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ultraviolet to infrared
and all that’s in between,
only you.....
my crescent bearing jewel
who’s pure
as white jasmine

© 2021
dedicated to all who have dared to love
Neelam 6d
A cosmic wanderer on this vast carpet,

With a blank canvas overhead,

A dreamy verdant landscape for

a soul lost in the mighty


Surreal vision of Abstraction.
A human's existence and her perception of the manifestation.
Merlie T Jun 8
Through many moods and moons
I've felt the heart of your soul
moving me like clouds through the sky
A guiding wind to journey back and forth
Love me always through the bluest nights,
like stars shining in the desert.
Bright light backdrops the most immense gray as I dream
of you and you and only you forever among the cosmos
EastWind Jun 3
I fear you like how the sun cowers from the moon, and the moon from the sun.
only to confront each other once before turning away again.

Maybe their fear isn't fear.
It's the blinding look of the perfection that
the sun has on the moon,
The intimidating rays of the sun and so,
the moon shields behind the earth.

The earth,
Like arms to run into
but then again
It revolves the sun. Always.
Never the moon.

Why can't they just collide
The sun, the moon, the earth.

Make a giant explotion in the space and, think about the light it would make.
The rock against rock
and fire against land.

It would be filled with brightness that only the sun used to have.

And now all of them do.

But if they collide,
Then that would be too bad.
I see now why somethings just didn’t work out
I see why people say “hold on”
I’m glad I did.
Because I see you now.

You took your time,
But you are here now
And that’s all that matters.

I knocked at your door for so long,
I’m glad you finally answered.
Please don’t leave
The way you did when I was 19.

Thank you for bringing him to me.
You brought the calm to my chaos
I’m glad I held on to you.

The changes in reality,
The changes in what I believed,
The love I missed,
I now see the paradigm shift.
Healer Jun 2
Hope is so warmly cruel.
It would hold up a lamp in my fiery heart,
And light up my lonely universe.
Being a noble fool that I am,
I exchange my vernal sunshine for the frosty moonlight.
Brett Jun 1
Earth is claustrophobic
Trapped on a spinning rock, doomed to never leave
Celestial dreams these human eyes will never see
Maybe home is the space between, the weight of gravity
And floating through the seams
Cut the tether
Drifting out passed the horizon of dead seas
Major Tom awaits to meet
The anxiety of external and internal exploration
Hugo May 31
I think He danced
I think God danced when his first creation looked up and  smiled
When that first being realized that it held all his love
He must have danced and danced for a good long while

I think they dance
When the universe births a new light in its darkness
When a new star flares so bright even lighter then it's elders
And planets and moons dance in circles around its radiant brightness

I want to dance
Like God I want to be overwhelmed by joy as I dance forever
Like the stars I want to rejoice and dance around perfection
But if I was to dance , I would only dance for her

If i could dance
I would dance to your heartbeat, the rhythm of your life
I would dance to your laugh, the symphony of a beautiful soul
I would dance to your words and dance through the whole night
I would dance for you, for your melodies have made me whole
Rama Krsna May 30
under a torrential shower
of iridescent peacock feathers,
i spy
the cosmic flautist,
whose conch shaped eyes
ooze boundless compassion,
his dusky complexion
mirrors the night sky,
as the twinkling stars
in the firmament
stealthily become his garland

what will he do next?

steal the heart of the next damsel
who comes his way?

start another world war to fight for justice?

or open his mouth to show us the whole universe within?

© 2021
Inspired by a beautiful painting by the talented Nalini Chandilya
Liliana C May 30
Now she sits on the beach, clothes still damp and encrusted with sand; night has fallen. Twilight creeps clandestine, enveloping the sky in a motley patchwork of blues and purples, and pinpricks of stars begin to emerge. Before her, the city sprawls, a Leviathan metropolis of metal and steel; though it is still silent, lights begin to illuminate the skyline.
How do the city lights shine, even as the people are still? She wonders. How much of the world will continue without them?
The cityscape reflects on the water and the scintillating glow of yellow and white blur together before her eyes. Beneath the myriad of stars and the vast expanse of darkened sky, rolling waves wash upon the sand like an undulating pendulum; the steady, unfettered oscillation of the ocean.
It is as if she is the last person on Earth.
There are no people here, not in this floating island of hopes and dreams, this junkyard of precious things, this lonely planet of lost tomorrows. She is Adam, first of her kind, alone in Eden; the Rainbow Snake etching mountains across Country; Erebus first emerged from Chaos.
She could be anywhere doing anything, yet here she is, seated before a throne of stars, watching the ocean – it seems the universe has converged into this single moment.
The gentle ebb and flow of the waves, the wax and wane of an inconstant moon, the changing of the seasons; these all mark the passing of time of a world constantly in movement. The numerous incandescent constellations are but a pale mimicry of the blinking city lights reflected on the water, shining beacons of human progression. However, there is a comfort in their evanescence, the fleeting brilliance of the metropolis, yet faint perpetuity of the stars; she is immortalised in them, written into the very fabric of the cosmos.
I am the universe, she thinks.
She is the child, filled with wonder; the mother, reaching for her babe; the slow lonely degradation of the invisible elderly. She is Genesis and Revelations, Alpha and Omega, where the beginning and ending coalesce into a singularity. She is the culmination of countless, immeasurable contradictions and paradoxes that make up her, and her life, and humanity, and the world, and billions of innumerable things, that in the end bear little significance beneath the majesty of the stars.
It is still, save for the gentle ripples of light refracting on the water and the steady rise of her chest.
Does she dare to disturb the universe?
an excerpt from a short story. haha kinda existential but i had fun. also t.s.eliot is great just wanted to say.
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