When the petals had decayed
When the leaves had scorched     When the stalk had withered
When only thorns had remained
Your love was still untarnished

4:43 pm. Wed, 11th Oct, 2017.

Whats in a name? That which we call a rose , by any other name would smell as sweet~ W.S.
Hari DR Oct 8

I never wanted a love that is consuming,
I only wanted a love that is everlasting,
none that will put my heart to a test,
one that will prove true love is no jest.

Will you still love me tomorrow?
For I have sworn forever and another with you.

Tiptoe travelling while
going upstairs of the building,
her snowy dress is waving
as she act like a ballerina.

Dancing at the rooftop
corners then go to the area
while sensing at the stars
in the gloomy resplendent sky
that wrought like a shape
of her perish love one.

The soul who cognizance
the presence of paradise—
jealous she, who's troubled
due of lifting the memoirs.

"Am I born just to cry
and suffer for all the years?" ,
she shouted at the atmosphere
with her soaked eyes.

No one answered—
just only the echoes of her voice;
lost, depression and solitary
are what she sensed
until there's a melody of air
touches her tan skin.

The artistic rhythm
whispered that she's not—
said the warm air that
kisses her lips when she pout,
A familiar one that
she experienced before.

"Are you my—" ,
she asked and cut
by the air's cuddle
and uttered,

"I'm yours
and your new
guardian angel."

I wrote this poem a long time ago-- I just want to share this with all of you.
moonstruck Sep 18

i can recall these regular tendencies,
all the way until my seventies.
i adore your little habits,
like smiling—with teeth sticking out like a rabbit’s.

daily recollections of your actions,
pop up in my mind like a distraction.
like moments when you cover your mouth as you laugh,
i perfectly capture them like a photograph.

like when your eyes turn into crescents,
no matter the time; past or present.
the way the corners of your mouth are curled,
it makes my heart swirl and twirl,
for it is as precious as a pearl.

the faint laugh you produce,
echoing around the room to diffuse—
a sound so sweet, so pure;
to my unhappiness, it's a cure
as it puts a smile back onto my face for sure!

from your clasped hands in your regular stance,
to your endless showcase of your “pin drop” dance,
i cant seem to pick a favourite one!
but i believe it’s when you make a pun.

for hjs
Hari DR Sep 16

My love for you
can never be found,
in any book,
in any song,
nor in any poem,
It’ll be lost,
in the history of man,
in the lullabies at night,
in the words of poets,
And just like that,
I will wish none
But to see you smile.

1 Corinthians 13: 4-8
C Tyler Jul 12

When we die, we don't feel a thing, we don't suffer,
We gracefully move on.
Conscious and everlasting,
In our eyes we just took our last slumber.
Then at dawn's rise,
We awake as someone new,
We don't know, what it is,
It is,  
Just what we do.
We all could be dead,
That means,
You...you...and you,
We all could be dead,
Me too.

Dr zik Jun 26

I can not stop falling pearls from my eyes at night
You are not about to stop falling dew drops in the morning
O' my Lord!
Both are the signs unshaken-able
Of our everlasting Love
And the morning star is witness

Dr ZIK's Poetry

you pulled me close for a tight hug,
heard your heart beat non-stop,
every second with you is gold,
your body heat never made me feel cold

drawing endless circles on my thumb,
intensified the fire of my lamp,
your touch melted the ice within,
your body heat injected massive rush of adrenaline

when you whispered the words, "you look great"
the warmth of your voice sent shivers down my spine,
tickling every part of what you said "all mine"
thing only you could make

i'd lie beside you until hair's gone and we're grown
won't bother standing up even after dawn
'cause your body heat never made me feel alone
and there's no other place like home

this has been

Your presence is perfection.
I'm happy to be here again.
When my mind was clouded and distant,
I couldn't feel you on my skin.
I'm so thankful for these moments,
you remind me of the life you put me in.
The very breath of Heaven,
living inside my skin.
Take my thoughts,
Take my heart,
and make them like You again.

you are so very close, Lord.
sunprincess Mar 18

our way

perhaps, stars do shine long after they explode,
maybe for millions of years,
who can really know for sure
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