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GreenTrees Jul 2017
I would never


and I mean not ever

want to forget about  falling into forever



I  found this one thing

to be true

that forever is forever

but forever seems so much longer

with out you...
Radi 1d
I tried. He tried.
We were oil and vinegar.
We weren’t meant to be together but
the gold words on the wedding ring said “ a true love is a promise forever”
You're making my heart erratic by how good you're making me feel.
Having you in my life has made everything ideal.
A goal I thought I'd have to strive,
but without knowing you'd arrive,
everything began to come with ease.
You have vice grips on my heart and you know just how to squeeze.
I've dropped the ball on my promises in the past,
and have learned how to not jump into something so fast,
but I know how far I can push myself and stretch, so when I promise you something it'll never make you wretch.
They will only be things I know I can keep.
They'll last forever and cut deep,
because there's honesty in my words.
It has spurred,
me into actions I didn't know were capable.
Creating something that will live past forever that you have enabled.
I'll make sure you stay stable,
dealing with anything you're unable,
to face alone.
I'll give you the love that you've needed and should have always been shown.
Never believe that you are anything less than my forever.
...... Hiya guys just a short piece hope everyone's happy and having a good time :)
Lydia 3d
I don't want to go to work tomorrow
I don't want to be anywhere you aren't
everything I could ever want is
right here in our apartment
I can be wrapped up in you
while you are wrapped up in me
all the love I thought I knew before
is irrelevant compared to you
my Ben is this lover that is laying in my lap
the one who pours his heart out to me with all of his little gestures
and the way he lays his hand on my leg while he wraps his arm around me
I can excuse all the Saturdays just for Sunday's like this one
The update from the night before
I wake up with a heavy heart
Ragged breathing and hidden scars

Inhale, exhale, repeat
I chant to the silent beat

I looked around from left to right
And realized I want to fight

Fight for you, and fight for me
And all the things that we could be
Until the end
I really think if you told your mom
You would be surprised
I hope the surprise is that she’s there for you
And that she finds the right words
Because she’s your mom
And if the surprise is hurtful
Remember the words you told me once
She may be grieving
Not because she is disappointed
But because she didn’t know
Because she doesn’t really know what it all means
Because she couldn’t find the right words at the right time
But more importantly,
Because she was the last to know
Mothers don’t like to be the last to know
We were once the first to see everything
Then we were demoted
Yet we saw more then we got credit for
Now that our children are grown and gone
It’s different
We rely on tidbits, small talk, holiday visits, sibling rumors
Mothers are often the last to know
But no matter what
And no matter how we react
When we are finally told
Or if we are never told
Every secret
Every heartbreak
Every silly encounter
A mother’s love is so strong
Our love is forever
I really think if you told your mom
You would be surprised
misha 4d
there's something
about you
that makes me
wish that i
could have
the courage
and just say
Let me simplify
What it is

He felt it in your eyes
He read it in your words
He knew it when you smile
He appreciates you so much
He sensed the fragrance in air
He started to trust your forever
He noticed when you get blushed

How warmly
He calls you, a rose

It can be
No other than
Genre: Love
Theme: language of love needs to be simple, let the naive understand
Nothing is sweeter,
nothing makes me happier,
nothing makes me more forever-bound,
than loving her.
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