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You stared at me
But didn't say anything
You were too far away
In your mind
So you wrote it down
And handed it to me...
I never saw words look
So deep before
Love notes...words can stare
Alio Apr 10
Dreaming of you is a gift in the night
I feel your touch again
And remember what has since been lost

The wrongs of the past are forgotten in there
When I hold your arm and call you mine

I look deep in your eyes
Hear your light airy laugh
Feel your hand in mine
Your warmth as we embrace
How your head fits in my shoulder
And your arm around my waste
How it feels to with you
And the warmth our spark kindles

Sometimes I wish we could live in dreams
But what’s in our minds are a fantasy of light
A swirl of things we wish had been
A thing that never will be
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