Umi 17h
Wash it off!
The marks of a past as dim as a solar eclipse cast on your gaze.
Useless, it is already written in the depths of your face,
As black as ink, there lingers a truth within it, hidden behind feelings.
The endless pain is brushing with the wind through your hair,
Oh life what is the reason for you to always lead towards an inenvitable death, leaving what you once were proud of, behind ?
Since you seem not to understand it fully, I want to teach it to you in the realm of the dead, in the loitering darkness one day when it is already far too late to turn your back to the fate you are running from,
So please seek the answers now, don't ever turn away!
Even if you should continue this lonesome path wretchedly,
As long as you are living, you can still shine and illuminate anothers spirit, just like the moon does in the darkest of all nights,
Even still if your past has left your tortured, frightened soul...
As black as ink.

~ Umi
Your love is like spilled ink
My heart is like paper
The more I try to wipe you away
The more you spread
Infecting every inch of me
I try to erase you
Only to tear myself in the process
The harder I try
The more I fall apart
Until there is nothing left
But tattered pieces
Of ink and useless paper
Do not misinterpret my silence
As an absence of fortitude
I choose to raise my pen
Instead of my voice
Your spoken words
Will fade with time
My words will remain
Ink stained imprints on your mind
Long after I’m forgotten
Korina 4d
There’s an emptiness
That lies between
The lines
Of my lies
You know that famous
“You ok?”
And i lie and say
“I’m fine”
I’m forcing myself
To live without love
But I can see
Myself fading
From the lack there of
I’m fine
‘Nah I’m not depressed
Nah I’m not crying every night
Nah I don’t need the support
From friends to fuel my light
Nah I don’t need prayers
Or a man to hold my hand’
As I lie some more
I die some more
Watching my own shit
Hit the fan
I’m fine
I don’t drown my liver
In alcoholic narcolepsy
I don’t pray for
Death to
Come and set me free
I don’t question God
On why I’m here
I’m as chipper as can be’
I’m fine
I am fine

- Prima Poetess
Korina 4d
I have always felt alone
In a sense where
I can’t really depend on
Another human to catch me
I can’t really say
I have a life line
I can’t really pull that parachute
Two times
I can only tell my secrets
In parts and Intervals
I can only share
What anyone is willing to hear
I can only feel
What makes sense to everyone’s ears
I can only heal...
The parts of me that
Are not real...
I am deprived of self expression
To make others around me
More comfortable
To be around
I am surrounded by
More talk of death
Than life
I am reminded of
My failings and strife
I am only loved
When the time is right
Note that loved is
Past tense
As I write
I am easily forgotten
Till I pop up in the k section
Of a phone book
But before you dial
You have to see
“how good she looks”
I have to think more with my brain
And less with my heart
I guess to be less humane
As a human
Is the perfect way to start...

-Prima Poetess
The ink is pitch black
And the fountain pen was white
Summoned a poem.
A little haiku 5-7-5 poem :)
Daniel Ruiz Jun 13
the unknown,
The thing I throw coins at
and expect them to come back,
Have you seen
What your eyes truly lack?
A reminder,
That they want to be alive,
That they want to keep seeing
In colors,
That they want to be more than nothing,

Im a writer,
But I always end up
Blank pages without ink,
Goes without a saying,
They are nothing,
Until you make it something
Until it has flow, rhythm.
Until it expresses emotions,
Something real,
Something you can’t feel again.

My life has been that so far,
Thinking about what I should write,
Im a writers block,
Im the sky without the stars,
Im a car without keys,

Im simply,
Just Blank.
Lyn-Purcell Jun 12
Blessings in winter
Rain of spring leaves
Drift home once more
Hearth captures all hearts
with love as a cloak
And we bond
This one is an old poem I just found reading my old journal from 2012-13.
Man, time seriously flies! And the trip down memory lane is great!
It really shows how much I've evolved with my pen!
And I sure as hell will keep on inkin'! ^.^
Thanks so much everyone! You're all amazing!
Be back soon!
Lyn xxx
Özcan Sh Jun 11
My heart is like my pen
Everyone takes them in hand
Some throw it in the trashcan
Or use it until it can not write anymore
But she refilled my pen every time
Because she loves to write with my pen
And I feel her ink flowing through my pen
But there was no ink in my pen
It was her love that brought my pen back to writing.
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