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And just like that,
you broke me.

But it wasn't blood that poured out.


As my roots spilled all over,
the seeds of my healing.

Sprouts of tomorrow.

All over.

You broke me,
but I did not bleed.

I forgive me.
I forgive you.

I forgive us.

And I heal,
and I grow.

And I'm stronger.

I move on.
I hope you can heal, too. Don't hold onto me on negatives. Don't become the villain in the story. I hold love, and respect, and all the good in my heart still for you. I'll remember you peacefully, happily. Do so, too. Grow. Bunches of tons of lots.
There are
Streets that cry,
Bleed and sigh,
******* with you,
Til' you can't
Sleep at night...

Streets that you
Feel like can
Read your mind,
Streets that you
Just can't
Leave behind.

There are
Streets that cry,
Bleed and sigh,
Filled with the
People who just
Breathe and die,

There are
Streets that cry,
Bleed and sigh,
And streets that
You never want
To leave behind...
I was born and raised on the Houston Streets. I was born here, and I'll likely die here. They are my home, the places I roam, and I keep watch over them and I call them my own.
It’s been forever ago

It hurt so bad
it created a little hole
that slowly consumes me
from the moment I sleep in the morning
to the midday naps I took
sleep was never here

i moved my bed to where the sun
doesnt reach me anymore
i hated the heat
i hated the hint of
tomorrow’s glow

it’s been years you still
sit at the back of every forgotten memory
dusted furnitures you rearranged
and made a home

there was never love
for you
but i hoped
there was never anything
from you
but i held my neck like drying clothes

i felt ashamed
but never for loving you
it was just i’m ashamed i even dared to

create a space for you
though i felt empty
you never deserved
an inch of everything
i felt.

you never deserved me.

you never deserved the happiness
you stole from every night
and every sun light absorbed
waiting for the day
to kiss you.
snipes Feb 5
I think you dropped this
Oh well here you go
I feel like you need this
so here treat it is as my hello
Cherish it as my last word

the feeling of love may only last
for a swift moment and the pain
may be as remarkable as your
internal paint chips peeling but
your foundation is beautiful
live these days to come, dream
these sleepy nightmares away
become who you find you are
die in the name of forever
transition into something
so remarkable that happiness
is no longer a noun, it’ll be
your new name from now on
Hold their hands for a little bit longer...
Cause you'll never know when you'll lose the grip..
Hold , hug , kiss , talk just a lil more...
30 min more...
Mystic Ink Plus Nov 2022
Many times
I have tried to embrace you
In my ink
As you keep on evolving
Over time
I lost for words
Yet I'm still trying
To write about you
Without any filter, let me reveal

I regard you as
A wandering soul
Beautiful incarnate
Evolving metaphor
A breathing canvas
A prototype of artistry

With that omnipresence elegance
An epitome of decency
And phenomenal smile
You make the world worth living

Stirred by those musing ripples
I submit to you
Let me bathe my imagination
Cast you into vivid hues
Search you in the unknown
In between the recesses of the mind
And found every time
As my share of moon

Thanks for being
Genre: Experimental
Theme: This much to say
Mark Toney Oct 2022
my precious, my love
when will we know that our love
will continue forever?

keep the seedbed moist
sprout, take root, ready to grow …
caring relationships thrive

Mark Toney © 2022

Poetry form: Sedoka - My Sedoka poem is one lover's sincere question, followed by the other lover's discerning answer. The Sedoka is a two-stanza poem, each stanza having three lines, with five syllables on the first line and seven syllables on the second and third lines.
Poetry form: Sedoka - Mark Toney © 2022. All rights reserved.
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