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Once upon a time
I used to believe
no simple matter
for nothing I'd grieve

But a heart that's been bound
with silver and lace
what goes around
secured and in place

She knew me to well
and understood much
that I'd go too ****
for the beg of

Her touch
Like a caress, found on the road
nothing greater too miss
like giants
we strode
in need of
a smile and
a kiss
Reminiscent of the way your voice resonated in my ears as you sang to yourself softly.

You caressed my neck with a gentle strength,
and the compounds of time dissolved as the moment took control over us both.

In that moment, I was yours.
Not quite strangers, but not yet lovers,
just two longing humans in each others embrace.

Bound to you by the frequencies which emanated through each one of your fingertips,
surging into my body,
next into my psyche,
and finally then— my soul.
Latifah Mar 7
Life is a ***** sometimes
One that you can’t get rid of
For you’re bound to be her’s
Merciless, She hits you out of nowhere
And the thing is
you’re not meant to be aware.
serena Feb 11
you are bound
to pills and powder
drive a little faster
sing a little louder.

you are bound
to pipes and speed
your nose bleeds
satisfy your need.

you are bound
to girls and love
they are your greatest poison,
or lack thereof.

and you are bound
to the thought of me.
because in your dreams,
it's me who's not free.
i am still bound to you.
Sarad Maharjan Dec 2018
Hurt me good
Hurt me bad.
Its all the same.
Things never seem to change.
In the end I'm all alone,
Can do nothing
but just wait for all this to end.
Chris Dec 2018
Of everlasting wars

Bleakness surrounded by
Weakness in blackest form

Serpentine flows of
Glowing rivers by waterfalls torn

Rebirth in broken heights
Take this body thrown
Plunging off the edge
The state of mind
Individuals blind & bound
Sutherland Dec 2018
I walk blindly through beauty.
I numbly touch its fur.
I exhale its fragrance.

To drift is to be sure.

My vision is cut short,
that of a pin,
cut down.
Brown is my vision,
defined by the words within.

between the two,
I am.

Stability in the binding,
the spine, I bend.

The cover, my beginning.
The back, my end.
I wrote this poem from my perspective of a person in a religion. How they limit their interaction with the world around them because their bible doesn't allow them to see it.
Em MacKenzie Nov 2018
Of all the words I never got to say
there’s still three that haunt me to this day.
They’re plaguing my skies to turn them all to grey,
I wonder if you ever would’ve felt this way.

I’ll make this cryptic so it stretches it out real long,
less descriptive but the message still stands too strong.
But it sounds so light that it’s become a song;
You were right, you were never wrong.

Of all the feelings I still have these in my chest,
weighing down the muscle slightly above my left breast.
First I thought it a lesson but now I believe it’s a test,
to see if I can beat my head and get some rest.

Read between the line,
when I say that I’m doing fine,
and try to translate my foreign sign,
if you care enough to devote the time.

I’ll make this cryptic so it stretches it out real long,
no intent to be vindictive but the time has come along.
My fear; I’ll fight, even though I’m too headstrong,
you were right, you were never wrong.

She said to always look at the stars
especially the ones that shine so bright.
I’ll keep the memory for my reservoirs,
but the constellation was her in my sight.
You weren’t wrong, you were always right.
Xaela San Nov 2018
A-N-X-I-E-T-Y, that's how you spell your name
When we meet you sweet talk me to your game
Anywhere I go, you go, when I run, you chase
Never letting me sleep in a peaceful place
As you held my body to the ground
And with your silent whispers I am bound;

A-N-X-I-E-T-Y, is how you spell your name
And all you can do is to mislead and tame
Me to listen and follow your whispering commands

Never letting me climb the ladder to my dreams
As you constantly cloud my head with your internal screams
Reminding me how worthless and incompetent
"myself" to the "world" I live in
Then never letting me move forward to where I wanted to be.
*own experience*
My reaction was
To his overture
To set me free;
Bound I was.
I could not be free
Till the traditions
Binding me
Weren’t destroyed,
The stream of emotions
Had not dried,
And, the path to ****
Wasn’t left open.
I told him
I could never be free;
Perdition I couldn’t relent.
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