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Sometimes the memory of you
bleeds through
the ink
"forgive me"
she wrote
in midnight ink
flowers in her hair
stars dripping down her cheeks
she wanted to say
"i love you"
she wanted to say
"i can fix this"
she wanted to say
and she wrote it
every word
on the page
Wordsmith Oct 5
Blue ink was no friend
Blue ink was the most boring plan
For the trees and hills Suzy ran
When Mama came with a stick in her hand

For months and years Suzy despaired
This forced acquaintance she wished to be spared
This Hulk of a character Mama'd personify
This waste of time, she knew not why

I just wanna be free, Suzy lamented
An uproarious laughter, with which she was greeted
Why do you act all so tormented, said this voice
Without blue ink, you will be mistreated

How do you carve a path of your own
How do you enforce a right you wouldn't have known
How do you right a wrong you don't condone
How do you condone life when left alone

To the books and pages Suzy ran
Devouring much material in the given span
In a solid colour, she saw a world of wonder
In its simple strokes, there was no more to be coaxed

In happiness and despair, Suzy was elevated
In health and sickness, she knew to be liberated
In company and solitude, Suzy was educated
In wealth and poverty, she knew she had profited

Blue ink had granted her the highest of privileges
For to live well, is to live with choice
A coveted privilege, with which we rejoice
The black ink pours in
The white page is pure gold
Wisdom seeps through
Transforming the lives
And the knowledge speaks
To the people in every fold
Mimi Hachiko Oct 3
"If you're so good with words, then be a writer"
They said
"It'll be a good release for you"
They said
Sure, it's all fun and games until you actually crack open your chest and pour out whats inside on white pages, now stained forever with the black ink of the cruelty of one's own mind.
My body walks across
this desert of white sheet.
Wounded, the cuts across my body
bleeds ink of black
leaving its history within
this endless manuscript
called life.
Poet/Poetess falls in love
Expect different
Expect forever

They will adjust their height
To reach you
They will adjust their time
To honor you
Pay attention to their eyes
Every time it will be dilated
When it's about you

Using metaphors
They will try to reflect
Your presence
Through their Ink
Sometimes as a flower
Sometimes as an ant
Sometimes as a bird

What you are to their soul

They may
Burn their emotions
They might share it to you
They may stay silent
Wishing peace to you
Never they will stop
Loving you
Genre: Experimental
Theme: To the eternity you will live
Dagen Kipling Sep 22
pen slipped
ink spilled

    dripping onto a blank canvas
begging to be filled

    cover her with with words and ideas
force yourself to stop, sit still

    let the creativity flow
absence from you, I feel ill.

     my muse please don’t go
without you, I have no skill.
Nigdaw Sep 22
The pen scratches across 80gsm
whiteness polluted by thoughts
translated into ink stains

guided by some unseen hand
I sometimes write things
even I don't understand
Some of the lines here appear in Ghost Writing, I just re-hashed them to see what else I could produce.
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