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Bell 5d
How enticing her flames are
even after I am deformed with burns
I always come back
no longer ignorant of the pain
but just as enticed by the flames
as to run my fingers through her flickering hair once more
scorching them

discarding stitches
as I graze her soft fervent cheek

for shock eases the pain into warmth
and when I am burned at the stake
It won't be the ropes that restrain me
you hold me tight and whisper
and I will
and I do
even as my companions call from beyond the flames
you squeeze my hand
and I discard them like dry grass
and when the fumes fill my lungs
I grin
my breath weary
her lips on mine
sparing just enough air to continue
moria Apr 26
i've been asked to be
in fancy anthologies,
be in fancy magazines.

to write freely on the page,
fill it with words,
light it up in flames.

after all,
everything i've learned to love,
vanishes in the end.
this makes no sense
Estel Apr 22
I’ve shed too many tears for those who don’t care
All I wanted was someone who loved me
And all I got were people who used me
Now I’m an outcast
There's the flame you cast upon my chest
it's all burnt down
Was I just too much?
Jade Apr 20
The fire in my soul
has started to die.

It shrinks down
the trellis of my ribs
like sun-burned flower petals;

wanes itself
to but a simmer

until it is
blue in the flames

Fire needs oxygen
to burn


My lungs thin
into icicles

frost congeals
around my chapped

veins freeze over

(and so does this inferno)
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Siyana Apr 14
They say I'm a pretty girl,

that I could have anybody...

yet my stubborn mind is stuck on you
I was burning my walls
when freedom had called
but not long after
did those firefighters have it stalled.

It was hard to fight back
when the flames died down
the walls grew back
and I fell down -

But what they still couldn't dim
was the fire I had
burning within.
No one can extinguish your inner flame!
cs Apr 7
my insides fold into itself,
dry kindling and twigs
might snap
pour gasoline over me,
try cover me with leaves,
but i'll still burn myself
but i'll still exhaust myself
feeding warmth
for the both of us
and remember what happens
when skin gets too close
to an open flame
Jay M Apr 6
In the daily quarrel
When words fall upon ****** and deaf ears
Repetition is agitating
Boiling beneath the flesh
Festering like a toxin of lingering potency
Snaking its way into the corners of the mind
Push it down, cast it away
Do not allow the flames to become you

Gripping tightly
Perhaps too much so
As it snaps beneath the pressure
Only a fraction made visible
The rest to be silenced
Only audible for one mind
Screaming and thrashing
Just beneath the surface

Stain the paper
Clutch the fragments
Dispose of the now useless thing
Punishment surely to ensue
For breaking things isn’t the answer they like

Purse your lips
Bite your tongue
Until it bleeds

Clench your fists
Knuckles white
Ding your nails into your palms

Walk away
Hold the chaos at bay
Pull the chain
For fighting would only be in vain
Causing nothing put pain
None, of which, for the enemy

Seething in a soundless cage
Is the inextinguishable rage
Fed in every passing day
Relentless, and you know what they say;
There is no rest for the wicked

Push me far enough
And I will not hold back
Break me enough
And I will become the monster you made me
Uncaged, unleashed
My tongue dripping acidic poison
My eyes visions of flames
My arms stained with well-worn lies
My hands red with “discipline”
My feet tired from running
My hair wild and untamed as a storm cloud
My clothes holding me tighter than a withheld breath
My will stronger than the iron fist wielded upon me

Let me go
Let me walk away
Before I let it all go
The raging fire I hold at bay.

- Jay M
April 6th, 2021
Anger to a tyrant.
selina Apr 5
i rewind my watch so many times
grasping the leather for a touch of magic
to bring back all that we once had

the lights illuminate the night sky
and i watch from the carnival ride
reminded of the last time we had stood here

as tonight goes down in flames
i cannot help but hope this is how we die
young and dumb and unafraid

the two of us are both in someone else's arms
separated by a sea and a telephone wire
you would have told me to be brave
selina Apr 5
i was burning those photos with a hope
that the memories of the past
could stop haunting me today

but there were scars on my hands
and my burned and blurred fingertips
reminded me of what made me

the heat was never kind but i found solace
in likening myself with phoenix and fire
i knew i was not meant to be controlled

the plastic melted with my fears
the faces and memories disintegrated
but i held onto the ashes of my origins

you told me that people would tie me to a stake
wrap ropes around my hands and feet
burn me down and scatter me to the sea

you taught me to fight back because you knew
like a city buried under cinders and dust
like a phoenix crawling from under ash and feathers

even if the world slipped from under my feet
if i came crashing to the bottom of an abyss
i would rise again, and again, and again...
don't really know where i was going with this
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