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Can you hear me?
Ill ask that question every time
Can you hear me?
Im still here
Asking you questions
Wondering if somethings up there
Some being
But being is too human
Some incredible energy
Shaping the stars
And blowing the universe away
Each and every day
Can you hear me?
Because im still here
Begging you
For some sort of boon
Some relief
I need you
I need to know im not alone
That its gonna be okay
Are you you?
Are you me?
Just us waiting to see?
Waiting to be
Can you hear me?
Calling in the night
Calling from my dreams
Breaking at my seams
Im so frustrated right now
And im not looking for a god
A father
A figure
Im not looking for anyone
Anyone but you
An ancient state of life
Something so deep and old
Older than the earth
Than the stars
I need you
I am just a child
Looking outwards upon your great expanse
As I forever will be
But more than I ever have
Now is when I need you
Can you hear me?
Maybe im grasping in the dark
But i wish there was something out there for me
Who am i
I am a mote of sand
Shifting through
The winding dunes
Of time
I am a scratched leaf
Swaying under the
Whims of wind
Through the vast
Unending brows
Of forests
In this planet
I am a tiny
Drop of rain
Melding with the
Arterial waterways
I am an infinitesimal
Speck of life
Amid the infinite circle
Of an inordinately
diverse life
But how am i
I am alive
I can breathe
I can percieve
By myself
And this is the
Sole reason
Why i should aim
To be contented
With how
I exist
Isn't it
Whether you refer yourself as the Spiral Galaxy Messier 31,
Or the Greek Mythology daughter of an Aethiopian King,
I can be the Stars to your Galaxy.
I can be the Perseus that saves you from Death.
I can be your best friend.
But I understand that Trust comes a long way,
Just lemme know when you trust me enough,
And maybe we can create something the world has never seen before.
For Andromeda
In your eyes there lives a solar system,
but lately my planets are nowhere to be found,
when rotation is closing, do you miss them?
Your eyes tell a million stories, but in space there is no sound.

In your palms I wish to trace your constellations,
I’m sure there’s a zodiac that connects you and I.
Your infinite galaxy can’t be compared to all other creations,
I just want to float aimlessly in your sky.

I’m running out of air,
and I don’t even care,
‘cause darling the universe is you.
My apologies if I stare,
but such a perfect sight is so rare,
oh darling my heart bursts, it’s true.

Stars line her soul,
and her light is brighter than the sun.
All my life I’ve been a black hole,
but finally destiny and gravity has won.

Her mind is the vast glowing Milky Way,
shining swirls of colour no mortal could ever wish to paint,
and it can pull you in, but you already want to stay,
and bathe in the shimmering hues, both bright and faint.

I’m running out of air,
and I don’t even care,
‘cause darling the universe is you.
Burning up as a solar flare,
your light’s ideal, there is no glare,
but darling I’m cursed as the colour blue.

Stars line her soul,
and her light is brighter than the sun.
Even a supernova has it’s own role,
the suction pulls me away but to you I’ll always run.

They say space is infinite and it’s distance knows no bars,
but I know it’s still intimate to stretch to you across the stars.
We can both still see the moon,
and can still feel the heat of the sun,
I know we’ll combine our two galaxies soon,
and make our planetary systems one.

I’m running out of air,
and I don’t even care,
‘cause darling the universe is you.
The shooting stars answered my prayer,
providing a bond and connection we share,
and I swear, if you burst I’ll use stitches and glue,
‘cause darling the universe is you.
Amanda 3d
Awakens to a new day like thousands before
Gone from sight, searches for hope
On the cold dirt she solemnly walks
No trace of possibility in her scope.

"Are you okay?" I long to ask her
Easily seeing she is everything but
Each inch of her body quivers
Lights are off, her heart is shut.

A complex cavern of misunderstanding
Sensory overload dreaded routine
Treacherous image none bothered to question
Screaming child stuck in an eternal daydream.

Starlight mimicking a faint compass
Guiding through the map surrounding
The world gives conflicting directions
Lost in the atlas, heartbeat starts pounding.

Putting trust in uneven difficult terrain
She drags her broken spirit along
A replica of the beauty she once captured
Her touch gentle, bravery strong.

Tossed by foamy waves
In the streets, out at sea
Tired and hungry, long ago spit out
After being chewed by cruel society.

Down and out, no longer expecting
The universe to show any remorse
Bearing her misery alone in the chaos
Oblivion the destination marking the end of her course.
This isn't about anyone in particular although I am the inspiration behind it. This is one of the more vague non-personal pieces I've written.
Elisa M 5d
How can we try to predict the future
If we have no way to measure the current state of the universe?
How can we try to imagine the outcome?
If the mere observation could interfere with the result
No model of life can be completely deterministic
So live life instead of trying to predict it
My life got flipped upside down
Today was the day I finally realized something:
Something that I would get bullied for,
Something that I could get killed for.
I am a minority.
This is me coming out.
"Mom. Mother. I'm straight.
I know this is difficult for you to
understand--No. Mother. Please don't get mad.
It's not a phase.
Mom. Don't cry.
I'm still your daughter..."
That night I got kicked out.
I had to start a new life.
I wasn't accepted anymore.
Why has the world come to this?
Why can't I be accepted as me?

This is the reality that the LGBTQ+ community has to face every single day. This is the sad world we live in. In this day and age, we should learn to accept people no matter their race, gender, sexuality, or lifestyle. Teens get kicked out of their homes everyday. They get abused: mentally, physically, and emotionally. They have to go through everyday life dealing with the horrible reality of not being accepted. This world needs to change. We need to make a change. I'm tired of hearing slang yelled at me in the hallway. I'm tired of seeing my friends getting kicked out on the streets. I'm tired of noticing bruises on people just because of who they love. Let's make a change. We need to change reality.
I can break the laws of the universe

It's true
Everybody can
Everybody has

Even you!

It happens in a special place that exists in the peripherals of your mind
When you look for it it hides
When you think about it it ceases to exist
And you can never find it
But you visit it almost every night

This space is the brink of your subconscious!
The space between worlds and realities!
A singularity, where physical law is a mirage!

On the nights we sleep but don't dream, we visit this place
It's between the day's last conscious thought and the following's first
In this space hours past in faster than an instant
There is no body, soul or mind
There is no void
There is no colour
There is no concept of empty

Pure, absolute nothing!

In this space, the entire universe ceases to exist

We wake the next morning with no recollection.
We know objectively that time has passed,
And eventually the feeling of our temporary transcendence fades
And we carry on without asking

This happens to all of us,
On nights you sleep, but don't dream
And in that space

You can break the laws of the universe
This was an attempt to illustrate the concept of Solipsism, which puts forward that the universe exists only because we consciously perceive it.

Quite mind-blowing.
Callie R Oct 7
Flowers cannot blossom from words of hate
But jungle vines adapt to reach for the sunshine
Even in the silent gloom

We strive in the gold sunlight
We grow from kind words, reassurance, and a simple "I love you."
We survive off the beauty of love.

The love we hold for each other
The Earth
This universe
And the sometimes secret, invisible love for ourself.
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