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MayC Sep 27
you burnt my eyes
so they poured oceans of water
to recover
but that’s ok
you are so proud of your flame
so I really hope that wherever you go
you leave fire behind your footsteps
not realising
that no one will dare
to follow you again.

-May Colde
Careful what you wish for.
Cassia Lione Sep 18
You're a wonder and a dream
With that voice like silver ice
Searing fire along my back
Just like a dreamlike vice

You're so real and yet so false
And I dare not touch your face
As my wonder and my lover
Is too lost to be embraced

So here I sit with lonesome tune
Humming light with winter breath
Wishing I might see you soon
Clinging to the things you said
Wrapped in a winter sweater, looking to a lonely sky.
The night is ice but thoughts of you are brighter than any light.
Elizabeth Sep 13
I will wait up for the happiness that once belonged to me. I will kiss the robins in the early morning and the fall leaves right outside my window. The books waiting to be read, I will read them, to pass the time, some a better read than others, but I will read them anyway. The darkness will go away soon as long as I light the candle each night. I will hug the flames, feeling the fire enter my body. I will glow like never before. I will be the light until the happiness that once belonged to me returns.
I want to be the flames
Grace Haak Sep 2
Fearful of getting attached
The soul you carry, a chance
To feel you once
Bitter and sweet, a chunk
A taste, you see
Then we go back to be strangers
Staying away for better
Give this moment to me,
Settle the old flames
Within me
Fearful to let this go
This once please
Hold me close
For a night
Is all I plea.
Twin ancient pyramids
standing still we are
a mystery to ponder on
aren't we
jealousies hunts me though
ancient twin love
I am crazed a human in love
since I first looked at you
and with just one look
thats all it took
I fell madly in love with you
I guess I found a praying saint
poet teacher mine
I dreamed of making
mad passionate love to you too
you were irressistible
sensual carefree with a white
slanted mysterious smile
to die for and ayyy amor
how painful this is!
I imagined you Alien
owned in heart
and in another's arms

yes the rivering watterfalls of
earth swipped me down with
force just to drop me back
right into your ocean

I find you everywhere
in poetry mirrors too
you are wind near and far
my starry looking eys
are fixed
looking up ******!
in awe of these powers
connectimg us in mind in heart
everywhere I look there is you

guess bad luck is mine
such sacred true love found
to lose it again and again
sorry I blocked you
my only friend on earth
sorry I asked you to unmask
I am only human
most poets won't unmask

how painful to be fallen
just to stay pushed down
Ayyy aay your bending blue -green eyes bewitched me so
Ayyy ay what pain not to see them live except in mirrors
nymph sacred tree Dryad!?
how late i understood
that with you I had it all
and lost it all but this is earth

theres still heaven
there's more justice there
in the ballancing scales
meassuring hearts
inner core's true love
we are in the inside twins
and outside so much alike
you can't really ever hide
you are me and I am you
our innercores
and outer waves countenance thunderous laughters and all
we are one and the same
twinsouls flame soul
anxient pyramid wonders
never really part
By: RhettlvScarkett
no words left to write
only can say how
not all is a loss
"Inspired by
a great poetess
I admire
my twin mind to mind
my beloved
Peyton L Aug 23
There's nothing quite like
the jumbling, tumbling feeling
of butterflies underneath my skin
whenever we talk.
The creeping blush that radiates my face and ears
my giggles and words stumble out of mouth
and I can hardly contain myself
whenever I see your face.

Something about you
makes my heart race and knees weak.
If you ever brushed your fingertips
against mine
I might implode from happiness
and get my giddy guts everywhere.
Your existence, just the fact that you're alive
makes my soul sing.

A simple thought straying from the rest
will easily find you and not let go.
One moment I'll be taking notes in class
and another I'll be staring off into space
smiling like an idiot because I couldn't keep my mind off you.
My soul sings a lovely little song when I think of you
it's full of hauntingly beautiful melodies made in major
the song is continuously stuck in my head.

Last night, I nearly burst into flames.
Your sweet words doused me in gasoline,
the liquid soothing and warm
and I know if I had gone aflame,
I would not have burned.
The flames of infatuation didn't completely evade me
as our conversation lead into twilight
I hope pillow talk is not all that's fated for us.
SMS Aug 21
You didn’t realize
All the blinds were shut
For once I didn’t care
If you came back or not

You didn’t realize
All the lights were off
For once I didn’t care
If you tripped or not

You didn’t realize
All the pillows were damp
For once i didn’t care
If you knew I was crying or not

But perhaps you didn’t realize
Because you no longer care either
taylormeadowe Aug 13
i want to stand on my two feet
without a crutch or an excuse
truly i know that i'm scared of
being independent, or unaided pride
used to crave being that golden child
beam of light, blistering sun
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