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Jay M Sep 18
I was found
A flower of purple bloom
Alone, in a gloom
Until petals of yellow
Scent soothing
Took root not far away

After time
And months of rhyme
She whispered
To the yellow bloom
Said that there was no room
For the two of us

"Wild violet"
I was branded
Called a ****,
Said to be slowly
Choking out the yellow bloom
That in that garden
There was no room
For a vile ****

Alas, a **** I was not
Am not
For I am a flower
Nothing more

Call me what you want
Drop venom where you please
My voice perhaps stolen
My leaves torn by your
Shaking hands
Fists in the air
But I hold in
A thousand words
To battle your chaos
Cast away
With every attack
Like leaves to a blower

I won't lie
That's your job
Cruel gardener
Pick all of my petals
Shred my leaves
Pull me by the roots

Still I shall stand
No matter the swinging
Of your crazed trimmers
Snipping away

Though far away
I shall stay
Just a memory
Fueling your chaos
Growing a wall of thorns
Dripping with blood
Around your proud bloom
Of yellow light.

- Jay M
September 18th, 2020
Read it with a mind and heart as open as the sky, and step out of the confines of your own perspective. See it, and feel it.
d Sep 13
every colour of the rainbow reminds me of you
my love
I cant get you out of my head
violet oh violet
that dark night sky
the stars you made me see
the love you made me feel
blue as I am
when all hope was lost
the misery and helplessness
that great anguish
red why red
rage, eruptions
fury as such
like we never knew we could possess
white pure white
how heavens seem
angels and God
gave me what I needed
my peace at last
I can't get you out of my head
and you tell me how much you love it
Paylei Rose Aug 19
A lavender sprig
A violet growing in the wild
This colour purple is all around

It makes you calm
It makes you sincere
It makes the world complete

We see these colours every day
But think, what if they didn't stay?
Amanda Hawk Jul 22
Hushed apology
silent tongues cry loudly
lies are painful sounds
My hair is longer
than before
But lately
I want a little more

so bring the dye
and bring the paste
I'm feeling purple
so hurry before it's too late

'that looks kinda red, Ash'
Erian Rose May 20
her eyes shielded the pain
under ocean waves
setting dusk of sunset haze
she saw the world
at a different side of things
hybridstorm May 13
Give me your hand love,
I have been noticing,
the way you have been fading into the darkness.
Cry your poison away,
I will lift up your scars to the heavens,
I will turn your blood to gold,
I will love you relentlessly,
For I am your ultimate friend.
Make bonds within yourself deep and thick. Be your own teacher, friend, and lover. Realize the purity and serenity of the ****** aura around you.
lua Apr 15
it came in a flurry of pink and blue
my cotton candy days
of swirling colours down the length of my spine
down the length of my throat
pooling at the base of my feet
lilac tears and a blurry violet haze
puffing like smoke before my stinging eyes
and disappearing without a trace.
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