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Shalom Elara Sep 3
That morning Glory
Which children spread.
Over earth and sky,
Lingers like secret sunshine.
Permeating a multitude of roofs,
A multitude of rooms.

On oceanside grey,
Their precious feet tread.
Bringing refresh of light,
With every laugh.
I gaze at the sand,
With remnant proof that
Children of light walked here.
When I am still,
The Wind brings me
Whisper of their joy.

Giggling brooks,
Shining stars,
Vibrant flowers of the field,
Cannot compare
To the sweet music
Of Child's contagious laughter,
And the light God gave them,
Shining clear through their eyes of bright.
The first paragraph has some themes inspired by G.K. Chesterton's book on Saint Francis of Assisi.
Nathalie Jun 27
There is this emanating
Warmth that flows
Through my body
In vibrant rays
Of light
Which reach
Deeper into my skin

I find happiness here
In the temple I embody
Smothered in kisses from
The tip of my toes
To the top of my head

I feel the love
Caressing me in vibrant
Nuances of appreciation
And desire
Charmed by the
Gratitude I express

din le lo May 23
Awake to radiant hues
Sweet sunrise lullabies
Cherry red underbelly

Take me to your home in the cold night
Let us dance a fearless catwalk

Don’t hide in silence
Let’s dance
A naked truth uncovers us aloud
hybridstorm May 13
Pieces of broken glass,
Scattered colors,
An orange ribbon,
And a fresh red rose.
Be out of the box. Never confine your potential because of words or worse. Realize that you are not a clone. You are a product of tomorrow. You can never be someone else successfully. So why try?
Äŧül Sep 2019
Oh my love, you are so youthful,
And you are so beautiful.

Oh my love, you are so exotic,
And you are so energetic.

Oh my love, you are so pretty,
And you are such a cutie.

Marrying you will do good,
Let me be finally blessed.
My HP Poem #1772
©Atul Kaushal
Jac Aug 2019
i flew away
to an unusual reality
their skin had a faint glow
matching the vibrant hair

the personas were moving
while i was at a still
i caught myself smiling
through my numbness

as my conscious returned to me
the colours in my vision
turned dull once again
a trip to a numbing vibrant reality
Sphinx Jun 2019
Vibrant blue, swirling above,
illuminated by clustered constellations.
Nature's boundless beauty magnified through
"crazed" eyes,
euphoria captured in a moment. The night
Bursting with life and possibilities...

Then daybreak clears The Canvas.
Inspired by Van Gogh's "A starry night"
Nathalie Dec 2018
A meadow painted in
warm yellow and vibrant green

A sun that glows, shining
warmth on a sea of blue

Rainfall leaving pearls of iridescent
tears on vibrant red petals

A coat of dark black dresses
the crow on the rooftop

Purples and oranges stage
a beautiful sunset

All the colours that add light
to this beautiful life.

Magical, dreamy and perfectly lovely.
Sabila Siddiqui Nov 2018
Happpiness what do you taste like?
Are you the sweet taste of cloudy cotton candy on my tongue
Or the warm coffee I drink in the morning?

Happiness what color are you?
Are you the yellow color of sunshine beaming in the morning
Or the calming ocean blue?

Happiness what do you sound like?
Are you the soothing voice that says I love you
Or the laughter that vibrates my ear drum?

Happiness what do you feel like?
Are you embracement in her hug
Or the feel of the way that this pen feels as I let it craft and stroke my emotions into lines?

Happiness are you the vibrant energy of her presence?

Because my senses are numb to you
and all I sense is the abyss,
while warm tears trail down my cheeks
and I feel nothing.
Cardboard-Jones Oct 2018
I’ll hold you tight
Like a memory you think of when you’re low.
You don’t let go,
Smiling and singing ‘til your heart is full.
We’re slow to realize how quickly life can change
And how fast these days roll by.
It’s like a tidal wave and we’re just floating on.
So let’s look to the sky and know
We still have tonight.

As the fire dances on,
I can see us in the flames.
So vibrant, so alive.
Oh I’d write it out on paper to remember everything,
From all the days and nights we shared
But I’m so lost inside this moment
I hope I’m never found.

After tonight
I’ll be alone again driving home beneath the star light.
When all that’s left of you is your scent,
These memories will get me through the days.
Whisper to me what you swore you’d never say.
I’m hanging on every word.
The hardest tears and the hardest years ahead,
But I look to you now
And feel so safe in your eyes.
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