Not another word-
We told each other "one day".
We knew what we meant.

Traditional haiku

If just for once, our lips touch.
It would be a Hiroshima bomb drop in my heart,
a sweet Lilac in my throat, and a jar of fireflies in my eyes.
As if the crevices of your lips are like windows to my sweet dreams.
A good night I godly won’t stop.

If just for once, our hands hold.
It would be an ocean of poetry lines written in songs,
a moment of zero gravity where Venus lands on my palms.
Like a scent of fresh-plucked Lilies crawl back in my neck
A familiar feel of breathing.

If just for once, I can tell I love you.
We’ve been folded in cold sheets at still nights,
And I won’t be having dreams for long,
For it’s an oath I’d like to repeat for a life,
Three words to hoping you stay.

If just for once, it can be forevermore.

Jobira 4d

When I am with you,
I am always gentle and bold.
So, you would forever live in me,
Even when I'm dead and cold

@jobiranyc (9/19/2017)

Kelli 4d

I can feel you
You're strong
and I always knew you would fight for a while,
but everyone walks away at some point.
I knew you would last longer than most
but I'm not foolish enough to believe in forever.
Even forever expires.
It always does.

we live in the salem of judgment
acting as though
these are the societal judgment trials
acting as though
we are perfect
and everyone else
is either subpar
or evil
by comparison

we look at people we don't like
or don't know
and act as though being propelled by
a mob

throw our judgment
like rocks

douse it in oil
and light it up
to surround those
we deem
inherently suspect

string it
at first as innocently
as christmas popcorn strings
growing into a licorice rope
and soon
it is a rope we unconsciously
throw around necks
at people
with lives
and loves
and families
we always forget they might have

because we're so
obsessed with ourselves
it's like
no one else
or even

only us
and our lives
and loves
and families

i'm not blameless
but whoever says they are
is not

just like the witch trials
our salem
tries to end
once it gets personal

it never seems to matter
who we hurt and judge
it's us

because that's all we care about
isn't it?



My definitions
Of right and wrong
Is made by your idea
of where we belong
I'm hurt
I'm sad
I'm somewhere inbetween
But from all of this
I understand what you mean
I'll remember the good times
I'll miss the simple ones
Moving on
Won't be a good time
I miss your smile
And your voice at night
And after this
My heart is shadowed in fright
I don't want to feel
This drop in my gut
But one day I'll heal
And I thank you for that
Your amazing
And caring
One day you'll find the girl
Who shows you this feeling
This feeling of happiness
This feeling of daring
I'll check everyday
For the blue buttons to say
That I can tell you
All the rest of my days
I would be your friend
In a distant of meanings
To know how your doing
And know how your feeling
I'll give you your distance
I'll give you your time
I wish you the best
In all of life's battles
Show me your happiness
Show me your glow
Even if that's
With someone I don't know.

This poem is about the man who showed me I deserve love. I hope someone shows him the same thing even if that's not me.

Where do I go from here
So many thoughts leave me numb to this
I can feel my hand giving out its the bruised wrists
Do you think you could begin to forgive
Cause there's no love sweeter than
Than the one you're trying to forget.

Dori 5d

I’m going to write you letters. A letter for everyday I’ve been without you. A letter for every day I felt hurt. A letter for every day I’ve missed you. I’m going to write you birthday letters, Christmas letters, New Year’s Eve letters. I’m going to write you sad letters, angry letters, and forgiving letters. I’m going to write to you. I’m going to write until my hand breaks. I’m going to spill every single drop of emotion my heart has spilled for you and has yet to. I’m going to write down every single thought I’ve ever thought and emotion I’ve ever felt, for and with you. I’m going to write you. Letters I’ll never send you. But I will still write you. I’ve always loved writing, and you always said I was a great writer. And I also love you. So I’ll get to put the two things I love most in one place. If you ever want to feel my heart again, if you ever for some reason want to see if I still care.. Take these letters. I’m badly bruised, almost paralyzed. I no longer want to speak, or even feel. So I will write to you, all that is real.

it's been 4 years since we broke up and I still haven't stopped writing to you
Dori 5d

If I shed a tear into the ocean,
I’d love you until I found it.

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