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Unwittingly I let you fall
and hid you in a verse,
and now I'm still searching for you
throughout the universe.
Nely 23h
This is for who I touched and I wanted to disintegrate on their skin. Whose touch electrified each hair on my body. Whose words echoed between each ear. For the one whose palms faced upwards and I spilled across like the stars with effect and no real cause. I felt like glitter in your hands. I felt like the universe in your presence. You made me the universe before I even knew I was. For those countless nights you made wishes on my stars. For those early morning you gently embraced me when I was dusk. & it was you who cooed my high tides when I was lost. You made me the moon, the stars, the sun, and sometimes earth.
I hope this is not cheesy

for how do i remind
your beauty that hides within.
for how do i describe
and how do i begin.

Your eyes drink my skin
like the first cup of coffee.
it is true
there are daggers in your smile.

Your voice reminds me of a harmonic beat
and its mere thought lulls me to sleep.

The universe melts into your eyes,
as the moon asks
to borrow your light.

You are the air in my lungs
and the words i speak.

Falling for you was not falling at all. It was like walking into a house and suddenly realizing you're home.
They say don't make homes out of humans.
If like charges repel
And opposites attract
You and I are ever changing
Never staying intact

Can't be separated
But really light years away
Meruem 5d
When this timeline is hit,
And the timeclock ticks,
You'll hear those engines clink,
And I'll re-arrange all of this.

Better charge the portal gun,
Get buckled up on the Space Cruiser.
"Wubba Lubba Dub Dub!!"
Let's get out of this universe, Rick.
December 12, 2018 - 01:04

I hope by the time I hit 70, Elon Musk have invented time machines, or I'll be able to go with Rick and travel the multiverse.

Ps. It's more than just Rick's ****** nonsense catchphrase..
I used to think with the snap of my fingers I changed the universe in that moment.
Now the years have passed and it feels as though it was all in the span of the snap of my fingers.
Was it I that changed the universe, or the universe that changed me in the end?
"At some point, I was falling for you and I would've fallen hard for you if I chose to; I did not. I chose not to because I don't want your soul scribbled on every paper I have. I chose not to because of the line I've drawn before it even happened. I chose not to because we're better off as friends. We work things better this way and I don't want you to be heard in songs I would and could compose. I chose not to because it will be hard for me to run away from it, from you. You became an exception to my rules and it had to stop there. You were there to calm my storms, how can I thank you enough for that? But you're not meant to sail through it until the calm shore, which wouldn't last for a long time because I myself is a walking disaster, is in view. I just know that you aren't meant for that. We'll still be under the same sky, together in this dimension apart but we'll still look at the same stars and all these won't matter anymore."
Not a poem but an excerpt from a letter I'll never give.
J 6d
I do not claim
to know much
about the stars
or the universe
or how it works;
but what I do
know is that
when two
celestial bodies
cross paths,
they can either
collide or alter
each other's

Just like when
you meet certain
people in your life.
Just like when you changed mine.
Her eyes, were
As dark as the shades of night ,
As the universe,
Hiding deep secrets inside them.
They were dark but crystal clear,
I could see my reflection inside them.
She comes the blankness between stars
Nothingness strawn through enlightenment
Death has always been a when for Now
Yet like the universe, we persist
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