Angie S 2h

in eons the Earth
found the means to create
a wonderous world populated
with lush forests, rippling oceans,
and life bursting from every corner

and yet, the planet
still spins in the same direction
the moon still
borrows her light from the sun

then tell me
what's the use of
wishing on shooting stars
they've seen every unchanging moment
they know each story ends the same way

the flowers i've planted
have never bloomed, nor felt spring
all these years i believed
with enough water i could do

perhaps i need to
plant my flowers elsewhere
or perhaps i should
accept this broken universe

i want to thank the hello poetry community for being so supportive of my poetry over the past month or so. a lot of them have trended and the comments i've gotten are so nice! maybe i don't get as much feedback as other poets, but it's okay :)

my whole life i've tried to fix things
but doing so has broken me

You were one
Of seven stars
In the sky,
Bleeding life into
The endlessness.

Until you gave
Your last breath
And left us with
Six stars
And a beautiful death.

And the stars make love to the universe.
Under my breath, I breathed a curse.
Furiously, I rubbed the rainbow off my wrist
maybe if I ignore, all of this will be just a bad dream.

Still I know, my heart beats,
my heart beats for you.
Yet you, sitting with a book in your hand,
eyes focused on the myriad of letters and sentences, the stars in that little universe, the stars in your book,
while the whole outside universe is forgotten.
You are in your own universe
and I stood on the outside of the universe, silently watching,
silent cursing because I didn't want my heart to beat for you.

I cursed because
the stars make love to the universe,
yet I'm not part of your universe.
I curse because
you are so out of my reach.
You are my star,
yet I am down on earth. I look up at the stars
I look back at my star,
and I turned away.

I let my head fall on my desk,
hiding my face, while I contort it, while I use those imaginary scalpels and tweezers to fix my flaws, while I use my invisible vacuum to suck out all these feelings and lock it deep, deep within me.
I raise my head once again,
waking up from the anesthesia,
and I turn away.
I watch the stars make love to the universe in my head.
You sit beside me, silently reading while I sit beside you,
silently cursing.

Seema 1d

Laying on the ground
Watching the sky
Mind picks the surround
While glimpsing up high

Another earth, another universe
Similar beings, like on earth
A galaxy full of planetary diverse
Is there another place of my birth?

Weird thoughts rush in my brain
As I close my eyes and float away
Catch a shuttle as my train
And out to look for another way

In the space, its darkness around
None familiar like our own
So many asteroids aggressively surround
My shuttle suddenly sucked and thrown

Another world, another place
No earth but all looks same
My radars down, shuttle at race
I soon realise why I came

The emptiness of this new find
Parallel planets, yes I survived
If only I could go back and unwind
With many tries I thrived

Eyes open, watching the sky
Shuttle sucked out from my mind
I left the other place without a bye
It's not my home, not my kind

Where I am now, is better already
I would live here than to find another
Life is well fine pacing steady
This universe is good living than the other...


nim 1d

I thought he was perfect.
He's got the cutest smile, a handsome face; yet not too hot so other girls would steal him.
Smart, aces the exams without studying, too.

Clever, cute, loyal to death and loves me, too.
What more could I possibly ever wish for?

The thin layer of sweat covers his body, glittering in the last dusk's breath.
Sparkles of silver are in his eyes, as if God himself got down on Earth to pour galaxies in his wooden eyes, which are prospecting me.

So, what's the missing puzzle?
You love him, don't you?

Then look at you.

Gazing at the reflection in the mirror, quietly standing.
I look at the dark circles under my eyes which are expanding, following my nose line by the parallel.

Then I look at my nose which I've always hated; the uneven line, like the messy sea in sky's rage.

Then I look at myself.

And I rage, too.

So where's the missing puzzle?
Why does he care?
Why do I?
Ah, youth - well you wore me thin,
And, by the skin of I teeth I'd almost felt something.

So there's the missing puzzle.

I even showed him how I look without makeup. I showed him my madness and my crazyness which would shoo any man away.
Why's he here?

I'm not perfect like him.
And I can't stand, oh, I can't stand the pressure.
I look at my curvy body and stretch marks, lining my legs and showing me my fight with life I'd quit from for another reason.

Why me?

And now,
The mirror's smudged with blood
And I'm sitting on a lonely chair,
A lonely soul, in a lonely room,
With a lonely mind in this lonely world.

I don't know love no more.
How could I?
I take out the mirror bits from out of my fist, silently observing.

Then I look at me.

The face of a disappointed warrior with a long past of fighting her own life,
And it might seem dramatic to you,
But I've had a lot of things on my mind
Which you wouldn't find on the normal silver plate.

I'm not perfect, nor I plan to be.
I see through the lies caused by the love veil, and I choosed to rip it off, but it's not falling down.

And I'm afraid,
I'm afraid if I stay;
When will he
Take it

A simple love story.
Billy 1d

A wish of an old star
Its life reminiscence of the universe
The light no longer blinding
But dim and cold

It says to a young star
Bright and full of life
To never take the cosmos for granted
And to bring warmth to the galaxy

The old star whispers
That It is nothing
But past light to be released
As a supernova

As the young star looks upon
The last stardust of the dying star
It finally realises
That life has so much more than it seems

The love of a woman
Is paramount to life, as he breathes it
One must die to oneself
Before rapture takes over in copious amounts
Inside an embittered heart
Where a mind of morbid thoughts rely on
The earth revolving around its axle
As the soul seeps heaven lost to a physical realm
Forgotten are the languid moments
Of perfection not found in this land
Those only held in humankind
The act of freewill
Kills completion of mind, body and soul
Doomed to failure in a world controlled by greed
Supported by power hungry demons
Sent to diminish the goodness
We only find in our visions of Nirvana
We can only dream of such fulfillment
Until we cross over beyond a material world
Where eternal rest seems so inviting
Peace will bring equilibrium
Love will be of a higher quality
O sweetest death...
How I long for you

Is the true love we feel, even possible to live out in this life?
Anna 2d

As feelings get deeper,

your heart gets heavier.

You feel it in your chest.

As they will burst
                 ˚  ·   like a star      ✫ ·    
.       ⊹
    .      ·   
       ✵   in the universe.     
·  .    *     ✦
   .  ✵  

Miro 2d

Look above,
look at this tree growing tall above our heads,
count its hundreds of branches,
see the leafs that flourish and shine.

Look at the clouds behind it,
the thousands of white shades they create,
look at that blue sky,
a charming canvas that changes,
hour after hour,
displaying a multitude of different planets.

The Universe contains infinity.

You see, it all begins when,
despite all you see,
you only want one thing.

Just one thing.

Billy 4d

I think of myself
as a part of the universe
distant and small
cold, yet alive

I think of yourself
as the center of my universe
with me and every living
rotating around you

It used to be warm
It used to be bright
warm and bright
as sunrays in a spring morning

All that left in this hole
where my heart used to dwell
is a lingering feel
an eternal, empty feeling

You are a star, way beyond my galaxy
this is all I have become, all I have
a soulless heart
for a heartless lover

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