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You don't need someone to admire your Galaxy with all the stars and comets.

You need someone who will find the beauty in every black hole and super nova you created. You need someone who loves you in your darkest
Romans 5:8
ava 19h
my sun is a cutout of yellow paper, stars too small in their wrinkled sky. im existing in a universe crumpled and

left to dry– no wonder i’ve got crooked seams. cheap thread and cheaper whiskey will sew up sutures just as well, though, and

                          the scars last twice as long.
rough draft of something i hope to eventually put into a chapbook. alt title: crayon-wax cosmos and paper bag hearts
Of all the places
I have never been before
I carried myself
With weight
Of a million wreath
To reach
Along the endless shore
Under the blue sky
Away from the citylights
That's where
My tears silently
Rolled down
That's when
I looked up back the sky
To start
Healing and blooming
Once again......

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Like piano in the background you were a soundtrack to my soul, a wormhole to another part of the universe where we could float amongst the stars and stall time as if it was ours. Still. Amongst the vastness of it all. I’d freeze in warmth as my name was called.
Terri 5d
maybe in a parallel universe
i’d be finally hers
maybe in a parallel universe
i wont be the one chasing her
maybe in a parallel universe
id get to say the things i feel for her
maybe in a parallel universe
she’d say my favorite three words
maybe in a parallel universe
id get to marry her
maybe in a parallel universe
id get to grow old with her
well maybe,just maybe
in a parallel universe
we’d he happy together
Gazing past the stars,
Not a shooting star,
Not a stationary star,
But something more,
Most people called foolhardy,
For gazing at the sky,
But not when they see the proof,
Flying before their eyes.
CGW 6d
When you come up too fast and your breath leaves you.
Your mind spins round.
Sirens flooding out white noise.
Nothing really matters as you trip over yourself.
Majestic space collecting itself.
Back to the never ending repeat beat.
Eight track dusty film reeled up in my head.
Electric jolt, slap my face.
Reality cracks and the clocks going back.
Little bites at a time.
Free fallin'
Never stopin'.
All the way,
full throttle into the great white nothing.
Into the era of no escape.
I've come to the realisation that our lives don't really matter
Each and every single life of ours is just another dot on a black paper
We scream and shout for intention
We shout "I am different! I exist!"
But to what end?
We slowly change without realising it
As if our subconscience is just trying to find any means possible to stand out
Till every single one of us is a different shade of grey than the other
7 billion grey dots on a black page
And still none of us stand out
We begin to fall in some state of limbo
Searching for broken dreams to cling on to
Or fantasies to day dream about
Its funny how they always ask young children the same old question
"What do you want to be when you grow up?"
Instead they should be asking
"Whats shade of unrecognizable grey do you want to be when you grow up?"
It wouldn't matter if i was erased would it ?
So go on God , take away what you gave me
Cause i clearly don't know how your black paper works and i chose to be white
March 13th '15
Jasmin Jun 12
The ocean carries me as I lay my back to stay afloat
The tranquility, the emptiness, the cold embraced me
Oh dear, it was as if I am held tightly yet freely
As my hands undulate back and forth making silent noises
I heard the wind murmured to my ears, commanded me
To open my eyes and see the unbelievably majestic view
Of the clouds forming a figure akin to mine
Suddenly, the gloomy, dark ambiance magically shines
“Is this real?” It was.
happened to me, for real.

i don't believe much in parallel universe, but it doesn't hurt to write about one.
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