no i'm not her
no i never will be
no i'm not as tall as her
no i'm not a pretty as her
no i'm not as nice as her
but i know i am better than her
i can treat you better than she ever could
i will care for you like she never would
i will help you like she never could
i will love you like she never would
but you love her
and i'm just here
with no love from you
but that's okay
because you love her
and you will never love me.
Just pour it out and let it surmise,
like some being with purpose to define.
It's not like it'll change much,
but the expression varies
the personal touch.

It came, it lofts, it synchronizes,
it regrets.
It'll soon be over.
Lights are coming.

They caress, they tighten,
they fool.
The whole is not complete.
It takes itself down,
and insignificance follows.

It's not like it'll let it wallow.
It's just a story after all,
told in different ways.
Over and over again.

There's not much left to say,
but whatever's to be said next.
The perplexities of life's agenda,
always moving forward.

No course.

Just distance.



We never respect those people who don't value their own words , Si?
Ain't that so?
Those people lack soul.
So this one for every soulfull mates.
Kisses and hugs , let the shoulders share the heat forever.
For Ever Mates
Troy 4d
Baby when I look into your eyes
I see the sparkle of your love
the fire burning brighter every day
when I see you smile I feel the heat of love

I see the darkness you once held to
Disappearing before my eyes
seeing this I can't help but feel
I was the one who cause it so

I see the flame of our love
Burning so bright I can help but feel alive
I see the glow of love and happiness
I feel a burning inside

I feel like singing you this song
In hope it reaches your gated heart
To see you smile brings me joy
I want it to last forever

My heart goes out to you
to protect you from everything
All the bad to disappear
and only joy and pleasure remain

My heart
it feels like burning
I see the passion in your eyes
Everyday I see you smile

And it brings me nothing but joy
cause I'm the one that caused it so
I'm the one that caused it so
TI'm the one who has your love

I see the flame of our love
Burning so bright I can help but feel alive
I see the glow of love and happiness
I feel a burning inside

I feel like singing you this song
In hope it reaches your gated heart
To see you smile brings me joy
I want it to last forever

My heart
it sings out to you
In every joyous way
My heart is burning with the passion

Of our flame
that can't be doused
I feel the love you have for me
and I can't help but say

I want it to stay
I want it to last
I can't help but say
I love you
If so.

Do you like poetry?  
If so, I will write something for you.
Do you need someone to love you?
If so, I will see what I can do.
Do you want to be wanted?
Do you need to be needed?
If so, I will be here for you and I will tell you my truth.

I could picture you being happy with me.
I could see us walking hand in hand.
I can still see your smile,
Each morning when I wake up from my dreams.
I think you are drop dead gorgeous!
I love your style.

I think you could be growing on me.
Only when you leave do I lose my leaves
And your summer dress is replaced with winter’s tears.
Is this the only way that it can be?
If so, you are still the only one.
The one I want to spend my time with.
You are my energy drink,
You give me wings.
You make me believe that this could really be love…

A love at long last that is bound to last
And if so and it truly is meant to last,
Then I will be forever happy,
Because I saved the best for last.

Let me be the first to compliment you on how beautiful you look today.
I took a second look,
Because a thousand horses couldn’t drag my eyes away.
I cannot just forget you;
That is something I am unable to do.
It is not every day, or any other day,
That I get to see a woman like you.
In fact it has never happened before;
You are unique.
You I could adore.
If only you would want me to.
If so, would you please tell me you want me too.

I will be over here waiting through another ice age;
Waiting for you to breathe new life into my veins.
My air; my water; my sun shine.
Say it ain’t so, or say you will always be mine.

If you want to be loved, then I will love you forever.
If you want me to go, if so, then I will be gone.
If you think you could one day fall for me like a feather,
Floating down from up above, you are sent from God,
Then here I will wait for you to land safely in my arms.

I will wait for you,
I will carry you,
I will lift you,
I will hold you,
Because you are the only one,
Who could make my chaotic mind become calm.

You could guide me to a place of peace in stormy seas.
I could love you, always, if that is what you need.
Do we share our empathy with each other?
Or am I just a loser?
I need you to tell me…please.

Here is my heart, it beats only for you.
All I say to you is true.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Your on my mind again
I’m always thinking of you.

Sometimes I wonder if this is a movie.
We are the main characters.
Our love the center of attention. Everybody doubting us.
But in the end we are together.

I want us to live past the end of the movie.
I hope you do too.

                             With love,
the wolves whisper their dreams into the night sky, they roam the land in search of time. the moon is full, vibrating white electricity, making each coat of fur metallic and bright. the wind dances in delight, knowing what mysteries are held for this night. the majestic wolves hear a sweet melody in the distance, together they run, step for step, beat to beat they climb. they continue to speak to the sky, beautiful poems they write to the moon. there is no alpha, just one and one, an unspoken promise that is said and done, knowing they are gods of each other, they run side by side, still worshiping the ground as they move. the stream bubbles with expectant excitement, feeling the earths music through each drop. he cocks his head to the side, listening to each sprinkle of magic flowing around him. he looks at her, so beautiful, more so than a diamond, more so than a ruby, even better than gold, his soul speaks to her soul. his breath is dependent on hers, his blood flows for her. they continue their trek, through the calming hills. she would never leave him, he is her essence, together they follow the sound of life. aware of the nearness of each other, aware of the flow of energy between them, they carry forth. nearer, and nearer they come, the sounds slow as they speak another poem, to the moon, to each other and in reply to earths' song. together they come upon a wide open land, they are wrapped in the moons glow, the streams excitement, and the mountains peaceful hue. she tilts to him, and bows to her king, the pounding in her heart matches his. he bows too, ready for her hand, ready to begin, ready for forever;where they will roam their peace filled meadow of love, life and the music of eachother.
I’m not gonna let you push me away.
You don’t understand how much you mean to me.
How much love I have for you.

It hurts to tell my feelings. I’m scared how you will react.

You are the love of my life T.
I hope that’s enough.

                          With love,
I have never met a guy like you. One that could make me smile so easy.
One that could me the word love real again.

You have demons.
So do I.

But it ways your demons and mine fit together.
Like they grow off each other.

And I don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing.

But what I do know is that.
I wouldn’t want anything else as long as I have you.

                                  With love,
Then the morning came
And you were still by my side
The morning waned
And you said "until next time"
The day now falls and all I've spake
Is you're name against an angry sky
And all I can do is wait for you again

But I've fallen into the dream of days
And nothing is real, save your name
That I've spake a thousand times
Will never grow old never have to try

And this day - this day grows claws
I want their pain
I want their hooks
To stick back to my veins
Drag me away
Drag me away
Across the lake
Across the streets
Down the river
And over the day
I want them to throw me away
Up above the sun's rays
Tear me apart
Tear me away
Tear at my heart
& Make me pay

All that is well
So long as they
Drop me once again
By your feet
And I can say
I love you all the same
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