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Two hearts bound,
Twining round
A thorny vine.
It's yours and mine.

Two hearts bleed.
My guilt, your greed.
You took away
My yesterday.

Two hearts kiss.
You longed for this.
I stood my ground.
Now we are bound.
Why are only the morbid poems natural to me? If I try to write something happy it just seems forced.
Jay M Oct 22
It's as though you are out at sea
And I am bound to those cliffs
Staring out, hoping
Waiting for you to return to me

- Jay M
October 22nd, 2020

Tie the knot
Tie the noose
Wrap your hands around my throat
So I know we are through.

Lay my head on the bed
Through my eyes, all I see is read.

In love and hate
In truth and lies

I hate that I needed you.
I hate that I wanted you.

Grind the words into my head.
I'll make sure to count every last thread.
I feel the void to numb the pain

But in the end, what's to gain?
In your hate
I found new love..
In the truth

I found true forgiveness.
Here we lie
Knife to throat
In a coffin built for you.
It's one of my personal favorites
Josh Overson Aug 25
.After I blind my eyes, you will see for me
When I close my lips, you will speak for me
As I cover my ears, you will hear for me
If I bind my limbs, you will move for me
The way maker, Jesus none greater...

Hold me when I’m slipping over the line
When I’m about to fall, and lose my life.
And won’t You let me put my heart in her hands
Know that I understand, to follow Your plans.
Where you’ll be shaping, and making me.
Now Bound to You, I am free...
Committed to discourage he says “hey.”
No reply from the deepest eyes
Better that I don’t think twice
They love the outside
The inside
The lies of suicide,
The cold knows sympathy
A place inside a place outside
Set in place when we die.
Simon Jul 13
Logic isn't logic if it's forced down your throat! Which is exactly why logic can't protect itself against its own reasoning when forced to do something it's never to have been done ever before, since an idea's very conception!
Sometimes logic pieces things together that isn't always "perfection"!
Amanda Jul 9
In case I have not said it enough
I love you and need you to know
I'm always here for you brother
A fact I don't always show

Just give your sis a chance to improve
Try opening your critical mind
Instead of putting my problems on display
Like laundry strung on a clothesline

Two siblings turned out so different
Close in age yet still grew apart somehow
But realize we're not as different as we think
Comparing both lives then and now

Sometimes wish we'd see eye-to-eye
Walking down a separate road
Shadows darker than yours it seems
My company you've all but outgrown

I remember you'd pick on me
Because I was younger and smaller
You still bully me around these days
Only change is that I'm a bit taller

I am not the little girl you're used to
I often behave that way
When I get mad or frustrated
Emotions too large to convey

It is hard to say what I really mean
Words come out sounding insincere
If I loved you like I swear I do
Wouldn't even be standing here

Believe me when I say this much
You are my favorite brother by far
It doesn't matter that you're my only
Because I am so lucky you are

It must be special
The bond we share
Our hearts through distance connected
The hurtful comments hurled my way
Were concerns you misdirected

We were born
Bound by blood
Pact we unknowingly made at birth
If we both strive to excel and succeed
We can show everyone what we're worth

I will try harder
Text and call you
Make it a choice instead of a chore
Wish I didn't take family for granted
Because you definitely deserve more
To my older brother Michael
I opened my eyes up to the sky
The only beauty there ever was
I drank up the stars when I looked at them
Felt myself floating away in that stunning  chaos

My only bound was that of gravity
Prying me away from the life I wanted
He pinned my arms to the ground
Apart and away from the chasm dotted

I wait for the day he goes to sleep
The day the string finally snaps
The day I soar away from this life
From this draining and clinging remorseless trap

When I fall in the abyss, I will finally smile
Awe-stricken, the void of swirling colours
And I would fall and I would soar
And I would live with this love I discover
Erian Rose May 21
He'd give her the constellations
bound amid every flower
to hold her close
Voyagepoetry May 19
Swishing , swooshing , swirling around,
My thoughts scattered without a bound,
Trembling , rambling, rushing to dream,
I heaved reality away,for my soul to gleam.
Mike May 14
Star Bound

Society, sobriety, entirely, I’m finally
Not in denial, my smirk is my smile
No coasting or boasting, no time left just get toasted
Rampaging pages, no waiting in cages, lately impatient

I’ve been standing dismantled, thoughts scrambled, abandoned
Pursuing soothing illusions, mirages emerge influent
These terrors in bearing preparing on perishing
Common ground sound, vibrations deterred losing renown

Bracing the wastes, enticing the tastes, priceless the chase
Overencumbered, numbered the days I have left to plunder
Decisions are rampant, listless the canvas, incision the campus
Unveiled are the plans to ensnare, hail to the king of the fail

Spots on the rocks with my scotch in the locks
Pretty, petty, steady confetti, embezzle the Getty be ready
Losses, no life lost, eternally embossed, drained and caustic
Fires burn urging to earn, no concern, my place in the stars

By:  Cosmik
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