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To those who have everything,
More will be given,
To those who have nothing,
More will be taken.
I just hope that living in between both extremes
Could lend me a lifetime of the seasoning
You pinch on my days
Providing hope in me through your delicacies.
Don’t worry about something
That you don’t know.
Don’t spend time wishing
When these moments are passing.
The love I give is an eternally full cup
With no bottom.
Pour yours into mine,
And let's see where these moments take us.
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Lucy Apr 7
I wish I had your adventurer spirit,
Then maybe we would not have had our last visit,
I wish that I was not scared,
For then both of our feelings would be spared.

I know I should not wonder ‘what if’,
The thinking pushes me to the edge of the cliff,
But I cannot help but to wish I was not me,
To dream of a reality where I had not pushed you back to sea...
Hera Apr 2
I look up to you,
How I wish
Someone would
look up to me too,
It was in the past,
Look how
My soul disappeared
so fast.
Zoe Mei Mar 19
all i have ever wanted
is to be
a ship
cast off
from the populated shores
into a sea of stars
to sail among cotton clouds
into fantasy beyonds
to need never look
on the world i leave below
and never glance back
on my body which my mind
leaves behind
on the lapping shores of the living
Delyla Nunez Mar 5
It’s days like this;
Where I need your comfort.
When I am defeated,
And I can’t keep standing.

I beg for you;
To save me from my turmoil.
You kept away the thoughts,
Held me to the skies.

I scream throughout my body;
Wishing for you to take me.
In the end,
Im still on a list.

Forever waiting.
Sometimes , I wanna disappear
Sometimes , I wanna just
I wonder why , I always
keep going
I don't see anything
in my future
that , I am so in need of
I am still alone
I am still struggling
It's these times
I really just feel the pain
burning my soul
How can one go through
so much pain , hurt
and still just keep living
Knowing there's more to come
Like a punch in the gut
Where's the reason
Where's the purpose
Why not just disappear
It's not like anyone would
So maybe , I will just

:: © Jennifer L DeLong 2/2021::
Beanie Feb 5
I wish I knew how to whistle,
And I wish I knew how to
Play the guitar, or maybe piano.
I wish I knew how to sing
On pitch, or at least follow a tune.
I wish I knew how to be a good friend,
So maybe I would stop losing people,
And I wish I was a better person
Because right now it feels like
All I do is ***** things up.
I wish I knew how to fix this, and I wish
That you know I’m sorry.
I want to go back to Cancun
with my feet gliding
across the cool white sand
and the salty ocean water
cleaning my wounds and shoving itself
down my throat

When it was pouring at 4 am
and we stood in the hut
watching the turtles lay their eggs
as the gods cried in pain

I want to be that young and carefree
when I wouldn't notice my weight
the number of friends I had
and my whole life wouldn't rest on one letter
Nowadays, I'm a numb kind of happy
cass Jan 22
i met a genie today and he gave me one wish.
i almost wished you were here with me
but then i remembered why you weren't.
Keebo Jan 14
Below Drown Town, there is a place
An area for the voiceless people to stay
It’s called The Wastelands
Here is where I live and spend most of my days
Fantasising about a girl who can take the isolation away

This picture I’m painting inside my head is us
Lying down in my bed
Listening to old school tunes about love & gangsta ***
I lose myself completely in the look of your eyes
While you tangle up your legs with mine
A kiss from your lips gets me high
It numbs my mind and slows down time
I whisper “let’s **** and forget who we are”
You pull me closer and say “ready when you are”

But like most fantasies, you snap back into reality
The girl I want is way out of my reach
I’m like a king with a forbidden lust dream
Starring at the world whilst I wait for a queen
In The Wastelands for the rest of eternity
This is a sequel to an early piece called “Drown Town”

I live in this area called “The Westlands” in Droitwich Spa (Drown Town) so it’s a bit tongue & cheek

“Drown Town” is a piece about the rundown down whereas this one is more of a woeful longing feel
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