xak 2d
he called me
his sunflower
when he said that
my petals never shines brighter
Do you ever stop and think
I'm not just trying to be cheap
with these words that I speak?

They're everything that I wanted to say
but you stole them away.

And I know I can't stay
but how do I leave
the girl of my dreams

Do you ever stop and think of me?
Well I've been thinking of you
with everything that I do.

And all the words I wanted to say
you'd just throw them away.

And I know I can't stay
but how do I leave
the girl of my dreams

you know you make me scream
but I'll be crying out in vain

you know you'll make me sing
the song without a name

Burst out in a curse at the wind.
Do you know how it feels
to be the only one to see?
Forever really is
the longest time.

Now I know
I've gotta live a life alone.
But it's not what I wanted.
You've gotta know that I wanted

we have to give it a name
but i don't want to get attached
let's give it a name i don't like
i don't like jelly beans
lets name it jellybean
James Humigas Jun 24
I found sweetness
It is in your sleepy voice
It is in your smile when you rejoice
I've been staring at you

I found courage
It is in every daring step you take
It is in every hard move you make
You've been challenging me

I found wisdom
It is in your decisions
It is in your convictions
You've been teaching me

I found happiness
It is the scent of your hair
It is in the moments we share
I've been dreaming of you

I found meaning
She dared
She cared
She mattered
Annie Jun 7
Those eyes
Those damned eyes
As much as I hate to admit
They give me butterflies

If I could
I would want you to stop existing
I am feeling all these emotions
But I swear I'm resisting

You're not even the last thing I want
Not someone I would trust
I have to stop thinking
I know that I must

Isn't it crazy?
To fall for someone who looks like a heartbreak
But you make me want you
My mind goes numb, my hands shake

I guess it's okay
To think about you sometimes
Just to make myself satisfied
I tell my heart all these lies

I can see it in your eyes
The wilderness speaking for itself
The assurance that you can get anything
Like a game, without any help

I really want you to know
Not everyone is easy to buy
I don't care how pretty you are
If behind my smile, you can't hear me cry

You're fire –a beautiful fire
And I'm not ready to burn
I am more than what you see
But I notice, it's none of your concern
Lily Jun 7
I always wanted to be a writer.
I wanted to be able to take my thoughts and put them In words, take the Spirographs that are my thoughts and follow the constantly over lapping lines, but it’s so confusing
So messy.
You see I wanted to be a writer,
but every good writer has had a trauma, some sort of thing they went though, I thought I needed that to be a good writer,
In fact I wanted a darken past.
I wanted to be a wilted willow in sunflowers.
You see I asked for it.
You see I always wanted to be a writer,
I basically asked for it.
Mia Taljaard May 25
I can't walk and I most certainly can't run
But I will always turn my face to the sun

My petals may ruffle and I might look rough
But I grew up strong and I grew up tough

Around my face most would say sits a crown of royalty
But the poets and the writers would know it's a show of loyalty  

My clothes sprout out every which way and all around
Not in a spiral hold that makes me look like I'm bound

I might have bent and I sure had my fall
But now I can stand strong and I can stand tall
And did I tell you
about how the
you painted on my skin
crave for you
every morning
yet the winter
never ends.

Where are you, my sunshine?
eli Apr 24
when you left you took my broken soul with you
leaving me with nothing


you took it all
leaving me numb

you took my broken soul
now it cant be fixed

i could've fixed my soul from some love and happinesses
but i cant anymore
you took everything away

i write poetry
trying to feel
but how do i feel without my sunflower soul

please give it back
i know you have it
please let me be happy
like a sunflower

but how can i be a sunflower
without my sun
you took my sun away
my brightness
my light
my everything


how can i ever be mad?
you once made me so happy
you were once my sun
you were once my everything

but soon you became my moon
the most beautiful moon
but the moon doesn't work for a sunflower

so no
i'm not mad
i just miss you
i want my broken soul back
i want my sunflower soul to be whole again
i want my sun back
even if that sun may not be you

i just want to feel.
eli Apr 20
sometimes you want to give up
the thoughts fill up your beautiful sunflower soul
you begin to think is it really worth it
you let the voices in
"you're worthless"
"stop trying"
"your fat"
"you're ugly"
the voices begin to chant
you slowly give up
you stop swimming in your pool of thoughts
you drown

but then the water slowly begins to disappear
the voices begin to fade
the demons leave your head
and your sunflower soul becomes whole again
you can do this
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