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Tell yourself you're beautiful
---Because you are

Treat yourself
---Because you deserve it

Take a deep breath
---Because you need it

Appreciate yourself
---Because you're the only you the world has ever seen
Love yourself and mean it.
V liv Nov 2018
Your influence is incessant
"Take care of her for me"
Ringing in the ears of my loved ones
Weighing on their minds
Your Words
Your Wishes
Still streaming through the veins of my life
V liv Nov 2018
For now
With them
heeelllloooo Nov 2018
my love,
don't forget me
or the moments that we had
even though, it's only temporary
i didn't want to say goodbye

i wish, i could have held you longer
felt the security of your embrace
my lips lingering on yours
your hands around my waist

i wish, i could have told you
right there, and in that moment
how happy, being with you makes me
how each day,
my love for you, grows

i lie here, curled up
in a cold and empty bed
a river, rolling down my cheeks
my heart aching, longing
to be with you,
once again

lying here i feel your absence,
a part of my soul is missing
in the depth of my despair, i wonder
do you feel,
the same emptiness inside?

i never thought it possible
to find someone,
who is so perfect
who makes me feel, the way you do
so loved and supported
so safe and so secure,

you love and understand me
and look beyond the shadows
you believe in me,
see the person, i could be
more than anyone i've ever known

i give it to you, my love
my weary, and broken heart
tenderly and cautiously,
you cradle it
in it's current fragile state

my love, i struggle
in these days gone by
to be so far away from you,
once i return
into your arms
i never want to be apart

with you, i want to make memories
to spend our lives together
have a family, travel the world
and our love to last forever
Nonesuch is the beauty of my love . Ref 025
A poem written By Philip.
10th October 2018.
Nonesuch is the beauty of my love.
On a scale of one to ten. I say a ten.
Nonesuch is the depth of my love.
Everlasting and eternal friend of mine
Such it was in life , now it is in death.
Universally when a man loves a woman
Critically it’s understood, she can do no wrong.
Having a nonesuch depth of love she was true

It is no secret , what our Universal God can do.
So what he’s done for others he’ll do for you.

Though one gets tired of worn out phrases
Happiness between two lovers ? Essential.
Essential that’s what makes our love nonesuch

Because our love was without any equal.
Essential that’s what made our love nonesuch.
And for six years we made vows to love eternal
Understanding our tenure was time sensitive
Touring the world knowing our time was limited
You never put off until tomorrow.Do it today.

Oh many young lovers don’t appreciate time.
For procrastination is ever the thief of time

My love for Barbara ,well there was None such
Years of unconditional love graced a later life

Later life when we’d served for seventy winters
Ongoing life ,following dramas , following life.
Very happy was our constant daily relationship
Earth Angel listen to my constant prayers to thee.
In remembrance of my Darling Barbara.
Written by Philip. October 10th 2018.
Written during the first 30 days of mourning.
Brandon Amberger Sep 2018
You know you're like the sun.
Radiating beauty naturally
and everlasting.
Blue Orchid Aug 2018
Time is a mysterious thing. One we think too little or too much about as if it was either an extraneous concept or a recognizable one but never simply an acquaintance. We fear to gaze in to its dark eyes for fear of what we’ll see in its untamed structure. Perhaps we fear the absolute freedoms of it in how all its courses are never underlined by incongruous moments such as once that hunt our very existence. Or maybe we’re jealous of how youthful it stays while we slowly deteriorate to our graves as it watches with indifference.

I wish to give time a gender so it fulfils all my assumptions of it. Perhaps it’s a women, gentle and eloquent; with a heart that grounds the most feral of things. Her touch is knowledge and wisdom but also all things unknown. She is sculpted like the goddess praised while her love burns oceans from existence yet she watches alone from a distance quite unreachable. Lonely everlasting. Nonetheless her soul is cruel and unforgiving; her betrayal unexpected. Her expectations to high that even the most eligible of men would not dare attempt such a futile conquest for to even try would be to fail. However her compulsion is too powerful to disregard so no man sits ideal.

Perhaps it’s a man with a will that is ironclad. His grips too powerful for even the greatest of empires to resist so all chose to bend for fear of breaking. He rules like he makes love, with intensity that shatters all the women underneath him but they still come back for more for his touch, his magic ******. Non who have been touched by him have ever resisted or those who have were swallowed by the tide that was his fury. Yet his heart is gold and he cares more than he expects as his gifts last eternity and from the sweetness of it,  just a moment.
austin Aug 2018
I saw you walking down the hallway
like a flower petal in the breeze.
I couldn't help but notice you
like a rosebush between the trees

One day I heard your sweet laugh
It sounded like music to me
I turned around, gazed upon your smile,
as captivating as can be

You asked me to play a tune with you plus three
I wondered why you were asking me
But that moment is when I knew
There's something here that's meant to be

Well, darling, it's been almost six years
and you're the sun amongst the stars to me
You were my light amongst the darkness
The only light that I can see

And if you let me hold your hand
I'll never let you go
I would give you my heart forever
and I have to let you know
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