sophia 16h

maybe in another universe,
where the sun and moon
would seek comfort
in each other
every once in a while,
there was an us.

in this universe,
i wouldn't have to wish
upon a shooting star
for you to be next to me.

the only galaxies
i would get lost in
were the ones
in your twilight eyes.

we were nothing,
but star-crossed lovers,
patiently floating away
in the endless milky way.

maybe in another universe,
i chose you,
and you chose me, too.

i'm sitting on windowsills like they did
and now i'm in the same trap
a small room of a universe/
purple fairy lights and the warm glow,
i'm ready to go home to the sky.
a soft death and bad habits to kick
from touching myself to recreate physical touch I don't receive to
crying over the friends in my head and
writing daisy petal eulogies on a deathless flowerbed.
sleeping on them like they're still living.
I'm alone and it's the same as death=
just let me die.


the tides comes in mighty,
wrecking ships and plundering beaches,
it's a blue chaos on white moonlight
and in a few hours
when the sun yawns out of sleep,
the sky shall bleed yellow,
with tides patted to sleep
like a dog that had too much love,

the disarray of the universe
dissolves and resurfaces everyday
like our hearts,
like our lives,
like everything.

Infinite, Eternal black space stretching out
Beyond imagination.

Yet even Nothing is a Something
That Exists.
Even Nothing could create
The Big Bang.

Everywhere we look
Subatomic particles wink and blink
Into Being
Then vanish
To reappear.

We are never stable
Ever changing
In tune
With mathematical equations.

The wonder of it all.
Force, energy, matter
Incredible piles of rock
And clouds of gas.
Supersuns and bottomless black holes.
All indifferent to the fact of their own existence
Until Life appears
Perhaps inevitably
With minds to witness
These incredible happenings
That happen
Until the end of time
If time can end.

Paul Butters

A follow-up to my "Nothing" and "Existence" poems.

In the A.M.s is when I ache the most
The sword in the stone is pulled out and back in every few minutes
Yes, my heart has turned stone cold after the relentless attacks
Yet here I am alive, in flesh and spilling blood, in tremendous pain, in love
My mouth is dry and my head just can't take the migraine
But then when I fall asleep
I get sucked into this black hole that spits me into a universe
A universe far from anything I have ever seen
One where the ache is numbed and the desires are realized
I fall asleep and, to be quite frank, I wish I never wake up
I wish to stay in that universe and never leave
And never go back to my universe
Maybe black holes aren't scary after all
Maybe they're a solace for the lonely
And in love.
Because, who truly knows what universe exists beyond what the eyes can see?


'My heart and other black holes'

stars shine bright,
like the smile that used to be on your face.
millions of them, but there's only one you.
9 planets in this solar system,
but my home was with you.
you were my everything.

upon those stars,
one is falling out of my grasp.
i'm losing you and you're getting away so fast.
there's nothing i can do,
but yet...
what can a two year old really do?
why'd you leave me?
you promised you'd stay.
you lied.

14 years later and i finally understand,
no one could help you.
you were too far gone,
all that's left are broken memories.
bittersweet memories.
you'll always be my shooting star.

Star BG 5d

Words bombard my poets mind,
like particles of matter
floating across universe.

They spiral tickling senses,
to open gateways of endless dimensions.

They spin until finding a home
upon empty page where words do matter.

They merge until roadmap comes clear,
and the eye of the universe opens.

StarBG © 2017

Inspired by Sarita Aditya Verma's poem  Either-Or Thanks Sirita

we are all just tapping in
to our former genius
to reconstruct what life
has washed away.

musings from the acid riddled summer of 2010.

I didn't sleep for three nights
For I could imagine what it will be like
To escape to the woods and hide
You see, it was 3 in the morning , an overnight journey by road.
While everyone was asleep in the bus, I was wide awake
The sight was silent and scary
I was looking at the night sky vary
Vary with pieces of land passing by
And each time I heaved with a sigh
I could see some constants
The moon and the stars and the beauty of the dark
I could see the emerging light reaching out to me from far behind the clouds
I waited for that one light streak
It clarified my doubts and illuminated the land I see
I wanted to fly and dance and see the light streak grow
Grow into lightening and thunderstorm where the stars were visible no more
I could see the moon dimming its glow
There, I realised that it was for the streaks to shine.
It taught me love and sacrifice
I could see the raindrops falling upon my window pane, slipping and changing directions and turning into beautiful patterns of nature.
A graffiti wall was all I could see
I touched it, felt it and yearned to embrace it.
Meanwhile my brain was joining all the dots with imaginary lines
Every part of me wanted to read the message it delivered.
I rested my head upon the window pane, and watched everything passing me by.
My eyes capturing every flashing moment, my brain making a picture necklace.
Now that's the movie I play on loop while letting it out.
With all the ecstatic songs I hum, I see myself on top of the world
I feel a breeze of positive vibes and my hair sway in pride.
I look up at the stars and smile wide
They twinkle with the same rhythm as my heart beat and the only reason why I love long drives
I could see myself blending in with the Universe and felt how it loved me like a daughter.
Everything was beautiful like grey and mauve in water.


Please read this poem and tell me what you think.  I wrote this  on my way to mcleodganj, a beautiful hill station in India . I went there on my vacation. I feel so connected to the nature and the universe now.
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