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EpiPen Oct 9
Follow along ...
the porcelain doll fell from the wall
And when she cracked...
It all came back!
escaped in vapors
Seeping into the wooden floorboards
Like oozing wounds
And **** from sores...
Putrid the smell
Straight from hell
Now loose from its porcelain confines
The binding inscriptions
Are Your worst fears
Your deepest convictions
Your frightened tears
Dollie’s secrets and admissions
She heard your payers and your childish wishes
Also your sins you whispered into
Her tiny white ear
Yes she could hear
And you had forgotten
She know your true black heart was rotten
Scary Toys   This was written from an image prompt  try it!
Maria Etre Oct 8
Sometimes the memory of you
bleeds through
the ink
Elle Brookes Oct 5
Come dance with us.
All glowing skin and long hair.
Come dance with us.
You with your gentle touches and sharp eyes.
Come dance with us.
With all your deep cutting love and laughter like a coyote in the night.
Come dance with us.
Bearing your toothy smile,
Offering your kindest words,
Compassion dripping from your mouth,
Blood dripping from your hands.
Come dance with us.
Terrible dream last night, the next installment of
a recent nightmare in which I'd killed someone.
Sense of dread that I couldn't shake, couldn't
remember who I had slain, but the motive
was to conceal some crime I perpetrated.

When I woke up I couldn't remember anything
about them
other than their gender; it took me
so long
to convince myself it wasn't real.

I don't understand. I know
nothing worse
than the concept of taking life from a human.
It disturbed me deeply, such a thing

invading my sleep.
We talk during the day
And prowl at night
Donning our costumes
To prey on tv shows
No matter how many
Cute girls I meet
I will never forget
The ******* who raised me
To my best friends, who, despite what the years might say, I have known since the beginning.
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