I've contracted fire
it burns in my veins and soul
fully reveling desires
disabling, controls

No water to the flames
I'll not render it too smoke
playing all the games
I'm in this blaze, too soak

Every ounce of energy
committed to the flare
a wicker man, in effigy
on a wanton dare

She fuels every spark
bringing too fruition
my light within the dark
begging my
Yet another trip to the gully
never deliberate, bringing you here
and your reputation, sully
The flames they rise up inside of me
an inferno of words, all screaming
to be the first to break my outer shell
to be the first to break me
to make me let one slip,
to form a crack, running down my face
inviting people to pull it open.
and as curiosity consumes most,
that one inferno risen word
will be the end of me
Set my soul on fire and dance with me in the flames
The birth of a fire
Love, lust, desire

I love you for your attire
There are many things I admire
Like the previous spoken of, fire

It is consumption
Eruption of soul
Unleashment of toll
It is forgiving
And warmth giving when shivering

Some people are the warmth that radiate
This is the fire
They radiate their love
Their lust
Their desire
They radiate their care
with a stare
With attraction you cant bare
They bring you light
Open up the darkness
They give you sight
With a glare of this fire
You weaken but get stronger
Pointless no longer

The birth of ice
The act of being nice
A heart that is cold
"It won't work" can seemingly be foretold
It's a slippery sly girl or guy
Who does nothing but try to survive
A onesided relationship
They try to maintain themselves
Their structure
Even if they pull our your heart strings, break you, or rupture

Some people are the ice
They live to their own word
They will burden you, corrupt,
and construct, and that I am certain
You are their project of benefit
They are a parasite and your they're construction site
They bring about darkness
And take your light
They take your heat and leave you desperate
And emotionally less fit
They do not offer often
And rarely soften
They are hard, and perfect in their eye

Fire and Ice
Desire and Strife
You are my fire
You give me life
Valentines day is just moments away
I think about you most every day
You are my fire
I love you for you, and your attire
Your eyes that melt
And the melting feeling that with you I felt
I ask of you
For I am lucky
If even this poem is sucky
I ask of you
To make this moment fill ever more so
With my love of the one thing that is true
To make this moment fill with fire
Flames of immense desire
I ask of you
To be mine.
To be my fire
Or to be my ice
I love you enough
That either will suffice
Will you bring about dreams that i admire
And outlast time
Take away my struggles
And be...my Valentine?
Valentine #3

Like flames I see them burning ever so brightly, their colours of orange and red covering me in waves of heat.
Soon I will be reduced to carbon and smoke after being burned alive. I could ask for nothing more, such a beautiful death that we all fear but there’s nothing to fear.
It’s like a B-17 going down over Berlin, it has to come to earth someplace – what a stunning sight to see when it does, all those people burned alive, in pain.
Today I’ll settle for a 747 in her death dive, full of screaming passengers who will be roasted alive in the beauty of fire.
jaxson Feb 12
one simple word can
ignite the spark inside of me
the flame slowly grows
fueled by the harsh words

society has it's standards
i've never fit with them
probably never will
and i get hate for that

more days weeks years pass
the fire growing higher and hotter
one day it will become something
that i can't put out

one day i hope to douse the flames
with your ice cold love
and your beautiful words of comfort
til there's nothing left but red glowing embers

but for now
i'll sit here
and watch the sparks fly off
the crackling fire
Your arctic blue eyes
Light my heart on fire
Your cold flames of ice
Burn me
Yet I only feel a slight chill
As my heart erupts into electric blue flames

Your frost-bound lips brush against mine
And my frostbitten heart
But freezes again as they leave
And forms a shell as hard as stone
And as cold as ice

Yet you leave me
Cold and unprotected
The turquoise embers still smoldering
Maybe I should fight ice with ice
But your hypnotizing gaze
Pierces into my soul and ignites it once more

The world bows to my will and power
But do you?
I am invincible from everything
But from your soul of ice
Your cold flames
And your arctic blue eyes
Sandoval Feb 1
You lit
a fire with the
of burning the
but ran away
when its
flames turned

I'm realizing a silence between us,
terrible and infinite
My lips practically beg for death,
anything at all, to escape the
fiery inferno that is you
You don't care as you scorch me,
you barely notice;
i can't seem to let go either
I'm obsessed with getting burnt
I crave the feeling.

I'm burning,
But that doesn't matter.
Because we're burning together.
I’d run to the end of the universe

Feel the hot coals burn the bottom of my feet

Have the flames lick my skin

Whilst the wind screams and my ears ring

All you have to do

Is simply ask me to.
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