When the noise of exterior souls exceeds standards, I turn it off.

"Yo soy el rey"

My dominion stretches as far as my head to the soles of my feet.
And I'm walking the opposite way.

Like a genie who gets paid commission, you come to my space and exceed the noise standard.

"Yo soy el rey"

My dominion stretches as far as my head to the soles of my feet.
And I'm walking the opposite way.

They say I walk away half the time.
I get looked at funny.
I'm the local eyesore.
I swear, I'm not self-destructive.

When the moon turns crimson,
and the tide reaches the grass,
I'll say that I have the pizza you wanted.
The flavor is crowbar.
Your big head will be swollen.
God will suck you down to the flames.

"Yo soy el rey"

I swear I'm not self-destructive.

How's this for a first poem?
Alec Jul 16

I am violent and angry
Not even I can truly tame me
I am the rage
It consumes me
Eating away, unseen
Tearing me apart, ripping to shreds
Even if it's all just a part of my head
It can't be contained
I try, but am pained.
Sparks fly till fire ignites
Like a phoneix in flight.
Eyes glaring, heat from the gaze melting every person in sight.
And yet there you are
While everyone else has run away so far.
You glare back
One look, it's not even an attack.
It's just a look
And I'm shook.
And I can't seem to shake the feeling.
My tough exterior is peeling
While my mind is reeling
Taken aback from what I've done
I quietly realize that it was I who was holding the gun
And then I'm done.
I'm kneeling in the ashes
Hands blackened
The flames I shot out
I've finally realized my actions.
Cuz you showed me.
With nothing more than a look,
That was all that it took.
In my shame, I build up the courage to look
And it's you.
And you stare?
Your eyes forgiving
Yet, unspokenly, I am dared
Contain the flames
My guilt, it gives me pangs
But you reach for me, and grab my hand.
The skin is soft like fine sand.
You extinguish the flames
You smile, as if playing with fire is one of your favorite games.
I hold your hand and refuse to let go
I don't want the flames to grow.
For some reason you let me, knowing something I don't know.

Josephine R Jul 12

Burn, fire. Burn.
Spread thy blaze upon broken breasts
Of meek men and woeful women.
Cast thy roaring flames into their sore hearts,
For no longer shall they lend submission
To the cold deceits of their perdition.

we all have inner demons, and it's easy to give in to the thoughts they provoke; but ignoring them, or perhaps overcoming them, and going about the day without feeling down about yourself feels like being saved from hell fire... even if only for a little while.
JAC Jul 6

"A wildfire does not have any choice
regarding whom it falls in love with!
It is too far out of control,"

he paused, his eyes concerned.

"Just as a tree has no choice
but to fall for a wildfire.
Flames are undeniably beautiful
and full of such intrigue."

He smiled, his thoughts showing
upon his small face.

"I fell in love with a wildfire,
and I had forgotten
that I was but a tree,"
he said.

Noah Guthrie Jun 26

It was on the last night of fall
Glanced at my window and I saw
Oh my! Two eyes and a red, glowing jaw

But wait it’s gone, my mind plays games
I swear there are beings worth my claims
Maybe creatures from middle earth’s flames

When seen once they will return
Never will this dark meet adjourn
And no, these spirits will never learn!

Close your eyes and there they are
With you in the void, not a single star
Only their figures, deathly bizarre

I hate the sight, when I’m alone
One in each window, a sadistic clone
All let out an awful moan
A chorus of dreadful drone
It chills to the bone
If only I had known
They inside me have grown

ronnie Jun 17

I am standing here thinking where it all went wrong
I am standing here waiting to burn, waiting to disappear in the flames
The vanishing act he's wanted to see for a while now
I am standing here waiting for death
Death is waiting for me
And now this is all the hope I have left inside of me
Is to wait
He told me
Time is the healer
And it is also the killer
And here I am

I chose time

And it's killing me.

blame can be apportioned
on the landlord's back
a cladding of inferior quality
wrapped his building's stack

flames quickly engulfed
all the floor levels
tenants were trapped on
such unsafe bevels

what chance did they stand
in getting out of the tower
a cheap Chinese covering  
encasing their bower

deaths were assured
by faulty material
much loved ones lives
seemingly immaterial

construction standards
perished with the smoke
slack council regulations
a legislative choke

Arcassin B Jun 15

By Arcassin Burnham

I don't have to do , what you tell me to do,
About to be grown , don't you have any clue,

Asperations in my DNA , I'm like what you say,
This is my home , don't care what you say anyway,

My family won't put me down , although I love them,
Gotta be on my own, there's no one above them,

Got some mental things going about this crazy world,
Suspicions are needed , even in my girl.

Esther Jun 13

They inject it into your brain
Directly through the skin and through the skull
Don’t even ask about the pain
Anyway, it seeps into the cortex
Lighting up the neurons with memories
What memories?
First piggy back, first pulled tooth, first death wish
Soft stuff springing into sparks
And then oh, the flames
Don’t even ask about the pain
The straining emotion remains, of course
And new connections are made
Stemming phylum connections between
One ethereal feeling to the overwhelming onslaught of
You know, things
Then the frontal lobe takes a break
It sips that stuff and stops
And thinks- we all know where that leads
Detachment and dissociation start dancing
They tango to the dull beat of your heart
It thump thumps and there’s nothing else really
Your brain wakes up every few minutes
The background music playing
And it makes you suck in this weird cold air
Stuff happens, things stay alive
And the injection well
It’s faded the minute it was dispensed
You were never more or less awake
But it’s all still moving slow-quick
Slow down, you say quickly
It speeds up
You’re feeling everything that’s ever been felt
What a rush what an end

Now it ends.
You slouch
You see there isn’t a needle or a pen
Nor a blade of any kind
And the thumps are replaced by heavy thuds
The sound rattling in your ear canal
You inject it into your brain again
You get up to brush your teeth and wash your face.

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