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Nyx Apr 23
The blisters formed and bubbled, Your skin began to burn,
Desperately trying to extinguish all light,
While feigning such concern.

Smothering out the flame, cutting off the air,
the charring smell is making me sick.
No, It's pretending that you care.

Your hands once so soft, have now grown callus,
harden from the "home" you built around me,
Each brick tainted with malice.

Gasping tightly around my ever failing, feeble form,
Looking around frantically,
only to be met with your cloudy eyes filled with scorn.

I lay there in the ashes, the remnants of me,
Darkened sky of smoke surrounding my vision,
All thats left is seared debris

And that is where you left me.

But that's where I refuse to stay.

Flicker in the ashes
Ready to burn brighter then before
Jeremy Betts Dec 2023
The conversation
That I'm havin'
With my sin
Is frightenin'

Acts like a friend
Knows the motion
It knows when
To dig in

Where do I end and it begin?

Hand in hand
We both land
In quicksand
Like it planned

Flames are fanned
I'll be ******
Whoop *** canned
Right on brand

I took a stand and lost command
leeaaun Oct 2023
The world where magic reigned, a fairytale unfurled,
I was water, tranquil and serene, he, fire in a whirl.
Our paths converged by destiny's hand, two worlds apart,
In the tapestry of love, we found a beating heart.

I, a crystal brook winding through enchanted glades,
He, a tempest of flames, dancing in fiery cascades.
Our first encounter, a clash of elements so rare,
Yet in that very moment, we became a fated pair.

He roared with passion, fierce and untamed,
While I whispered softly, my essence unnamed.
Together, we embarked on a quest unknown,
A love story woven in the stars, our destiny sown.

Through the enchanted forest and twilight skies,
We journeyed together, love shining in our eyes.
I quenched his burning desires with my gentle tide,
He ignited my soul with a fervor that couldn't hide.

But our love, a tempestuous, passionate blend,
A fairytale of water and fire, with no clear end.
For every time he scorched, I soothed the blaze,
In the ebb and flow of love, we danced for days.

As the seasons passed, our love story grew,
In the heart of the forest, where the wildflowers grew.
We found solace in the harmony of our ways,
Two contrasting elements, caught in love's maze.

But as fate would have it, one fateful night,
A darkness descended, eclipsing our light.
An evil sorceress, jealous of our love so true,
Cast a wicked spell, our destinies she'd undo.

I, in my liquid form, was trapped in a crystal cell,
While he, in fiery chains, descended into hell.
Separated by magic, our love seemed doomed,
Two halves of a whole, forever entombed.

Years passed, a forlorn and desolate time,
In separate realms, our love's bell did chime.
But deep within our hearts, a spark remained,
A love unbroken, though worlds apart, constrained.

Then, one fateful day, a hero emerged,
A knight in shining armor, courage surged.
With a heart full of love and a sword so true,
He battled the sorceress and her dark, vile crew.

In the midst of the battle, the crystal shattered,
The fiery chains broke, and our love was rekindled, unshattered.
Water and fire, together once more,
In the realm of love, we'd forever explore.

With a kiss of true love, the spell was undone,
Underneath the moon and the shining sun.
We stood united, against all odds,
A love story written in the stars by the gods.

Our fairytale, both sad and sublime,
Water and fire, transcending space and time.
Through trials and tribulations, we'd endured,
A love, pure and eternal, forever assured.
Josephine Wild Aug 2023
For Santiago,
we danced with toros
and we gleefully played with fire.
We fought for our turns
with passion
before the sparks expired.

In each turn
we spun our bodies
like those bamboo wheels
of fire.
We set our souls aflame
and burned down our desires.
Dancing with toros lit with fireworks in Oaxaca for the feast day of Santiago.
You gave me life, from your sacred womb I came to be.
And in your vast grace I grow in peace.

I swim aimlessly and you pull me back to your shore.
Until I'm sane again and all together once more.

I thank God for making us Twin Flames,
for our fire will forever burn and ignite a blissful blaze. ✨
Dedicated to my mother. <3
Shakytrumpet Nov 2022
I wish I could burn those years away,
And watch the memories disappear between the flames
Whispers of that hell go up in smoke,
I cover up my ears, lest thoughts provoke
I woke up in the middle of the night and this just spilled out of my head so I wrote it down before I forgot. I have no idea where this came from, and even though I did, it doesn't feel like I wrote it
Descovia Aug 2022
The sun got me feeling defeat
I cannot get any relief
There's freaking no love in these streets
Mind over matter, it matters to see
every single one of you eat.
Be comfortable to make your bread and cheese
To death with my inner peace
Before I spell another lie, let it be
I'm going through gears to stay solid, to not crumble!
My name is not to walk on, it's not stairs or concrete.
You can run that on REPEAT.
I may lose focus of topic but I stay on beat!
Sad how some of you look at other or myself
as a piece of meat!
I will give anything for my beliefs.
An arm. A leg. Shoulders. My head.
I promise my son he
got nothing more to lose
other than his baby teeth.
Let that sit and sink in your heart.
I hope all of this hits hard and deep.
I have no issue with Karma
I will be ****** all honor
Before you dread another soul to reap.
Resisting Everything Accepting Peace
It's all a matter of what you perceive
I rather give love for, the universe
returns everything you put into energy to receive
I got enough people living out here
thinking they should call it quits and leave.
You could remove Excalibur from the rock
and bring the evil down to it's knees.
You know what it felt like
Running out of clues
When the Blues seep
and we thought we lost Steve!?
Your family won't be only ones devastated
You better in the name of all GODS
YOU BETTER believe!

Alicia Moore Aug 2022
I do not know of halcyon days,
for the daily outlets of my extremes
are still too dominant in order
to appease the thirst and flames.
the world doesn’t change its harmful ways; my pessimistic tendencies therefore never falter. although the older I become, the more tiring the hatred feels.
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