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CarolineSD Apr 21
Every bend of a mountain stream
Has an inlet somewhere,
A little warm corner where the
Currents churn slow
And soft
Across the water worn rocks.

And notice how the river's things
Quick darting fish and splintered
Sticks all come to rest
For a moment in the rhythm of this Gently swirling space
That gives freely of her embrace
Before everything goes drifting on and
On to where it is supposed to go
Waterways to the raging sea
And beyond.

And I am an inlet.

I do not know how to turn cold and
Resist each time
Love comes close.
No, I reach out to gather and to hold.

But yet, it is always only passing
Through and like the gentle bend of a Mountain river, I must let go.

So it is
Every time
I find myself alone.

Sitting by the banks of a
Rushing river
Listening to the whisper of the water That sounds like

Everyone I know goes away
In the end.
-Johnnie Cash
Daivik Mar 27
Little rays of sunshine fall upon your face

In a lovely glowing embrace

And sadness leaves the countenance without a trace
Eve K Mar 4
I love you softly like
I love the delicate wind on a hot summers day,
The refreshing swirl of a breeze in the summer sun.

I love you softly like I love the autumn.
The leaves changing, melting into the trees.
The golden tone, matching the evening sunset.

I love you softly like I love a motorbike ride.
Sitting, my legs on the side.
The wind rushing through my hair.

I love you softly, like a gazing stare.
With a stranger I'm yearning to know more about.
A refreshing drop of rain in a desert draught.

I love you softly, and I need not more.
My heart is still a little sore,
From past loves whose storm riled up inside me, exasperated from the fire.
With pure lust, intent and desire.
It burnt me. And I them. And it was not what I wanted.
Sparks flying, destroying all that was there.
And in my eyes, the hate, the long wait, of wanting something more.

I have been in pain, I have felt the brutality that love can amass.
As I fear it will not last.
Waiting to be destroyed from the inside out.
Screaming inside, wanting to shout.

But here I am, calm as I can be,
Sitting under a tree,
With a breeze with no freeze.
Smiling in the summer sun,
protected by the shade.
Not wanting to fade,
From this dreadful world,
Which has become a little better since I met you.

I love you softly and there's not much more I wish to do.
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