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Seanathon Mar 6
Poetry is a smooth stone slipping
Wavering back and forth in the water beneath
And the fall of all in a slow transcendent arc
Until it comes to rest
Like all poetry
At the end and beneath
And poetry below
Amanda Feb 24
Often things go over my head
Miss subliminal meaning in words said
Am I really ****** because I do not understand
Innuendos the rest of the room can?
I will be the first to admit I'm unaware
There is more inside my skull than empty air
I remember when I was able to rely on my gut
When I wasn't always asking "what?"
Nowadays I am constantly left out
I am never quite sure what you're talking about
In the dark I am kept away
In a room shaded black and grey
Silence locks truth up tight
Concealing it out of my sight
Everybody is in on the most public joke
Except me beause I'm too blind to see through the smoke
I hope you don't think I'm ****** for asking questions
I am intelligent I just don't pay attention
My gullible nature may make me a breeze to trick
But the fact you see me as a target is sick
Sometimes I get the punchline too late
That doesn't make me a less suitable mate
Sorry for every embarrassing thing I have said
I don't know why but things too often go way above my head
I hate feeling like everyone is in on some joke that you don't get
there is a floating garden that rests above my head
I try to reach it, but I am out of touch
my fingers must be broken
or maybe it is my heart
Andrew Feb 9
People live on the ground
That’s not where I’m found
My head is up in the clouds
Looking down on the crowds
Circling round and round
Until they slowly drown

The vertigo
From the hurt I know
Punches my nose
Crunching my bones
Snuffing like snow
My candlelight glow

I’m the saddest here
In the stratosphere
Where only bad appears
But I say status clear
To my static peers
Avoiding cactus jeers

An airplane’s
Scare game
Shares blame
For spare pain
In my bare brain
Ensnared in shame

So the sky is my home
That’s why I’m alone
Up high and unknown
A guy on his throne
That flies over tombs
That hide all their bones

I can see space
In front of my face
Slowly erase
The Earth’s trace
And God’s grace
As I waste

I’m floating away
Hoping I stay
Stoking a flame
Choking in waves
Of water that rains
Until I’m insane

I can’t hear love
I can’t hear God
I steer above
To see I’m a fraud
No one will applaud
The hovering flawed
Lilywhite Jan 19
We use to talk of all the things we loved to do:
holding hands, lying beneath the stars, our conjoining of hearts

I believed I was in love with you and yet,
I remember the day you said goodbye like it were yesterday,
erased me from your life as if everything were nothing;
A swift kick to the curb—
the nerve

I’m glad to know it’s that easy to walk away from me
and that all the things I sacrificed for you
were as meaningful as the dirt on your shoe

Thanks... No, really... thank you

For now I know what not to look for
And that’s all the characteristics in which you possess;

The v i l e,
psychologically projected fear of loneliness
Along with your tendency to hide, lie, and be promiscuous

You and all your disturbances left such a bad taste in my mouth;
so much so, that I refuse to even utter your name aloud

but I will take with me all the lessons I've well earned,
and forgive you for all the disrespect that you so gave me

oh, and yet
be rest assured that you'll see what the **** it is that I'm worth
Now go ahead and ask me if I care what it is you think of me?
yup, uhh nope, not at all
But I do pray that you learn from your past discrepancies..

why you ask...?
well see, no other girl should have to suffer
solely because you can't ******* keep it together

and not everyone can build themselves back up from the devastating destruction you very well cause

you should know
that every decision creates a tidal wave
that not everyone can escape the repercussions of
January 14, 2013
Masha Yurkevich Dec 2018
I really think
that there's a God above,
who teaches us
about love.

How we should always
forgive others
for the scars,
the chaos,
and the pains
they cause.
sky Dec 2018
I long to be buried
along with who I am
under what I did
above what I was
BA Khan Dec 2018
"Where flows the ..Ganga,
I am from there too,
By its banks I gaze at stars and the moon too
You see I am no different from any of you
If you know what I say, gaze at the stars too
The moon will shine the same on me and you too.'

(BA Khan)
This was for Pradeep Chattopadhay .. who has mentioned that he lives not far from Ganga
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