The Judge 4d

In the darkness of the night
I see her body rise.
My ears pick up a faint noise
as I hear the townfolks cries.

I steal the blade of my sword
and don my trusty cloak.
Hoping that the former
will not find any blood to soak.

But all through the night,
I hear the banshee's cries.
But she'll be the only one screaming
for she's my sword's bride.

Sorry bout the long wait guys, I've been really busy with school and honestly forgot this site existed. Hope you enjoy!
Toni Lane Feb 27

Black and bruised cats are collecting in the streets
as they try to hide from the two-legged monsters,
Onto the frigid ground these felines lay so sweet.

Now, these cats are innocent beings, but the world still sees
these rulers of the night as demons, the haunters.
Black and bruised cats are collecting in the streets

to pray for poor Lulu, once a gentle and upbeat
stray, now nothing more than a beaten piece of meat, a goner.
Onto the frigid ground these felines lay so sweet.

These two-legged fiends thirst for the warmth of blood, to defeat
the plague of evil omens these cuddly harlots seem to foster.
Black and bruised cats are collecting in the streets

sick and mangled from the Devil’s calling group, two-legged deceit,
what was thought to be love was in truth, an imposter.
Onto the frigid ground these felines lay so sweet.

A fluffy body hung from the balcony by a copper cable marks the ritual complete, the black tufts of fur serve as a reward to those monsters.
Black and bruised cats are collecting in the streets,
Onto the frigid ground these felines lay so sweet.

Nateive Son Feb 26

+Dedicated to BusBar Dancer+

Hey Jack!
(That's the monk sitting next to me,
Year bein' 1492,
scribbling his scribe like a mad cat high on the 'nip,
Quill dippin' like a hardcore pornographer,
Just let out to vote in his first election,
Since goin' in the joint for THE WEED possession)



I wanna tell the lie and be a good boy,
I wanna tell the lie and be a good boy,
I wanna tell the lie and be a good boy,

So that I can live forever.

In case you missed it:
Light House Jan 24

The old, wooden door creaked open with only a gentle push,
& into the haunted house...
the young boy stepped.
Into the dark -- apprehensive -- yet bound by a promise of sorts.

"Ghosts, monsters, bad guys,
                      ­                    ...beware.

Call this my prayer.
On this I swear,
no matter the sky, clouds, or quality of air -
rough, raining, grey, or fair..

I'll venture into each lair.
I'll skin wolf, cat, & bear;
I'll triumph dare after dare after...
& I'll after, then stand
having survived
every scare.

I can snuff out the night,
make it vanish from sight -
along with greed, doom, & blight.
For I was born in the light
& baptized in waters of white!

No matter your wall,
no matter your fight.
No matter your bark,
no matter your bite!

                               Bad guys beware!

Into this haunted house I shall venture;
into its dark I shall go...

                                   & through it ----

I shall find myself, again!
& burst from its back..
..a champion!

Bad guys beware:
I am righteous!
I do not bark (I roar!)
I do not bite (I end!)
Now, enough talking.
I have come
the candy! Trick or treat."

...And so,
the young boy strolled back from the house,
with an over-sized bounty in sack.
Overjoyed; he was proud of himself.

Oh but then.. the young boy's
eyes caught sight  of a young girl clothed all in white,
dressed as an angel of sorts: strangely terrifying, but yet, quite bright.

& suddenly.... !..just like that...
neither the candied treasure
or fortune, nor glory of conquering
a castle, dungeon, or haunted house
longer mattered..

Beloved "gold" fell to the ground,
along with the forgotten sack,                     as the two ran off
                                                                         like wild-children
into, through, & far beyond

                                                                             ---- the firefly----

A few more edits to follow.  Working on something else tonight
Branden Wheat Dec 2016

An accumulation, followed by silence.
Lights like a switchboard, ghosts still hung.
The candy bowl knocked over.
A rearrangement turned into a walk around the dim echoes of a neighbourhood.
Kids were still out.
Grass mended into the dour moon.
Costumes were glued shut.
Each yard felt like cinderblocks.
My eyes glossed over and became silicate.
Each pumpkin tripped over was another smashed.
The wrappers flew down the storm drain.
The yolk dripped into the garden’s leaves.
The rose drooped.
Harvest has ended.

Charity Warren Dec 2016

Surrounded by my brothers
And yet I am alone
We grew together, weather storms
And cuddled amongst parched leaves
We are strewn across the fields
And forgotten till our day of glory

A sense of knowing
But no word crawls out our lips
Of the impending doom
Our beautiful ending
It is a painful thorn
And after our disastrous use
We are baked into a mockery of shame

Coming from a single seed
We are born together
yet die apart in unison
Surrounded by my brothers
At least until our end

Robin Carretti Dec 2016

Trees like dark coal wimpering white ghostly
bare dull lifeless Life's cruel wicked costly
Chattered teeth hearing the sound's
He shifted so close desirable
( tasty mound's)
The stranger  Billy dont B fool joker
  Dark-love complicated Damn it Choke her
Deep-house music strangled rope  seated,
Did someone touch a nerve dead-beat Harvest-hair
Trembling through your  Rocking Chair
It's still rocking and speaking
Elevated you deadly crumb's of a row
Blood was dripping
Someone's eyes pop-out fixated
Dark brain felt poluted foggy white chalked
You were being watched EYE'S stalked
Rows and Rows Cosmic dark Gothic
Webs caught in webs black tears
Being followed drawn in face hallowed
Loud drips from the sink discolored
Wrinkled Hand's Slime Sticky
4 your long neck Nasty trick-y
Rocky-Road Ice, Emerald city eye's melt
into his poppy,
He's no lover of mine cheaply.

Amanda Newby Dec 2016

All my potions turn pink
Like my tongue
After too much candy.

I can't bring myself to prick my finger,
Let the blood bubble in the mix.
I can't handle newt's anything.
I can't even balance on my broomstick.

I am a bad witch.

People are afraid of me,
But's that's mostly my lipstick shade.
My pale skin
And sharp teeth
Aren't seductive,
Or menacing.

I speak in tongues
And girls wink at me!
My hexes are beestings
I am beat.

Nothing helps rejection
Like a little hair of the dog.
Maybe cat whiskers, too.

Or apple cider,
If you can't handle
A proper witch's brew.

Spiders shy away from me,
Bats blow on by.
Cats don't cuddle up to me,
My broom can't help me fly.

And then I see her.

Hair like cobwebs,
Nails like fangs,
Candy red lipstick,
A sugar rush in my veins.

She put a spell on me.

She repressed a grin,
Barely bared her teeth,
Squinted her eyes,
Put her mouth near my cheek...

She whispered to me,

"Your hat is floppy,
Your elixirs- what rot!
Your call is sloppy
I like it a lot."

She gave me a kiss,
Turned me into a witch,
In supernatural bliss...

Now this is real magic.

Thomas Newlove Oct 2016

In a world where horrors lurk on every corner
When terror's found on every news report
When violence is celebrated at the movies
And death is seen by elders as a sport

It's no surprise that Halloween is hip
That costumes and liquor are our daily bread
And that the "scariest" 'guise people can think up
Is a sexy, whorish version of the dead.

Note to self: should probably change the third line to "When violence has become the new world order"
J B Moore Nov 2016

Tonight is the night, be it All Hallows' Eve
One filled with fright most refuse to believe,
For deep amongst the shadows, silently lurking,
'Tis a terrifying creature, his jagged teeth smirking.

Thou hast all heard of demons, and hast battled thine ghouls
Whilst this terrible beast watcheth with hunger and drools.
It's spittle, like acid, can burn through thine flesh
Making thee so much easier to digest.

No name shalt be found for a creature so foul
That gobbles up goblins, and ogres disembowels.
Dost thou think that thine lanterns shall frighten it hence?
Oh foolish man, it shall consume the light thence.

It standeth hunched over, twelve feet in height;
Stalking thou, watching thou, waiting for night.
It cometh from deep within the forest, as the moon wanes
His fur smelleth of death, his claws favouring pain.

He shan't be stopped ere his hunt is over
Yet he only hunts the thirty-first of October
Take ye heed, then, and hear the warning of the raven
For this beast is coming, and from him there is but one haven.

He preyeth upon the weakest, and the one full of fear
So stand fast, take courage and in another likeness appear
Put on a mask, as treacherous as can be
Conceal what layeth within, do not let him see

Or else you shall be taken, beaten and devoured
For this beast prefers to torture just to see thee cower.
So please, take heed to this warning and believe;
Thou art only safe if thee wearest a mask on All Hallows' Eve.


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