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Carpe diem
I rhyme
Seize the day
Make most
Of your time
Carpe diem
I rhyme
Make hay
While Sun shines
Every moment
Spend it in a useful way
Carpe diem
I rhyme
Everyday is an opportunity
For some kind of activity
Making most
Of your time
Carpe diem
I rhyme
Indulge in activities
Conducive to life
Reading and writing
Intellectual activities
Of some kind
Enjoy your hobbies
Do some social service
Last but not the least
Caring and loving
Spend your time
Carpe diem
I rhyme
Be happy all the time!
Live in the present, remain busy in some good activity and be happy.
DanielSchott Apr 26
Special in winter,
particular' you and I,
intertwined perfect.
Hidden message: Spirit.

It doesn't matter how long it took
before we
met each
other. What
matter most
was how well
we'd ever
stay together
longer. On
our journey
of trust,
honesty fuels the motion. Loving
you is a
mission with commitment
to bringing us
to a rightful
Baby you're my aspiration, my
dream in
whom lies
my whole vision.
Elise Jackson Apr 12
i think we were destined from the first time i heard you speak
a rough but gentle voice you carry
and i hope you know it carries me

i feel i've known you for ages
even though it's only been a short while
sometimes i wish i could meet you all over again

you're a rush of air
something i've needed for so long
sometimes it's so hard to breathe around here

in such a way that seems elementary
i want to write the loveliest things about you
i want to put them in the sky

but in the same way
i want nobody to know
i want to go with you wherever you slip away to

and i want you to slip away to me
i want to be that embrace that let's you know you're home
because you let me know the same
i use loads of religious wording for an atheist
All I can do is think 'bout you,
And brush my hair but I rather do the first,
Even if I know you won't think of me back,
You never really do;
The soloist closes their eyes and leans in to play their instrument,
an intertwined movement as the musician and their tool becomes one.
An ever so subtle look of one who loves to that which is intimate,
knowing the sentiment that was formed now may never be undone.

The dance is bittersweet as the moment has already began to fade,
a beautiful sight with the undertones of a melancholic symphony.
Even though the house lights stayed a lit and the music swayed
the musician could see the end coming of this moment so vividly.

This temporary music spreads out into infinity,
where all is left is the memories.
Notes and undertones that almost approach divinity,
where all is left is the reveries.

The house lights went out, the soloist left gasping for air.
Every delicate sensation overwhelmed but they didn't care.
Our nights filled with dreams of music as it drifts quietly off into the night sky forming into stars.
Nikita Mar 28
As cold as ice,
Their touch left me

Comfortable with invisibility,
I mistook love
For a stranger in my home.

As warm as light,
His company left me

Familiar with invisibility,
I mistook love
With something that I feared.

As bright as fire,
The gaze from his eyes left me

Comfortable with closeness,
I now know how true love
Should really feel.
When we are used to being treated neglectfully, we often search for partners that reflect this. We become so comfortable with loneliness that kindness is a foreign and terrifying thing. We can often become doubtful and insecure when someone cares for us the way no one else has. Rather than questioning and pushing this love away, we should embrace the kindness we all deserve.
I wrote of you,
a writer’s dream, a dewy gaze, a trilogy,
I don’t write the same anymore.
The breeze flew effortlessly between us
and I begged for it to be enough or even just
enough to pull me with my everything apart from you.
With my toes in the sand that seems so blue
I refuse to allow my eyes to meet yours
afraid that in your dark galaxy I see her
and afraid that my eyes will scream the lullaby
of just how much your name means to me.

I’m trembling to the thought of you
knowing how much of my heart you’ve wooed
for many years it was in your deathly grasp
and for many years I’ve maintained this mask.
I’ve kept my vulnerability safe for so long
away from your knowledge was where it belongs
simply because I’m afraid of how small I’ll become
of how insignificant I’ll be to a heart that was so numb.

I don’t want to seem irrelevant on your end
for I was a good friend, a great friend
and it aches me to allow you to see
that the good friend, the great friend I seem to be
was only a camouflage I used to keep
my love, my desire, my everything hidden deep
deep away from you for I refuse to be like one of them;
the pets you treat with little to no respect but thinks they’re all gems.

What does it take to be a gem in your life?
Does it take a threat; with a pen, a gun or a knife?
Or does it take laying bare aside you not giving you a hard time?
Paying for all your lies with every feeling, every desire and every dime?
Pretending to be a fool like all your pets, and hope just hope…
That one day you’ll reward me for all the pain that I’ve coped?
A good friend, a great friend isn’t enough for me anymore
play the pet, buy the lies, **** the modesty, become the *****?

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