those days I couldn't handle the currents
I used you to stay afloat
As I dragged you into my darkest waters
I was so immature and so afraid
That I abandoned you as I swam away
I couldn't sit with the discomfort
Of watching you fall into your own storm
So I didn't take the time to help you
Find your way back home
Before I found a new buoy to save myself
And left you to drown on your own
I'm sorry. If I could go back and do it differently I would. You didn't deserve that.
Pockets Aug 29
Rainbows are made
When the sun ***** the rain
A beautiful display of love
Colorful and gay
Kitten Yvad Aug 22
passion flower and agave bloom, wild saturated pretty     and saccharine

i dip my tongue
cry into this fresh fruit
my heart racing
at the taste

of all the love they said
could not be true

for me but you see
ya sattar

im in the higher
than our star at noon
and lavender milk
sweet like our twilight moon

harvesting my soul;
i reap at dawn
seeds you sowed with me
and the electrifying
spoils of its fruit
I share under the stars

how else do i say thankyou
for working those
barren fields with me

for you;
you marveling at the
acres of rich soil untended to

I'm lost in a gentle sun
our tan limbs
like vines entangled blissfully
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