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A disaster, written in
old English script,
flourished with dreams
and colorful ink
when all that's needed
was pencil and paper to think,

"all that was wished for
was a lover, or maybe
just another drink."

Drowning in words,
senseless and pale pink
on a glass table of dust
and faculties on the brink
of breaking to shards
pieces - this disaster of a being
is me, needing more than sleep -

Vanilla lingering, scenting the bed,
fairy lights enchant dreary nights
dancing and still the dreamer sleepless,
restless - dream catcher by the door
guarding, keeping wily dreams in
little does the little dreamer know
resentment and nightmares are what
he is keeping, and demons
in the shadows, born of his mind
loud secretly living in his abode.

A demon who remembers
how white wings once felt,
how heavenly light caressed once,
how angelic song sounded,
in silent rebellion of
what this demon is now -
a war waged against himself
for a chance to find light,
and fly feathers once again.

A disaster,
A dreamer,
A demon,
all in one,
all from
one life -
What better way to pour out
the pain of a poet that
to write the stories
with a pot of
It's so good to be back here.
So therapeutic!
Lyn xxx
With wet
and black
the night
is thick.
It rains.
I sink
in stains
of ink.

Reckless thoughts pour over paper
Memories thicken, swell and taper
Each stroke left unreconciled
Pure white sheets with ink defiled
i(as many other space rocks are)am jealous of the moon
for not many space rocks travelling at

can say they have apes who speak
dinky(boats on the waves of his essence)
     chops of verse    dedicated
to them

why an ape would compare(with
metalrodandink)one of my fellow
     space rocks to his(notreallybutkindof)

i don’t know but i am jealous(as
a space rock who doesn’t have apes)
     when that littlecutegreyspacesmudge has them
(and i don’t)
thosedamn potsdam cotsman
All of your one word answers
Fall on deaf ears
I’ve fallen apart
And I’m back at the start
When we would talk for hours
And laugh at all the same parts
Samruddhi Oct 5
Years have passed since my last committed sin
With you gone I had simply bleed ink
Time and tide waits for none
Yet every night is made of love and it's pun!
Each of my tale speaks out a different story
Most of which is love's lost glory
You found me and I lost you
But all the wounds are making me brand new!
There was a time when even words were silent
Now with this ink my heart rants and simply rants
You build me up a believer and broke me down
Baby! It won't be long for you to see me wear that crown!!
CautiousRain Oct 5
Dear Diary:
A daunting opening,
and a lost, red leather journal later,
leaves the pen ink sweating
down the page
reminding me how temporary
all my thoughts are
and how every smudge of my fingers
is really just a desperate attempt
to forget what we've become.
This isn't how it had to end, and yet it did
Washing my hands
Doing my dirty laundry
On rocks of regret
Just what got into me
Crawling under my skin
Without my noticing
Catching me off guard
Unstable and insecure
You are the virus
Overtaking me from every angle
Until my brain is drowning
In thoughts of you
memories replaying on a loop
Wondering just how you got here
And how you’ve planned your escape
Or if you’ve decided to haunt me
Infinitely until I’ve returned to you
But that day will never come
Beaten and bruised
From the saga of our downfall
Unable to return
To the scene of the crime
The one where you mistook me
For some kind of fool
And fed me lies
Until I was choking on proof
Leaving me abandoned
Searching for the truth
Wanting so desperately
To give myself to you
Lost in the idea
That this might unfold
The way we’d hoped
Dreaming out loud
About the future
Knowing tomorrow
Is never guaranteed
Because we’ve been here before
Caught in the crossroads
Of who we are
And who we used to be
Searching the seams of each other
Hoping to find meaning
In the passion of your kiss
An explosion of sorts
Where our mouths crash
And the tide rises within us
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