it seems different nowadays
a different spirit altogether
away from the escapes
and away from the trotting
away from it all
that once
used to make all the difference

is that why it is so different altogether
those things that make no difference any more?
have they hidden themselves somewhere in the clouds?
i hope it stays different forever
so long as the clouds never rain.

forever is a big word though, ponderous
and i realize with my eyes closed
that it can't be different forever
i open my eyes, look at you
you still have your eyes closed
realize a moment later again
that it can't be different forever.

but may be this split second gap between us
is what will always be the same.
and well if it does, then
i hope it will stay different.
different for always.
i look at you
you nod after a moment.

Sanny 7h

The years of being constantly knocked down are forever gone.

No more heart on her sleeve and clenched fists.

The suffocated voice inside her has grown strong.

She speaks louder than ever, and no one dares to go against her.

The fear in her eyes is replaced by vengance.

A fierce, unpredictable rebel is born.

Heading for war.

She's now ready for anything and anyone.

The most beautiful, savage beast anyone has ever laid eyes on.

With fire in her eyes, purple lipstick and Dr. Martens she is now waiting.

To watch her enemies crumble beneath her feet.

And she breaks into that lethal smile of hers that only she possesses.

Another piece of my life story. Time to move on, get stone cold and stand up tall

And As Fast As You Left My Life
You Were In It Again...

...No, Wait,
You Were My Life Again

JAC 2d

Diana was a dreamer.
She wished to sail away
On a sailboat made of reverie
To let her mind wander.
"Why, sail away?" you ask,
"It's such a bad cliché!
Writer, writer,
Be more original", you say.
But no, I can't, see:
This Diana wished to sail
And if you disbelieve that
She's surely destined to fail.
Diana wished to sail far,
For she knew she couldn't fly
(And talk of cliché!)
But she knew to sail a boat.
Why sail, why, it's easy:
If you knew no other escape
Wouldn't you take that route?
If you could fly, you'd fly.
So she could sail
And that, she did.
You'll notice, here,
I haven't told you why
Or where she chose to sail.
Well, I don't know!
Are you surprised?
Gosh, I didn't ask her where!
She just up and left,
But I know she's happy there.

The sailboat in question
Is a sight for sore lies:
Sails of soft green
And gold like her eyes.
It smells of the sea
And all that is sweet
And under those sails
Is such a lovely retreat.
This boat, while lovely
Requires much care:
No assembly required,
But imagination and flair
Are what makes this boat run
For, it's imaginary, of course
And only Diana can see this sailboat;
In her mind, forever, it'll be.

This was written quite some time ago, I'm intrigued by how much my writing style has changed.

I looked into the sky
And I thought of all those times
We had our moments that we thought meant we'd last forever.

And I looked into the sea
And felt all of those feelings
We had when we thought we would last forever.

I can't wait to spend the rest of forever with you.

I don't write about my boyfriend enough but I think it's because I really can't put words to how strongly I feel about him and how happy he makes me. I couldn't ask for a better partner in crime.

I tried to surrender
But you needed better
And I couldn't ever
Just give you forever

But I tried to give all
And I tried to fall
And now I can't sleep
As I'm weak in the knees

And I choose to please
But it's never for me
And now I will dream,
You surrender to me.

What they don't understand
is that I need to feel broken
I need to destroy myself
instead of those around me

Because how do I feel
unless I cut cut cut
Cut away the emotions
and cover it with pain

The scars may not disappear
nor the endless grief
but at least for a moment
it will all fade away

A ticking time bomb
Destructive for all
That is all I am
and that is all I'll ever be

Chan S 6d

Best friends lovers Partners in life standing next to you I can handle any strife

Since the day we met I just knew it was meant to be, because looking into your eyes I could see our eternity.

Knowing you're here for me and I'm here for you too, with us intertwined  there's nothing we can't do

I hold you up and you hold me higher because your soul possesses my every desire

I promise each day to make your heart smile, to cherish your presence in my artful style

From this day forward you will always have my heart because I knew loving you was RIGHT from the start.

I love you now and I'll love you forever because I know our love will survive the toughest weather.

This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. To view a copy of this license, visit or send a letter to Creative Commons, PO Box 1866, Mountain View, CA 94042, USA.

City lights reflected by silver clouds
My brand new shoes on the dark, dusty pavement
Following the golden glow down the avenue
High trees, white walls and luxury villas
Marilyn, and Daddy, you would be proud

The cold air heating up on my skin
The JFK hotel, promising decadence as I walk in
I didn't expect this to happen so soon
When yesterday you told me you'd be here in this city of mine
And I've been dreaming of this all my life

Slow steps, the hallway is plastered with pictures
Of high class people
The receptionists treating me like I'm one of them
Getting lost on the third floor
Ready for room 334

You look in my eyes while you talk to her
The lies, the betrayal, it don't bother you
This love is too good to deny it
Smoke fills the room
While you hang up and take my hand

I'll be your mistress just to have you around
In misdemeanor and intrusion
Our hearts are bound together
Double-cross, no condemnation
I'll be yours and you'll be mine forever

Based on a true story... <3
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