Anaya c Jan 12

every corner of my mind
blooming sunflowers
every time
i think about you

exposing myself
hindrance Jan 8

you were my sunshine
i was your sunflower

i mean, you were my lifeline
and i filled you with power

and now that you've left me you shine just as bright
but don't you know that flowers die without light?

Eryn Jan 7

On the first day of school they asked for two random facts about myself. I come up blank, because I am to consumed by you to remember even my favorite color. I let myself revolve around you over the span of months as if you were the sun but really you where just a collection of Broken stars roaming around, searching for something you didn’t know you wanted, a solar system dedicated to you. I was so devoted to finding beautiful scents to fill your lungs I forgot how to breath and When I realized my lungs were malnourished It was too late. I look for myself I but all I find are reflections of you, the things that used to bring me joy are masked by the smile that convinced me it was all worth it. I feel broken but it does not matter, because at least you will be shiny and new for the next girl. The next girl. The girl who will put Daisy’s in her because you love Daisy’s, The girl who will undress for you, the girl who will cry over you, the girl who will breath only when you ask, the girl who will be a chew toy for when your mundane life is no longer enough, the girl who is enough. I am not that girl. I am this girl. This girl standing in front of a microphone scared out of her wits, this girl who doesn’t know if she is ready to say yes, this girl whose hands are perpetually shaking, this girl who is afraid of her reflection, this girl who is not dresses by herself but by her insecurities, this girl who loved you, this girl was not enough for you but surely must be enough for me. I finally remembered what my favorite color is. Yellow, not because you were once my sun, but because yellow is the color of sunflowers, and I really love sunflowers.

Mikhaila Jan 6

I am a sunflower
I am the Son’s flower
pollinating the earth with the seeds of joy

I am a sunflower
I am the Son's flower
bending but never breaking under the strength of the wind

I am a sunflower
I am the Son's flower
regrowing a generation focused on self-growth rather than world-growth

I am a sunflower
I am the Son's flower
shedding tears for the hopeless, feel, and the weak
for the ones who don't have the strength to grow
for the ones who need just a tad more sunshine
for the ones surrounded by drought
I shed tears in hopes of giving them joy, hope, life, and happiness again

I am a sunflower
I am the Son's flower

Umi Dec 2017

The soil gives birth to beautiful flowers,
Therefore can it be called a "mother" ?
I asked myself this question for hours
But without a semen it wouldn't bother
It would be lifeless, water is the only thing it devours
Oh mother earth, your beauty fascinates me
Oh dear Sunflower, have you found your special bee ?
Pollination is important, otherwise there wouldn't be flowers
Oh cloud, give us your water, so we can grow, we can see
Until winter arrives we will be filled with glee

~ Umi

tye wilt Nov 2017

consider the sunflower
with her black eye
watching the bees buzz and dance

with a sort of eclectic wonder  
in the way she lazily sways with the breeze
as though she was floating

and, always, with an eagerness to listen
to the song-like preaching of the sun
wrapped up in the curled grass

or the way she hangs her head
at the early signs of dusk
when the sunlight goes swimming off into the horizon

while the moonlight stretches its black robes over the field
as she settles into a melancholy
waiting for the dawn to return.

Mane Omsy Nov 2017

Those yellow petals
On plain water
She cried all night
I never met her

I couldn’t erase
Those moments
Her lingering
Shy pretty face of her
Beautiful yellow flower

Like the sun was
Always on her
Gorgeous round eyes
Cheeks of cotton
Never forgotten

The princess
I could’ve runaway with
The sunflower
I could’ve watered
Until my last breath

HelloPeople Oct 2017

A sunflower looking for its sun,
A candle looking for its match,
Stick with whom, with you?

A moon looking for the sun,
A bee looking for its queen,
Sizing things up, with no one?

A sun waiting for you to bloom,
A match waiting to be lit,
Upside down, back to you.

A sun waiting to be found,
A queen waiting for its honey,
Bunch of thoughts, I'm alone.

For my person. I miss you.

As bright as a burning flame
Forever generously giving
Salute me with open arms
My beautiful sunflower
Always facing the sun -
I pray you never look down.

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