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I am the most luckiest person when you were with me
But you left me very soon
It's like all the butterflies flew from the garden
The endless  love you shared with me
The endless fun we got
The endless relationship we had
The endless friendship we had
I think forgetting you is like losing  one of the chamber in my heart
Even though you are away from me
I'm gonna dream about our long lasting friendship
to my most beautiful  friend in my life
Rox90 9h
East, west, north, south
I will never have a doubt
Our hearts will always be together
Even when buried it will always be forever
You are the one I have got
Only one who understand my heart
Don't go away cuz I like you
Where I can not get a replica of you
You defended by me many times
When I owe you all times
So, I apologize for the things I did
And rude I have been to you
All stars twinkle at night
But you twinkle in day light
The bottom of my heart
The one only one filled is you
to my best friend
Oh my friend!
Our friendship has no end
We have a marvelous blend
Infinite is the love you send

You are so sweet
Like the bird's tweet
You will never cheat
Till my last heart beat

You are so great
To have you,mine is the luckiest fate
My heart for you is opened gate
Come in without any late

Be with me forever friend
Till my life's end
Love you friend
My love;
you’ve told me you wish
to curl up inside my brain
and live amongst its thoughts.

I am utterly convinced
that you constructed it as if
it were the great Pyramids,
and my thoughts as company;
would just be
a million copies of you.
Sorry to all those who wished for the most wonderful, beautiful and perfect woman in this world, for she has always been mine.
Color 5d
'the only things that's forever in life is death'
-shaun david hutchinson
دema 5d
I hope that when you make a list of all of your favourite things, I’m somewhere on it.
Lupus- May 21
My ubvob
How much you mean to me
There’s no other future I can see
No other place I’d rather be

Always want to be with you
Together we’ll get through  
Love each other too
More than what we already do

Without you I would walk around blind
You rescue me from my own mind
My purpose and forgiveness you help me find
With your love, the whole world I could grind

You give me strength and power
You bring me up when I get lower
You give me support, my lover
When you promise me forever

I’m glad we were able to fix things
I’m glad we learned to enjoy the good life brings
Instead of suffocating, I claimed you my king
You have committed yourself to be my other wing

Don’t leave me, never let me go
I need you just so you know
I’m not strong as I appear to show
I need to be saved by my hero

Remind me you love me and I will do the same
I will tell the whole world if I could with no shame
Nothing can put out this burning flame
For my heart you have claimed
Mercedes May 20
I'm not asking you to promise
That you'll love me forever
Because I know things change
And people do too

All I'm asking
Is that if I ever cease to be your escape
from the rest of the world
If we ever become the storm
instead of the shelter
All I'm asking is that you
Be brave enough for the both of us
And say goodbye
din le lo May 20
I met a woman who I felt was more important than all the women I had met before her.

Letting go of my previous life was the only way I could ensure I had the longest time on earth with her.
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