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Two steps into the green and
I kneel over to pull from the earth,
closing my eyes to make a wish
from the dandelions I have made
thousands of wishes from before.
It’s my way of sharing my secrets to the universe, whispering to the divine.
A.Harris 2019
Amy Oct 4
Why do you text me?
Why do you hide behind the screen to express your emotions?
Come to me,
And let me see that beautiful mouth of yours move
For I love the sound that comes from it
Let me see your eyes light up
For I love the life in them
Let me hear your sweet, angelic voice
pour honey into my ears
Let me see,
Come to me,
Don’t hide from me.
Klita Sep 21
I wish my happiness
Was not a lie
I wish my family
Would realize how much I try
To be who they want
             To live how they want
                       To achieve what they want
But I am not him
And I am not them
I am not her
And I am not you

I am no one
N o t h i n g

So until I find who I am
Ill float through life
    A Sign
        A whisper
                 A G  l  i m  m  e  r

Of who I can b e
I’m so sick
of dreaming of you
falling asleep
and you’re back in my life
the mistakes we made
the fights we had
we words we said
all forgiven
I’m back in your arms
my heart swells with happiness
you’re back!
I want to scream
I want to cry
I want to shout giddily
and I’m back!
back where
I’m always longing to be
but then
I awake
and a bucket of ice water
runs down my face
down my back
stealing the breath
from out of my chest
I’m needing a life vest
I need someone to help me
I am not in your arms
we have not forgiven each other
and you are so, so far away
Seanathon Sep 19
With the last ounce of daylight
   A quiet wish takes flight

Like the beating wings of dragon flies
   Faster than a heart can hold
   Clearer than a clouded sky
   With dusklit distant humming hues

Here is the wish intent on finding you
   Wherever you are in this storied eye

I cannot see you
   Though I wish
   (To find)
This started with the sentence... "There isn't enough daylight left." And continued with the question of "why?"
Cait Sep 17

in quiet moments
i find myself wishing.
for a future,
i feel i will never own.

a garden
green things growing.
the scent of dirt,
heavy in the air.
and bright spots of color
resting everywhere.

a kitchen
carefully labeled jars.
spices we’ve tested.
the favorites dwindle,
showing our collective tastes.

a wall
covered with paintings.
blues, yellows.
bright and dark.
all showing pieces,
of parts that make us whole.

a morning
slow, unhurried.
a feeling of contentment.
brought with the sun,
and a love shared.

in the quiet moments
before the dream,
wisps away.
i find myself wishing.
Rayma Sep 16
I can’t help but think that I’m not the only one,
But wonder it so.
We can all wish for something we cannot have.
We can all chase our dreams,
in the dark,
grasping blindly at shooting stars and wishing wells.

I like to think that wishes on stars
really do come true.
I like to think that,
one day,
things will be different,
And I will find my way back to you.
written for my third Creative Writing prompt - an exquisite corpse made in class, where we had to keep at least two consecutive lines. The first three lines are from the original.
JayceeJellies Aug 26
Laying in the grass
you look up into the sky,
it's a warm night between summer and fall.
The stars twinkle and you let yourself drift off.

You're dreaming.
You're floating up to the stars,
all of the things that make you who you are,
encompass you.

Then you wonder,
is it wrong?
To wish for a savior?
I'm here to tell you it isn't.

It's okay to want someone to save you.
To long for them...
to wish they'd rush into your life
and be there to catch you.

You're only so strong alone.
It's okay to sometimes,
just sometimes...
want someone to be the hero you're dreaming of.
Jon Hanlan Aug 23
All the soft astrologic
The tight squeeze
My brothers and foes
Searching for you
You used to look me in the soul
We thought we would never pass
We've danced, and cried
Dined in the hills
I'm a lone boy now
Lost in arctic lows
The lust to last centuries
Villa heights and afterglow
With sunny sailing
  I'm here, calling for you
Torn and frayed, with blankets
Resembling Bernini, teasing me
Of my long, near-forgotten palace
Where is home now, I ask
I feel fearless, I am sorrowed
Take me with you
Teach me the way of your flight
I can still hear the stadium chanting
Make my stamp on this beauty land
And seek refuge in the jewelry box
  As they cry my name to the heavens
When it's real quiet, I can make out your whispers
Humming in the ambience, so sweet
I'll complete my mission, dear
I promise I will make you smile & weep
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