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pluto 1d
i fear for the sunflowers
tall woman
   too high for
men who
  can’t let
the weeds grow
bigger than the ant
miseducated,you see
   ,for they are
not weeds, but
something new
undiscovered &
waiting to be found
shima 1d
soft and gentle
a cashmere sweater
dyed a deep sunset colour
wanting to face the sun, the good
the petals curl inward
still yearning for the light
"smile, my boy, it's almost
to the sunflower boy
i'm a sunflower, a little funny
if i were a rose, maybe you'd want me
from the movie Sierra Burgess is a Loser
eli Oct 9
Don't Die From My Soul,
Sunlight Still Lurks In My Veins,
Imagination Quenches Your Thirst,
Though Your Roots Are Exposed,
I Kiss Every Petal,
To Keep You Alive

Don't Die,
You Are The Passion In My Garden Of Me,
Don't Let The Frost Over Take You,
Snowflakes Dance Around You,
Enjoy The Cold

Oh Sunflower,
It's Always Summer In My Garden,
Let The Showers Of Enlightenment,
Keep Your Petals Smooth And Age Free

Oh Rose,
Rose With Green Eyes,
Stay Strong,
Don't Let The Weeds Overtake You,
You Are Beautiful,
You Are The Pacemaker,
To Anyone Without A Heart,
If You Fail To Survive,
So Will I
Awtumn Oct 4
Have you ever seen a sunflower
In love with the sun?
Or watched a dandelion
Like wishes on the breeze?

Have you ever sat with the river reeds
As they sing about their ocean dream?
Or listened to the trees
When they tell the stories of their rings?

Have you ever picked wildflowers
Because they remind you of her?
Or given hope to a daisy
When a rose was chosen instead?

I used to want the romance
Like the beauty of a rose.
But I saw what love was really like
And changed my heart’s desire.

I’m not the girl for roses,
Too harsh for their soft love.
And much too bitter
For their sweet scent.

My heart is covered in ice
Too cold for delicate petals.
But daffodils have learned
How to survive the winter.
Cosmo Beck Oct 2
Have you ever just looked at a sunflower?
A small petal can hold so much joy
Well when I look at you
I see the glow of a sunflower
on your cheeks
I see the green grass
on a sunny day in your eyes
I see warmth and invitement

But when you lose that glow I love
When the sunflower starts to wither
and it began to rain
I still heard the joy in your laugh

For I will always be here
through every season
I will stay until the flowers bloom
but I'll stay with the rainy days for now
You'll always be my sunflower
No matter the weather
Pao Sep 30
Swaying in the rain
Sunflowers bloom in the thick summer morning
A garden of hope
Each petal crease symbolizing what I used to be –
In my past life
Insecurity and nameless rage simmering,
Yearning for escape through my tongue
For the whole universe to tremble

Each petal crease symbolizing what I want to be –
Crinkled from the past
Yet radiating from the lessons learned
And eager for novel beginnings

A garden of hope
For my mind to lose its rationality
For my heart to get drunk in the unconventional

Shower me in the garden of hope
For I slumbered through its delicacy
And I want to have its ecstasy
At the tip of my tongue
Riley June Sep 11
stomach blooming with sunflowers,
pick a bouquet to give to the one you love,
will they accept your gift,
the sunflowers won't ever stop growing,
no matter what you do they never leave,
you wear big sweaters to try and hide,
shower in pesticide and drink weedkiller,
don't let the weeds strangle out the sunflowers,
keep them safe,
let them grow,
don't shut out the light,
wake up and pick a bouquet to share,
if you leave them to grow soon you'll be coughing petals,
how can you hide yellow petals on your tongue,
each word scented with summer painted red,
carve around your heart,
hide away from the sunlight to wither away,
do you really think death will come,
i can see petals behind your eyes now,
why did you stop giving sunflowers,
leaves have sprouted from your fingertips,
please don't turn into a flower,
keep them hidden,
don't let them grow,
shut out the light.
Dominique Sep 6
On the moon, sunflowers never stop growing
They have no goal to reach for, nor ****** to desire
But they've named themselves after constellations
And each one sways like they're rooted in the sky

On the moon, sunflowers are reckless
There is not a judgemental country mouse counting their seeds
Nor a city girl equipped with camera to blind their petals
Nor a single herd of hungry sheep chewing on their stalks

On the moon, sunflowers whistle melodiously
And shyly brush their leaves against each other
In friendly percussion that praises the dust they bloom from

On the moon, no flower asks the question,
"Why hasn't the sun come to claim us yet?"
Because they have long learned the answer-

Wherever a sunflower grows
The sun is forever kissing its eyelids
And lighting it up from the inside.
Make the most of awkward situations :)
nd Sep 5
We'll meet in the middle of nowhere
A place where only we know
With a secret route, we call it.

We'll meet in the middle of nowhere
A place where we plant sunflower seeds
With an untold feel, we call it.

We'll meet in the middle of nowhere
A place where bunch of monkeys live
With two monkeys telling jokes, we call it.

We'll meet in the middle of nowhere
A place where sand and saltwater meet
With us singing our songs, we call it.

And we'll meet in the middle of nowhere
A place where there's no one knowing us
With me and you, we name it.
he'll understand
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