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Staring out the window
I only see your face
Smiling, joking, laughing

Across the way, there’s a house
And in it, all the lights are on
Warming, glowing, sharing

And there I could see us
Radiant in all that brilliance
Dancing, living, loving
Serene Mar 14
You said so many pretty things to me
Made me feel special
Treated me like a queen
Talked to me like I was some spectacular thing

But your lovely little words were empty
In the end your silence spoke louder
Than any of the pretty things you once told me
Your actions revealed everything
I guess that’s the difference between you and me
I meant it wholeheartedly when I told you I cared
It seems you never meant a single thing
And insanely
I still only want the best for you
Seems you only wanted the best for you, too
And I guess I wasn’t good enough for you
But that’s okay
I still want you to be happy
Despite the fact that you cut me deeply
Because I was nothing if not real with you
I was exactly who I always said I was
You turned out to be a stranger and you broke my heart and destroyed my trust
But that’s okay
I wish you lovely days
In spite of the rain filling mine
Even though you caused me pain
I wish you only sunshine
I got my heart broken pretty recently and it’s been a couple months now of just crying and writing to deal with it
Olivia Lost Mar 10
I hope she can love you as I did, but this time I hope you will stay.
myrrh Mar 6
Pain in my arm from reaching out
Third time's supposed to be the charm
But I've lost count & don't know when I'll max out
Mentally taxed & received an emotional drought
Heavily deceived despite knowing the pattern
Opening & showing your heart & now it's shattered
With each day I feel more battered; it's hard
Wishing for a future that's bright
Whilst relishing in the empty mind space of night
Peace Mar 5
I met someone that took my past away. He had given me a sense of home, peace & love. I valued his heart. His beautiful, works of art. In his arms I rested. I laid bare, without reservations. He took away my hidden love. Almost a decades long, of childish love. As he wiped my thoughts clean of him, I've became purely his world & he mine.

We sit amongst each other with broken promises & dreams. Hurt, blame & shame now lives in our brain. Unspoken communication now resides & in our place holds a void. If only we can break the noise long enough to hear our voice reach out to one another, in this widen field of pain. We'd be back in each other's arms, safely tucked away. Laughing & enjoying each other's company, again..
If only life could be forgotten
As easily as dreams
Oskar Erikson Feb 22
it was love i could lap up.
like ichor
flowing freely
into my body.
i could never rebuild these ruins within me.
larni Feb 17
i wish
i wish i could reach out
reach out and hug you
reach into your mind
massage your thoughts
clear away the pain
scare away those demons
flip the switch
that is causing so much pain
and then
reach again
reach into your broken heart
and gently put it back together
I am a rainbow
The product of the rain and sun
Majestic elements
You ran to find my *** of gold
Eagerly searching
Though you were too greedy
Because you missed my vivid colours
And captivating curves
Now I disappear
And you are left wishing
I have always loved rainbows, and after a heartbreak I realised my worth and I am a rainbow, full of life and colour, the product of the good and the bad, the rain and sun, happy always.
Hopelessly looking
You pass me from the distance
I want to be yours
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