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Amanda Hawk Jul 2020
I love the smell
Of the rain
Lingering upon my skin
The slight chill
Working its way up my back
As I inhale the cold air
Sharp and crisp
Flooding me
With tomorrow
As I exhale
In short puffs of steam
And I feel
As every drop collects
In the plane of my body
Erian Rose May 2020
seasons pass
months fly by
crisp November air
trembles bittersweet
changes go past
from streetlights on main
to budding riverbanks
a love lost
for something and somewhere
far out from grasp
Strung Dec 2019
I don’t think I see you anymore;
I don’t see anything besides the
Dangling red-stones and reckless curls,
Sun-kissed smile shivering for more
I cant comply to.
I don’t want to lose you to the life you can’t give up and I lose myself every other day to
Monotony. Maybe
You could end that?
I’m tired
And blind
And I can’t stop seeing your hidden sort of side—The one that glances at the person you wish I wore
And writes of all the sensuous aspects of the world.
See these fake words you assign me, I am not a crisp morning
Or beckoning sea breeze entangling you in lust and mystery—I’m frozen.

I don’t know what else to say now,
Standing in the un-lit streets of memories unwinding—holding close the heart I guess I broke—Staring at your shifting soul,
I wonder who I would have been without you
And who I will become once you are gone.
Love-Locked looks I hide inside,
Beside my permanently damaged sense of pride.
So instead of any other sad display
I’ll tell you
You look more beautiful every day.
Katelyn Billat Nov 2019
There's something about
The crisp air of autumn.
Taking it into your lungs,
And letting it out
As a cloud of breath
Escapes your lips
And disappears
Into the trees.
The only sounds are
Of the leaves that have fallen,
Crunching beneath your feet.
Perhaps it's lovely to let things go.
Zane Smith Sep 2019
6:15am, early start
full with lots of love in my heart,
a cup of coffee with a swirl of whipped cream
a book about compassion and generosity.
step out on the balcony
brisk beautiful air
messy tangled hair,
sun beaming
skin gleaming
peace and quiet.
birds waking up to make their music
where's my bookmark, try not to lose it.
sitting and sipping
take in the new day
new start
new beginning.
reminder : you are growing and flourishing everyday whether you recognize it or not :)
IncholPoem Jan 2019
Rice  gruel
did   wet  the
potato   crisp.

Dried  chili powder
was  mixed   with
flattened  rice
powder  to
bring   tears   in  a
fancy  dress competitive
child's  eyes.
Love  purely  to  yourself not
just  potato chips.
Matteo Palermo Dec 2018
I don’t care if the sun doesn’t rise.
If the snow falls and doesn’t melt
Just be there
The cold crisp air has made our petals fragile.
We will crumble from the slightest touch
Just be there
When there is nothing left
All I ask is to replant my seeds
So I can grow again
Elizabeth Oct 2018
It was fall now and something fell from the sky and atop my head it sat. I figured it be something of green leaves or the tears from a clouds uncertainty. The water lay in cracks deep underneath the piles of autumn leaves over sidewalks where children played games of hopscotch and three pile. There was something of fall when things grew old and shriveled that made me realize the meaning of old love, there was something in the crisp air that let me feel like a new beginning. The leaves told me it was time to start anew.
The best season of them all
Kaeli Hearn Sep 2018
As the air transforms the summer sun into a crisp, chilled orange canvas, the leaves begin to transform.

They grow older as their complexions fade into all the shades of autumn. The clouds begin to overshadow the sun’s gleam, yet it is friendly.

The air shifts – chilled, crisp, breezed. The vibrant tints of red, orange, yellow and brown paint cities, towns and homes.

An eerie, yet cozy fog drips down from the sky and rests upon the mountain tops. The fire begins to burn and crack warming hands and souls alike.

Although the leaves begin to wilt, there is soft beauty in the dying. The crunch of the fallen leaves being changing seasons, moving on and starting afresh.

There is a calm amber, colored, brisk, changing, vivid calmness to Autumn.

As the leaves begin to fall, hearts change, souls soften and eyes get a gleam brighter to welcome this new season.
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