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Ken Pepiton Sep 16
Imagining ever being

Some thoughts are being thought oughts
to the profit of many

leavers of things being fine, so far
as some say

I, you, we, this being

smoothed, anointed with oil, lotion of leela,
game of spiritual beings, possibly,

rough edges, jagged, craggy edged peaks, proud
protrusions from the core
whence iron shall be pounded leaving
wasteland scars,
scabbed over magma squeezed
from the under

standing place. status quo. quo vadis

very true, new and improved, both, at once

incredible. Trials as acts accepted, allowed past

these are id-eal, id-e-al, ob
vious rightvious

trustworthy courteous and kind

knowing not one unknowable thing

then a new knowable
offer spirtual meeeeeemes remaining

Yester to Day, the one we aimed at for
next step into

Can you hear me now, this is whole,

touch me. is this gooder?

exceptions to the rule
inceptions from the tool

perception from the wise
deception through the lie

conception of love, too far bound to measure

my AI imagines I may, as in, my will is empowered
to touch a virtual button,
acting as a trigger

and fire a Julesvernian moonshot through reality

for a second

How many times can you imagine finding a magic word.

Uttering it is, possibly, what that crow is doing right now,
pulling, drawing my intention to mention

aitia as a big old idea some early author set in stone,

a point in time and space, and act acommpli

aitia accuse and cause, think think

we can
imagine anything we can imagine, we can realize
the happiest place on earth
we may say this here is that happiest place,
and next is even better,

smoother, slicker, less friction, more intentional
kind touches and sweet tastes and scents past words.
Once more a bit of something bigger rising up to smell the roses and look for lions.
The Vault Sep 1
Jewellery and trinkets
Are nothing compared to your hug
Even though
I love a shiny thing
It doesn't matter
When I have your love
Gift or not
I love you deeply
Even if we have neither a penny to our name
The Vault Jul 26
You enter my mind
As if you always belonged
And filth my thoughts pretending to be kind
It was forever ago and I have to move beyond
But what you did is everlasting
Stained my soul with hate
But I am not collapsing
You were not my fate
Just a speed bump along the way.
“If you want to talk about it, I am here for you. Just like old times or new times, I don’t know. But I am here for you.” Cancerous words he spilled onto the screen, for they just multiplied the happiness that now sparked within her. Brewing hope and burning her eyes with emotions that flowed her eyes, leaving her mind fuzzy with joy. They finally opened their hearts to one another; a raw, vulnerable, authentic conversation after years. It was a conversation where she was drowned in the most beautiful-devastating of ways. A conversation she never wanted to end for the words seemed infinite and emotions seemed everlasting. She held onto this moment as perfect as it was as her eyes slid go sleep.
The Vault Jul 13
My hair curly and frizzy in the summer heat
But not a speck of sweat touched my young face.  
You looked at me with a sweaty smile as we walked through the heat.  
My frizzy hair blowing in the wind
I wonder what I look like through your eyes.  

Do I look beautiful?  Even in the heat?
You say you will love me no matter what.  
Even when old age hits us both?
And we won't look flawless anymore?
Even when my curves will turn into wrinkles?

But still.  I will have my frizzy hair
And a love for you
That never started with how you looked.
Just random thoughts.
Erian Jul 12
You in my arms
Is all that is ever true
Under the everlasting blue
Nathalie Jun 15
I hear the rain as it
trickles down the
side of the window
I close my eyes to
capture the sound
that soothes
my wandering soul
There is gratitude
in this simple
moment filled
with promise
A new begining
into a world full of
flowering meadows
and ever lasting love

Zia May 21
know that i still think about you
maybe not every day but i do
i think of what could have been
had i been too hasty at nineteen?
i guess we won't ever know
unless we give it another go
people say don't look back
look ahead and don't lose track
but you're part of my story
you're a chapter i can't just bury
Your little Ray of sunshine
Drop by drop made my
Dark cloudy sky shine
With full of hope.
It's leading me to the
Dazzling glory of
Everlasting success.
Lov-ing Support
Teach-ing of Life
Help-ing Understand
Grow-ing as a Whole
Develop-ing as a Person

Laugh-ing as a Pair
Cry-ing with the Bad
Smil-ing with the Good
Comfort-ing when Frightened
Sooth-ing when Hurt

Nurtur-ing Love
Cherish-ing Memories
Create-ing a Bond
that is
As a new mom this is my view on the ING of parenting
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