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The place where we sat
Saw our roots, grow into the grass ground
Saw our flowers, bloom under the burning sun
And i, could only see, what you wanted me to
My love was palpable, but your hands were frozen
My love was visible, but your eyes were blind
Numb to it, too much worried about yourself
You let him died, dehydrated, withered
How could i blame you, i loved you...
After the grief of mourning, came the anger
Against myself, due to my crying heart
He cried, not salted water, but saltpeter
Burning my entire chest
Leaving me empty inside, again
Each and every time, flowers still grow there
But as time passes, they fade away
This dark dead cavity covered of potassium nitrate
Makes me an angry and hollow human
Only searching for life to come back and bloom
To the roots we used to grow in another one
Cox 2d
Don’t forget about me when my flowers are shrivelled, brown and gone.
Remember my blooms.
Gazing at you this morning, your face was pale and your body appeared fragile.
This brought tears to my heart.

Not long ago, you were full of energy looking, vibrant with life, so beautiful.
Your smile was soft, your scent delightful.

Without you,
Life wouldn’t be the same.
Fall will be long, winters without you will be cold and empty.

You are my beacon of peace, love, and inspiration.

I will miss you,
Yet, I will be waiting for you
at the corner of love and hope to see you bloom once again with such life. Enchanting me with the joy and beauty you bring. The chance to admire you will be absolute bliss.

Hussein Dekmak

Jas Oct 9
I'm finding it hard to digest these seeds planted in me
It's just not the right climate
For these sprouts to form rigid
Skins, and protrude through the dirt
This *** is barren and desolate.

Once in the spring I felt a bud bloom from these
Sweet caresses, oh I leaned in to soak up the medicine
From this foreign sun -
Light I'd been swimming in.

It grew and grew
Rose and slouched when it needed to
When these kind words faltered with truth
And this wind was too strong to master
Flower, subdued
For the night;

If I knew of the petals that would grow, this sweet flower
Sticking to you - inclined towards you
Would wither and grow grey,
Jasmine loses its color when the season doesn't stay, we grew fond of you.

The new, the pollination, my roots
This milk ran clear - oh, it grew and it grew
Wild flower in me is hard to digest because it's meant for two.
What can I be and what can I do?

Jasmine will always be fragrant and rich
Roots entangled, petals upturned
Growing in bunches, leaves left to spare
No room is wasted
But overcrowded, but
No one is in need of perfume.

Time is dwindling, nature is blue and patient
Bees are forgiving and gentle in hue
But no sharp words
No love so cold helps these seeds grow
My garden is land that cannot produce, or
Waken these seeds that are buried, and scared to brave the temperature

Flowers stay hidden, too.
Violy Oct 3
When a flower rises
By the bloom of our emotions
Quickly withers away
The momentary illusion
Like a passing of the leaves
You came and then went away
For the pain of your emotions
Was simply too hard to take
It doesnt hold a meaning
It doesnt hold a stake
As the bloom of the flower
Was simply, just a flake
Lara Sep 27
Roses can’t bloom forever

Every Rose you meet in your life
will stop living one day

Be someone’s rose
and choose how long
you want to stay in their life’s

Bloom for somebody
Kashish Sep 27
In a shell, I have been. My petals closed for long
Shattered since your departure, I haven't sung a song
In the breeze, standing tall, dancing to the rhythm
Amongst all the other blossoms, white; blue; and crimson

Bruised and blanched I might seem on the outside
On the inside, I know I am lowly wild
It's just me who thought the tears I cried
Washed away my colour, canary yellow and so bright

The scars I wear cannot obscure my grace
For I know, the clouds of these blemishes will be the ones stopping the chase
And when they do, I will be free from the shackles of my mind
I will bloom brighter than ever. Not for a moment, I will feel confined
Cox Sep 25
And I am worried that I am a flower that you don’t want around for Spring.
Luiz Sep 24
Snow melts on the ground
equinox smiles at seedlings
flowers bloom 'hello"
N Sep 22
She left me with a bouquet of
flowers that never bloomed,
and a muse with bleeding
verses that never rhymed

At nights when her name
is dancing on my tongue,
I hunger for the cherries
she once promised to feed me
Another version.
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