Seema 1d

On a dark moonless night
As I sat with a pen in my hand
Thinking back on those words
I am alive, thanks for thy prayers
I couldn't have just died that moment
Coz I promised my soul
That, till I breath
Never shall I change what I've gained
Good and bad people pollute this world
No one's road is ever straight
Standing in front of a mirrior each day
Looking at my face
It's just a matter of two steps
And a need of four shoulders
Hope this pens ink doesn't stop
Else this write could be a disaster
Without usage of right words of gold....


**Kalam Ki Sihaai**
Raat andheri, chupa tha chaand
Baithi mein kalam liye
Sochti haar woh ek baat
Zinda hoon aapki duaon se
Pal pal mar yuhi nahi sakti
Apne rooh se kiya ek wada
Jab talak saasein chale
Badal na dena apni ye hasti
Ache, bure log bhare hain duniya mein
Kisi ka raasta seedha nahi hota
Khadi ayine ke samne roz,
Apna chahera yuhi nihaarti,
Do kadam ki baath hai
Aur chaar kandhe ki zarurat
Is kalam ki sihaai ruk na jaaye
Aafat ho jayegi,
Lutane mei labzo ki daulat...


I could haemorrhage every verse that
                                                   pains me.
Lines that penetrate deeper than
                                                what is penned.

Lying motionless on the wounds
                                            that never heal,
confusion of what is my pain
                                            and written verse.

I have hollow veins, nothing more to say,
                                       altercations of a heart and self.
Looking beneath, I have scrawled a thousand
                                       pains but there is nothing is seen..

I can see all of the glittering bits of you
deep inside your locket heart
waiting for the key of life that will fit
so perfectly into the grooves that yearn
for adventure and exploration,
needing the complexity that fate has
so mysteriously planned out for your soul,
your restless, tireless soul compiled of
figments of imagination and nostalgia
coalesced in the compartments
that keep you hopeful,
ambitious, and destined for
something more,
something better.

My therapist told me to start writing again, especially about what I want to do with my life. This isn't very specific nor is it really about what I want to do with the rest of my life, but it is a step in the right direction. There's hope and determination and I just need to stop being scared to act upon these feelings. I need to take ahold of my future, trust that I am capable to do whatever I set my mind to and just do it.

I may be running out of ink
But I will never run out of words

My brain keeps on reminding me to write poems every lol

A canorous music perforates my opaque
Quivering chromaticism smears me
With osculance and solidarity
I solicit solitude
And altogether, I'll be accompanied
By my only one ally
We, anon, will rally loneliness
Imbibing a cup of chocolate
With zest and dally
Oh!... An ameliorated hallucination
Do not! I beseech! decimate
My incipient, redintegrating mate ---
I cannot delineate now any line of this smooth... lie!
Oh... What love dove above!
Blinked delving and desperarion
Scintillated once whilst falling apart on my face!
With a liquor of ink... and... tears
Penetrated any level of my flesh and sunk into my sole soul
Letting a chrysalis breed into a labyrinthine verisimilitude
Lulled by loop and fetching,
Fetching equanimity
I'm sorry... I cannot any more equilibrize anything
This is my alibi desuetude
I hope desynchronised is not my goodbye!

Kim Johanna Baker, Crazy Diamond Kristy, Someone you used to know, yasaman johari, Lady RF, beth stclair rejuvenated my poetry.Je vous remercie mes amis.Merci.
Alberto Jul 3

Let me be the drop of ink
On your ivory canvas
Mark you at the center
Through suction
Came your subduction
Not a claim against your sovereignty
Rather passionate vandalism
From a guest stopping by
To your  milky temple

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