haley 4h

in your honey golden eyes
the sweetness I must see
matches the beauty of a sunrise
over a vast and endless sea

you are as ever changing
as the moon's many phases
yet while we continue aging
I catch those same loving gazes

youthfulness at its finest
we grow a garden of hearts;
from low points to the highest
till death do us part

Rylee 7h

November 16, Thursday 2017

I’m just making new friends. Friends that treat me a little better than you. Yes we were best friends but you started to treat me like shit without noticing or caring. All you say is “what can I do to fix it, just tell me” I have tried,  but you want specific examples I don’t have specific times I just have specific feelings that were not good, feelings that made me feel like crap. I honestly don’t know what I want. I told you to not talk to my ex yet the streak is getting higher and higher. You betray me behind my back you say things that aren’t true, you agree with whatever anyone says and will do whatever anyone wants to do. You make fun of me and I tell you I don’t like it, but you just say “it was just a joke, we are all just kidding, stop being so sensitive” I can’t not be who I am. There have been so many things you have done and I didn’t tell you because I didn’t want a fight to start cause I know exactly how it would end with you saying “it’s not really a big deal I don’t know why you care so much.”  Some people can be great friends but not great best friends.  I told you I didn’t like him so you just try and separate time with me and time with him. But I don’t like that. I have been there for you right when you need me and when I need you, you just take your time to finish what you are doing no matter how much I need you. Yes you have been there for me through a lot and I do and always will appreciate it. I’m done letting you walk over me and me being ok with it. In the past when I tried and say how I felt you just threw something back at me which made me feel even worse. He has talked utter shit about me many times and the only time you have stuck up for me that I know of was when you knew I heard it, yet you still brought him to hang out. When I told you I was having panic attacks and we were with my ex you were like “Ohhhhh your ‘panic attacks’ sureee” like I was lying. I feel like you have changed, which you have. So maybe with change comes separation. I still want to be friends and still want to be close but maybe just not as close. Cause no matter what I say today you will make it seem like you are the victim and that I am being unreasonable. But I am not, I am just realizing that just like with boys I deserve friends who treat me good. So what happens, happens.

It’s an illness
Or should I say a curse
Her eyes lit with that glow
A l i k e  an unveiling
Sacred  v e r s e

✒ ℐamil Hussain

Tender is the sun after silvern rain.
Warming is our laughter after sorrow.

Short poem I wrote after listening to a conversation on the bus.

.    you           you
 bring  baby   loving
me                            stop
so                     ­        never
   much               will
           joy        i

a visual peom
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. . . T  h  i  s . . .
B o u n d l e s s  ocean of  life
And in roses imageries of you and me  
O’ sparks of your beauty I am yearning to see
Face to face, if you raised those beautiful eyes, at me
Heavenly niche of hearts would cause the shadows to flee
My tongue soaked in bouquets of your melody, would set free
Odes would fall from movement of sky, endorsing my plea
Elegance of your smile, a garden of paradise and it’s key
B l o o d  of my heart, O’ red  w i n e  it would be
Baring of your  s a c r e d  sight with g l e e
M a r v e l   of  fresh blossoms, is it
. . . You or me ? . . .

✒ ℐamil Hussain

leah 3d

holding hands with a stranger
he tells me
he wants to start wars with me
not just any wars
oh no
these wars are one for the history books
these wars are fought with electricity and lighting bolts
these wars are fought on the sun
these soldiers breathe fire
these soldiers are twenty feet tall
these soldiers are something out of folk tales
there is vibrance in your irises
there is beauty in your tear ducts
and there is fire in that mind of yours
baby, you are groovy
you are the sixties
you are a peaceful rage
you are a storm and the calm that trails behind it
you look like you have lost your fucking mind
but so have i
and so has he, so has she, so have we
so has everybody on this planet
so what’d you say
lets start a war
even though we have nothing to fight for
even though our minds are hiding somewhere amongst the leaves
even though i don’t know you and you don’t know me
we can protest the moon
and boycott the sea
we can yell at the stars
and the gods that may be
lets start a war
even though our eyes haven’t met before
even if the feeling of your skin is new
even if we have better things to do
lets start a war
lets start a war

i'm back! i took a short break from writing; i fell into a bit of depression when my poetry wasn't selected in a poetry contest. i wrote this a week before i found out that i hadn't been selected.
Crystal 4d

You walked into my life so easy.
I made you apart of me so fast.
You told me you loved me and that we would last forever.
I knew it was a lie, I mean nothing last forever.

You slowly made me pray that you'd be my nothing, and really last forever.
But instead I slowly became nothing to you.

You knew I hadn't done anything with anybody before.
Not only did you come first in my life, but you were my first.
My first kiss, love, and everything else.
You also became the person that broke my heart for the first time.
You did it so simple.
Broke me so easy.
hurt me so hard.
Left me so fast.

Nothing last forever.
Not even your first everything.
because then there is a second, third , fourth, and so on.

I still love you. You are still my nothing. I hope we fix us. I hope you wake up and see it has and always will be you and I.

I don't know who this is about.


in a city of leaves
a wilderness of moon
and her shadows
climb high
in a drowsy sky
that dreams of
golden lamps
and avenues of stone.


you told me
that you loved me,
under a sky of lizard grey,
with wild inks that sang of
all the promises of winter.


i kissed your neck, wrapped
to your love and its
tremendous sea,
a wave flowing with
the current,
drawn to the shadowy shore.


your kiss like the layers
of dark cloud,
you were jealous of me
as you pushed me to
the wall, and i
said i am yours, i
will always be yours.


night’s fiery arches,
a swift god,
the thunderous steps of
the clouds.

the 7d

sphere in which i fathom the delusive state of empathy
has spoken to me, diverge from my existence, unneeded
the way you perceive pierces my shallow soul
but i still have hopes, i haven't given up yet

erase me from your life, i will still hopelessly love you
neverending stream of sorrowful stages in which you and i
will remain forever together in our dreams and imagination
and don't miss me, i know you are lying to me

i sat alone at the park and watch the gleaming stars exhibit your thin silhouette in which i undoubtfully fell in love with

i'm drunk
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