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Nylee 1d
I am unnoticeable
Hardly visible
You can see right through me
I am part of the air
My presence is an absence
Void is my existence.

I don't exist in anyone's mind
I don't have place in anyone's heart
My shadow is so faded
No one sees it, no one minds it
Believe me you won't believe me
Cause you will not see me at all
noren tirtho May 16
It survives.
Hanging on to that
wee bit of sunlight,
and grounded in that modicum of soil
which has just about enough moisture
to let it exist.

Its leaves don't flutter much;
Nothing blooms;
the twigs don't sway;
those tentacles can't spread out.

It lives, though it may not be as lively as others.
It stands, though it may not be too firmly rooted.
It survives, though it barely has a reason not to die.
Lara May 14
My thoughts.

They come and go.

They just exist.

They want to be heard.

They want to be written down.

My thoughts are coming like a wave
They either go lost in the sea
Or they want to be shown, be heard, be seen like a cloud in the sky.
High up and far away from the drama.

But all of these thoughts I have are just so confusing.

Are my thoughts enough?

Does anybody care about my thoughts and the way I think?
These are just my thoughts...
I’m writing this for me as much as I’m writing it for you.

Honey, this poem might be a hit or just loads of *******.

They say it’s best to have loved and lost, than never loved at all. But is that true?
With that said, do you remember your now dead bestie? Of course you do.
Do you remember when you came to school all blue?
Remember when I thought you would make me say adieu?
Thinking it was time for goodbye.
Oh boy didn’t you make me cry.

You keep saying that I don’t get it.
you are so stubborn that of convincing you of the opposite I quit.

Don’t ask me to explain.
All I know is that with every experience you gain, with every pain you go through you seem to drain.
All I know is that people think that your  cries of help are a brat’s way to complain.

You say that you are not special.
And with your own depression you wrestle .
Yet you believe that you are the only one going through this existential crisis.

I don’t want to sound superficial or artificial the thing is everyone is special, thus being special is the ordinary, the initial, the unofficial official.
It’s just a matter of who will find their potential before they become celestial.

This is all I feel like writing FOR NOW.
Btw I’m writing this for/about a friend.
I’m obviously gonna come back for a part 2.
Anyways, I’m pretty positive that this is my most honest and fast work (wrote this in like 20mins)
On my way I see
A pin-***** perimeter
For infinity
The Foody One Apr 21
It is frustrating
- almost infuriating -
to never Be
Listened to.
© 11/04/20
Suhayb Apr 20
It’s not easy
I’ll tell you that for sure
Sometimes you’ll laugh
A little less
A little more
You’ll feel trapped inside
Your human mind
Twisting you, spinning you
Slowly killing you
This brain, on a rock, near a star
Formed through a dance
Of space, of time
This cosmic kiss
It's not easy
To exist
Mrs Anybody Apr 19
true villains
don't exist
neither do
true heroes

in someone's book
you are
a villain
in another's book
you are
a hero

you see,
it just
on who
the storyteller is
also check out my other poems!  :)
Ash Apr 12
You said you were the one
You said that  you were it
But you were wrong
You claimed I needed to be with you
So I clung to you
I needed you to simply be
Because i thought that you were me
I thought living was inside my head
I thought performance was winning
And equated with existence.
Every part of you is not me
Though I've grown with you
And traced you back to the age of three
You are not me but merely a distraction
From seeing the ethereal before me
From living out the plays inside my head
From conforming to the reality that attention is not needed
Recognition is not imperative
Success is not vital
To live extraordinarily.
You are just a distraction from who I need to be
And as I fall and trip and stumble back into the pleasure of your continuous movie reel
I see the world and I see me and I remember the presence of who I am supposed to be
All in the moments that you are not there
And still I struggle
But I know now that you are not who I was destined to be,
And maybe I’m not special
Or all i thought I’d be
But with you, I’ll never reach my dreams
And I’ll never reach me
Until I hit pause on the remote
And eject this fantasy DVD.
Bhill Apr 11
we dream so we can SEE past what's real
we dream so we can GET past what's real
we dream so we can REACH above
we dream so we can STAND outside of ourself
we dream so we don't DWELL in despair
we fantasize existence, unlike reality...

Brian Hill - 2020 # 102
Dream away and see where you go.
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