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Witherhexis Oct 4
It's gnawing at his bones,
and clawing at his spine,
he knows he's not alone,
but now is not the time.

The woman behind sings,
broken voice bringing life like spring,
enlivening his actions,
but stressing her malefaction.

He'd been running for years,
or at least, that's how it felt.
Despite his eyes' red tears,
and skin starting to welt,
his drive had never reared,
but soon, to enervation, he knelt.

He fell into the leaves,
pain stung like blades unsheathed,
now too faint to run,
he peered up to the sun.

Then, the blue turned black,
he heard a familiar chime,
he knew, his lover was back.
She heaved her axe one time...

He still lies in the leaves,
no more cries or screams,
he speaks only silence now,
in a place that won't be found.
For an October project to write one project every day.
10/3 Theme: Fatigue
Iska Sep 19
All things grow. I want to be the catalyst to so many things. To be the spark that breaths the fire back into your lungs. I want to entice others to chase their biggest dreams. I want to be the spark that ignites your soul. To cause you to fall in love with life it’s self.
Burn so bright you can't remember what the dark felt like
Allesha Eman Aug 31
You think about how time is running past you,
And you wonder if you could ever catch up to it,
But it stands there with a hand on your shoulder.

If only you knew, what you could do.
Don't let time feed your doubts
Flame Aug 23
We met on a playground
You challenged me to a race,
I won

The next day
You challenged me again
I still beat you
And that became our thing

Slowly by slowly,
You got faster
And before I knew it,
It was me that was chasing you

At first,
It was

But before I knew it,
It was with everything I had
No matter how much my body wanted to give in
And my mind wanted to stop
I risked everything just to be with you

For some reason
I thought you would slow down
Or at least look for me
The way I always looked for you,
But you didn’t

It was gradual,
So I should have seen it coming,
How each time your stride got longer
And you legs moved quicker
But I was so in love with the beginning
That I stopped thinking about the present and the future
And hoped that we could live in the past

Now we pass each other everyday
You look right through me
I always look back
Hoping you’ll turn around
Because I’m done chasing you,
Or so I say

But I guess that’s wishful thinking
Deep down,
I know
That chasing is for the playground,
A place that we’ve outgrown
Dreamer Jun 23
People chase love
I chase dreams
But this both are impossible to archive
A race in which the one who last wins
Marri May 26
(I snuck out of the house yesterday.)

Don’t make a sound.

The window holds my reflection in it,
It tells me,
“Don’t do this.”
“This isn’t you.”

I ignore the pleas.
I unlatch the bars,
And lift the window open.
It squeaks.

Be quiet.
Don’t make a sound.

I pull the screen up along with the window,
I squeeze through the opening.
This is it.

I feel the grass under my feet,
Freshly misted with dew.
The crickets chirp,
“What are you doing?”

I continue on.

I run through the grass,
Leaving footprints behind as evidence.

My feet hit the pavement.
Rocks digging into skin.
The night renders me blind.

The moonlight shines down on me,
“Where are you going?”

I reply,
“To see my love.”

I’m half way down the street.
I feel you there with me.
I feel you warm right there.

The dogs caged in the neighbors yard howl,
“Turn back! You shouldn’t do this.”

I look at them,
With finger over lips.
Don’t make a sound.

I reach a slow.
Legs burning, out of breath.

A car slowly hums behind me.

I get in.

The seat hot against my thighs.

“Buckle up.”

I comply.
The engine turns over,
And everything that was forward is now behind.

We pull into an abandoned parking lot—
You know, the one by the 66 Diner.

The car stops.
Seats creaking,
You turn to me.

Windows fogged,
With your tongue pressed to the inside of my cheek.

Car dark,
With my tongue pressed to the inside of your teeth.

Be quiet.

I have to be back by dawn—
No one can know that I left.

‘Till then.
The night is ours, Chase.
Dreamer May 24
If i was so easy to let go
Then why did you chase me
Erian Rose May 21
he holds my hand
and spends the night
chasing after dying stars
he smiles
falling for the moon
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