The epitome on the show
is more than a dream turned true.
A timeless beauty stitched on the stone.
The first impression catches the eyeballs
it did for every star in the sky for every age
something remains forever a new Taj Mahal.
Amanda 1d
Let us not waste valuable time
Wondering what we could have been
Thoughts go around for hours if allowed
Questions make head spin

There is no point in worrying
If my decision was a mistake
Too late to change it now
Dwellig does not soothe the ache

No good can come of "what-ifs"
We didnt, now we're done
Our love will forever mean the world to me
Even if you were not the one
She doesn't like it-
When I buy her meals,
She wants to pay for me instead.

And she doesn't know-
That my every thought,
Is her running through my head.

She makes me weak-
When she hugs me tight,
Hannah, baby, I'll always love you,
Every day, every night.

She is my princess,
My darling love-
The blood in my veins,

She is my mirror,
My armor, shield,
She keeps away the pain.

She makes me strong,
When she stands beside,
Hannah, baby, I'll hold you up,  too,
Against the coming tide.
RBWhite 3d
You are my shining star,
The one I reach for in sleepless nights,
You are my lovely light,
A tender warm in times of war,
Is this thought that keeps my heart beating,
In one hundred years I learned to love you,
And it will take an eternity to let you go,
You look at me with eyes closed and a pure soul,
And now its time to go,
Go back to my tree of white branches and plump fruits,
Wait for me once again,
For I'll be spreading my wings in abandon,
Searching for freedom forever.
Kira 4d
She was my inspiration
The way she spoke so clearly
Her voice echoed with no hesitation
and her words were meant sincerely

I could tell she wrote with passion
Not afraid to tell her story
It was her call to action
Not about the glory

I wanted her to talk forever
and not stop at the end of the paper
We had a connection I didn't want to sever
Her thoughts I wanted to savor
I've always had a love of poetry, but it wasn't until a couple of months ago that I was really inspired to write my own. This girl read a poem to me that she wrote and it was so powerful that it gave me chills and made me want to cry and I loved that I could feel so many different emotions just by listening to her talk. I hope that someday I will write a piece that will make someone feel something so deeply that they have to sit back for a second and take a deep breath.
Searching through millions of years yet to come,
in all those dimensions you are my happy ending.
Forever doesn't exist,
but after this life I will find you in the next.
Forever isn't the truth,
but little white lies will not change us.
Soulmates will find each other in throughout time.
Unknown 5d
I will forever and always be known as the 'quiet girl',
the one that does not talk,
is too quiet for her own good,
and is considered weird.

"why don't you talk?" they ask,
"you're so emotionless, talk more."
"smile more."

your words hurt me, over and over again.
why will no one accept me for the way I am?
your very own words make me hate myself.

hate how quiet I am,
hate how I enjoy being in my own thoughts,
hate who I am as a person.

even when I try to talk more, you knock me down with your -
"wow, she's actually talking."
because being 'quiet' isn't cute nor hot to others.

I will forever and always be known as the "quiet girl"
and I  f e a r  that I will always hate myself for being quiet.
for those who feel as though they are judged by their quietness, for those who feel like no one understands and accepts the way they are.

side note: this is a huge problem I have been dealing with this year and I encourage you to use your words nicely and maybe approach someone if they look lonely. it makes us feel like someone actuallycares about us.
Imagine meeting someone who wants to learn your past.
Not to pass judgement or use it against you,
but to understand the ways you need to be loved.
Maybe we’ve crossed paths, maybe I have yet to meet you.
Regardless of the circumstance, my promise to you remains the same.

I promise.

There will never be a moment when I don’t love you with my whole heart.
I won’t ever stop choosing you.
Your happiness is priority number one;
I’m sure your smile has the ability to make me weak in the knees.

I promise.

To continue to challenge you to challenge yourself.
Together we will work to become the best version of we, that we can be.
You won’t ever feel alone.
I vow to be your strength when you can’t find it in yourself to carry on.

I promise.

You will always be protected.
God as my witness I will not let any harm come on to you.
Comfort and safety is what you’ll find wrapped in my affection.

I promise.

To love you the best way I know how.
And tell you how beautiful you are, every single day.
I won’t ever stop adoring or learning about you.
And when we’re 80 I’ll still look at you with the light of love in my eyes.
Our conversations will never come to an end.

I promise to love you, even when you hate me.

I promise to stand by you, until my dying breath.
the only things more difficult
than telling people I am gay
is leaving her arms in the morning
letting go of her hand
or kissing her goodbye

and honestly
if that is pain
let me hurt forever.
You are so small, so petite
I could almost pluck you from this field of flowers and place you in my shirt pocket, just to see if you could possibly get any closer to my heart
I already feel you crawling from chamber to chamber
But fuck, if I could feel your physical touch inside my chest, would it really feel so different ?
You are so warm, so gentle, so sweet
Always fresh as a daisy
And your hands,
Always busy as bees
And your lips,
As if carved from rose petals,
Remain forever on mine
Because I cannot stay away
Opiates are nothing compared to you
But, alas, I am addicted
My lil sunflower
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