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It's not that I don't like you.
It's that I'm afraid to ask.

I'm demanding and I seek.
I'm afraid that you can't give me the things that I want.

Would you still want me by your side?
Would you still want to hold me in your arms?
Would you still want to kiss me?

I'm someone who needs time.
Time to develop, time to be ready.
I don't kiss on first dates, not even on the second, not on the third.
Could you wait till I am ready or would you give up and turn away?

And when the time comes, you'll know.
I'll hold you tight, I'll hold you close.
But. if we were to kiss, would you do it the way I like?
Would you take your time and kiss me so slow?

I'm demanding like that.
I'm afraid and insecure.
But I do obtain a heart that could love if given time.
Loving you
is when the
pen makes love
with the paper
with the foreplay of
mixed altogether.
What is time?
When this was the only thing that meant
Anything to me
What is time?
When the clock is going the wrong way
Regressing into my past self
Fading into the person I never wanted to be
You brought me back down
Taught me
The clock ticked for awhile
But it shattered
Luna D 1d
Late nights and long drives
Youre my constant in this spinning rotating crazy world
Youre the poison that flows through my veins
Youre the sickness when i get too high
My one and only and you dont even know
Shooting stars and delayed wishes
Those are what keeps us bound together
Fate tangled up our lives
And she has trouble undoing the mess
Do you even realize?
That this crazy idea that we want this too last
Isnt just some puppy love dream?
Cant you see that when you look into my eyes?
Can you not see the universe inside them?
Do you slow down,
Letting yourself get lost in my very presence?
Does your heart not feel full of love?
And all those other sappy sticky feelings
When you look at me?
Because baby, i know mine does
And ill never be perfect in anybody elses eyes except yours
But your eyes are the only ones that matter
And *** your eyes
The colors of the night sky when the moon is nowhere to be found
I could get lost in them
Can you not see how i look at you!?
How i feel about you?!
Were the same but were so different
And as i lay beside you
Listening to the sounds that the morning brings
I cant help but realize that the differences and similarities between us dont really matter
Because what matters is how i feel about you
And baby you know how i feel
And so does the rest of this world
I know my actions dont always show it
And i know i can do better
But youre still here
Relationships are a road full of potholes and speed bumps
And weve made it past the worst of them
I know that sorry is only good enough for board games and spilled milk
Not for broken hearts and shattered trust
If i could take it all back i would
If i could look into your eyes
Cut my heart out and let all of my emotions and regret
Out onto the floor then maybe its be enough
For you to forgive me even if youll never forget
And no matter the things that happen
No matter the nightmares that haunt me in my sleep
I hope youll continue to be by my side
Sticking to me like glue
Youre forever my constellation
The universe inside my very soul
And i can never be the same without you
How could i?
Ive been up in the stars for to long
And baby i dont want to come back down
Your kisses are like snowflakes
Melting on my tongue
No two alike.

Your embrace is like the wind
It’s all around me
Felt all over.

Your touch is like the sunlight
I know it’s touched me
When I feel warmth.

Your eyes are perfect windows
They show what’s inside
And reflect me.

Your love is vast as the sky
Everywhere I go
It shelters me.
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Last night I received,
a gift addressed to me.
It was a blessing in disguise,
it forced me to open my eyes.

I was quite sure,
i would be sad forver more,
until I opened this letter,
and all of a sudden,
something inside me felt better.

Last night was the start to my new beginning,
a night where I realised no one was winning.
The unexpected gift was a letter.
A letter hitting me with exactly what I needed: a reminder of reality.
It was the first time I had seen how far I'd sunk for what it really was,
the first time I'd seen the **** truth,
and understood why that was because.

I cleared my room, my opinion, my behaviour and my mind,
and realised the the person I want to become,
was just a step outside of my comfort zone,
and that person was who i would find,
thanks to a letter from the sky.

I have taken better care of my mental state:
caught up on sleep,
caught up on my learning.
completed all of my skincare,
Treated myself to what I've long been deserving.

I now know the difference that taking care of yourself and your surroundings can make,
and what the atmosphere is like in wherever you take place.

I feel free.
I have let loose of my heartache.
I feel more glee.
I am too happy to write about my heartbreak.

I had been so delusional,
so naive, and lost myself somewhere in the chaos.
It took nature to have to reach out to me,
to show me how to love myself,
even while everything around me,
burns up in flames.
Do more for yourself,
love and respect who you are,
and if there is a point where you do not,
find out what's wrong, and fix it by being mindful,
not by having your mind full.

Remember to help not only yourself, but others, #mentalhealthweek. Also this is my experience, I have turned a new leaf, and like I said I wanted to write, so I wrote about my change of heart.
she is poetry and romance
this, i know, is true
but does she see poetry like i
in every crevice of you?
For as far as mankind can remember;
Love has always been around.
Whether it is a prime instinct,
An animal like force,
Or an endless cycle of reproduction;
The spiritus mundi has only seen it too much.
Love and cravings are what drives us,
Make a boy lose himself in folly
And make a man wage war.

Under the moonlit sky,
As we watch for the northern lights;
It is but you and me,
One with the night.
As you approach your soft lips to mine;
I can only live in the moment,
Forgetting about all but us.
And as I kiss you back,
I think to myself that I have finally found what I came for;
Amore e felicità,
Qualcosà che ricorderò per sempre.
I remember you
Dancing in the moonlight,
Tears down your cheeks.
You told me you loved me,
And i told you the same.
We held each other like
Our mothers antiques:
Afraid of breaking,
Afraid of fading
Into nothingness
As the moonlight fell upon us.
All we wanted was
For this night to never end,
As we mended each others broken heart
With woolen thread
And cotton patches.
We were forever unbreakable
Until our two hearts shattered
On the pavement of your mother's
I wish I could have never left
Because now,
All i can remember is
You dancing in the moonlight
slightly inspired by some of X's lyrics

*Not from personal experience*
andreia Oct 9
when i love,
i worship.
you’ll feel like a ***.
i’ll praise you forever.

when i love,
i give up.
i sacrifice.
after all, if it means
everything for you.

when i love,
i cry.
every night,
worrying if i was ever enough.
or if it’s real love or
just mere loneliness.

when i love,
i don’t think of anything anymore.
i’ll give my all,
every love in my body that i have.

the fear of falling apart
guards my heart now,
and it’ll be here, for a while.
the sad truth about how i sometimes let my self get hurt
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