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Aŧül Apr 12
I wanna reach somewhere else,
For I do not belong here,
Listen to the silence of my panic.

I scream at the top of my voice,
Still, no one listens there,
Maybe I'm an alien here by choice.

I need a panacea for my ills,
A cure for my SADness,
Maybe then I won't get chills.

******-Affective Disorder,
Its SADness destroys me,
Maybe I lack love in my life.

I really need a loving wife,
Who values me enough,
Maybe such a Naari is imaginary.

I am very hopeless in life,
SAD, but not suicidal,
Maybe I have a bigger destiny.

I carry the burden of my past,
Still, I need some love,
Maybe happiness seeks me too.

I am unaware of a true lover,
Who can love me more,
Maybe she exists only in my desires.

I hear that everybody deserves joy,
But I don't know why, but
Maybe my Karma is a bad accountant.
My HP Poem #1923
©Atul Kaushal

Naari is a Hindi synonym for woman.
loggi Dec 2020
There is a bitter taste
Pressed to my mouth
As I sip my tea.

There’s a thought that’s lives
I wish to drown out
But can I ever cede.

All this has been steeping
And it’s now too strong.
I’ll have to deal with it.
Kimiko Jan 24
Isang Lugar
Kung saan
Walang Katungkulan

Wala ni isang
dapat gampanan
o dapat tularan

Malaya kang humakbang
sa pampang ng pinagmulan
Ng walang iniisip
o pagaalinlangan

Huminga ka ng malalim
At wag ng ipagkait
ang pangarap **** minsang Inukit
Na Tila ba'y ika'y naging malupit

Tama na, Tahan na
karapatan mo ang kumalma
ibigay mo sa sarili mo
ang dati'y wala na

ang maging masaya..
ang maging malaya..
sa sariling pagakakulong
ng wala ni isang
Be kind to yourself
Q D Malcolm Oct 2020
Go somewhere else where I can see you
Go somewhere where there's light on the
Somewhere where there's the calling of
Where their clamour floats like plankton through the
And you are sitting under the linden
On the spot where you feel most
Between two big
Where do you go?
Nylee Jul 2020
Someday, somewhere
we'd meet
you'd see my face
and ignore me.
Like those who know me do.
“His fingers wake, and flutter up the bed.
His eyes come open with a pull of will,
Helped by the yellow may-flowers by his head.
A blind-cord drawls across the window-sill . . .
How smooth the floor of the ward is! what a rug!
And who's that talking, somewhere out of sight?
Why are they laughing? What's inside that jug?
"Nurse! Doctor!" "Yes; all right, all right."

But sudden dusk bewilders all the air—
There seems no time to want a drink of water.
Nurse looks so far away. And everywhere
Music and roses burnt through crimson slaughter.
Cold; cold; he's cold; and yet so hot:
And there's no light to see the voices by—
“No time to dream, and ask—he knows not what.”
Irene J Apr 2020
Somewhere beyond the sea,
lay a no man island.
Hidden with a mystery
no man dare to reveal.

The sound of the waves
keeps on sweeping me away
from the land,
taking me to somewhere,
with no destination.

And then I know.
Somewhere beyond the sea,
there is hope,
with a hopeless dream.
TIZZOP Dec 2019
true inspiration is hard to
find since inspiration will
find you

don't you sleep ever again; you
could miss something
a DEEP attachment... check out youtube: OFFICIAL Somewhere over the Rainbow - Israel "IZ" Kamakawiwoʻole
Smiling Queen Jul 2019
"I don't love him anymore" , my mind convinces me.
But still he lies somewhere inside my heart.

~your smiling queen :)
I still love him.
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