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Joanna 5d
Still waters run deep,
their influence, calms
the ragged edges of my
mind. I see it as a sign
that something new
is around the next turn.
And I know my heart is
ready for whatever it is
I am to learn.

Still waters, take on a
new meaning as I watch
and abide the time.
Cleansing the soil within,
they have opened the door. 

Still waters, leave me
thinking there is something
beautiful coming my way.
Something that is not like
anything I have known
before. Something that
will bring a new connection
is now at my door. 

Still waters hold the tool
for releasing all my fear,
replacing it with something
made very clear. In a journey
purposed from above, in a
life spent enjoying the purity
of love.
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I think the most important trait is to be teachable
to understand that sometimes you are wrong
that sometimes you don't know what is best
there will be times where you are hurt, others where you are the one doing the hurting
the cards you've been dealt don't take away your ability to break someone
you cannot use your pain as an excuse to be ignorant
understand it and rise above
OpenWorldView Jun 22
like slow winter fog
fingers trace without a touch
across her cold skin
slow, tender, journey.
don't wake her.
Bless me not with
Rings and things!

Oh, bless me not
With wealth!

Bless me not with
Pow’r of kings!

But bless me by

…For anything
That tempteth

Mine heart away
From Love –

Yea, life itself
To part with! –

If rest not but

Miss Luna May 16
Oh you,
my lovely dandy,
it's not easy to understand you.
You're on the top -

in everything,
Donna May 14
Don’t let self doubt cloud
your mind , rise , move on forward
Shine even brighter
Just realessing how I feel at the mo x
Wishing u all a lovely week ** ❤️
Waynepatrick Apr 29
If calamities make it a habit their visitations
That my bones should  creak and be weak
And from my seat I be kicked and cast to dust
When my jungle  becomes my zoo
Then be strong my heart don't be blue,
Fond of my state I'll grow, boldly i will welcome the blows
Forwards I shall proceed  strength is all I need,
For every low will come an high
I shall be fine through the passing of nights
It's always darkest before the dawn
But I will survive the fall.
Donna Apr 28
Flowers always die
But it’s their beauty that makes
the world beautiful
:) don’t ever succumb to other people’s judgemental thoughts , rise above stay strong and be proud to be you :-)) xxxx
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