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Donna 7d
Today an angel
sat upon a rain cloud and
watched the rain fall down

Sad day today I still can’t bring myself to talk about it even though I shared a poem recently but I took it down for the words tto forever sleep peacefully x
Harry Roberts Sep 26
Some people outgrow growth and embrace decay
The love they had once is now all but flayed
So a veneer of ice is all that's displayed
It's hard to heal when one is betrayed.

Some people take and destroy what they want
When their cold it's not their accountability that haunts
It's their hatred of others how self imposed abandonment taunts
It's a regime of hedonism that leaves a soul gaunt.

Some people can heal and reveal that living is choosing
That to get up and live is beautiful even when losing
It's a battle in a war and the essence of life is bruising
That the beauty is in the battle is the reason life is confusing.
F A Pacelli Sep 26
just as the soft breeze
carries a falling seed 
of the maple tree
to a distant place 
with the sun's warmth 
and a gentle rain 
life sprouts anew
just as love's seed
opens in our hearts
F A Pacelli Sep 25
love cripples the strong 
and strengthens the *******
love fools the wise 
and wisens the fool
love brings harmony to chaos
and chaos to harmony
love is balance
Dante Sep 25
The compass inside me has always been fragile, broken. Do you know what happens to a child with no direction? They wear your face. I knew the grownups didn’t love me the way I was. I’ve never been loved. Not when I wore my own face.
aennij Sep 23
Even if the lands separates us,
or the seas tries to create gaps in mass.
Even if everyone makes a fuss,
you will always have my only trust.

You are the reason for my happiness,
why everything is not a mess,
I always miss your hug and caress,
this I will always confess.

Miles away but still connected,
without you I'll somehow be in dread.
Loving you still even if you fled,
you're the only one in my head.

The person behind my smiles and delight,
The person who lights all my darkest nights,
The reason why I write,
You, my love, my only light.
aennij Sep 23
I'll keep remembering you,
even when this love gets ill.
I'll keep holding you,
when no one else will.

When the stars continually shine upon us,
these eyes will only look at you still.
I will keep this trust,
when no one else will.

I'll keep longing and waiting,
even if I become numb and couldn't feel.
For you, I will keep on seeking,
when no one else will.

So this I ask for you,
let's keep this true and real.
I'll keep loving you,
when no one else will.
Lace Sep 22
Love used to
Love used to
be hard.
Love used to
scare me.
Love used to
make me cry.
Loving you
doesn't hurt.
Loving you
isn't hard.
Loving you
doesn't scare me.
Loving you
doesn't make me cry.
Loving you
is easy.
Love isn't
what it used to be.
Love is no longer
F A Pacelli Sep 18
you ask me why i love her?
what a silly question 
“why” you ask?
for no other reason 
than i just do
love is a wordless mystery 
there is no reason for loving 
you just do
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