And did I tell you
about how the
you painted on my skin
crave for you
every morning
yet the winter
never ends.

Where are you, my sunshine?
eli 1d
when you left you took my broken soul with you
leaving me with nothing


you took it all
leaving me numb

you took my broken soul
now it cant be fixed

i could've fixed my soul from some love and happinesses
but i cant anymore
you took everything away

i write poetry
trying to feel
but how do i feel without my sunflower soul

please give it back
i know you have it
please let me be happy
like a sunflower

but how can i be a sunflower
without my sun
you took my sun away
my brightness
my light
my everything


how can i ever be mad?
you once made me so happy
you were once my sun
you were once my everything

but soon you became my moon
the most beautiful moon
but the moon doesn't work for a sunflower

so no
i'm not mad
i just miss you
i want my broken soul back
i want my sunflower soul to be whole again
i want my sun back
even if that sun may not be you

i just want to feel.
eli 6d
sometimes you want to give up
the thoughts fill up your beautiful sunflower soul
you begin to think is it really worth it
you let the voices in
"you're worthless"
"stop trying"
"your fat"
"you're ugly"
the voices begin to chant
you slowly give up
you stop swimming in your pool of thoughts
you drown

but then the water slowly begins to disappear
the voices begin to fade
the demons leave your head
and your sunflower soul becomes whole again
you can do this
Helene Marie Apr 17
The lonely streetlight
glows yellow
piercing through the faint moonlight
shining on the girl that paces below
She grows sunflowers in her soul,
but tonight her mind is elsewhere,
so she forgot to water the petals of gold
For at this late hour she is thinking about a tear
that pulls through her heart string by string,
unraveling bright desires that once consumed her,
and filled her so that to the world she would sing
that she was willing to let this love be her leader
But now she can see clearly again
and takes notice to how her world was so bent,
she sees how careless she was then,
and knows now that her heart is not so easily lent
for a friend of mine
tc Apr 15
i love the way your
body dances with mine
the way your tongue
whispers “i love you”
like it is the world’s
best kept secret but
you’re sharing it with
me under blankets
under stars
a room dimly lit by
candles we forget to
blow out before we
fall lazily asleep,
your hand still holding
mine but so limp
it mimics vulnerability
and here i am
dreaming of you,
we wake to the candles
still burning
we wake to the scent
of last nights
confessions, we wake
on a planet we have
built in our minds for
us two and we dance.
you hold the heart
of my heart in the palm
of your hand limply,
i am swallowing my
vulnerability and
feeling it glide through
my body as i breathe
out promise instead -
i love you but i do not
need to say it aloud
because it is there in
the way i smile
when you enter
the room;
it is there in the way
i try to string
words together
to create a poem
worthy enough of
always being yours.
my future doesn’t
exist without you
and i feel that in this
parallel universe
the sun follows the
sunflower instead,
because you hold
the heart of my heart
in the palm of your
hand and i will follow
you wherever you go;
to dance,
to light candles and
see the flame flicker
upon your face in
a room full of secrets,
knowing “i love you”
is ours.
Ki Marie Mar 28
Do not tell me
I chose not to search
for happiness when
I had a sunflower
etched into my skin
to remind myself happiness
is out there
Ki Marie Mar 28
i. create a whole book in which
that is the premise
ii. ink your skin with a something yellow
a sunflower will do just fine
iii. start wearing more yellow tones
iv. turn your eyelids into a sunrise
v. form a list of yellow objects and cross off the ones
that have betrayed you in the past
vi. eat as honey like Van Gogh ate paint
and then maybe, just maybe
you have rewritten the whole definition
of yellow
What a gorgeous sunflower you are
warm like a hot sunny day in the park
Little glowing light in the dark

Soft like freshly baked bread
I can't get enough of you
Your polaroid pictures are stuck in my head

I breathe you in as if it was my last breath
Your scent makes me lose the grip of reality
All I want to do now is to take you to my bed
So we can travel to

When in your presence there's no worry
You only make me feel so holy
I want to be closer to your divine
I'll do everything to make you happy
If you agree to be mine
Jeff Gaines Mar 9
I came to life in a field,
happy to be me …
in the light that shares my namesake.

Glowing like a smile,
for all to see …
and for any soul to take.

I arrived, en masse …
in a painted tin cart,
sent with hopes of brightening a room.

A gift of love,
with a note from the heart …
encouraging your dreams to resume.

Then you placed me in your kitchen …
your nature still veiled …
from the outstretched arms of a friend.

For my meaning meant nothing …  
a ship long sailed …
something you'd broken, refusing to mend.

I withered, dying there,
having given it my all …
the very best that I could.

Then tossed in the bin,
with our communion-turned-wall …
still … hoping I had done something good.

Unable to fathom …
Too guarded to call …
Sad … that I never would.

As you closed that lid, you closed your eyes,
making sure that you'd not have to see …
that the spirit of that Sunflower …
in all of those Sunflowers … lying there … was me.
James Humigas Feb 19
Your life is not just your own
Everytime you interact
Everytime you share
Everytime you care

You are undoubtedly bound to someone

Your soul is a constellation of connections,
don't you feel it ?

You are not alone and never will be,
don't you see it ?

Laugh without modesty
Express yourself in all honesty

Give into your emotions
And always show compassion
From that moment I saw you
For that loneliness inside
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