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you said my sadness
was what drawn you
yet was also the one
what chased you away.
Allesha Eman Aug 27
Dear future,

Time and I aren’t friends
We aren’t lovers
Yet I can’t live without it
I’m always falling off an edge
I’m sure you are too
The clocks ticks louder
Every time I look for you
You, the future.
You wait at every corner
I chase you
But can never catch up
I’m always stuck in the present
As I dream of you
Sometimes you keep me up at night
Because I’m thinking,
Tirelessly exhausted.
I let time break me piece by piece
As I chase after the stars
And stand under the shadow
Of your relentless timing
Waiting for you
m i a Aug 13
and i know we’re not supposed to chase love, trust me i know
but darling why do i want to chase you
even though
i know it’s wrong?

they say you should let love find you, but what if i already found you, and i just have to wait for you to find me? that’s not wrong right?

i will choose to chase you—
not to make you love me,
but so that you can find me
on your own time, i’ll  always
wait for you to find me. always.
im in a quarrel with myself because im chasing someone who is so hard to catch, but im willing to risk it all for him. i really really am.
“He is the ocean in my life while I am a single drop in his. He is the sun in my sky while I am the breeze that goes by unnoticed. He is the moon that guides me at night, while I am nothing but the darkness in his life. Excitement pulsates when he texts, but not a pulse more when I text. For I am just like the other girls he talks to; just one of them when he is the only one for me. Happiness rushes through my veins and nerves feel a gentle tickle in his presence. I feel everything deeply; pain and happiness when it comes to him, while he feels nothing. Sacrificing, asking, encouraging, adjusting and compromising when it’s never the same. He never runs when I slip away, but I stay when he walks away. I feel like I am chasing him; on a constant run for him to care. But he doesn’t care about me, as much as I care about him; and that hurts deeply than I ever thought it would.”

- excerpt from an open letter
San-Pei Lee Jul 3
I may be a chaser of dreams
But what if it is you I have been dreaming
Only you, the way you are, that I need

Then here I'd stay
My dreams chased
Jo Barber Jun 10
The puffs of air around me
were impossible to catch,
but I jumped along
and snatched at them anyways.
The beauty lay in the chase,
not the capture.
Wild things were meant to be free.
Beauty like that loses its touch if caged.
my feet are the brains of this chase
numb and blistered and calloused and bleeding
the skin on my shoe-less heels ran raw
made visible to brandish my journey
from one end of your heart to the other
at least ive learned to have a steady pace
Darryl M May 8
You’re on safety and you know the code.
What you made me feel, I fought over.
Now I’m missing the moments.

Unlike a lost bug,
I’ll get off your hair.
Bags all packed, you’ve left.
Silly Life, left me with your memories.

Your heart is like a locked door,
I have the key, but you’ve changed the locks.
A test I shall take,
But you running away, I shall not chase.

Ladies say you play with a guy a little bit to see if he’s serious.
The funny thing is;
That’s how they lose a serious guy.
Darryl M May 8
Something has died, and that thing
is greater than what already lives.

For how long would you pick up broken glass that keeps shuttering?
For how long would you place back the puzzle pieces of your heart?
Do you fear to be loved?
Are you afraid of my love?
Or maybe you don’t want my love, as pure as it is.
Why do you hide behind the covers of your smile?
For how long would you trust in the beauty
of your face to lead me astray?
Why don’t you show me the places you hate?
So I can shed my love on them.

What you regret is not what I regret.
Don’t let this moment be what we regret.
Amateur Sonnet.
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