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A forsaken smile crawls forward as she greets her past,
Rushing with euphoria and glee - his call beacons her,
Uplifting and fulfilling does he compliment her every day,
A mistaken encounter solidified as she prays.
Zoe Mae 6d
Ever closer your cooties approach my fabric, multiplying like maggots.

Can I even muster the courage
to peek under the sheets?


Too afraid of what I'll see...
Perhaps a mushroom shaped like me?

Nowadays your dead skin cells are my pillow.


You're warmer dead than alive,
and your cooties still thrive.
Karijinbba Sep 9
Not in voice?
If I want to know
if he really loves me so
  in his kiss there's fire,
nowhere else I can know.
I felt this flame in one love
I find it again!
Because it's right
because I own this fire
and my lover owns same

No it's never too soon
or too late for true love
to meet half way masked
The Kiss! Anxient fire
ages asleep awakens díer
twin flames unrequieted.
Memory ignition the key
We long to see that face,
we die to hear that voice
our beloved breaths on.

Our grail lost found
so many times before
so many lifetimes on and on
twin soul ancient divine
the cosmic law of attraction
pairs up beings knowing
what we cannot unravel
we ask to see to marvel
as life times we struggle.
May we meet to tangle.

Let's not live of trinkets
dreams and memories
alone, sharks we are
no liquor can makes us
a sharks meal.
Why become ramora!

We're rascals Rhett
and his Scarlet renewed.
This world will never
own us, let's own it
we are the authors
of our own life and destiny
We know, we intuit
we are loved cherished
in ways so deep no words
exist to describe our
joy and happiness
the battomless loss
abyss free us in courage.
what we ask to see lifetimes before
is now reveled and revered.
Oh the silky breath
my Angel once withdrawn
in sadness
my love returns priceless.
Softly as rose petals tikling
memory chip's lock snapping
the long gap banished.
From poet MOI and An-K
regards to Tspoetry.
Natalie Sep 7
Is never the end, vastness
Cerebral expanses,
Horizons, hikes, labyrinths
Within labyrinths within

Every book that ever could be written
Every ever that could ever be
Files, folders, sections
Subsections in subsections within

The human brain cannot catalog
The universal sum
The tally is never totaled
The end is never the end
lulu Sep 3
I don’t think I’m in denial anymore… but sometimes I guess I almost just forget. Like I’ll just randomly see or hear something that reminds me of you and then I remember a memory of us together— and then all of a sudden it’s like it hits me all over again and I realize I’ll never see you again… and it’s just such a gut wrenching thought. I wonder if I’ll remember the sound of your voice or how you used to light up when you laughed; that large, bowl full of jelly Santa laugh you had! I miss it more than I ever thought possible. It’s so strange to think you’re really just not here; not part of this world anymore. Forever is a very long time to not see someone or talk to them again… it’s a scary, vast amount of space and time that seems almost empty in your absence.

It almost doesn’t feel real sometimes, though the necklaces and box that have what is left of you physically, remind me otherwise. I wish you were here. I can’t remember the last time we had a proper conversation, or even just a visit. Covid really messed that up for us… I wish I could have gone to see you. I wish I could have spoken to you more. I hope you knew I loved you and that I always have and always will. You have left an ache in my heart that I don’t think will ever be fully healed. I know you didn’t mean to and you would hate for me to feel this way, but I just miss you and wish you could have stayed.

I hope you’re happy wherever you are out there. I hope it’s beautiful and free from any pain. I hope it’s everything you wished for and more. I hope you come visit and check in sometimes. I hope you know how much I miss you.

Love always,
Papas sunshine ☀️
. to my guardian angel .
teetering on the edge of forever
staring into the abyss of eternity
clutching onto the hope of growth
questioning evolution
in the search for truth
teetering on the edge of forever
spending eternity with you
teetering on the edge of forever
Snipes Aug 20
Lucid or daydreaming hypnotized
The thought of you wakes me up
Something like a Scarlett Johansson character
The suns coming down
Yet you’ve calm me down
But that’s just your voice of the past
Funny how the echo is the last thing I hear
As a deep sleep turns forever I wonder on how we’ll ever see each other again
The suns coming down
Yet you’ve turned me down
I wish I didn’t shun you
But that’s just my thoughts eating me alive
Steven Boston Aug 16
Sweet smelling nectar floats fervently
Its auroa encompasses our aching beat
as our branches intertwine our rosey clarity
everlasting binding forged for two
grafted upon a ray of serene beams

her emerald gaze pierces my scarlet thread
spilling secrets never told
intoxicating vivid vivacious veil
falls with its spells attached
roaming the shores of fragrant forever

to be yours
to be known
to be loved
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