Danielle May 3
That spark of Inertia forced the cry from my throat
And slipped anguish into your tea.
Drowning the embers that burned there.
While you set my sin into the gears of a time-worn watch,
You sipped the licking flames,
And brought out your creation, with ticking twitching hands,
Into the day to burn.
Madison May 2
you set my heart on fire
lit it up into flames
and then you walked away.
it’s not fair.
Tony Cortez Apr 28
Light the match
Pour the gasoline
Begin the breed of flames
Let the fire cleanse and purge, that of which is ancient
To begin a new one must accept purity
And in the end
When the flames reach full potency
Burn my name
PoserPersona Apr 26
Strands of golden beach sand,
Soft and radiant as first snow
Pools of glacier water,
Evoke internal flames not seen.

Beautiful, unknowing
Mirrors may lie, though not I
Heroine of our dreams,
Slay the somnolent slumber.

Winter's worry
Summer's laughter
Fall's turning
Spring's blossoms

I say it so, so you know me
i want to introduce you to all my bad habits so we could be one,
i want your demons to meet mine and to make a new kind of love.
if our hearts don’t kiss by the time the world ceases to exist,
i’m afraid of who i’ll become.

i want to kiss you until your lips turn blue,
i want to take all the oxygen you once knew.
if i plant seeds under your skin,
maybe the flowers would convince you that i love you more than a friend.

i never wanted to be what your nightmares and dreams are made of,
but i guess when you love without your brain there's things you didn't think of.
my heart wanted you more than the rest,
but you shook your head and said you don’t think that’s best.

what was i supposed to do?
my whole world revolved around you.
i want to place your hand over my burning heart,
so you can understand a simple spark can tear your skin apart.
i prefer rainfall over sunshine and maybe that's why i choose you every time.
Gabriel burnS Apr 17
Sadists, aren’t we all… abusing that for which we fall…
The way that I’m obsessed… with the fabric of your dress
Although it doesn’t feel as good… as tender skin beneath it would
So it deserves the claws… and lacerated ribbons’ flow…
Of all the fingers, it’s the thumb… that sees the broadest, like the sun
Runs in circles on those knees… the sweet of you I love to read
Yet passion thrives on sacrifice… with aftermaths of melting ice
To treat the paintings on your skin… which lust, in trance, would blindly leave
Like every coin, there are two sides… and truth is tasting both in life…
The things that we adore… our hunger paints in gore
And now you’re in the palms… their lips brush off the calm…
The sinking of the teeth… the flavor underneath...
flames and ice
the river flows
still picture
highlighted features
all the arrangement
all on its places
but in the end
rich stains
is all that remains
ruining the perfection
Acina Joy Apr 9
There’s a collection I keep of famous poets' poems,
of which were most about love.
Because I feel like it is much more easier
to see love in other people's ways,
because I can't simply find my own.

You force me into this illusion,
not because you make me feel affection,
but because it is the absence of your love
that baffles me so--
of which pulls me in. That despite our shared touches,
it is only fleeting and weak, fading like rain
under the heating sun.

That I am the earth you burn like matches to gasoline, and
you're the sun, pulling in others until they bathe in your
undying inferno. Never your love.
I've been so delighted with my last poem having so many views! I didn't expect it to get the momentary spotlight, but it seems like it has, and I appreciate all the people who've liked it so far! Thank you! You all are my motivation!
Madison Apr 8
Your skin is on fire, for I lit the flames
The passion inside me can no longer be tamed
I am burning for you, and the blaze is growing fast
So please me baby, before I turn to ash.
Once walking through the clouds of heaven
An angel did spy on the ground below
Curious to learn the ways of the mortals
She shed her halo and carefully packed up her wings
She bid the comfort of heaven farewell, eager for more
And fell to Earth
The world greeted her, ablaze with flames
These flames began to burn around her heart
Promising to keep the Angel warm whilst she ventured on
Heaven envied the joy that the Earth did provide
And heaven wept
Rain poured from the sky
The fire that the Angel fell so in love with had started to die out
As the flames faded, she grew weak
But a spark had always lived inside the Angel
It ran through her blood
She unpacked her wings and attached them to her back
She knew the spark was there
She had grown weary of heaven’s jealousy
And knew it was time to battle
The Angel’s fire was so strong it put out the rain that had tried to kill her
Her wings were aglow with orange and red
For the fire didn’t control her, she controlled it
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