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Gabriela 22h
loving myself was like a broken mirror
never knowing how i look
who i am
what do i have to give
completely, fully
if i'm not torn to pieces

i can only see parts
in some pieces, shaped like diamonds
i am a daughter, a friend, an artist
someone worth figthting for

in others, the pieces like sand in my eyes
the only thing that these fragments reflect
are pure darkness
interrumped only by a sharp, crystal clear type of pain

i am the broken mirror
i give the parts of me that are bright
and keep the ones that scare me
so that one day i can fill the cracks with silver and gold
and maybe then, i will know who i am
I've been watching poetry slams lately, i tried to let go and forget about the "rules" (not that i followed them a lot to begin with)

When that man wants you,
Is there for you.
and doing the best that he can.
Tell him.
Just say it.
Tell him.
I love the way
that you eat.
The way you sleep
I love your hands
I love your feet.
I love the way that you love me
I even love your big round belly..
Just say it.
Say I love the sparkle in your eyes
That I want you look that glows like the sunrise.
Tell him that he's gorgeous.
That he's your rock.
Your stability.
He's such a blessing just to see.
Just say it.
Build him up.
Don't be stingy with the ingredients.
You can add to his cup.
Build him up.
With more than just teaspoons of Grace
Bless him with tablespoons of words.
That can bake his confidence.
To high levels.
Spoiling his ego making him walk with glee and assurances. Wherever he may go.
Make him reminisce and daydream.
On the words that pours out of you like a stream.
Oh just do it.. just say it.
Whatsoever things are good give him a good report
You should be able to find the beauty in his actions like
the ways that he supports you.
Again I say give, love, support.
Just Do It.
BY SelinaSharday S.A.M 2018
uplifting, motivating, giving, revealing, speaking and loving
Nothing to compare with Intimacy with the one you
love no lines drawn free to
express oneself through the beauty of making
love two *****
bodies joining together In a loveing embrace hands exploring
the beauty of each other's
bodies finding all those little but Important things to turn on
partner then to excite and pleasure them before even thinking of your own needs then to be rewarded with climaxing together In explosion of pure pleasure and then
In your lover arms
with your heart still pounding so fast and then
to fall In to blissful sleep whilst holding on to the one you
Nothing compares to making love to the one you love together magical moments shared together In a loving
It's been a while since I've seen
my Grandmother's hands.
Tough and rough,
some rest they demand.
Those talented, caring hands of hers.
Pretending to be so much, even a nurse.
Her hands have been so long on this Earth.
And they've done much more than their whiles worth.
Bryce 4d
The air is burly
trees harvest soldiers on the line
combines, threads, manure, life--
A whole world lost amidst the flats

Saplings are the next season's
Almonds, Apples, Dates,
Waiting for food shelves and stockrooms
packed in banana boxes and given a place
They will find the plates of capitol city dwellers
They will be enjoyed far away from their origins

The Sierra-- oh the great plutonic mass
They are grey from age, peppered with white whiskers of snow
They are asking to be known as the interior

Pilgrims who traveled over their spines, seeking these fertile swampland
Now airstrips and dirigibles

The edges of clouds on the valley, the deserts and the mountains like folds of a book
they crackle in the sun and the skin of the earth shrinks in its gaze

Migratory birds dance in the fields, the lowly clang of bell
Bleached american flags tell us this is the land

The land of things and endless breadth

This is only California, but the majesty of it
a gem valley encased by the rocks, in silicates
A roaming place for cows, wanderers, farmers, dreams

Where the only edge of things is the mountains, saying
-Climb me, surmount me, lay me under your deeds-
I have never met a woman
in whom I did not see beauty,
Though I’ve met so many women
whose own beauty they could not see.
And they were each one and the same.
And if I didn’t say otherwise,
I’d feel I was the one to blame.

I have never met a woman
that a good man could not adore,
Though I’ve met so many women
convinced they’re easy to ignore.
And they were each one and the same.
And if I didn’t show otherwise,
I’d feel I was the one to blame.

I have never met a woman
who did not radiate her light,
Though I’ve met so many women
who thought themselves as black as night.
And they were each one and the same.
And if I didn’t act otherwise,
I’d feel I was the one to blame.

I have never met a woman
for whom loving was not assured,
Though I’ve met so many women
despaired that love had not occurred.
And they were each one and the same.
And if I didn’t love both of them,
I’d feel I was the one to blame.
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As you lit up your cigarette
your promises went up in flames

Smoke has filled your lungs
drugs have scarred your soul

What can I do?
What should I do?

Are you okay?
Are you alright?
Is what is keeping me awake at night

I am so scared
so ******* scared

I love you so much
but I can't be with someone
that feels like a maybe
someone who doesn't love me enough
to stop destroying their own future
and thereby destroying a chance of mine.

- the poetic fairy
You’re everything
they warned me about

Beautiful but painful
handsome but destructive
you’re slowly destroying me
because you can’t see
what you do to me

I am bleeding
all the scars
they all lead back to you

I am trying to heal
but you keep ripping me open
every time
you leave

I am reaching for your heart
but it is wrapped in barbed wire
and it hurts so much
loving you

can’t you see
I will always put you first
and that is why
I am afraid
you’ll be the death of me.

- the poetic fairy
Donna 7d
Today I smiled and
tomorrow I will smile too
Because I love life

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