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My relationship
with you is like that
of the sunflowers
and moon-
always distant
and dying in the absence
of your light.
I wonder if the lavender
yearn for her scent
whenever she's not present.

I wonder if the sunflowers
crave her little light
as they do in the night.

I wonder if the roses
envy her beauty
that captivated me.
The sunflower reaches up:

Tall and proud

Vainly striving to reach the sky:

A Sisyphean task.

For the wind batters;

Bruises as it nears.

Faces forced to bow.

Stems snapped like broken backs.

Nevertheless, they still believe.

Winter comes: a forced retreat.

Petals wither and fall.

Reduced, reused, recycled.

No longer of interest

To bees, birds and we

Who only see the first

Flush of beauty.

Returned unto the soil.
N Sep 22
I wonder if the filed of lavender
sighs when it yearns for her scent

I wonder if the sunflowers
worship her raven hair
like the sun

I wonder if the moon weeps
with longing over her absence  

I wonder if the sky turns pink
when the spring breeze
touches her silky skin

I wonder if the cherries bleed in her
mouth like my heart when she left
Osii Sep 17
Where do I go
When you're not around?
I've gotten used to watching over you
That I forgot that I was gonna lose you

I'll stay down for a while
Even if no one's making me smile.
Sunflower still grows at night
I'll sit here and wait for your light

To come back.
Oh sunflower, ever so lonely yet still so loyal.
She is the sunflower in the field of grass,
She stands tall, full of all that sass.

She is the sunflower bright and tall,
She is a firm sunflower that won't fall.

She is the sunflower that will change the world,
She will scream and shout and she will be heard.

She is just a sunflower in a field of grass,
But she will take a stand and won't break like glass.
Tiana Aug 29
a little ray of sunshine
with a sprinkle of happiness
Can be found even in the darkest days
At sunflower gardens
random thoughts
Sakura Aug 28
The sunflower basks in the light
My light
And I bask in its beauty
The sunflowers laugh is contagious
I can't help but laugh with her
The sunflower makes me happy
I make the sunflower happy too
The sunflower and I are happy together
Best friends forever
Dedicated to my best friend, Lauren, who means the world to me
Mitch Prax Aug 21
Sunflowers bloom
then sunflowers kiss.
Ah yes,
it's spring
That I've missed.
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