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Gale L Mccoy Feb 13
the stomach in the palms
of our very hungry hands
spits out acid
reminiscent of the same
gas in nebulas
it pools around our heads
a halo of thought
twisting and spiraling ideas
till it collapses in on itself
falls to our feet
becomes a very heavy star
rolling further away with
each step we refuse to take

see the star wants
to be chased
each stomp makes it jump
releasing a flare
that makes it lighter
stomp and chase
till your star is floating
or else
it will grow ever heavier
a very very very heavy star
falling in on itself
taking you out with it
Some people run'cause they want someone
To chase them
I just don't have it in me anymore to be the person
Who follows behind you every time
You decided to leave
is the absence of light
but yet
Light did not
chase away the darkness
It engulfs it
And it returns
to silence

is harsh
I do not
carve its embrace
Shadows are
my home
the only
who accepted me

Don't try to reach
For I
am too far gone
A W Jan 23
Casted over me is a loom of doom.

Chained to the negativity it becomes hard to bare.

Crushed by my despair I drag it around and wear it as my armour.

Cursing at myself for the dark emotions, I shrike alone.

Covered by love I still reject.

Cannot receive when there's no respect for myself.

Chasing away the ones I hold dear is the only way I can endure.

Carrying memories that hold me back, I relive alone.

Costs I pay for my depression.
Justyn Huang Jan 19
While waiting for a good day,
You waste the one before.
Paras Bajaj Jan 15
I chased you a lot,
but now I am done.
Today I have realised
that you are not the one.

I loved you a lot,
but now I am done.
Today I have learned
I have lost, not won.

I suffered a lot,
but now I am done.
Punished by your past,
we’d never stand as one.

—Poetry by Paras
When you really put your all into something,
a little part of your soul
gets poured into the chase
and that little part of your soul becomes something you will never get back -
something ethereal,
in an unforgiving universe,
for a chance at getting everything you ever wanted.
gabrielle Jan 3
two birds flying,
back and forth,
in the clouds of it heavenly
chasing each other freely.

it was just like my love -
chasing you,
and not loving me.
chasing only,
chasing you endlessly
Savannah Dec 2018
Meet me at the world's end,
I'll tell you those three words I am afraid of.
The same ones I don't understand,
I've saved them just for you.

I await you here,
at the edge of all that is known.
Plunging into inky waters that lie before me,
I look to you as the I am swallowed by the ebony sea.

Will you pull me from the fathomless depths?
Or will you watch me...

Chase me, the way I chased you when we were just kids. When were both unaware of the consequences of being in love with someone like me.

Will this love be the burning breath of air I long for, or will it drag me to the depths where the light cannot reach?
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