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The fire
then back again
like a winking eye.

it was not

it was

he was drawn to it
like a thing of brush;

it was

A crackle of flames,
a silence

it was

talked about everything
never of nothing

a continual curiosity
a sense of wonder;

it was
Found this poem recently. If I remember correctly, it was an assignment from middle school to write a found poem about a passage we read in class, though I cannot for the life of me remember the passage.
Özcan Sh 23h
In a dark room
I saw a bright light
Big red beautiful flames
She had a fiery look
In her arms
My cold heart melted
By her warmth.
Like a moth to a flame
I'm attracted to his light
Darkness surrounds me
As night continuously falls
It makes me gravitate to his light even more
Like a moth to a lantern
I persistently fly around it
Trying to find a way
Through the transparent walls
That separates me from him
I try to find a way in
I try fight my way in
I want to be closer to his light
I feel the warmth through the glass
But I cannot touch it
I yearn for him through the glass
But I cannot have him
An unseen wall between us
And I cannot break it
Inkheart Nov 5
And this fire deep within my writhing bones
Became intensely hot and burned the town
In hues of red and marigold
Mixing ash in shades of black
As the whole world screamed in terror
Running with all their might
And you just stood there roasting marshmallows
And singing campfire songs
Until you fell asleep next to my warmly kindled wrath
Like the entire universe in flames
Was not as important
As laying next to me
I'm not ready,
   to hold a heart.

I've been too long apart from my own.
Today is just the beginning.

I'd love to see love in another's eyes again,

I don't know I'm ready,

To hold a heart,

Will tear apart,
   the very bones and thoughts,
   you thought were yours.

So be ready.

Hold your own heart,
   Until it no longer burns.

Do not lay your aflamed heart in another's hands,
Just to watch them burn.

Be ready.
Set free the flames that be,
And breathe deep the air you've never seen.

Then you may hold a heart.
You will hold them together,
With only the unburning flames of a true love...
A love,
That costs nothing.

But today...
I am not ready,
To hold a heart.

~Robert van Lingen
mjad Nov 3
the fire left sparks on my sleeve
You stood ten feet across from me
on the other side of the flames
they reflected in your eyes
the ocean blue turned arsony
and I could see all our memories
Qwn Oct 27
Fire is an art form
Burning is a passion
Smoke holds
my hopes and dreams
And I am the flames.
you put me out
BlueInkDitty Oct 22
"Leave me with questions and leave me hanging,
Don't look back even if I am following,
The sparkle burns in this winter, swirls of warmth under my skin."

Heard the mirth and heard the sough,
Of the fire that wants her tough,
Her eye is dancing with her lips,
Colours burst, and her palms lose their grip.

"Squeezed in the jostle, only one thing I see,
A blaze, a lightning that can set me free,
Flames I want to love and a heat I can't carry."

The pull on her breath grew way too strong,
It silenced her voice and took her along,
The stiffened flesh, it moved instead,
Wading in memories inside her bed.

"Flickering sails, names of ships inside my chest,
Moorings drifting to deep welters without rest,
And the hulls are shaking as the waves turn to a nest."

Dreams of high hopes in the morning,
Had her slumbered estrangement mourning,
And she made the effort hers,
So she'd keep his love safe from smother.

"What do your warm hands feel, when there's more than flesh and bone ?
What will your head think when the mat under us is gone ?
Take the words you have said, and take the ones I've blown."
My name is Hiro and yet I couldn't save you
If I hadn't picked up your hat
Maybe I would've caught up to you
I remember those flames
As if I've found **** on earth
Your disappearing silhouette continues to replay in my mind
As though foreshadowing you leaving from this lifetime
Just once I hated your caring nature
If you hadn't cared so much
You would still be here
I am blinded by regret
Over something I couldn't control
I was close to the flames but I felt so cold
As time went still
I froze where I was
My tears aching to be free
My cries wanting to mimic the explosion
Like those flames that took you away from me
Jovanni Oct 18
Don't ever misunderstand a smile for happy and content
she could be dying inside
wanting that somebody to hold her tight and tell her she loved
or crave those arms around her never letting go.

Lighting her body and soul on fire with that touch
that explosive spark filled with sultry flames
set her mind ablaze with the intimacy of a enduring caress.

That warm sunshine on her face that makes her glow
makes her want to embrace the light
and feel the heat onto her back
soaking in that amazing sunshine.
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