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Neha Sharma Jul 21
"I don't love him anymore" , my mind convinces me.
But still he lies somewhere inside my heart.

~your smiling queen :)
I still love him.
Tess Jul 20
I feel like I’m in a dark room
Without light or a sense of direction
I used to be scared by the infinite gloom
But now I know you’re somewhere in it

from pillow talks
having pillows only to talk with,
somewhere we mature...
from more than friends
just friends
somewhere we lose our self esteem...

After a long break felt like posting something
Huxley Web Jun 10
I want to go there
Where the trails are boxed in with trees
The only sound being birds telling stories
I want to go where light doesn't pollute the sky
where the stars can be seen for miles
I want to go where the snow is endless
powdered and light and easy to fall in
I want to go where the days are short
but the nights are long.
Jon-Luc Jun 1
Somehow as I learned how to speak, I lost my voice.
Somehow as you taught me to love, I lost my heart.
Somehow as I stayed up for days, I was well rested.
Somehow as you held me in bed, I was so restless.

Somewhere is where I want to be, I was found
Somewhere is where you met me, I was lost.
Somewhere is where I cried, I was happy
Somewhere is where you found love, I was angry

Something is what I needed, I had everything.
Something is what you gave me, I had nothing.
Something is what I hated, I loved.
Something is what you are, I hated.

Someone is all I am, I know
Someone is what you want, I forgot.
Someone is what I need, I am not wanted
Someone is what you are, I want you.
Bad Vibes May 29
It's all just words.

I don't really have anything profoundly intricate to say - everything I write is just a stream of consciousness jotted down on a note in my phone that I load to a website anonymously hoping someone, somewhere will see it and feel something.

MAX castro May 25
Let's go to a place
that we don't know.
Take my hand
and never let go.
Just the two of us is all
that we need.
Baby your love  is all
I can keep.

Let it snow,
let it snow,
let it snow,

somewhere else
No more snow for us!
I want summer!
Dream Fisher Apr 26
You can watch the world tick,
You can watch the sun tock.
Spinning to infinity, trapped on a big clock.
Time never tells when your pendulum stops
Breathing to be leaving only a breath behind.
Leave behind a legacy, holding onto what's mine.
Only to realize that nothing is mine
Just a ticket to the gate passed living lines.

Life slips through fingers like a blur,
Conversations twist into a slur,
But the rain is sweet around me
When I leave, let everything be as it were,
It's beautiful by mistake,
It's beautiful with magnificent purpose.
Let it exist and keep greed away.

Don't tell the kids not to play
I know more accidents happen that way
But so do most of the memories.
We create rules to stay safe,
We create rules for kids to break,
Somewhere in that a friendship for them to make.
And if we all make it home
We can laugh it off along the way.
We can laugh it off along the way.
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