Within us all is a bright bright star
And dust within the rose.
How well versed you are in the
language of flowers.
For the passion of your heart
sees the all roses without
their thorny shields.
And let the fragrance dance around
your hand and neck.
And in your ear, the song of the three...

Been paying attention to the roses around me!

dragon flies galore,
dance above the woods in bloom.
carnival of love!

Rose Oct 1

I can relate to longing,
to the flame burning stark against
the deathly cloak of night

but the memories are fading

for I am growing,
moving from rubble into streams-
I've stopped fraying at the seams

I'm okay

and every day
the dull ache feels more like
the thudding of a heart that's beating
to the rhythm of an untold story

I'm no longer worried about
ripping the pages as I turn them

for my story had a harsh winter
heavy with growing pains,
weeds that choked my flower heart

but the climax has passed-
spring has arrived

and I am blooming

© Rose 2017
Lyn-Purcell Sep 12

Roses blossom with the moon overhead.
May lovers stay entwined forever.

Based on a dream I had last night.
Mono Sep 8

A fresh breeze of  summer hits my face
as your comes up short without water to embrace
and as the air turn up swiftly
clouds began to appear suddenly
makes rain to quench thy thirst
and yet you have grown drunk
that thou couldn't drink a drop

So as frosty air fill up by snow
leaves colored all soft and white
and you no warmth sent to freeze the night

Then comes the bloom of your secrets
some bright flowers and fruits
coming to those who are needed
to bear more everlasting loot

Lastly, it was the peak of death
when everything dying was beauty
you held strong to give out your last breath
to leaves that have fallen
stepped to a crisp
an eminent way to go out like this
thus you shall live forever being
You from the very start your own sapling

For nature lovers

This flower has finally learned how to bloom.

It’s been buried below
forgotten by the world who created its tomb.

Life was a ghost town
When this flower needed help to sprout from the ground.

Now that’s it time to radiate
all the bees are starting to gravitate.

Come back another day bee to collect this honey.

Right now it's not my time to love.

they run through my veins.
my past experiences,
the times i've fallen
and the times i've stood up.
they run through my veins.
my dreams,
the answers to my purpose,
to my identity,
to my beliefs.
they run through my veins.
the people who have hurt me,
the one's that i've forgiven
and those that
have forgiven me.
they run through my veins.
every tear and every smile.
every glimpse of a second
that has made me
stronger, and brighter.
everything i am,
is because
they run through my veins.
the letters that spell out

grace is what keeps my heart going.

My melancholy,despondent muse,was the one
Who taught me to empathize with
Waves, moon lit nights, mermaid songs
Whale whistles of lovelorn moments
Heartbreaks ending failed love affairs
That haunts the hearts like unmitigated thirsts,
She walks me through the garden path,
Taking my cold shivering hands
            ....in her warm trembling palm...

I see the young blooms fallen from
The lap of the vine, that held them close
Fondled with such affection,for a lifetime, showerd
I see all of them,trampled over,crumpled in the dust

The withered flowers on bushes we pass,one by one
They look lackluster  in the crushing
Harsh sun, my muse who refused to speak all along,
Now has teardrops rolling down her eyes.
She makes my crusted ice cap collapse, I melt
Not being able to look at my heart broken beloved.

I look around for a bud or a sprout extolling hope
A young shoot that shouts aloud,"Life is here, in wait"

Seema Aug 23

Brim me to the top
So I can take a view
Now don't you stop
I honestly need you

From the dirt road
To the barkers gate
You carry a great load
Hurry now, we are already late

Fresh bakes and cakes
And many more pies
So delicious, it kept me awake
To shuush the hungry flies

I am my mom's little ridding hood
Delivering bakes everyday
Going home, as day was good
In my cart, on my way

I'll pick fresh white flowers
For it makes my mum glow bright
She works for hours
When I am sleep at night

I love her immensely
For she is my world
I bore her intentionally
Whenever I get called

Her grace is like no other
Like a bloom in the rain
I do not have a father
But I am well versed with her pain...


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