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A chaste & lovely maiden
Loved a roughhewn sort of man
It was a strange attraction
The folk could never understand
But she lived in a great tower
In a foreign land.

The lad traversed the valleys
The tangled briars low
Great and craggy mountains
Replete with ice and snow
He knew that he must find her
But did not know where to go.

He questioned people far & wide
Of how to find the lass
Finally an old woman
Told him true at last
But guardians of gargoyles
Would let no one pass!

They would ask a riddle
That he would have to tell
What was found in plenty
At the bottom of a well
If he couldn't answer
They'd take him straight to hell!

The rough young man, he pondered
Yes, he was perplexed
He had no ready answer
Didn't know what to do next
He did not know the answer
And he was so sore vexed!

But a gentle voice he told him
Just like a tender kiss
What resides within a well
Is always a great wish.

So the lad, he faced his foe
So bold in his youth
His answer confounded them
Because it was the TRUTH.

He found the modest maiden
Straight away they wed
They had been kept apart
But had higher love instead!

The moral of this fable
Is the greatest wish in you


Catherine Jarvis
October 23, 2020
The fable is one of my favorites!
Violet Oct 18
your touch circles my consciousness
your wondering hands exploring
you were here
i felt you
Haley Oct 16
There were no hints of infatuation overnight,
Yet you come into the spotlight.
Now you're all that's in her eyes.

When i was in love with you,
I let myself turn black and blue.
You told me that you loved me too,
But was that really true?

I spent years wishing on flowers,
For someone to come along just like you.
Now I’m just sitting here, watching hours
Pass by, cause nothing’s ever good without you.
hello, everybody!~ its been so long since i uploaded anything, but i am definitely getting back into the groove of poetry, and there will be more to some, and quicker!
I can’t delete the account so there’s this
annh Sep 13
Twirling, taunting,
Fluttering, flaunting,
Silver with optimism,
Wishing on a star.

Sitting in the park this evening watching the sun go down behind the nor’west arch.

‘Dwell on the beauty of life. Watch the stars, and see yourself running with them.’
- Marcus Aurelius, Meditations
Amanda Sep 6
I wish for things to get better
But wishes don't come true
Birthday candles
Shooting stars
I've tried them all

Upon a friend I wished one day that they would never leave
Yet I look around me presently and that friend is nowhere to be found

If only to escape my disappointment I have boycotted wishing altogether

I do not put faith in people
Or objects anymore

Instead if wanting something
I go out there and make it happen myself
I used to wish on 11:11 every night I even had an alarm set for it but those days are forever gone
breathes heavy.
***** air.
lungs are full
of space.
the butterflies
do not fly -
they are dead.
i coughed them up.
hacked the ashes
of their bodies
into breeze -
some sweet nothing,
some kiss of wind
i hope
will find its way
to your mouth,
wide and lonely
and waiting
for mine.
Susanna Aug 7
i wish i could love someone as much as my cat loves me

and i wish i could feel something when i touch myself

i wish my life existed outside my room

i wish i had things to talk about
August Jul 23
a wishing well
for wishing you well
Lily Priest Jul 17
When we wished
Wells rippled with the
Echo of their insistance
To be real.
When we dreamed
Days were seamless
Endless in their possibilities
Boundless in their magic.
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