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Where does solitude end
And the beauty of love begin?
We must allow our emotions to permeate
Our spiritual vestibule
Before rapture dawns
Like an empyreal gust
Within, upon, and throughout us,
Then our bliss will no longer be ephemeral,
It will be everlasting.

Someone on this existential expanse
Loves you
Beyond words, Beyond thoughts, beyond
Time & space,
With cosmic understanding;
Like, age-old supernovae
Radiating with stellar light
Until their macrocosmic romance
Waxes nebulous:
—Dust to dust.

You who are gleaning these words,
Contemplate your immortal value
As a living legacy
That Burgeons & blossoms beyond the day
Of your exodus from the Earthly Plane
For the soul is a seed
Radiating with the Eradia of Ages;
Therefore, shine
Until The Flora of Yore, Yggdrasil germinates within.

Lamentation makes you more loving,
Just, wise, and strong;
Yes, embrace every moment
That life brings
For Providence safeguards you
Within His Celestial ramparts.
"But the path of the righteous is like the bright morning light
That grows brighter and brighter until full daylight."
(Proverbs 4: 18) (NWTSE)

You have an undying will within you,
You are a vessel of sanctity
Intemerate & hallowed;
Yes, you have been set apart
For an ethereal crusade
With no known beginning &
An indeterminable end;
Exhale, you are Life, Love, and Liberty,
And a Spark of The Divine.

It is true, that you are the experiencer of
Your joys, your sufferings,
Your exultation, and your woes,
But you must ne' er forget
That you are not alone;
Therefore, walk forevermore
In the Baptismal Rays of The Sun
For you were borne with purpose,
O, Warrior of Light.
Excelsior Forevermore,

Sanders Maurice Foulke III

Hammad Nov 2020
Once more
Into the love
Into the never ending reign
- I'll ever know
Oh my! Oh my!
I am falling for you
Dante Rocío Nov 2020
I’ve been left alone in my class as I always am.

I observe how beige encrustings work on the ceiling humming electronically in this feeble light we have with our current weather like mistied silver with choked charcoal out of someone’s throat stoic with inexistent illness.

It seems to me I’m pressed with time to go out as I usually am
by some codexes
but I just can’t help being glued standing to my chair and watching with an unspecified wistfulness and melancholy as students’ bike
come and go here from above
and no one knows how many afternoons of watching or window sill standing I’ve spent like that,
where the window the teacher has every time overlooks one
of these trees only I keep in my mind’s eye
and all that with me included stays
abandoned (but not exactly morosely) to play the part of watch keepers lasting still
like pillars no one will account for.

And l felt how my shift there and the thing I and this room made chose you to be answered there.
And as I couldn’t help but keep carrying the conscience luggage with you within it so carefully whilst I was blending my abandoned singing there with how you might be transfixing yourself in perplexities of uncertainty.
And I’m telling you I read your text place just when it came, have been carrying you as my desired task to, as an injured animal yet with no degradation this state. I kept making a letter I would give inside my eyes and small fidgets of hands.

I wonder at how it is I who writes
and how it is You who writes.
One another.
On how often and long it takes to take the role of a vigilante of your everyday tad raising tad restricting institution when you’re the sole one who always stays behind, apart, in solitude, in every class, a dear one’s eyes waiting for your lips’ sign behind your back, and no one knows you’re the one and only not just sharing those empty spaces in every direction...
... but also the only one honoured with your little Venice from the highest, widest and largest window sill on the top of the building, adorned with marble like side gargoyles and the Sun teaching just at that altitude
David Southbay Sep 2020
And as the season changes and another day goes by
We will feel our chemistry strong and our desires true
Our attraction to one another is not counted by the days
As our affection for each other is not counted by the seasons
For fate has ignited an everlasting flame
A true flame of excitement
Growing strong inside us
With each passing day

Mane Omsy Sep 2020
when the tides rise above your passion
and your hips above the mountain
when the slightest touch of your hunger
and your breath weighs and wonder
how the magic flows through my veins
you created,
will glow in my everlasting thrive for you
I dare not to believe it will ever slumber
the love for you with skin, tears, and laughter
brings me enlighting energy from the stars
that could nourish and bring life to mars

- beloved
She Aug 2020
I remember feeling certain then that love was the only thing in the universe warms enough to conquer the cold which awaits each of us, inevitable and everlasting.
Veritia Venandi Aug 2020
Do you know, my friend what I did today?
I picked up a fallen acorn from an ancient oak tree growing in a nearby woods....
Then I hurriedly carved upon it our names...
And utmost tenderly planted it into the smiling soil of my little garden!

Do you know, dear,why did I do so?
For if you ever forget me, my friend, I would call upon the roots of my planted tree to find you...
If you ever have to suffer the heat of bad days...
I would ask the leaves of my growing tree to flutter in the wind so that...
The cool breeze of my consolation reaches your shoulder!
And when a smile will cross your glorious face,
I would know it just by a singing cicada upon the tree on a yellow summery day!

And even if in case we cease to exist, my friend...
The tree would remain to harbour birds to weave tales of you and I...
Our tree would become a meeting point of long lost friends... Even after we are long gone by!

People will forever remember our friendship as the one that nurtured a tree to remain forever alive!
A poem on the sweetness of friendship:)
Thanks for reading! ❣
Enoch Solomon Aug 2020
Nice makeup on you looking nice on that cover up
I mean you got that slender look on your Gucci top,
But I wish I can rip it off,
All I want on is your birthday suit
Well is all cool
I just wanna eat up your beautiful until we make oceans 🌊 flow freely with waves
Running down my face like holy water
Might be the promise land that Moses saw had to give them the law & beg to be buried a dust as the corny serpent in Eden
When ****** was thought between the first union with proper understanding the alpha taking dominion eating up and possessing fully until both flesh becomes one even in spirit likeness.
I know I’m about going raw, but first can I tell your lips a secret.
Those cute thighs of yours can I be fragile while I go between it, letting my tongue 👅 eating 😋 and licking every curves and edges bringing true taste of beautiful out not missing the sounds you moan and how slightly you can even scream god!!!!!
Is not sin because is a language only my tongue and your body understands
Love and ******, like rhythm and music
I know possessin.....g,
taking total control
Owning your soul and becoming one with it.
The becoming is still only but seeds I’m covered in roots where your shadow disappear and your eyes close you feel awake because you know flesh to flesh I’m hear
Watermelon in the mountains like Daniel eating vegetables while seeking deeper communion if there is more!!!
When you say baby please don’t stop drive me crazy don’t stop don’t stop
I know ****** Mary Juana tells you all my secrets
How life is a beach inside of her
Living water from the unknown who did you talk to when you go to the moon and ****** when you see love and roots??
The night is still young we need parental control going wild already for my prey, like one opening ancient well, well as old as bethsheba from ancient East,  so we’be in private doing the unthinkable
codeine and soft music
If your body is a temple I’ll make sure I build every layers with my own hand so I know your scars and where they fit more so your smile will be priceless while I undress you, like one understanding anything
while I make a feast over your soul.body unto spirit.
So you know
I am,
Elohim did it everlasting.
something close to having a taste of your lips,
Nostalgic You’ll only imagine and I’ll fall back to words and be forgotten again like true poetry too deep cyphers and cryptic
Oh that this scroll becomes flesh like a canvas and brush breathed into live. 😩
I don’t even know who you are.
Eve leave me alone,
thoughts comes in the dark too deep for man to understand
Light is not scared to sleep the difference cannot be told.
Ps. Too easy my first work only few changes the name 🙏🏿
Carlo C Gomez Aug 2020
Incorporeal wooing
-- benighted brown study,
slow to bleed,
turning on it's axis,
wintergreen leaf
in free fall,
when all alone
the butterfly escapes the killing jar,
to parlously play along
this dulcet bine,
strumming crura,
like Orlando to faire Rosalind
in the Valley of Hinnom,
"a hunger uncurbed by nature's calling,"
which prayerfully ascends,
asking for cotyledon to appear
by break of day/dream.
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