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Kai Jul 2019
relaxing and loving
for laying in bed
all day every day

chill beats that flow
over your ears
and your tired soul
Seanathon Apr 2019



Splashing Sounds

The way
You shuffle me

The way
You fall

On me
And all around
Brandon Mar 2019
Set I
You don't really call on me like you should
Dial my line and I'll roll through your neighborhood
We all have problems under this hemisphere
But you persevere and smile so fierce
I know your circle doesn't want smoke with me
Because they trust we can go all the way
He broke your trust, trust me, is all I say
It's okay you need someone that's calm and patient
Someone who's never okay being complacent
Who's honest enough to check you in the wrong
Does the armor on your skin belong?
Won't you be my plug?
You could be the one
Like Summer Walker, start with a handshake
And eventually, I'll need more than a hug
Let's vent late at night with Pink Moscato wine
Open up to me about these emotional crimes
All that you're missing; this late night attention
The best combination
To feel empathy is ultimate satisfaction
Communication is not meant for one side
So, do what's best for your mind
I think girls need a little something for everything. A genuine person for starters. Cheers to finding that special someone!
Brandon Mar 2019
Set I
I don't want a friend
I want my life in a pair
I'm the one to always make amends
Miscommunicate and impair
Show me why life's not bleak
With them I know I can't compete
I see it as you look at me like I'm someone else
That's a potent drug in itself
Oh well, you can't see
So don't follow me to the bottom undersea
Where I'll be slow dancing in the dark
Follow me and you'll end up in my arms
At the seafloor, we'll find a path to embark
As long as we have the keys to our hearts
We can swim through any current to Montreal
Let me be the one to hold you when you fall
Have you made up your mind?
Do you know what you want and where to find?
I don't need any more mixed signs
Immaturity begets emotional crimes
You ever find yourself slow dancing in the dark awaiting the spark of happiness that takes the form of a lightning bolt? That bolt that'll give you that missing piece that's been absent from your life? Yeah, me too.
Seanathon Mar 2019
This sound is like volins more gentle than snow
Like starlight twinkling, streaking and cold
Like hair strung strings on the breezy frame of a chello
Like the earth axe tapping at copper and coal
Like the most beautiful rain on the blind boys face
Like the artist envisioning the most timeless of place
Like the linger puddle with a glimmering sheen
I find this song goes beyond all that once was serene
What's it gonna take
To keep you alive
How much can I take
Out of this goodbye

What's it gonna take
To make fall asleep
Rest assure that
The heat's in my ear
Keeping nibbling
Pinch on your cheek
What a flirt
Brandon Jan 2019
Set I
My closet is full of obscure sorrows
How do you give CPR to a heart that's hollow?
I wish I had the desire to care less about things
This inception came from people cutting my heartstrings
This monkey on my back won't loosen my grip on life
Its claws gnaw into my back like a corkscrew knife
I've made too many fumbles near the end zone
I doubt the success in my life with emotions I must condone
Once upon a time, I played life loosely
I cut off my ears and was deaf to the wise
Life's tsunami washed me away from paradise
Cutting off core friends sunk my heart acutely
I treated my life as a volleyball game
Kept everything weighing me down in the air
The risks, the lessons, bounced freely in the hands of others
It was only a matter of time before I was betrayed by my brothers
Before I blamed my failures on everyone else
Without examining my dysfunctional intellect myself
I tried to rely on others; I was left in the ocean to wallow
Learning from my actions I pieced together a fragment of sorrows
"the desire to care less about things—to loosen your grip on your life, to stop glancing behind you every few steps, afraid that someone will ****** it from you before you reach the end zone—rather to hold your life loosely and playfully, like a volleyball, keeping it in the air, with only quick fleeting interventions, ..."
I wish that you were like one of NASA'S
Prime, starry, space-bound satellites
So that when these tears fall,
You would locate the source
& Curse a thousand words coded in binary
To spill out, sugarless, filling an organized void.

And before you ask, no, this void is not my brain
Because despite claiming I don't know what to say,
I am not speechless, but rather,
A hundred words combining a second chance
That I am afraid I will pick an unforgivable combination.

Our hearts are not lock and key,
No, they are skies full of passing clouds
That never seem to be able to stop touching,
Whenever they find each other's company.

I fear you will take these eyes
And shatter them like glass orbs
When they bend light
Just so that you can say that I never saw it in us, too.

Never saw the countless times
You've lost your footing
And landed in my arms because
Touching each other felt like the
Warmest thing to wake up to.

You've no longer a stray whisker,
No eyelash on your cheek.
The stars aren't even out tonight,
And this is all adding up.

There is no more of a chance
To make a wish upon us.
And tarot card after tarot card,
Each petal off of a daisy
Will never educate me again
On whether you love me or not.

I fear there's another world out there
One you've already seen;
A city you've fallen in love with,
And I can't even hitch a ride to see you
In a town I still adore.

I've known from the start:
There's something about you.
But I can't tell if it would hurt any less
Than to give it up
And say 'we gave it a go'.

I want to know that you can see me, still,
With the same eyes
You would fall into a trance through.
And I'll keep writing letters to you
On my bones
Just to know that you can finally see:
**You're in my core.
this was really dramatic but i'm lost and in love >_>;
Raino Jan 2018
The nights drags on
Lost in my thoughts
Listen to lofi songs
The mind is a healthy fruit till it rots
I lay here awake
Thinking of everything
Every possible mistake
About my future and and my past really just anything
The night fills my head with hopes and dreams
Wheres the knowlege that I lack
Is it hidden in time with bigger and better things?
I'm on a knowlege train trynna get on track
Picking up all the peices of my life
Trynna not to get bitter but better
Hoping to put together something right
Its time I switch around those letters
All I got is all I need
I'm only human
I'll always bruise and Ill always bleed
Imma changed man
With a PEACE of mind
And all this came
From a restless night....

— The End —