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Matthew Jan 13
Do you ever want to be naive?
Yearn to be in those moments when you were foolish
Before knowledge tainted our innocence
aiMaureen Jan 13
The sun reminds me of me
There was a time when i was just like her
Very vibrant and warm
Now i don't even know who i am anymore
I'm beginning to lose my luster
Like a pearl not worn for so long
Self medicating with material things
In hopes that i will become whole and happy
But i end up collapsing like a pack of poorly arranged cards

I'm whole I'm complete
But i still feel like half of me is out there
Cold and lonely
I don't even wanna think about it
It makes me shiver
Tanaya Jan 12
Will I ever prove that I exist? What do I exist as?

I may try and be a shadow to you
trying to protect you from the scorching heat,
but will I ever know that you're a night wanderer?

I may try to be the rainbow
for the silver lining in your storm,
but will I know that you constantly live in a drought?

I may even be a nightingale
filling your ears with music divine,
but when will you tell me that you are deaf?
Deaf to my yearnings and my cries,
and blind towards the tears
that wouldn't come out of my eyes.
Deaf to the rhythm my heart beats for you,
And yet I keep making the music.
I keep making the music.

I keep making the music,
perhaps to prove that I exist.
But what decides existence?
Do I exist?

I exist in nostalgia,
when people remember their first true loves.
I exist in memoirs,
of the greatest rivals they made.
I exist as the guidelines,
of the way they shouldn't live their lives.
I exist in their sensations,
illuminating how comforting a touch should be.

Yet I need to prove that I exist.
It's clear now.
I exist.
And you do too,
even if it is as a reader or critic of a this mere poem on this website.
I know you're there.
Dear Reason For My Existence,
I hope one day I will find you.
I'd ask you, what you are.
Actually I'd ask you every question I could think of.
I have no choice to but to give you my life.
So, see ya!
                                           -Sincerely, Alyssa Herndon
I don`t know why I`m here. Hence, nobody knows the meaning of life.
gabrielle Jan 3
homesick for the home
that never been mine

homesick for the home
that never existed

missing you
that never been mine

you exist
but you were still not mine

you are my house i go back to
but never my home

you exist
but never was my home
" I am missing someone whom I love. I have loved someone who is my home, whereas, this home never existed. And my home that never existed, was never really mine. "

(i really have problems with repetitions)
Hadiy Syakir Dec 2018
we are always
aspired to
be god,

look at how
we systematically
programmed the school,
the difference with a factory?

we are always
aspired to
be god,

check on how
we systematically
organized the prison,
harmless for the society?

we are always
aspired to
be god,

look at how
we unashamedly
arranged the tv and radio
pursuing the utopian future?

we are always
aspired to
be god,

check on how
we unashamedly
clear the forest and rebuild,
as if we care for the community?

we have never stop at
avoiding the eventual fate
trying to take everything
under control
and forgetting our actual role.

the luckless ones
gaze into the empty sky.
Hadiy Syakir Dec 2018
a glass
of water
on the floor,
quit staring
and leave it
as it is.

Alyssa Herndon Dec 2018
Why do we exist if we don`t live???
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