Never be alone
Even when you go
Vengeance in my heart
Everything I once knew
Ripped from my soul
But I am not alone
Even as you slip away
And here I remain
Lost in a world of grey
On my own, but not forlorn
Never shall I weep for you
Every moment, forever mine
I feel the time in this echo
I can feel the silence
It slipped off and I let it go
It hopped over that 'FOREVER' fence.

I feel you
In every yellow passing cab
You still call this throb a beat
Rather now call it stab.

Under all this glitter
I crave for that firefly
But now its better
To believe every soothing lie .....
Paths diverged, but hearts aren't
d-d-e 1d
i've never once liked it
whenever you tell me
that all first loves
never work out.

because i know that after all
these years of
suffering and pain,
you still make me want
to rest eternally,
yet continue this forsaken life
and live again.
I've been searching for the source of these emotions
Because jealousy and other things
Are typically a result of your own perceptions
And it took me awhile to figure it out
I lost some blood along this unknown path
But then I came upon the answers
Because of something my best friend said
And now it all makes sense

I have always had a problem
With investing too much of myself into love
I begin identifying too strongly with the relationship
And any roadblocks feel as though
My entire universe is crashing before me
And looking at this one here
I've done the exact same thing

When we were first together
I told you I needed to continue working on myself
In order to avoid giving you all of my energy
And as soon as I stopped doing that
I fell into old habits

So it makes sense why I feel entirely crazy these days
Why I can consciously recognize that
You having another partner isn't the end of my world
Because you still love me
And I love you undyingly
Yet I still had overwhelming negative cognitions
That made me feel like dying

And now I realize that
In order to deal with these feelings
I have to focus on me again
Recognize that I need to improve myself
For myself
And then this will get easier
Thankfully it already has

Because I love you so much more
When I'm taking care of myself
Because instead of feeling like I have
No real choice but to stay
It now feels like a beautiful privilege
And it truly is
Amanda 5d
I love you at Dawn, the sun rises,
While the rest of the world sleeps,
Soft like the glow that envelopes
The humans laid in crumpled heaps.

At daybreak the love we share
Blankets the earth and wind like fog,
Winding itself through meadows and streams,
Settling on each field and bog.

I love you in the morning
When birds sing their early song
The sky a striking shade of blue,
The still air remaining strong.

Midday my love has not wavered,
It burns as bright as the sun,
Shining down, only for you,
Even after the warmth is done.

My love for you continues at noon
As temperatures soar high
Above the clouds I'm dreaming of,
A place my desire goes to lie.

By afternoon my love is tired,
Worry weighing down each bone,
Despite the struggles that come
It remains as sturdy as stone.

In twilight my love still sparkles
While the radiance of day fades away,
When all light is steady dying
Ours will find a way to stay.

By evening my love grows anxious,
Transitions like the woods go dark
It flees before it is overtaken
But the dim in the trees leaves a mark.

The love we share paints sundown with
our passion in gold, pink, and red,
The sunset vibrant and striking
Like the wild whispered words we said

I love you even at dusk
With its silent shadows that stalk,
Infatuation fluidly flows
Deeper than the ink in which they dock.

Our love is exhausted by nightfall,
Still it shines as clearly as the moon,
Keeping company to fireflies
And chirping crickets that croon.

Midnight strikes; my heart is at rest,
But it is forever strong I am certain,
When tomorrow comes I will fall
In love with you all over again.
My love is an endless cycle
Eyes meet
Lips kiss
Heartbeats sync
Souls coalesce
Planets align
Universes become one
True love is born

When two souls become one the slightest tear could cause the universe to crumble
I lack the terminology to express my emotions
luci 7d
in the waves
of your gaze
    my ship
  bursts into
                                as my mouth
                           watering for yours
                                fills me with
                                                          ­              endlessly
                                         ­                                longing
                                                         ­             to permeate
                                                        ­           on your reverie
                                                         ­                  steam
                                    to dim
                                 the lights
                            of your sirenic
                                                          ­           to undress
                                                         ­        the complexity
                                                      ­            of your mind
                                                            ­           scheme

                                        i solemnly live
                                     to hear your name
                                  that even the silences
a poem for someone who will never read it
c Mar 12
i hold the ring
worth its weight in water
a trinket of our love
pooled in my palms

i wonder
does the surface glimmer
the same for you
as it does for me?

would you savor
every last drop
and fall to the heat
pleading for more?

till death; for life
holistic & ripened

i am waiting
for this silly trinket to

--but instead
watch as its glimmer
into air
Sometimes I feel naive to the workings of love--whether I deserve to, or am able to, feel it/understand it, given my age. Recently I've thought about the possibility of marrying my partner later in life. However, I don't receive similar signals from them. This poem is alluding to the hypothetical result of proposal.
brooke Mar 12
Sometimes I feel like I'm in the clouds
I see you there with me way up there
We sing we laugh, we may kiss once or twice
But we are always there and everything feels like air
I want you to know that I really do care
I want a life that has no end
To spend with you forever
And really care.
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