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Strying Sep 5
a long way
to a place many never go
surrounded by tall trees
with a path, many don't follow
an open home
hi ~ just wanted to transport myself for a second :)
I know, there is no place for a fickle people like me
who painted their thorns beautifully to feel the comfort of no turning back.

And the only thing I remember is the wild wood where I tracing each constellations and searching for your footsteps.
Raven Feels Jun 16
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, when you wish upon a star
your dreams come true-Cliff Edwards---do they? :>

remember when you called us quits too soon
one year later in a **** same room
all the blacks and whites grayed out a little on me
but never returned the woods in thousand dreams

remember when you took that hug in a theft
burned the station down and couldn't hear a left
but things a carry a chocolate cake would never cut
all so small to you but me just a single much

remember when the ice we clanged and freed
even the cold I've missed the day you chose a fleeing cheat
all the hours and runs we held the hands and lilac
but I know again a no more a wont come back

remember the dark ages we bled and rhymed
cared and favored out on every other than not crime
all the shadows and hunts tracing the midnight sky
but the stars would never forget a lover's align

but my heart and soul would never know to draw a line
but my nights and getaways would never dim a dime
but my soul can't erase veins on violin classic chimes

Blair May 29
Isn’t it sweet?
This light, smoky scent,
and humming birds
of orange or blue,
singing for their kids
a lullaby to sleep.

Looks like the clouds are being cruel,
by scolding us humans
and raining upon us,
wetting the dusty land.
“Aw, my poor ants!”
Here, they hide in their holes.
While some snails joined them too.

I remember hearing woodpeckers,
Did they go to have some snacks?
And some tea?
I wonder.

It’s quite,
even in this heavy rain,
Only the tapping is audible,
like tingling glasses
Quite pretty, I say..

The sun, sure is playing games,
Or is it his pride?

The leaves certainly are having fun,
and there you see a peacock!
“My my as pretty as he is!”
Who’d want to cage him?
That’s cruel for god sake!

Surely the green vine up there,
Is glaring at me;
Am I his prey tonight?

Oh, how the moon is up,
as always, bright.
Now the bats I hear,
vigorously flying,
must they also be trying.

The leaves appear to be greeting me,
“Gee, my pleasure!”
They be hailing,
for all this water.

The soil seems to have slept
beneath my feet,
must be comfy, with all the moist.
Be sure to sleep tight.

The wind is dancing,
and the music is grandly being played
by the trees
and wet trunks.

The kids must be awake
by now
I see,
Mr. woodpecker is having some wine,
and there is the arrogant peacock,
performing in the spotlight.

All in a mood,
under the moon,
having a blast,
inviting me in
with an open heart.

I sit up at the top with Mr.Vine.
He’s still having thoughts for me,
but my apologies,
you’ll be sleeping an empty stomach tonight.

There I notice,
this little beetle
in search for his honey
climbing up the branch,
with all his might,
joining us in.

And my god, those ants are working hard,
carrying the berries I dropped,
for their desert at twilight.

Dear me, Mrs. snail!
Where is your husband?
Or is he taking the role of wife tonight?
Well, nothing to be disrupted in your sleep.
“Haha, she is lazy enough to even care!”
So like me.

There, there, you Ladybug,
small enough to be even noticed,
but beautiful enough by her red polish.
And the butterflies seems to have vanished in the dizzy air,
guess, they aren’t in the mood to mate
on this rainy day.

Tick- Tick
Aw, my time’s up,
I wonder what more lives would be there
enjoying their daily life
Smiling at every moment.
How warm
Wish I’d visit them again
They’d greet me with just as much as love.
“ Gah I forgot to beware Mr.Vine of those eagles above!”
Isn't it beautiful to just get drown in the nature?
Mark Toney May 15
hardwood memories
well-rooted, time-tested, safe
~ hiking in mind's woods

Mark Toney © 2021
Poetry form: Haiku - Mark Toney © 2021
LC Apr 25
she walks along the trunk of the woods,
pausing when she sees branch-like paths
nonchalantly lying down in front of her.
each path sings its own song for her,
but the songs clash against each other.
she steps back and covers her ears,
then starts singing her own song.
she looks away from the other branches,
letting her voice guide the way
as she strolls along her own path.
#escapril day 24!
Jim Apr 15
Sat down to listen to the world today:

Heard a holler from the wood shoutin’, “They’re takin’ my land away!”

“They’re takin’ my fish and poisonin’ the waters.” I heard the ocean say.

And the air blew by with all the same problems ~ except it was enjoying the day.
Brian Turner Feb 3
There is a space in the woods
Where the light bends in
The bushes form a large circulate nest
I go there sometimes 'n crawl into a ball
It's safe there, safe from harm
Time stands still

There is a space in the woods
Where the temperature is cool and the floor is dank
No technology can find me
No knock on the door
No demands for more

No one knows where the space is
Not even God
He keeps asking me
'Someday I'll tell you' I smirk
Have you ever found safe place to hide in the woods? If not keep looking. When you find it, sit down, close your eyes and meditate.
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