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LC Apr 28
ink flows out of my brain
through my blood vessels
to my soft fingertips.
my hands curl into fists
as I crumple a sheet of paper.
a corner lightly cuts my finger,
and the ink flows onto the page.
#escapril day 27!
Erian Rose Apr 24
living between
the lens of a telescope,
endlessly staring up
at the planets and stars
skating among the ink
To whom
It may concern

If I haven't
Reflecting your vibes

Believe me
You don't exist

To all the living
And the nonliving
Genre: Experimental
Theme: Touching Lives
Paint your ink all over me
We’ll see how things go eventually
But I think I’m drawn to the way you breathe
To the way you see me

Pick me up like your paintbrush
Like a habit you’ve had though we just met last month
Now all I’m thinking ‘bout is us

We’ll get lost in conversation
The world’s so hurt but maybe we could change it
You know I’m drawn to the way you think
To the way we dream

Pick me up like your paintbrush
You know just how to hold me with the softest touch
And still make me feel so much
Raven Feels Apr 12
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, souls shatter up too:}

dear heart on glass

dear hands on a stance

dear soul on torns

dear fingers on tires

dear mind on empty

dear thoughts on screams

dear God on the heavenly winters

my pen is hindered

because of the dreams I refuse to remember

too hard for me to surrender

to cage my fury into fonts of lavender

I want them back

demand the need demand the lack

of the splutter of my nerves on the thrilling track

can life become more lifeless than that???!!!

want my body on a panic attack?

or the blades to sharpen their steeps their venture

to cut deep to flush the ink and stain it on keep

or maybe an abandonment

shut of the door they said they inclined

tires no more for a feel

Jay Apr 11
Drown me in ink.
I don't want to see anything.
I want to be choked out
On the one thing that gives life meaning.

Slit my wrists with paper.
I don't want to live anymore.
I want to bleed crimson onto the page
And give meaning to the words I write.
Reality check

When a poet has a crush
He is unstoppable
He may not call you
Neither text you
May never utter a single word

Welcome in
Only if you could read his mind
And see inside
Beyond norm
You’ll always find a place
In his verses
That stays constant
Words of praise
Mystic metaphor
Magical stanza
Blanketing warmth
With an incredible way
Subtle and tender
Making enough space in his ink
From the depths of his soul
Thank you
For the understanding

Not so far away
Your soul
Is his home

If only you cared
Theme: Poet's Crush
Author's Note: This is a part of their life
daphne Apr 6
you call me a coward
for confessing my heart
through a piece of paper
rather than with my lips
perhaps because
ink dries much faster
than these tears do
acetone can disguise the truth
at the tip of my ballpoint pen
and paper may be shredded
for these feelings to cease
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