Annett Aug 5
Meet me under that violet sky,
Dreams and wonder in your eyes.
Let us dance and hold on tight,
Laughing deep through the purple night.
I can hear your sweet sighs,
As you gaze at that royal sky.
The atmosphere is orchid cream,
Your velvet voice a lilac dream.
Dipping toes in a crystal stream,
As you sing the stars to me.
I attempted to rhyme
the sun
leaves the earth
with bright red,

preceding seemingly endless darkness.

only to return
with splashes of
pink and orange

giving rise to yet another beautiful day.

- v. m
your favorite colour is back after a few months of nothingness
Dream Jun 25
Roses are red , violets are blue

Look im in love again,  
but this time its not you.
Delaney Jun 19
I have a friend.
She prefers geometry
And I prefer algebra,
But we get along just fine.
Sometimes she goes to talk
To my advisor
And I go to talk to hers.
We criss cross in the halls.
She can make her arms flow
Like they’re butterfly wings.
She reminds me of a flower.
Sometimes she remembers things
That happened in the past
And gets nervous.
Her hands shake.
But it’s okay.
I let her squeeze my hand numb,
Until her jitters go away.
She walks on her tip toes
And the bottoms of her
Feet are worn in.
Her hair is four times
Thicker than mine (we’ve measured),
And her waist is two sizes smaller,
But we understand each other.
The crevices of her that
Other people do not reach,
I have made a home in.
She let me dance with her, once,
In the dark in her house.
We flowed to the rhythm of
The classical music playing on
The radio on her nightstand.
One time in English class
I described myself as bubbly,
But I think it suits her better.
AIA May 19
Mass is not proportional to volume

A girl as small as a violet
A girl who moves like a flower’s petal
She attracts me with a force greater than her mass
Now, I
am like Newton’s apple
Rolled and fell toward her unstoppably
With a thump, a thump

My heart
Keeps bouncing between the sky and the ground
It was my first love.
Ps. This is written by a Korean Poet named Kim In-yook. I knew the poem because of the Korean Drama titled "Goblin" or "The Goblin's Bride" it was a hit Drama in Asia. So if you are curious of what the drama is, just watch it. Thank you.
PPS. I just posted this here to share it to you. and Again, Kamsahamnida! :) ♥
Summer Gold Apr 20
Is the look of loyalty and satisfaction
The color of a favorite sweatshirt I wear everyday
Very royal but yet so sweet at the same time

Imagine the smell of fabric softener
And that is what violet would exactly smell like
So clean and soft

A soft little bird call is what you would hear
The call high pitched and soothing to the human ears
You could hear it from miles away

Violet is always reaching out to you
Trying to be friendly

- S.G.
Xan Abyss Apr 4
Its 8 o'clock at night but the sun won't leave the sky
Within these valleys, you will find, abandoned houses, caves and mines
And yet in all this time,
Ever since I was a child,
I never realized getting lost
Could be worse than loss of life

The sunshine waxing, waning
Like shades of purple in a painting
I sought out the water to find my way back to the trail
Somewhere along the way, my mission was derailed
I tried and failed to find anything but this Hidden Hill

[This was before the time of GPS so I had no clue where I was
and I strayed further from the passage home than I ever had before...]

That was when I heard the drums
10 beats echoed all around
So loud, but where did they come from?
So loud, but who made the sound?

I set out to start climbing
The hill that sat behind me
Following my footsteps just to find a place I recognize
Once I got up High Enough to see for Miles and Miles
I realize that I had no idea where I even was

That was when I heard the drums
9 beats echoed all around
So loud, but where did they come from?
So loud, but what made the sound?

I should have seen the highway to the west and I should have seen the ranch to the east
I should have seen the river at the bottom of the valley or my house on the hill at least
I turned around in circles thinking maybe I was lost, and it wasn't 'til then I got scared
I couldn't see a goddamn thing anymore
Because none of it was still there

I checked, it was almost 9
The sun hadn't budged from the Eastern sky
I used it's burning purple light as a guide
to find my way back to a place more civilized
I arrived at the base of a hill and started climbing
Back turned to the smokestack, billowing behind me
As though for my life, I raced against time to reach the top of the hill
And lose my mind

And that's when I heard the drums - 8!
Louder now, all around
that's when I heard the drums - 7!
Louder now, all around
That's when I heard the drums - 6!
Felt the hours melting down
That's when I heard the drums - 5!
Felt the hours melting down
That's when I heard the drums - 4!
Something's coming for me now
That's when I heard the drums - 3!
Something's coming for me now!
That's when I heard the drums - 2!
I had to find a way back out
That's when I heard the drums - one!
Or find a safe place Underground

I marked every tree with an X
I sharpened the end of a stick
I had no chance to get a grip
Before I ran for my life and tripped
Slipped, fell, hit the ground
And finally the Lights Went Out

I stood there in a clearing, surrounded by a forest
Thick with trees on all sides
Each and everyone had an X carved into them
And the sun hadn't moved in the Violet Sky

I found a cave to hide in, it hadn't rained or snowed in days
So I decided to make a fire, and try to forge some semblance of safety
But something is attacking me
Something that I cannot see
And when I heard that final beat
the Smoke was in the cave with me

Such violence I discovered beneath the Violet sky above me

There was no hope for survival, so here's a word to the wise:
The journey is ill advised, to roam alone at Twilight
When the moonrise is full of sunshine
It burns your weary eyes
& the magic you find will cost you your mind
In the depths of the viole(n)t sky
The violence lies in wait there for us
Underneath the Violet Sky

Such violence I discovered beneath the Violet sky above me
Such violence I discovered beneath the Violet sky above...
My band is writing really long songs now.
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