Ormond 1d

In autumn, leaves fall and here is elegy,
Dry are the woods upon their bareness.

In winter, snows creep as they blanket,
White is the sun as it is sailing on high.

In spring, a melting of blood streaming,
Carries new flesh, a green world comes.

In summer, is a light so still and calming,
All creatures sing as they sit on summit.

Passing through space
In your glittery tail,
my beloved shooting star,
flying as a matched pair
since the last horizon,
We pass milky nebula.
And to my surprise
I saw a bright star
One I swear I’ve seen before
Speeding through the
Purple space dust.
Words never spoken
We traveled on,
As we always do,
but now I know
my twin star
was never really you.


The universe is organized
in a way that is unpredictable,
an alluring contradiction
with the eyes of a madwoman
trapped inside a laid-back cat.
She tries to seduce you, she doesn't move you.
You watch her only when she is still,
calculating and dormant.
You study her, calculating her patterns.
But she is nine separate entities;
Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn
etc., etc., etc.,
and perhaps too many other species to name
yet you may think she is "tame"

It's true that she does less damage
than she is capable of--
test her limits, but remember

the universe has no edge.

my love,
the universe has loved you the most,
she had put all the stars in your eyes
all the sunshine in your smile
and all the moonlight in your skin;
you're beautiful.
and i hope you're aware of that.

the first poem i wrote that sparked the many more,

dedicated to my love, sc.
Yanamari 4d

I stare into the clouded night sky
That shines the light of the sun on the clouds
Via the moon that orbits the Earth
Round and round
Held in by
Just the right amount
Of gravity.
Nothing more,
Nothing less.

I am the moon
That moves on continuously
Seeking something more
But spending time frivolously.
Not moving forward
Or backward
Riding a course almost effortlessly
Weighing the balance of my course
On the moment and not
Resisting the force of the Earth.

I am the Earth
Attracting nothing useful to myself
Losing my health exponentially
My skin scars grow deeper
With the pollution of the bacteria
Ever multiplying
Not even their deaths diminishing
The pain of my barrier being torn
By my internal conflict
And I...
Just float.
Orbiting a greater body than I.

I am the sun
Feeling not the heat that is embedded
Within me
I question
If I can really feel anymore
Even though my skin is warm
My core still fusing,
Emotions clashing within me
So much so that my body
Distances its core
From the surface
And I forget to worry
I expand so far
And then collapse
Into myself
And become a void
Sucking in emotions
Because I lost what was left of me.

I am the universe
Full of mystery
Full of dark shades
And galaxies plenty
Many planets,
Stars and satellites
That whirl and whirl
Into sight
Or disappear in a black hole.
I am the universe
That continues to expand
Out of hand
Continuing on
Because I can
And this universe
This body is not mine
I cannot end it
At least,
It has not expended enough
To implode
Nor do I want it to
By the will that subconsciously
Remains within me.

what do I know about the universe?
It's wide, It seems like eternity
And when I think about it,
I dig upon its wholeness and get lost

But it's a trap
No matter how I wanted to get out,
I'm trapped.
It feels like there's no escaping the chaos
And almost feel like I'm drowning
Along with the stars, through out the galaxies

Yet I seek redemption
So I search for a multiverse there is
That maybe away from all these familiarity
I'd witness a grand diversion,
be somewhere and claim beautiful ignorance,
But without knowing anything about it, is reaching
the top and purest of nirvana.

Genevieve Apr 14

and i hope you look at the stars and smile
i hope you stop and kneel and smell the flowers
pray for a better world and mark your calendars
an appointment is necessary for yours and ours
but stop for a minute and look at the blue world
and if you look far you'll see mountains so pure
i see the world in your eyes
you have the universe in your soul
i hear all of god's cries
for lost souls like mine and yours
to weep for my life is the great sin
to share my secrets is the position i'm in
so i recite all my poems and underline
every underlying composition
of all my feelings and connotations
and forget my scars
i'm not long for this world
yet i still get scared of the forest untold
and undiscovered like me
the crevices of trees
and the graves of dead bees
and the things nature sees
but small compared to sea
i wanna live by the ocean
and build my own coffin
take my time like the coward i am
though i make such a fuss about living
cram my toes in the sand
and drown myself in reminiscing
god i know you aren't real
and i know life's a fluke
but it sure would be something if
life's all it took
to get to the end old and depressed
to realizzZzze that this isn't a test
that it's about existing in a world self-sustaining
to study it all and learn every lesson
and be like this planet
on which you were born
not like the people that are all fucking torn
they constructed their crosses and wielded their nails
to crucify their own and kill those that are different
see the world isn't round and it isn't flat
it's right in your skull don't let it get trapped

And here is the resurrection. That at death we all return to the earth. Our souls become the wind. Our eyes become the stars. Our hearts become seeds for new life through the flowers. Our minds intertwine and create another universe.
Full circle.
Jay Lewis Apr 14

You see there was this boy once,
And he hurt me,
he left me behind.
He just walked away from me.
He showed me the wonders of the universe,
Everything he had was mine.
But bad things happened,
Dark things, Hard things.
So he walked away from me.
I'm alright though.
I'm not alone.
I will have more beautiful days,
Even if he won't be here to share them with me.
Sorry I'm rambling.
Who was the Boy?
Just a Boy, a lonely Boy.

lirau Apr 13

The atoms circling within
A cycle of energy
One world dissolving into the next.
Nature survives on death
An afterlife exists
After time has passed
One where there is no fear of the unknown.
No overpopulation in this area.
No need to travel space.
And who the hell cares about cancer.

When the universe is reborn
Laws will have changed
And under the influence of a new space
Will cease to exist.

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