The beating of my heart seems lethally severe.
Full of misery, heart aches and fear.
Every pleased moment materialize, disappear.
T’ll my agony ends,
You didn’t know how I love you so sincere.

I am waiting for my life to end,
Holding back my mortal friend.
13 times where I was about kill myself,
Still wanting back the door to be open,
Everyday that’s the only thing I wanted to happen.
Yet my heart is still misshapen.
If you could comeback in any moment,
I would probably end up being permanent.

It is but one path, one direction
But this should lead to many other questions
It is really annoying if your just in my imagination
I perceived no other option,
Just to received so many disturbing attentions
Cause I know this is the only solution,
To make our story start up with the right position.

I hope you already know how hard my situation
I know there’s a gap in our correlation,
I know we will end up with no definition
Because of the difficulty in our affection
Yes, I want death with no confusion
Since, that’s the only thing who can make
Our story in no frustrations
Right Decisions,
And go back to introduction

Please help me death,
Please help me to go underneath,
Now I can forcibly cut my breath.
And now I can leave earth.


you used to be my blue sky
on cloudy days.
now when i think of you
all i can imagine
is thunderstorms.
i dont understand
where we went so
god damn wrong.
change is inevitable.
our ending was inevitable.
i know one day
i'll forget you
and you'll forget me.
i pray to god that you find
your blue sky,
just as i wish to
find mine.
and i'm sorry that
it couldn't be you.

today i woke up to see the sun rise
but her face came in front of my eyes

difficult it was to make myself realize
that her love was only her beautiful lies

she left me because of some reasons unknown
but her absence made me forever alone

don't know why im still in love with that girl
don't know why i still believe her as my pearl

my soul cries
my heart dies
when i see her in
my dream skies

i hate her
but i love her
as i can't love
my hate for her

I open my eyes
and know, that it's a dream

there she is
just standing there

her demeanor
not quite, obscene

her lips
red as any ruby

her skin
as white as fresh sheets

her scent
purest, softest, jasmine

flower petals
at her feet

I awake
at dawn

and renewed

knowing now
I can go on

having seen her
in the nude

:D yup, there I go :D

If you were here right now
i would probably jump into
your skin and swim in your
veins forever.
despite all the bruises
the lying
the name calling.
i begged for god
to give me strength to leave
and now that you left me
i beg god for the strength to move
on and breathe.
you took everything from me.
how does someone come back
from this?
how do i learn to breathe again?
i'm so used to feeling fear
because of you.
now i'm finally free.

Anastasia 1d

She bought her tiger lilies rather than roses
She wrote her poetry instead of letters.
She left kisses where she hid her past.
She saw her for her soul not her body.

Clinging to the ruin of your broken heart. I pick up your pieces and dust them off, trying to help you see the gleaming parts; the parts you were forced to hate about yourself. Love, you were meant to be a mountain. Not an ant hill, scorched by some bully with your own reflection.

Crimsyy 1d

You are winter
and I always fall for you,
as Autumn does
when rain comes knocking
on its leaves
and soon Autumn and I
are lost in a breath of
fresh petrichor;
you are rain
and for some unknown reason,
I'm always begging you
to drench me, soak me.
You are a notebook,
often closed,
spine seemingly unbroken,
and I, a starving poet
ripping at every page of yours;
I hope you won't
fall apart with me.

Crimsyy 1d

Things I know to be true
at 10 pm on a Friday night:
I know I feel more at home
on my own, alone,
I know that alone to me
is not the feeling of
suffocating inside your own skin,
I know my skin is
the only real estate I'll
ever permanently own.
I know my skin
is not my enemy,
I know my skin
is always ready to welcome me.
I know my mind
is a lovely place to spend your time in
if you don't mind the looming threat
of a tornado or an earthquake.
I know your love is like
a vestigial organ
I do not require
but am willing to carry.
I know I love ferociously
and somedays that love
is a vestigial organ
I could go well without,
like tonsils in my throat
limiting my voice,
but does your heart ever
give you a choice?
I know I'm breathing
and nothing is falling apart
around me,
and even without you here,
I know I'm safe.


Take care of her.
Feed her when she's hungry.
Let her rest when she's tired.
Give her comfort when she's weary.
Love her when she feels unloved.
Extend her grace when she thinks she is unworthy.
Encourage her when she worries about failure.
Tell her she's beautiful when she can't see or feel it.
Believe in her when she loses sight of her vision.
Show her kindness when she starts to tear herself down.
Take her for a walk when she wants to isolate.
Dance with her when her mind is flooded with chaos.
Sing her songs when words no longer make sense to her.
Be the safe place she can run to when she needs to retreat.
Offer her your shoulder when she needs to cry.
Pull her in tight when she needs a warm embrace.
Please take care of her.
She is you.

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