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Mia Kuhnle Sep 23
In the sinful garden I was aroused,
My toenails dug into Earth as the yew to the moon
Crouched with legs lambent of the blue glow.

I clawed and sank into the abyss the edifice allowed.
Violet sky and clouds abloom
Crawling towards its moleskin bound and sewn

****** stained and fig darkened
Our assemblage of sentiments sank
Into the fire-molten pit below.

Further into the soil beneath, pressed with bark and--
Ages of space that left some pages blank.
Your sharp mountains of ink through soil began to show.

Alas, I beheld in its fullness, a body which beat I stopped to harken
A tremor my arms, hands, and fingers began to make
With a gust of wind, brush of limbs, the dust away was blown.

Cuticles gushing red as I clung to our words, but away with a night lark.
After that short mirage, off my knees and into the sky I flew
My heart bare and untamed, as the soul from the skin under the moon.
J'observe depuis mon télescope
Au-delà des nuages
Ta photo qui sautille
Et je suis les courbes, les points et les lignes
Et je trace des figures imaginaires
Les constellations
Et soudain tu apparais
Ultra Violette
Entre deux ciels
Tu me fais signe
Et m'invites à danser
Et je te suis comme ton ombre
Je retiens mon souffle
Je plonge dans le mandala
De ton champ de Cinabre
Je viens à tes côtés
Je m'ancre à tes eaux
Je suis ton lama, ton gourou
Et toi tu es ma parèdre, ma  bouddha
Ma dakini souveraine
et je te déshabille en dansant
Et je déboutonne une après l 'autre
Les étoiles couleur aubergine
Qui composent ta constellation.
C 'est une constellation disparue
Que seul moi puis voir.
Il m'arrive à l 'oeil nu de t'apercevoir
Au détour d'un rêve comme en cet instant précis
Et la musique résonne si forte dans l 'espace
Je vois tes lèvres bouger mais je n 'entends rien
Mais soudain tes yeux hurlent
et tu me clignes ton nom en morse :
dash dot dash dot
dash dash dash
dash dot dash dash
dash dash dash
C, une longue, une brève, une longue, une brève
O, trois longues
Y, une longue, une brève, deux longues
O, trois longues
T, une longue
E, une brève.
Ainnoot Jun 28
So violently violet.
I’m a bruised discolored soul.
The grass looked so green
when I was blue,
but not every light means go!
Halsey had a lyric that said

“You were red, and you liked me because I was blue
But you touched me, and suddenly I was a lilac sky
Then you decided purple just wasn't for you“

I thought it was great and wanted to play with the theme of color.
Anastasia Jun 6
She was standing in front of me.
I could reach out and touch her.
She refused to look at me.
“Please… Just tell me.”
I asked her.
She still didn’t turn, but I heard her sigh.
She said.
“Because you, are beautiful. You hold the stars in your hands, lightning in your head, the moon in your eyes, and all I want to do is to touch you. To hold you. But I always have to stand behind a fence, a wall of glass. You hold the stars in your hands.”
Her voice started to falter.
“And me?”
She asked, as she slowly turned around.
“I am poison.”
She said as I saw her violet eyes,  brimming with tears.
And she jumped.
a short story i wrote a while ago. someone liked the one i posted so i dug up some of my other similar ones for them. hope u enjoy <3
Laura Labno May 2
Homes Go. Prepare yourself
Be Ready.

Who can keep them. Some can.
She wasn't "Some".

(Homelessness circulated
In her blood.)

She told her: Youll have to built
everything on your own.

Piece by piece, in a storm
of Cries and Laughter.

(But her legs were restless and
her hands did not want to build.)

Fluctuation of her spirit wouldn't allow

She believed it and yet she
Felt Sadness


Cause she loved the place
And Them, And Him.

And some loved her too
In their foolish naivety, a belief

(That she'd Stay.)

But some shades of Violet
Do not stay.

Don't Love Violet, Don't Love Violet
Don't Love Violet.

(Violets heal and then Go. So Do Not Love).

Just prepare yourself.
And Be Ready.
Kyra Apr 20
Roses are red,                                    
                        ­    violets are blue,  
        no one saved me                                              
                                  no one saves you.
what does make the heart laugh?
dancing as it flies with angels above

what do the ears hear melody?
as they were at music party

what does the eyes saw beauty
even it was *****, it sees the ability
to convert it into very funny

the love makes the birds sing
cover the wild into moderate
the spirit flies always with light

sees green  sees violet
the love when enters heart , makes everything sweet and smart and it vanish the fear and hate. the birds are singing everywhere and the roses appear. the sun shines
Rox Apr 1
Violet Valley
Violent Valley

In unison
a painted progression

Seen to the point of intrusion

In a cloak of mercenary wander
A violet valley
of a crimson dawn

Drawn from scarlet billows

Where I seethe
Into a prison I saw
A vision blurred from yours

Under the heath of an adolescence
comes a lapse of time
in a spiritless essence


Unsheathing itself
In the beds of silence
the voice of a cobalt rebellion

Freedom stricken
Gaslit onto your lips

The index of incendiary

Rearing fruits of wonder
Where knowledge is set without bound
born from the dusk
of a violet valley

No truth knows where it has risen
For curiosity is kept unkempt
inside obscure tides

of thought from yours to mine.
Kevin Feb 23
Do you ever notice when you brag,
       When you intentionally talk,
About how he comes over

The poison that stings,
        Drips from your hidden fangs
How the violet drops on to the floor

Unwavering heart of glass,
Became shattered pieces of hope
         The dreams too distorted to realize

Never did you notice
         When mine walked away
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