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Her feet as light as a feather
At her own pace, moving at her leisure
Her toes making ripples in the water
Gliding over the substance as slow as a saunter
She stares at her reflection as it ripples away
She plunges her hand in and the water will obey
Water trickles through the cracks her cupped hand
Everything about it she can understand
Her only friend, companion, that listens to her every demand
Smiling to herself, she feels grand
Sometimes I like to imagine I have superpowers, but it's all just a fantasy.
Jessica Oge Feb 9
As a drop in the ocean
I need my Ripple Felt.
Erian Rose Sep 2020
I'm still me
And we're distant now
I've gotten stronger
And growing loud
Sometimes I wonder
If you hadn't gone
Extending hands
Vast beyond the sea
Collecting deep-colored shells
For a heart severed-to-be
The locusts' thoughts keep entering the brain.
Past's consumed again and again.
Underneath this fashioned armour,
Lies a faith laughed at.
In a field of remembrance,
I'm drowning.
One day I'll stop calling, calling…
And it may come.
noren tirtho Jan 2020
Where is lost
the sweet silence
in the solitude we cherished;
the still truth in
the river of our reflection?

A restless echo
runs into our languid chest
and chases the content out.
A yearning resonates -- everywhere.
There's a ripple
the images come unseen
Haziness eyes
the form of our being.

Serenity compromised
Mirrors shattered
We scream at life
as the blur surfaces.
Colm Jan 2020
Where raindrops crash so quietly
Speaking soft with subtle sounds aloud
And in a language to be seen around
Like moving hands their white ripples fade
Out into conversations crowned with mist
The kind of sweeping breath alive
Which breaths itself out atop the waters edge
Just as words once hung on the morning dew
Now they wake with joy and are gone the next
As a calming way on this crustless wave
The waters return beneath and rest
Viji Vishwanath Nov 2019
Your thoughts are often effected,
to the deeds in one way or other;
Same way the deeds are effected,
to the whole life in one way or other;
As the ripple in a pond are spreading,
like round and round from the center...

Like ripples are spreading,
its effect to the entire pond;
Same way thousands of ripples are flowing out, to the sea around....

As the ripples in a pond are making, everlasting effects;
Same way doing good deeds,
can ripple out in ever-expanding circles...

Like the ripples expand its effect from center to round and round;
Same way the ever lasting chain of deeds, impact the whole world around.
Ripple effect so as our deeds
Poetic T Oct 2019
Everything brings us
     To the moment

We're meant to be at.

For better or worse,

      Life is chaos.

And our actions have
     Consequences that

Warrent infinite possibilities.

A ripple,
                that we
      Have no control over.
Nigdaw Aug 2019
We dip our toe into life's pool
and watch the ripples
affect the lives of those around us
hoping not to offend
but fit in, without too much disturbance

we may even walk a little way off shore
considering ourselves brave
to have come this far

but there are those who
regardless of how cold the water may be
will plunge head first, screaming
into the blue

I watch them, jealously
hesitating in the shallows.
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