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Guntang 2d
an orange fire-lion
prancing in an empty void
at war with motionless ink
until a voice which says
don't touch the killing stones
the silver shimmer of mocking dance
breaks light-beams from the pale
scattering the blossoms of the burning
into the folding of the dark
until a voice which says
are you the tin-man or the straw hat?
I’m the black cat
the black cat
Your ink will never dry,
        smudging every time  

I read it..

there are never goodbyes only

         I'll read you again soon friend..
You -
The ink that always stains,
The poison in my veins,

It's all you.
Micropoetry isn't really my thing, but I have given it a try anyways.
1 for the money
2 for em honeys
3 for my real bros
who know, how it goes
Tattooing above all
Thought she was trying to make me fall
personified when my hearts in it
Minds eye's traces perfection so lit'
lady luck an artist or must have ink, I think
option 2
she's batting lashes with lace and mink 
Sitting watching, it fall in my lap.
Taking my breath giving my passion back
No competition in this category
Only one I'm battling is me 
She gave me v.v.i.p
Walked to the front free
Quid fingers crossed
I think she got you, u not lost
Do what u gotta do
Blow kiss
call her your misses
Fk b day wishes
She got the world wrapped around ya fingers
Red ink stains everything it lingers
Seems like she **** karma
Ended your drama
If she was real say take her home to momma
***** but not taking about anyone specific
Just that feeling u get when u winning
No hidden meaning, new beginning
Nothing between the lines
Just ink No lies
Just life's throwing back matching gang signs 
And to think u were gonna let them rob
Back in the day when I asked for job
On a side note
Your style....   .
Yeah boi.........Nothing.........................
 I wrote 😂
Laughing just another thing I forgot to mention
Why u think i ask so many questions?
This test paper my research, written...
I can carry on for days with this one tho ....
Ill just drop at
( the following text has been omitted).yo

*want add so much more but..  
Lemme drop it there.  was really about getting  tattoo equipment and a new phone and not putting much effort to find what I need 😃
Minds want to get raw badly though and add fk whatever 
Haha fk 😂😂😋
Know to much
Speak to little
Inked skin let the devil in.
A mistake you make.
Now God will your soul forsake
You say your body is a temple,
So why not decided to paint walls.
Fearing Gods judgement sin and hell,
Avoiding the sound and smell of tattoos and parlor, well.
Trying to saint,
Realisticly a sinner
Eat your heart out,
jesus didn't hang with winners
Kane killed Abel like a beginner
Matthew a sinner and debt collector
Jesus still showed loved and a disciple he become, blossoming  nectar.
Religion and ink
Mix well together I think
Jeremiah 1:5

God already knew.
In a place without time or space.
In this unknown, before conception
we spoke face to face.
Every sin and wrong doing like a movie
seen time and time.
He knew me,
Mistakes I made, achieved
My life was never up to lady luck or plain chance.
Tattoos are a sin unto Gods image?  
created in perfection
So disease, pain,addiction and affliction?
he knew me before I began.
he knew I'd sin and would stain my skin.
Knew addiction knew lI would suffer endless torment and pain with in.
knew my life and knew what he planned
Gave me life and gave free will
decide? wanting God at my side?
Sins of mine just Dont hide.
Within but upon my skin too they resides
Wailling to let God in, decides Collisions 3:23

My heart he knew it.
Gilled it with passion and art.
Directed me with my addiction
Allowing no doubt in
True conviction
Romans 12:16
As if he vocalised my vocation
Truly unmistaken.
People came, passion grew.
His name they now, knew.
Some people a blessings,
Some a lesson.
Some he took along the way.
I still think of them everyday
The good die young or so I've heard
Read page to page every word 
In search of answers left dismayed  found only testimonies of the price paid
Used to sinners to convey words
The disciples lead on this quest
Not a soul he took in jest
Romans 1:12- 1 Timothy 4:14*
Talent inking a sin confused, left a haze,
In the end of days
before devil returns seals are broken
Realizing revolution's
Gods promise of condemnation.
Tallied my sins, passion carried
That of my addiction and life i buried.
Not willing to risk salvation
My soul needs rest
at the end of this Damnation;
selling it's self, sloth glutten greed ****** immorality
It's reality "
Pull in, all the cool people are here, or still Coming through, chill pool side, got your Shades on for flames in your eyes?
The devil said
Decided blessings
Tired of curses feeling like rehearsals
God lessons learnt?
Disbelieving trails ahead?
time for me to find one true?
Thing I only ask you?
God smide with my plans laid?
You made, last eye to eye,
1 Peter 4.10
My tattoing born in you
If you knew the my sins,
You knew my art
A skill you grew, in Grace
Done unto you
I now wear a tattooed
Cross upon my face.
Defined in you these sins I do
Soul Salvation
#Quidink #Johnnyquid
#quidinktattoos #quidinktattoos #quidink
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I fight pain through pen
Draining the ink till' the end,
When words lack meaning
And hands start feeling
Like they're going to fall off
But I know I'll never stop
Living my life on paper
Because I truly favor
This remedy.
Leo Janowick May 15
Long before the Ink
  Makes love to the paper....
The Poetry is not there
  looking for the pen....
Erian Rose May 14
I was born a poet
before I realized
I was sneaking behind
plastered brick walls
at recess bells
transforming the world
into words
spilling ink pens dry
I was born a poet
I embraced beauty,
enfolded magic,
encased the man on the moon,
tracing bare sentences
amidst pure wonder
until their final moments
till they cried
the truths of neverland
upon the immense star clusters
I am a poet
Rey Lynch May 13
My blood is an obsidian color
I bleed words on paper
Prisoner to my mind for eternity
Ink stains branded on my heart
When you think I've left this earth,
Look closely and you'll find that I'm still here.
I left a trail, ink, blood, tears, smiles and of lead.
My blood made of ink and pencil lead will not allow me to be dead.
My blood inked many of a tear, some on my behalf as well as what others did fear.
My blood inked many memories that made me smile.
So when in doubt follow my paper trail and you'll find me there. ~SacredInkedBlood 05/08/2018©
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