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I hold it true, whate'er befall
I feel it, when I sorrow most
'Tis better to have love and lost
Than lie and never have love at all.

I'll cry out for your name
But it will never be the same
Enraged i cry, heartbroken inside
Can't take the pain, there's no way to hide.

I sink down right beside your promise
Your love in despair was put in demise
It's blissful as it seems every night
But then I'll woke up tomorrow like there's no light.

Good bye, for you cannot see me weep
Burn everything, there is nothing for you to keep.
I did not want to leave you, never.
But what you have said forever,
is never together.
A death of love
CM Lee 18h
What’s said is said, what’s done is done
I wish I could tell you there are still days in the sun
But you pulled the trigger and I jumped the gun
And just like that you and I were gone

We tried to save what was already dead
We didn’t realize we already pulled the thread
What’s left of us is nothing but regret
What once was white, has now turned to red

It was beautiful, it was better than summer
What we had together, I will cherish forever
I know we ended, I know it’s all for the better
But I’ll still miss the times we spent together

I’ll always remember each afternoon
The sunset and the breeze each day of June
The song that we always rewind from that album
Somehow I feel these memories won’t leave anytime soon

I miss you but I won’t chase after you
After all, we both know what we had is through
No turning back, let’s leave without any clue
To where you’re headed, I’ll hope to never find you
I wanted to tell you
   in words
I wanted to speak to you
   in letters
I wanted to voice out to you
   in songs
I who just wanted to
   be with you

If only i could say it
Together forever
is something
we say.
But do things
really work that way?
Or is it
one little thing
that breaks us apart,
and we never
come back together
the way
we were
at the start?
Bliss 1d
And being a chocoholic
it's not easy to resist myself
whenever i see chocolates.
But let me tell you a secret...
"It's been a one long year since my taste buds last tasted the flavour of chocolate."
Ok wait, want to know why i did so?
Yes, it's beacause of a "Chocolate Vow"
which i will break on the day when
you will put Vermilion to my forehead and wedding necklace around my neck.
Yes, I took this vow to become yours for forever..!!
You never make my heart to skip a beat , infact add many more to them
you and you only
be first in my heart
I promise to love thee
‘till death do us part
what do we call


to love someone


that is something

out of a


that is something


because you and i both know

that forever lasts

longer than

both of us

so i thank you,

with tears in my eyes

for not letting me

fall in love

with you

because where time is concerned

your forever

will end

far before mine
Haylin 2d
Like a field or a forest,
That color I deeply desire.

Like the heart of the ocean,
The color I could get lost in forever.

But when you change from green,
To blue,
And back to green,
Then mix them,
It's like heaven.
Like all the stars have combined,
Into two beautiful eyes

Those eyes are yours
And I will drown in them forever
With an ocean of grace
Heart sync with head
I'll like to write about you
Crafting all the thoughts

Penship last forever
Genre: Inspirational
Theme: Let the flow of ink continue
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