Love is something thrilling
That sets your soul shrilling
Unexpressed desires flow
Like shivers down the backbone blow
You're unnerved sometimes
But you do love it
You feel on the top of the world
You know
You're gonna be healed
Of every wound
Till you have your reaper
The redeemer of your soul
Beside you
Looking into the depths of your eyes
Wanting to get lost
Perhaps forever!!

I stand by blind lovers

Every morning
I open my tender eyes and see you
I feel your soft skin against mine
It’s a dream all of its own
That I wish to exist in
For forever and a day

KDM 10h

Space may give you a shelter,

& time may hold your tears.

Silence may carry your burdens,

& your conscience may listen to your fears.

Solitude may bring you temporary comfort,

& you may fight this war for years.

Your mind may try to deceive you,

& decisions may seem unclear.

If you find yourself doubting,

worrying for all that you hold near,

there is one thing you must promise to remember,

no matter who proves to be insincere.

Through the good times & the bad times,

we will never veer.

You will never truly be alone.

Not while we share the same biosphere.

my heart so dark as to shadow thee
I seeketh shade from the opaque
rest thy soul neath a linden tree
smell the life in Grasmere lake

in thy rest a lass wanders by
she chats me up a bit
I see her face as clear as sky
yet something does not fit

she whispers me a lovely rhyme
then turns and bids farewell
'I've loved you since the dawn of time
through heaven and through hell'

she disappears like a foggy mist
in the wake of a rising Sun
our hearts were merged in that first kiss
for a thousand years we've run

We were in the kitchen the night you told me. You said, nonchalantly, as you always have done, you said 'I like this life just fine'. I thought about this for ages the way one can feel a lover's hip cupped in the palm of their hand for hours after the encounter. Now, perhaps you meant when you were little, and I did not know you. There are stories of you running, cherub faced and limitless, through a sunflower field in dungarees with dirty shins and muddy faces; playing like one of the boys. Back when people used to tell you you looked just like your mother and she would squeeze your small hand tighter. You were her one grasp on this frightening universe. Perhaps, you have came to the reasonable conclusion she is proud of you. Maybe, instead, you were thinking of this house. This small red build up in Manchester where we have built our life and where the foundations of our affection derive from such purity. We will raise children and die in these halls, happy and old, knowing our love was the chief beauty of my entire existence. I even gave some thoughts to those nights in Greece where you were drunkenly,  and magically, dancing with waiters until caramel sunrise brought you my way. I asked you the next morning what you meant, you smiled sleepily and kissed both of my cheeks with a hazy mouth. 'You love me in this life', you said, 'and such is all I have ever wanted in this world'.
So yes, I love you in this lifetime, and all my other lifetimes. I love you forever and shall adore you just as ferociously in the eternal falsification of our afterlife together. If there is ever any doubt, I wish to spend the rest of my life by your side and then whatever happens next is ours too. If I can, then I will....

But, I like this life just fine.

-It's only fair I should be chasing you forever.

A murder in space that will see no trial.
The opaque, only a predisposition.
Atoms tear away from themselves,
on a death march to the greater void.
She consumes all,
letting love in.
It sneaks through disguised as only an energy.
It is that and more.
Through the decaying matter,
A piercing beacon through the destruction.

Seventeen billion light years off from the light eating sphere.
A juxtaposition of the forgotten and remembered.

The atomic information perhaps lost forever.
The love lays imprisoned within, but never will die.
An energy doesn't know how.
An immortal resides inside the darkness.
Patient for its next chance.
Mathematics say a multiverse may live within the black.
Yet it all seems so naive, for we already know life thrives in destruction.
Wether it's proteins consumed or supernovas entombed.

Oupa Gedion Jan 11

Even on my worst days when all hope seems lost, by just simply unlocking my phone, and seeing her Beautiful smile everything within me becomes at peace, she brightens the darkest of my days, she gives me hope that there's more to life than whatever issue I'm dealing with, she's the reasons I look forward to waking up the next day, it's because of her by just doing nothing apart from being her Beautiful self that my world has meaning.

I hope to be with you now and forever until we are the cupids that help others souls fall in love in the heavens.

I seldom feel blue
Nayana Nair Jan 10

There are ruins of hearts hiding
in the secluded places
that refuse to vanish into
this decaying world.
Stagnancy is not an accurate word
to describe
the beauty of these corners,
where the caresses of sunlight
and wind are trapped forever.
There are places
that hold the touch of the ones
the world has lost.
Though I am yet
to fully realize
the depth and sorrow of
this word.
But here it doesn’t matter.
Here the summer and the winter are same.
Here the cry trapped in my veins
can sings along with voices from far way time.
Here my silence
can be music.
Here I can sit and hope
for our love to last forevers.
And know that there are certain love
that can never cease to exist,
but only forgotten.

I can't stop thinking about you;

With eyes closed, it's your face I see—

Those smiles, to whom I will give all

A moment, forever I'll keep

I can't stop singing about you;

With lips closed, I whisper your name—

Those ears, to whom I will confess

A truth, forever I will keep

I can't stop dreaming about you;

With my heart open, you came in—

Those arms, to whom I will surrender

A lady, forever I will keep.

Unsung Serenades: "Vows" by Michael Señorin
jza aguilar Jan 9

and I've got deprived of one thing.
that "i hate you"
sounded like
"i love you."
that "i'm leaving you"
sounded like
"i live for you."
that "i don't want to be with you"
sounded like
"i wanna spend this lifetime with you."
that "we're over"
even sounded like
"we'll be together, forever."
i've got deprived of you.

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