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The night is young,
the night is ours.
Hand in hand,
we'll steal the stars
and all the lonely sunflowers
with no sun to face.
wee coccinella
xanthic petaled pedestal-
penny for your thoughts
10/6/2019 - Poetry form: Haiku - I saw a ladybird/ladybug sitting on a bright yellow sunflower. She sat so still for so long I couldn't help wondering what she might be thinking! Copyright © Mark Toney | Year Posted 2019
Ally Sep 16
a sunflower smile
on this windy sunny day
with hope of some rain
lua Sep 12
A single sunflower
Its brothers and sisters have withered away
But it continues to rise and grow
And when the time comes, it shall bloom and turn its head to the sky
To follow the sun.
Nikki nashon Sep 10
Who am I in the eyes of most people;
A flower, something more dour?
In my eyes you are a flower.
You've always been a flower,
maybe a sunset.
You are my sunflower.
Just like sunflower,
you followed him
just like they followed the sun.
I once killed a sunflower
by giving it too much water
and I read somewhere that that was beautiful,
because it meant I didn't know when
to stop giving.
But tell me,
all-knowing poet,
where is the beauty
if the end result was death?
flowers are so, so lovely
and so, so mortal
sand drifts down deserted beach

leaves float off once vibrant trees

lashes left untouched on cheek

curtains shut the bright sun bleak

endless hours of midnight sound

bruised knuckles on dark wood pound

sound of sheets sigh on mattress

second-hands strike drum and miss

misspelled words, soft spoken steps

lonely rose, the last one left

no air in two burning lungs

dead garland on mantle hung

dust dances for aimless wind

sunflowers to ashes bend

salt vacates a brackish sea

empty woods hold silent plea

never-ending days to come

deeper nights, but brighter sun
you should see the way the

sunflowers swivel to stare at you;

your shadow outshines the sun.

you walk through beehives and

emerge dripping in honey.

haven't you noticed the

sparrow on your windowsill; she

sings her sweet song

solely for your sake,

and the wildflowers that

blossom in your footprints

and the wavelets that ripple

from your words —

don't you hear your name beneath the

rustling of the leaves and the

crackling of the fire and the

whistling of the wind?

if nature marvels at the

magnificent masterpiece you are, then

so should you
YusufKudsi Aug 30
She was different than the rest,  A Sunflower facing the moon.
Trying to grow taller than the rest, to have a voice in a windless field, to be what she is meant to be, when everyone is just the same.
Her roots were the strongest but she was the weakest
How can you blame her when she is just a sunflower facing the moon.
A wild wind took her off, now she is lonley like never before.
All she wanted was to be heard but she was just a sunflower facing the moon.
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