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Burning inferno
Swirling vortex of fury
Mesmerizing blaze

you set my heart on fire
Alle Jan 12
they tell you to
seek what sets your
soul on fire,
but i have searched
for so long
that nothing is left
of my soul
but ashes
Andrea Jan 6
Star crossed lovers or twin flames,
is it possible that they may be the same..
It feels so real,
helps me to heal,
you're my lover that I find incredible.

Every time I look up to the stars,
I see your face.
You’re my moon, my man, my everything that I love to embrace.

The intensity in your stare, brings me tender loving care..
The warmth in your eyes, feels like looking at an angel in disguise.
Touch me, fill me, fuel me with your fire,
You’re my one true love...
My deepest desire.
Gretchen Lynch Dec 2018
It always starts with a spark
Sometimes, more than one
To ignite a small flame
That grows larger
And larger.

The flame is too big to handle
Too hot
Too daunting
Or it burns a little more than it should

Sometimes the flame is too small
And it dwindles quickly
Because there is not enough substance
Or there are external factors
That simply ruin the fire.

But there are some flames
That are built
With a strong base.
Strong enough
To create a long lasting fire.
I mean
It’s not easy to maintain
Sometimes you need to gather things
Heavy or light -
Pieces of paper
Whatever kind of igniter you need
To help feed the fire
Because it’s keeping you warmer and happier
Than any other fire you've known.

It’s sad when
The effort and warmth
Becomes mundane
To some.
The excitement of building the fire
Is no longer present
And the spark is gone
Except for the few that rise above the flames
Every now with a crackle.

Every flame
Every fire
Is beautiful.
But the one
With the most work put in
With love
And the want to stay warm
Means more
Than a million little charcoaled logs and twigs
Left in my trail
Anshara Dec 2018
They say all good things come to an end.
I believe it.
Like, how every time you come to the end of a book, but you don’t want it to end,
But you also don’t want to stop reading it.
Like how beautiful, warm mornings end in cold, dark nights you’re scared of,
But you can’t change the way of nature.
The invincible, blazing flames, burning anyone that’s too close,
Also eventually turns to dust.
Or even the part of a song that, you so want to jam to, comes on just as you’re about to park into the garage,
And you have to bring it to an abrupt stop.
The fun weekends, which you’ve waited for the whole week, ends in just a blink of the eyes,
And you’re still counting the things you didn’t get to do this time too.
Even, how you always whine about your ice-cream playing tricks on you,
Because every time you eat a spoonful, it vanishes in thin air.
Like how your first kiss, young, innocent and pure, made your heart go thump-thump against your chest,
That even I could hear.
Or your steady breathing on my neck as you lie close to me, and gentle mumbling against my skin,
But, you will eventually wake up and it’ll end.
Even the sweet morning kisses all over me, that I love so much, have to stop.
Like how this ****** beautiful 'us' have to.
The you, the me, the us.
The quarrels, the promises, the love.
But, they say all good things come to end.
I believe it. Still.
So. we have to, too.
Because all ends have new beginnings, and not all beginnings are bad, right?
I wish you find your bad, and I mine, so that it wouldn’t end this way.
So now, before you say goodbye, I want you to let go.
Because sometimes, somethings come to an end,
And it’s okay.
Daniel eason Dec 2018
As the flames rise around me
I begin to think
Were these steps i took correct
Or just foolish
No more wishes or teeth to lose
I no longer get to press snooze
A mistake was made in the past
Regrets are here to last
A poem about choices made in my life
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