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leith 4m
Look me in the eyes
And tell me, I dare you, tell me
That I have not fallen from the heavens above.
Fallen to an Earth filled with putridity
Tell me I am not broken, I dare you
I challenge you, show me fairness
Show me fairness and love
Two words unfamiliar on the tip of my tongue
Dancing over my skin and
Engulfing my eyelashes in flames
Until from my eyes, I see only the glorious sight
Of the world burning
lua 1d
you sound like a dream
one that i've locked inside my head
the one with flying unicorns
and laser beams
and cotton candy trees
but the one with thunder and lightning
and a ring of flames
in the middle of a meadow
where the fires ate everything it touched
and spat out nothing but a blackened husk
it's the one where prince charming falls off his high horse
and into the abyss
the one where rapunzel chops off her hair
the one where mermaids exist to be feasted upon
by hungry sailors
you sound like a nightmare.
Tight and tortuous spaces slowly starve a once brilliant flame.
Reduced to vicious gasping as a faint flicker fades,
****** fists do all but break through these cold concrete walls
That darken ever so slowly.
Quick heavy breaths of precious vapour
like limp light from a dying flame,
Will soon be  little more than an impossible choice.

Would it's warmth justify a shorter struggle
Or should I ***** the flame
And endure this creeping cold.
With more time these blows and bashes
May crack these newly red walls.
Still, gambling Men may suffer in vain
But even a fool sees with they could obtain
So let me grab my dice,
And clutch my cross as I roll
to clash against these crooked cards.
Natalia May 18
We started on the bed,
With hushed tones.
Hesitant on how to tread.
Still, an urge within our bones.

At first it was soft gazes,
Even softer gasps.
Like a fire that blazes,
Embraced in a heated clasp.

The heat of soft lips,
Pressing down, leaving trails
Along soft ******* and hips.
I took in all the details.

Then night after night,
I would see the marks,
The bruises, the bites
Within dips and arcs.

It couldn't stop there,
I never wanted it to.
Though I doubted to care,
For the things you could do.

Now I lay sated,
Awaiting the next encounter.
The next fire to be created
With flames that devour.
Rare that I write about intimacy but there you go. I may write some more that are similar in not so distant future.
Yoonsun May 16
I speak about my trauma often
not out of a want to be pitied
or attention. (Everything inside of me wishes
to be invisible.)

I speak about my trauma because,
like a white water river–
my thoughts, feelings, and memories
come flashing down,
and I am engulfed
in flames.

My pen grounds me.
It is the only way for me to see
I am burning.

I wish to longer speak about it, too.
I wish to be “normal”.
I wish to just “get over it”, (like I am expected).

But my body
will not let me forget,
even if I wish
to forgive.
Fheyra May 12
My Spirit, I dropped
My neck, how tragic!—
Oh, why was I doomed?—
What a shame of love,—
Beset me for living
How poor was my trial?—
That king caught me— Just to be his vice!
Surely, I was a noble queen—
'Til the justice defied me..

Coined by 30 years,— Now deriving for 25 years,
This automatic era seemed haste for me,— Where people work less with limbs,— And more with chained machines
All tenses are verbose,— of such faint vision;— When all the dots meet,—
Perhaps, gallops are faster than wheels.
Whenever I daze in my reflection,
I morbidly feel the bruised mark on my pelvis,— whence Homer penetrated it,— And this slit scar on my nape— of my husband's infidelity
Oh fate, may thou all wrath in flames..

I was not an outlaw!—
Thou all praised a sculpture,—
And smashed it, when it was bore!
Thou bidded swears— To a bedswerver's norms!
My downfall revealed thy disgraced offerings— Traitors!

—My poor, poor queen— Do not weep,
    For I shall be great,— This lady will
    dissect the hypocrites, and clothe
    the faithful—
    I shall be the image of your tragedy
    and glory
    This is the order of my commitment
    I am a ponent;
    I am a defender.

Quote our testament:
"We art the culprits and victims of our own plot. If an admiring rogue invades thy core, it shall weakened thou as culprit into an ever victim— To be held in judgment, and to be both perceived as no innocent."

—The conviction of worldly accomplices,
    This shall be the vengeance of an obsolete sentence.—

Altaira, with me,—
Thou art neither a corpse—
Nor a bit of ash;
'Tis the time for ruling
Your Majesty—
Cheers to the jury..
This is the final sequence! The whole story was about a woman having her past life regression, and in her pasf life, she was a queen who was betrayed and beheaded. The rage of the queen still lives in her body, but her present self knows that she should be persistent to provide justice for herself, and to her country.

Remember from "Rituals and Joviality", the Spirit is the voice of the Psychologist that helped her meditate and see her past life. The "Saith the name of an Altar maiden" line referred to a command, for her fo say the word, "Altar", because it resembles the name of her past self, which is "Altaira".

Now finally, she became a judge in the end.
Justice is served.
Cody Haag May 10
This sense of dread,
Creeps through my mind,
Like a fire burns a forest,
Leaving nothing behind.

An unknown future,
A painful past;
Yet I cannot live in the moment,
For it moves too fast.

All that I crave,
Is a version of peace.
To break painful bonds,
For sorrow to cease.

But burned in the flame,
My mind has become mad.
Only ashes remain,
My solitary emotion is "sad".

My existence is frightening.
At night, I cannot sleep.
There can be no redemption,
Nor demons to reap.

No end is in sight,
To this constant tumolt.
No one to blame,
For it is only my fault.

So along this unending road,
I will go forever.
Shackled by my pain,
Tied to this endeavor.
Sometimes the silence is too loud
Lulu May 4
Ki wa pinkudesu,
Ha wa pinku no honō,
Totemo kirei!
LRF May 1
Two flaming spirits
each blazing their trails
around the universe,
shoot too far
veer off the course they know
and collide
for a brief second -
their fires melding
in blue heat
sending sparks of stars
raining down on a world that sees
only ghosts of skies past.

And then, returned to
the path I was content to course alone
I feel
the cold
of my single flame
set in.
May, 2020.
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