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As night spreads its ribbons of darkness
Loneliness taps at my window pane,
But too lost in reverie am I
To pay heed to its doleful refrain

Wishful thinking helps me to escape
From the madness of Life's fickle ways;
Though make-believe is a tangled web,
I thrive in its ethereal haze

How sweet the proverbial nectar
That flows from his lips onto mine;
What bliss I derive from a romance
Only my wild impulse could design

I swoon at his expressions of love
Sung and spoken in poetic verse;
(Though at times my heart scoffs at pretense,
Seeing not a  blessing, but a curse)

Yet, when I gaze deep into his eyes
I thrill to see love's reflection there;
He need only take hold of my hand
And together we climb Heaven's stair

O, how painful  are the loveless hours
Of reality I must endure;
In my dreary solitude I find
Wishful thinking holds a strange allure

Ah! but then reality holds sway ---
Once again the snake devours the dove;
But wishful thinking soon restores my peace
With its exquisite mimicry of love!
imparo Aug 14
i know it's unfair
to have left you there
yet, silently wish
you would still have me
in case my mind changed.
There's an ocean,
Underneath me,
And a thought that
Can defeat me,

O, I'll cry,
When I see you
Once more...

There's a name,
I'm so ashamed,
I can't make it,
I'm to blame.

O, I'll cry
When I see you
Once more...

All the things
That I've done,
There's no battles
That I've won,

O, I'll cry
When I see you
Once more...

Inside I'm still dying,
Outside, I'm
Still trying,
There's no one
To hold open doors!

No lying , I'm crying,
My blood
Won't hit the floor;

But I'll cry,
When I see you
Once more...

I've got friends,
Til the end,
But no moments
I can rend,

There's nothing
But something
I adore!

Such a moment
Just a moment,
My atonement,
I abhor,

But I'll cry
When I see you
Once more!
A poem I wrote describing my depression. A year ago I caught a case for attempting to steal from a car, and pulling a gun on someone. Yeah... even I make serious mistakes. But the aggravated assault charge is going to be dropped, and I'll likely serve probation for attempted robbery of a motor vehicle. Thankfully it's a misdemeanor, and not the felony they wanted to charge me with... I wrote this today before court on Monday. Wish me luck and forgiveness... that's all I have the right to ask.

thyreez-thy Jun 20
A green light beckons in a forest of silence
And a voice, calm enough to soothe the violence
A gentle being, more kind than the kindest
And a brutal queen, with a head-strong mindset

Her name is like the wood of a humbled, wise tree
Her eyes are like heaven's light, that sets sinners free
Her nose is pointed, like a dagger to the heart
And without such benevolence, I would be apart

To Willow, sweet Willow, unbeknownst to her humble self
Her very existence is priceless beyond long accumulated wealth
Some random poem that came after watching owl house
To Willow Park
i would love to
be able to identify
a bird from its call
or the shape of
wide-spread wings
as one flies overhead
in theory
it may seem impressive
but if i were to
successfully distinguish
a chiffchaff from
a willow warbler
based on the patterning
and colour of
its plumage
or the shape
and length of
its tail feathers
i struggle to think
of a single person
who would respond
with more than
an indifferent
mocking or
pandering "oh"
Is there something I can find
Buried deep in my mind,

An allure which ensures
Me of hope?

So pure and unadorned,
So naked, as was born,

Just a light, just a spark,
That which pulls upon
The heart,

To awaken, and allow
Me to see?

Is there something, buried deep,
Among the feelings I keep,

Is there hope for the one
Who has none?

No more sadness,
No more pain,

No more for a stain,
For a shadow of
What I once had?

No more crying,
No more lying,

No more wishing
I was dying,

Is there hope for the one,
Who has none?
Just a feeling I had tonight.  I wanted to share it, for everyone who wonders if tomorrow is worth waking up to. It's there hope for people like us?
rayma Jan 28
i dont want to sleep.
i want to keep chasing stardust on lips i'll never taste,
reaching for jupiter when she shines so brightly in the sky,
reminding me of all that could've been—
could still be.
never was.

god, these sleepless hours,
the way the stories chase themselves around my head,
louder than dreams too fleeting.

there's a silence here, in the night,
when everything is still.
a promise that everything could be okay.
could be.

and then the dawn puts stardust to bed,
and i'm left chasing something
i never even got a taste of.
Alio Dec 2022
I want to go to the gym
I want to run on the treadmill
I want to burn off all my fat
and burn off all my skin
I want to lean out of my window
and puff the cigar that’s collecting dust downstairs
I want to slip ***** in my drinks
and sit in the below-zero weather
I want to feel a different kind of warmth
I want to fill my lungs with a different kind of air
A different kind of burn
I want to learn how to play the piano
I want to take care of my voice
I want to be better with my father
As if I have a choice
I want to be happy
I want to write this down in pen
I want to be free
But, frankly, in the end
Is it really up to me?
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