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Zywa Jan 3
Listen to me, as half as I am
Talk to me, talk about me
to your loved ones, to your friends
about my big eyes, my crazy dreams
And I, what I want, is lots of things
to tell you, to touch you
Yeah, that's it

.....Here, this is who I am
.....Here I stand, naked in front of you, yes
.....I am afraid
.....Here I stand, silent in the fuss

Look at me, look at least
to what's left of me
Look at me, before I hate myself
What can I tell you that
no one else would tell you?
Just a few things, but
it's me, who I am, I offer you all
I have, here you go

.....Here, this is who I am naked as I stand here
.....there is nothing more
.....This is my mouth, my cry
.....okay, this is me
.....Here, here, here I am I dreams, my desires
.....the way I expose myself, the way I smile
.....Here I stand, silent in the fuss

Don't leave, please, stay for a long time
even if it won't save me, no
but without you I don't know how
Love me like you love a friend
who is leaving forever
I want you to love me
because I don't know that well
how I should love my half me

.....Here, this is who I am naked as I stand here
.....there is nothing more
.....Here I stand in the fuss and in the storm
.....Please look at me my eyes and my hands
.....This is all I have to offer mouth, my cry
.....Here I am, here I am, here, here, here
Free translation of the song "Voilà" ("Here I am", 2021, Barbara Pravi)

For Maria Godschalk #154

Collection "Reaching out"
Erian Rose Nov 2021
you caught me by surprise
an entwined mess of pulsing spotlights  

you caught me by surprise
speechless at the hands of your smile

you caught me by surprise
drowned by shores of ovation

you caught me by surprise
over and over and over again
till when our realities cease to exist
Aindri Sep 2021
Kiss me
Till your soft lips are sore
Kiss me
Till I don't exist anymore
Jim Sep 2021
I was given a riddle where the waters run red
I was given hope from a forgotten friend
I found a hard stone lying in the soft grass
I sat and I waited for more time to pass

With each breath, the clouds drifted by
The song bird hummed and the day became night
A crack in the distance as the land split in two
The handmaid fled to an evening rendezvous

Bright ripples formed in the fabric of time
I showed up and found I was last in line
I peered at my watch looking for answers
The clock exclaimed “now!” and the futures been canceled

And though the cold tightens my skin
And the cricket sings my song
The road is full of twists, turns and heartache
But it was never very long
mhm Jul 2021
i watch as the smoke exits your mouth
and as your lips slightly part to exhale
i notice myself finding it harder to breathe
and there i sit staring in awe
because simply watching you exist
is the most beautiful thing ive ever witnessed
Somewhere in time!
Come back to me.
My love
Two minds one single thought
Two hearts one single beat
Thats is still us dear
I love thee rdd-Jpc
"I still exist" twin flame yee
did write entailing all this.

As the world bends it loops.
I find thine sylhuette dancing
hobbering around me.
Looping me back to life
Yee never left me beloveth pc
Thanks for waking me up
For watching over me rdd

"Each night before I go to sleep, not knowing if I shall wake up ever again,
but with your name in my lips I see the sunshine
again and again.!" PC-Rk.

I love thee so much
I think of thine courage
love brain heart, grace,
It all defines me within

In thine arms forever
I remain to part never
My Angel guardián
yee have saved me sweet P.
Yee bit the apple yee love me

This love I have shared
With human predators, wolves, boys beggards
enemies poets and kings.

But allmy travels spin me back into thy loving kindness and wise patient love's serenity.
whence happily ever after

I, i, still exist.

based on my life's true events
Somewhere in time.
aspen wilde Jul 2021
there are days when all i can do is exist
while desperately trying not to;
there are days when all i can think is bliss
because the silence has drawn to

there are moments when the world has
gone dark inside my head;
there are moments when the room has
started spinning with dread

sometimes all i can do is
try to exist
but whether that works or not is
forever shrouded in mist
Sergio Gonzalez Jun 2021
I’m so far from heaven
But also far from hell
I’m stuck in a world that doesn’t want me
And I don’t want to be here
Even less

Gloomy days lay ahead
For those that accept their fate
Living in autopilot
Believing the lies of the liars
Always afraid of the change

I try to assimilate to everyone around me
No one is ever the same
It’s hard work to be liked
When your identity doesn’t exist
I want you to notice me
But do you even know who you are?

I can spend a whole lifetime
Searching for myself
Alone in this lonely world
My mind compartmentalizes my trauma
Even then, I feel to damaged to go on

I need your love so desperately
Because without you I can’t go on
Please love me
Because your love is all I need
To fight these demons inside
I look at the mirror
To see if today is the day
You’ll finally love me
Better luck tomorrow
Today has been marred by self doubt
Raven Feels Jun 2021
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, when love is like a dream---we live not exist:>


when a skirting golden light sinks the morning room
when a chocolate's mist takes away the gloom
when a song blasts the ear you make a scream
when a coffee's first sip lightens the mind with steam
when a sea races the waves alone dived
when a rainbow kisses a mere the rain skied

when a heart makes a dance
when a landscape stills the stance
when a painted hand dirties the whites
when a moon never fails to shine in sight
when a run feels like the embrace of the winds mint
when a line flows a ray of a poem in every tint
and we live not exist

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