Ron May 8
Wanna sit on beach somewhere
Cold drink, without a care
Not a thought in my mind
About stress or self doubt
Just alone with some time
Enough to clear my head out
Gotta sort through the mess
Sort the trash from the treasure
Amanda Apr 30
I lost a lively part of myself somewhere
I am all alone and incomplete
Longing to feel whole once more
I give another piece to you, will history repeat?
History is doomed to repeat itself
shall we meet
if only for the first time
though I feel we have danced
in times past
in the life I still live
in these fields of gold
songs that haunt me with their beauty

yet somewhere
over that rainbow of dreams
I sense you wait for me
when Autumn leaves fall
how dare I love a spirit
I do not know
yet it is my conviction that we are bound somehow
in time
after time

awaken me
in those darkest nights
in the absence of purity
before my soul is taken by the abyss
a whisper is all I need
whisper the word from that song...
oldie - slightly revised - I was motivated to write this piece after hearing Eva Cassidy' s version of 'Over the Rainbow' which she never knew became a hit in England as she passed from cancer without ever having a record contract. She was offered, but they wouldn't allow her to choose her songs, so she refused to sign. She grew up in my town.
Audora Mar 17
There's always a light in the shade somewhere...
I gaze at you, belonging
Your eyes become my song of hope
I see within myself all that can be
And I dream bigger dreams than ever
I only hope you transpose this feeling
I wish to compose together someday
A simple picture brings a smile that lasts all day. I see in you what I see within myself. I think of you often, idly wanting if only to share your company.

I am bereft of my own curiosity wondering if you are simply well. Your dreams and goals are equally important to me, and I wish you only successful. Oh, what I'd give to share those strides forward with you, side by side.

I want for nothing but to care for your heart. In well hands, I wish to grow; to bloom, with you.

If ever..
Irene J Feb 7
Love is like the wind,
you can feel it,
but you can't see it.

Love is wide as the ocean, too wide until
we are lost in the middle of the sea udders.

Love is like a season,
it comes and go,
and change circumstances.

and I ask myself,
Why is love created?
if only to feel and cannot be seen,
if it leaves us in the middle of somewhere,
and if it only to come and go and never stay?
This is my first poem and why I decided to keep writing poetry.
Sudipta Maity Jan 26
Not for the sake of long outstrip, in lieu of affinity.
Not for the sake of anger, in lieu of affection.
Not far away, today I am far away.
Don't have that glad of touch.
Don't have that air, full of her smell.
The wet air of monsoon call me today with long breath.
Glimpse of lost somewhere.
LexiSully Jan 25
My vagabond heart skipped with every step taken,
As if the wind whipping around the trees whispered, “Go find your ‘Great Perhaps.’”
nanda Jan 5
in a void of noise
in the in-between light
in the border of shadows
in the verge of tears
in the corner of a smile

i am everywhere and no where
i cannot find myself
i cannot find meaning
i look in the mirror
sunburnt skin
deep chocolate eyes
dark mane and sharp lips
i see nothing behind my eyes
no spark

i am somewhere i donot know
donot recognize
my heart is the only constant noise
and the only memory left
on my impaired brain
is you
feeling empty
Josh Overson Dec 2017
I know you have a lot of things in motion right now that'll change your future.
And I love that.
Keep moving forward.
I'll meet you halfway.
Somewhere sometime.

But I know you don't believe in long distance.
Keep moving forward.
I'll meet you halfway.
Some other place, some other time.
You are time.
Invented, designed, defining divine.

I'll just hurt people...
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