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Heidi Franke Sep 7
The sunshine melts in from the dark.
The summer sunflowers start their  morning yellow glow.
From the dark of nights despair and suffering.
The light of questioning wakes up,
I begin to ask why the pain?

Did I, or do I have the capacity to be optimistic of my will? Over matters of the past?

Shame, denial, self- soothing, trying to escape emotional pain through all varieties of addictive responses to life.

Understanding this new target for my heart, mind, and body gives me optimism of the will while
there will always be suffering.

I ask myself, what is my capacity? As the light rises in the morning I feel more air to breathe in.
Aware of the air inside of me whether in dark or light, carries some vessel of hope
to help ward off the strength of suffering.

I am not the wave. I am the ocean. The womb. Conceptualize
the possibilities in this morning dry landscape,
before abandonment. Conceptualize having what you need. Ease and compassion enters. Possibilities move through with ease and healing is within reach.

The capacity to heal needs warmth like the morning globe of light.
Reflecting on addiction with conversation between Deepak Chopra and Gabore Mate
Isa Jun 16
the desire to unwrap your ego, imagination, and ingenuity
drives me to heights I have not seen.
as I can't look at the ground when I search for you, but always looking up high above me.
you are a flower on a hill.
a tall sunflower, always reaching to the sun and its stars.
sunflowers don't look down away from its sun,
for looking down destroys their shine.
it is why you do not see me, looking up at you while you look to the sky
don't look down, you'll wither
jerely Jul 2022
Beneath the skin of my words
I am confiscated by the time of my own revealing self
But then again my love for my lover
Depends on the season that change through all
We will let our lips sealed in the air of slippery sky

No words could tell how much we love each other
Nothing is special but its been on my mind
Always that we folded each others arms
We both hang-out together
In the deep day or night that fluid embraces the silhouette dreams.
I love making an art o f my love poem

Ginn Mosxa Jun 2022
I admire the Sunflower
Who faces that Flaming Star
And grows despite the burning
Who stands tall amongst the weeds
Radiating light
Even in the harshest rains
I wish I could hold, such beauty as the Sunflowers in the Summertime
N Apr 2022
I am turning blue
as the days go by,
and soon I will start to fade

But before I do,
I wish to write about all the
shades of colors I used to be

How I turned bright yellow when
I saw her face every morning,
as a sunflower turns lovingly
to worship the burning sun

Alas, I am no longer vibrant and alive
The morning sun blinds me,
and your face only brings me pain
Darina Forgacova Mar 2022
Nothing washes your big sin
Enemy, you shouldn’t been
And arise in such a scene

We pray today for you, Ukraine
Our love for you is like a chain
Of our thoughts and wishes

People of Ukraine, we are with you
Now and then, standing in queue
We are on your side and help

We believe in your bravery
Like dove is symbol of peace
Sun flower is symbol of cease
War and arise new day bright
Bright days for you children

We stand up for you, Ukraine
Thinking each minute on your pain
We stand up for you each day
And fight for you freedom
Glory Ukraine.
N Jan 2022
Tell me, does the night go through
you with its aching loneliness?

Do you think of me when
you see a wilting sunflower?

Do you see my face when
you hear the word longing?
Seeds lay on pathways.
No such beauty than right here now.
Light this season up golden.
Mitch Prax Aug 2021
I can sense you
in every sunflower-
in the scent of every petal,
the sweetness of the pollen
and the colour and light
you radiate.
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