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Stephanie May 6
of all the vibrant colors
yellow had been invisible to me
all the other had gone withered
but yellow breathe back life into thee
and I, a sunflower with a brown center
had never noticed the yellow in me
I am shining in the amidst of lonely winter!
my petals have endured strong winds
now I can see, I am stronger than ever,
no extreme weather shall defeat me;
for I am not just a flower
I am a mighty sunflower, I will not wither.
Proverbs 31:25
Abigale May 5
The sunflower glows
with morning dew, as brightly
as the sun shining
Ilonka Apr 24
I want to swim in a field of sunflowers
and die in a sunken yellow garden,
reborn as the sun and light your day.
missanthropic Apr 16
A sunflower with a drop
of oily yellow so feeble
but one gets lost in the
happiness it brings

I haven't ever known
a happiness similar to this.
In the days of my childhood,
I used to sit in a room alone
with the vast pages of words and alphabet

I've learned them so well
Yet no matter how I arrange
I'm not convinced that I can
Properly express all of the things
I wish to say to you.

At sunset, when light fades in to darkness,
the gray that spreads around makes one ask,
'what if the moon wouldn't appear tonight?'

I've learned that the moon, it always appears.
But if you turn your back to it
You will miss the small things that it shines on

Like the sunflower that has been planted
from the coldest of all the winters
and from darkness of all the odds
have put against it in lack of sunshine

There, it waits.
Plenty in solitude and
protected by solace.
Ready for you to water it
and teach the warmth
of the world that you have provided,
so it can bloom under an autumn moon
From the perspective of a fictional character I've created, this was a poem drafted after the character, who was supposed to be infertile, found out she was pregnant. This was how she presented the news to her partner. The sunflower representing the child.
I always liked blue.
It’s strangely comforting
To see a color
That feels like you do
I never liked yellow.
It hurts
To see a color
That feels like you wish you do

I met you
You made me something I never thought I could be
You’ve always liked yellow.
I see sunflowers
I think of you
Arianna Mar 11
"I planted a kiss on your lips,
and watched it bloom."
Whisperer Mar 7
I'm just a sunflower
In a field of roses
Waiting for someone
to appreciate my petals
before they start withering
I'm yellow between all reds, still you don't notice me
i wish i could be buried in the winter
with the bones of the old hounds
below the broken windowsill
in the garden of my old house
where we grew sunflowers
where i lay through the summers
beneath the swaying branches
wishing i were someone else
home is a **** you keep to yourself
home is a **** you carry
Pyrrha Feb 19
I think asking for a soulmate is too much
Perhaps I should seek instead a kindred spirit
I'll find one along my journey across the sea
A fellow traveler, wanderer, foreigner
Someone else who sees the beauty in the little things
Who finds their passions in what others deem to be lesser
They will be like a sunflower in a rose bush;
A willow tree in a forest of redwoods

My moth amongst butterflies
Daisy Feb 7
You are a sunflower
Stand tall
Let your limbs reach down to the earth
Feel grounded
Feel happiness
Feel peace

You are bright colours
Greens and yellows
Against blue backdrop skies
Feel proud

I am a sunflower
Whose colours have faded
My limbs droop and sag
Feel uprooted
Feel anger
Feel war

I am dull colours
Blacks and whites
Against grey backdrop skies
Feel defeated
Then bleed your heart out into the night sky
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