Isla 2d
nature flutters, waltzing in time with the breeze
lazy sunlight filters through branches
we lie together, two blending into one
you wind a stray curl around your finger
i turn to look into your eyes,
bluer than the august sky
freckles spatter your cheeks
all around us, things bloom
my heart along with it
yeah yeah I know nobody wanted more sappy love poetry but deal with it
Bella 4d
I have always loved the raindrops on my skin
summer rain
or rain when spring just started

the scent of beauty
the scent of being carefree
the scent of being alive

I am so in love with the
the most dangerous weapon on earth
is a woman awakened to her
C o s m i c  R o o t s
unwavering in her voice and
unapologetic in her omnipotent truth
happy national women’s day~ siSTARS
sunprincess Mar 8
A small beetle sleeps
inside a white flower bloom,
sleeping so soundly
Tallie Mar 1
Give her the seeds
Watch her bloom
She’ll get what she needs
Even if it means your doom

Give her wings
Watch her fly
Dodge the bombings
Where ideas die

Give her water
Watch her swim
To the ends of the earth in a blur
The worlds turning grimm
Tranquil Dawn Feb 22
We walk down shoots of pain.
Tethered feet slick
with chlorophyll stain.
To dirt beneath the bloom
nitrate infested roots
one bleeding and broken vein.

I wish
—I was—

  the rain
Random thought at 1 am
Even flowers do not bloom at the same time,

The earth will be dull if they all do ----

So why are you forcing your floret to open?

You are not a Rose -- it grows in cool

Sunflowers blossom under the bright sky ---

Whilst your time is in Summer day.
Do not compare yourself with other people, we all have our time to shine.
A comparison on blossoming flowers if not now it will be someday soon.
Lexie Patton Jan 10
I hope i never get to stop
Watching you grow
Until you reach the sun
I understand you’ve decomposed
But now you’re a flower
And i cannot wait to watch you bloom
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