blue 1d

reminding me of
when I was still unbroken
(whole without split halves)

there are a million reasons for life to be the worst it’s been, but apparently I did something right,  because I get to call you mine. sometimes I think that I don’t deserve you, so I hold you as close as I can before you fade.

my face gets mad warm
whenever you say my name
(I love you so bad)

you’re shy and I’m anxious, but somehow we manage to make first impressions I love your smile and the way you’re alight, glowing. I always talk about lights when I’m talking about you and  I need a metaphor. because, my world was so dark, until suddenly: you. you are a thousand bright lights and you’ve been making my world luminescent from the very first moments.

the skeletons in
my closet are scaring me
(forget your demons)

I’m trying to remember who I was before I met you, even though I don’t want to. I want to forget her. she was so dark, so sad, so broken. this version of me is brighter, happier, kinder. I may be naive- but i don’t know how I feel about forever.

walls come crashing  down
promise me you will be there?
(you still light me up.)

I knew it the moment I saw you today
your love, your devotion for me
came flooding through
from your heart to mine--
you see, I saw the gift
shining there in your eyes
saw the locks you'd shorn
just for me
and then I knew beyond any doubt
that this love you hold
would be a glorious exaltation
that all could see--
for your beautiful gift
will shine so clear and true
and always, always, my love--
I will forever love and adore you!!!
(Thank you!)
©Pamela Rae 04.24.2017

My wedding gift from my true love was to cut his hair short for the first time in many years. A small, but magnificent gesture
to express his unending love
for his beloved soon to be bride.
(I am so incredibly Blessed!)

In that moment it had occurred to me that for my entire life I had been breathing in a toxic, poisonous gas.

One that had been draining my life and destroying my soul.

The first word she spoke, the first smile that I witnessed grace her lips; that was fresh air.

She was oxygen.

I may not have much. I may not be worth anything of value.

But she owns every ounce of my soul.
Every thought in my head.
She owns my entire heart,
and every second of my future.

Sun 2d

Can you remember the Shepard boy with the brown blue eyes?
He no longer waits for the country girl on the river bank so passionately
No longer draws pictures of her dark deep eyes on his torn paper-book
No longer gets his feet wet or drenched in rain to see her smiling face
No longer brings daisy for her

The time passed by
They left the county
Lost in the crowds

Their heartbeats were echoing in the same rhythm on an unknown voyage and they drifted apart unknowingly.....

May be now they live in the same street, six yards after in the buzzing town
Do they still wait to meet again, want to share thousands of stories what left unsaid?

Life always happens to change with small events, insignificant moments
What if they could say where the next journey begins
What if they would look at the stars under the open sky to whisper their wishes, to share the dreams together..... forever!?

You make me believe
that love does exist
and that perhaps it is within my reach.

Whatever way the wind may blow,
and no matter which way we go,
I will forever love you.

And even when you find a lover
who makes your heart skip beats,
please never forget me.

No matter if the tides be high or low,
no matter if we sink or float,
I will forever love you.

If we shall ever part different ways,
but you tend to sometimes miss me,
know I'm only ever a call away
and I'll be coming home again.

Whatever way the wind may blow,
and no matter which way we go,
I will forever love you.

originally written 6/12/16
Aniketos 3d

Nothing lasts forever
Everything will perish
Some day
Some time
Everything will disappear
Nothing is everlasting
Nothing lasts forever
Everything is lost

DJColzz 4d

I spend my life looking for something
To make me feel desirable or complete
It’s in my children’s smile
It’s there, as the sun will arise
It’s in my true love’s eyes
The one who touches my hand
Is who makes me understand
That love is everlasting
I want to wake to the morning sun
See, on your face, its light casting

I find in the days that we share
We have a deep and special thing
The times that we speak a while
It can make me laugh or cry
To be cherished till the day I die
You prove love is nothing to be afraid of
There’s no one else comes close enough
To the trusting things only I know
To say I love you any time or place
To the joy you bring and love you show

I know there's a better time for us
You truly made my life begin
And with you is where it will end
Sometimes things as difficult as they seem
We’ve got to fight for every single dream
We’ll have our time and love will shine
In all these things to make you mine
No one else could hold such love so true
You are everything to someone like me
As I am everything to nobody, but you

The more she untangled her soul,
The more she discovered how deeply in love she was.

I do efforts to get away from you,
The farther i move,
The closer i get to you. ♡

My list of antonyms of death,
Include not just life or birth,
Still not limited to just alive,
Some others I include in the list.

Youth is one of those,
Old humans never get,
Unyouthful they become.

Marriage is a name for youthfulness,
Youth never fades in faithfulness.

Loneliness never haunts few lucky,
Over the years of separation,
Veering away from love never,
Espousing the spouse forever.

My HP Poem #1513
©Atul Kaushal
blue 6d

it's almost like we
glow in every moment now
i feel like we're stars

i didn't think i had the ability to ponder possibility anymore. but here i am, laying in bed, thinking of the future. i want to offer you, and only you, forever. however long forever lasts, (i wouldn't know i've never been) you can have mine.

we're floating in air
our feet never touch the ground
my heart knows the way

split into a better person i want to empty my veins and give you all i've got. i want you to see that time is endless. with you, i am suspended in time. although, we could have every day for the rest of our lives, but that still wouldn't be enough for me. i want eternity- is that too much?

i want careful love
but i also want to be reckless
i'll blossom for you

you say that you don't want to leave me, so you want to go, in two years to college in-state. i love that i'm someone that you want to change the path you take for. two years is a long time from now though and i'm scared we're too young to plan that far ahead. i'm scared of everything these days.

i'm afraid your mind
will change the moment my eyes
are closed - scared to blink

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