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Jeremy Betts May 21
I don't deserve her
She deserves better
Didn't know you could experience a record skip with a paperback chapter
Forever risking this status of together

Jeremy Betts May 17
Find conviction in your answer
And hold it forever
To hold you together
Through the bad weather
That seems to go on forever
Never getting any better
Never wantin' to become a trend setter
I'd rather avoid a subplot endeavor
A standard cease and desist letter
An awkward deliverer
Of an ignorable order
Internal by nature
From a habitual quitter

I pickup a pen to write
She comes in to listen
These days it’s hard to know what’s right
Except for when her eyes glisten

Long ago I would have left
But time has its way
It’s way of theft, that is
Now I sit here and romanticize my day

Though she is not to blame
Life just in the way of living
Somethings can never stay the same
Others are worth giving

Regrets come and go
Memories stay forever
The ones you love, are what you know
Always remember, nothing lasts forever
In the tapestry of time
the soul wanders
the soul searches
the heights and the depths
the lengths and the breadths
of this universal existence
to be reunited
with the one that was separated.

As the threads of destiny unwind
each other, the souls come to find
And just as the river, merges with the sea
the two souls converge, dancing in sweet harmony.

They sing, they dance
like a deer in the jungle, they prance
Their happiness knows no bounds
the ears can only hear love’s beautiful sounds.

The flames of passion had sparks ignite
It was their time to reunite.
and what a beautiful sight
As the sky turns light
with purple in hindsight
the stars await
the coming of the night
And as the gods rained petals, in the moons white light
they danced for eternity, ending their plight.

No distance could now tear them apart
For it was etched in the universe from the start
that it is meant to be, fated to a love so true
forever, together, me and you.
Copyright Simran Guwalani
SANA May 2
i never knew that
i was  your 11:11 wish
until it was too late
SANA May 2
you are that someone i waited for desperatly
so that i will be loved differently
SANA Apr 28
where should i show this love that belongs to you
its no one else's but yours
but u don't want it
and i cant take it back
SANA Apr 24
i ran away from the feeling
i am sorry
i am not asking for it back
just don't leave me alone in this
SANA Apr 24
the tears that are rolling down my cheek
and dying at my lips
hold the hot and solitary love
i have for you in my heart
You will have lots of adventures together
from dealing with life, to maybe visiting Rome
But no matter where you go, for always and forever
You will have this person as your home.
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