Anaya c 8h
full of stories you can't buy
the only remedy to our shared heartaches
belonging love that is irreplaceable
here is only less than a fraction of what a mother holds
Hey girl, Didja know?
You really help my flowers grow.

My Peonies show, just making sure that you know.
The Ranunculus glow from love, my succubus from above.
Red rose in my hand, now my love is exposed!

Girl, I'm making this for you.
Your words feed me like noodle soup.
Damn, Im falling way to hard.
I wonder if we will go that far?

Hey girl, didja know?
The sun comes out when it sees you down below.

Solar beams that feed the earth, excuse my shitty attempt to flirt.
Warm beach and summer waves, I pray to keep life like this everyday.
Burning passion in my gut, I wish myself the best of luck.

Girl, I'm making this for you.
I hope you know my love is true!
Damn, I'm falling way to hard.
You are truly a wish from a shooting star!

Girl, I'm tryna be relaxed.
But we can make it all past that!
My heart is beating faster than the speed of sound.
I really just want you around!

Hey girl, Didja know?
Your love brings my storm to a rainbow.
My words are getting mixed.
I guess I'm begging for a kiss.

anon 1d
quite an interesting day
was that day
everything started
then i saw
uniquely fitting in yet standing out
i came closer
offering you my name
proposing a future neither of us could know

and i knew then that you were
someone i would want to know
dangerous propositions---
finding another to
guide you through your own life
his life
joined lives
keeping a hand to hold
light for your life

zany things
experiences so random and sure
very few times have i met anyone
better than you
none to be exact
maybe you could feel the same

you changed that day
and every day
so much so
i'd go through the whole alphabet
again and again
just to tell you
Cassidy Feb 14
I give you all of my heart,
all of my self,
all of my soul.
A dangerous thing to do,
but so dangerously I love you.
Cassidy Feb 14
I’ve realized, slowly,
That it’s not that you forget
You don’t have to be kind.
It’s that you are,
And you want to be.
How beautiful can you be?
BW Feb 14
You don't drive me crazy the way he does
You don't
Make me reckless, obsessed, sleepless
Holding something I thought would slip
But an illusion that was never there

You don't make me beg for your love
Maybe you don't
Ignore all my feelings, hide my heart under my sleeves
Making August January in one blink
Plumbing my heart into nitrogen gas

But You don't know what you did to me
The party your eyes found my figure in the crowd
the hoarse confessions of love,
Besides my ears, hot breaths and strong arms
Holding me tight even when you sleep
Burying your face in my neck, calling it home
Pulls me into the shower against you and kiss me
wet and willing, until I run out of breaths
Dinners and Carafe, collars and leashes.
The way you look at me, eyes full of love.

So if they ask me if you are my type,
whether you make my heart go mad
I would smile and say no
My heart doesn't go mad, because it found home
You are not my type, you are the love of my life
To the love of my life.
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