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Nathalie Mar 26
You are in me
and I am in you
There is nothing
you do that doesn't
involve me and nothing
I do that doesn't involve
you as we are all part
of the same oneness.
We are not always
mindful of this
as we see each
other as seperate
But in the mind
of the universe
We are all joined
So everything that
you do, everything
that I do, everything
that you give or
receive and everything
I embrace of
reject has a ripple
effect as we are
all connected.

breeze ripples palm groves,
a gleam in coconut fronds;
past peeps through the mist!
Seanathon Feb 22
My hopes were lower than the floor of city puddles
Until, until
The sunlight came which was your name
And evaporated me into the clouds
And now all that's left is the little sounds
Of the new me falling all around

With a ripple I change
Becoming rain
Gosh... I really like how this one turned out. Not that the expression is perfect or that it's completely about me. But the flow, the flow.
Poetic T Feb 9
Like a swan on dark lagoons,
          she was flawless.

Gathering her steps between
                              the undulation
that clawed endlessly at the shores.

Still she whispered her impressions,
                 silhouettes that degraded
     every movement.

Blinding everything that gathered
                at the shores.
                Feeding the polluted grandeur,
that feed the embankment of sustenance.

She had the elegance of  death,
            captivating all within her

distorted softness..

And they all slept on the edge of

her sanity feeding the ripples that
                    washed over all that watched
                         her tainted perfection
Keith Mitchell Dec 2018
sitting on a fence
realm of stásis
heart floating in one direction
common sense in the other
eyes stay wide
deep and far reaching
universe just outside my reach
fingertips yearning
someone there
no hoops to jump through
circumstances appreciated
never expected
rising in the moment
appreciation of gratitude
sparkle in your eyes
your touch
meandering kisses
oral rapture
touching my heart
vibration a ripple
far reaching effect
brilliance of you
Keith Mitchell Oct 2018
split the ears
gentle butterfly
perhaps left behind
slow flap
atop your sanctum
deep spot
your hearts protection
subconsciously hidden
mirrored room
reflecting brilliance
furthest spot
Big Bang
swordplay battling
angled light
deepest beginning
echoing of nothing
significant insignificance
forever remaining
K Balachandran Oct 2018
Moonlake’s ripples glitter,
Desires sown by full moon;
Wistful night ahead!
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