The love of a woman
Is paramount to life, as he breathes it
One must die to oneself
Before rapture takes over in copious amounts
Inside an embittered heart
Where a mind of morbid thoughts rely on
The earth revolving around its axle
As the soul seeps heaven lost to a physical realm
Forgotten are the languid moments
Of perfection not found in this land
Those only held in humankind
The act of freewill
Kills completion of mind, body and soul
Doomed to failure in a world controlled by greed
Supported by power hungry demons
Sent to diminish the goodness
We only find in our visions of Nirvana
We can only dream of such fulfillment
Until we cross over beyond a material world
Where eternal rest seems so inviting
Peace will bring equilibrium
Love will be of a higher quality
O sweetest death...
How I long for you

Is the true love we feel, even possible to live out in this life?

* *
curled into the roots of wild roses
in a longing and wishful emotions,
lives a weary seed, once was
a black tulip tree flower
full of fragrance

during the winter, it rained heavy
and feeling the blues in the grey twilight
the black tulip magnolia petals went
with the autumn wind that carried
it away into the forest

what a sad fate; the seed grew
among the weeds and bloomed
and faded in a day...
why does it take much effort
to get up, just to be knocked
down fast?
* *

this poem is dedicated to you for always striving to be okay in the midst of turmoil and strife...dear brother, love you

I focus on a destined space -
I see you there -
You shine with that smile on your face
True love - I swear

Whenever I feel low or lost -
I reach for you -
Two people who become star-crossed
The girl I knew -

The longing and sexual desire -
Inflames my soul -
Being with you - takes my life higher -
A divine role -

I have known you from lives gone past -
We are reborn -
Perhaps we will get it right at last -
As we have sworn -

Far beyond the midnight sky of night -
We sing -
Flying into early morning light -
On wing -

Iska 6d

unspoken words spill through the air,
dripping and falling both vile and fair.
unspoken love unspoken hate,
I see it all no need to blate.
In anger your vision clouds in reds,
when cold clarity smears my vision instead.
In sadness you worry and weep in pain,
wondering if perhaps I'm just not the same.
But sorrows, I have no time to attend,
all I can do is assure your still my friend.
In happiness you claim, I'm the best friend you've had,
when in reality I'm wondering, if you've gone quite mad. :)
I see it all, both old and new..
from the silent worry to
the unspoken "I love you"s
to this I say no need to fret
for you I can not abandon yet.
and as to the love, you keep silent in fear,
you know that I cannot help you here...
I belong to another, yet i still hold you dear,
and know, that as a friend, I shall always be here.

for the eyes of one man alone to hold
for to him this poem is carved from gold.

What's the proper etiquette for falling in love?
Is it hushing lips and tripping over lungs?
Is it squinting eyes and falling falling falling in mud?
Because here we go down and down again,
But everyone's doing it, My Lovely Flowery Friend.
If I dive in between your legs,
And find other bodies there,
Does that mean I should run in toxic fear?
Are we supposed to dry out from licking up all these tears?
If I fall into your arms,
While they were open for someone else,
Does that mean we're in love?
Are we supposed to spit on the floor and call it cum?
You said you've done this before,
You said it would be fun,
But when you've got me trying to wring my head dry,
Of all my pretty girl lies,
I become less and less sure if this is love.
Tell me, please tell me,
Is this proper etiquette?
Should I be building mountains out of my bones so you can touch the moon?
Should I constantly carry around these pillows in case someone else makes you swoon?
I don't know what I'm doing,
But you say you do,
So I guess I'll bury my heart so it doesn't get broken by you you you.

Your name is a forever echo
Screaming through my head
I feel your skin inside me
Coming in with every breath
Your lips bite into my hollow bones
Your voice, diluted by the darkness of night
Carries me to places no one knows
I never know where you'll be
When I open my eyes each day
Whether I will have the strength
To keep your nightmares at bay
Your face is an eternal song
That repeats inside my head
I can't tell whether I want you to be
The life of me, or my death

ella Nov 14

i don't understand who i truly am.
i am always nice but i am also mean.
i think i am this but i am that.
i hide everything inside and pretend who i was a year ago.
i haven't showed anyone who i really am in forever.
yeah, i am an open book,
but that is just me when i am

miguel Nov 14

i will love
you. i

know you
are hiding some-
where. for-

ever so far,
it is still
out there.

this is a play on lineation. i hope you find the deeper meanings.

For an entire lifetime
I thought I knew
How to spell "Love"

    Until I met Y-O-U.

To my beautiful, sweet Melanie.
Vachaspathi Nov 13

Under the dark serene night and the star's flickering light
A stroll with you will make me forget the world
A gentle kiss from you leaves the time frozen
Melodies flow through my veins listening to your voice

Like an oyster containing a precious pearl
There you are in my arms, my beautiful little girl

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