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She dances with her best dress on even when everyone is standing still,
She speaks her mind even when everyone tells her to be quite,
She has a dream even when everyone is looking for a man,
And that doesn’t make her less of a woman.
He cries when he is broken,
He shows his feelings even when everyone is acting tough,
He has a dream even when everyone is looking for a woman,
And that doesn’t make him less of a man.
They sing even when they don’t know the words,
They laugh even when life gets hard,
They love even when the world is full of hate,
Because that doesn’t make them less of a human.
Half the empathy but you keep dealing with me, sometimes I don’t know why you even put up with me! Loving someone deep comes with a pain that will forever remain. You’ll get over it, you’ll pull it together and make it through. Until thoughts of a past lover comes to mind, those memories are forever stuck with you. Bad or good, we were both just misunderstood! I didn’t listen or pay attention. You irritate me! No words from me only causes tension and emotionless mentions. Dismiss the situation, put her on the back-burner, nothing adds up to this equation. If you bark up the wrong tree, I’ll set you free. Who wants who more? You or me? Ships of the confused ones.  

Listen more and let her express what she feels inside
my heart will always hold you
though my arms cannot
your name is on my every breath
whispered to the dark as i fall asleep
& i pray your spirit haunts my dreams
for i miss you eternally
you are the words of my muse
darkness & light of my heart
window of your soul pierces me
azure tranquility
punctuated by storm-wrought walls
oh how i miss you so
//on her, yet again//
Dimitris Oct 4
Science says
that the time it takes to get over your ex
is equal to the duration of your relationship
divided by two

I had you for only 2 months
But here I am
5 years later, 60 months later
still thinking of you

The math was wrong.
One plus one is infinity.
And two minus one is zero.
Mable Erina Sep 28
You’re not a quitter.
Where’s the fight in you girl?
You don’t give up.
You were never one to give up.

I know you’re tired.
I know you feel so weak.
But it’s not over. It’s never over until you say it’s over.
Keep fighting.
Keep pushing.

You love yourself.
You have to.
How can you expect anyone to love you, if you don’t?
You can’t.
So love that little girl.
Even when she’s weak,
even when she wants to give up,
even when she’s hurting,
because she’s worth it.
You’re worth it.
Remember, you can cry,
but only standing up.
The day
That one day
The day that you were there but gone at the same time
The day where i thought you would still be here in my tomorrow
as how you were in a my yesterday.

Now your not my yesterday and you're not my tomorrows
your not under, but in a way beneath.
You're beneath my thoughts. Under my every surface.
In my head but not to be infront of my eyes.
How can someone or something so special
turn into something thats beneath a thought.
Something so far from a surface but
still be considered the surface of everything
You are the deeper surface underneath all the layers that i don't have to hide.
Always beneath my mind.
Serendipity Sep 28
She was crisp in Autumn's wind.
Definite lines of beauty
set in stone,
on pavements filled
with leaves.

Her skin is cinnamon sprinkled,
and her oh just as punchy.

She was scented with spice,
her presence never a shadow
or mango-mangled mixture.
It was definite,
it was there.

She was there.
Yoh Esters Sep 28
The sounds that riddle out from her. It plays an instrumental tune as it bounces in the atmosphere.~

Too soft yet still noticeable, light enough to find me when I'm lost and strong enough to lift me up when I'm down.~

This is the shape of her voice.~
Jamie Sep 26
Stuck in a daze,
By what caught my gaze.
Like coming out of a haze,
Or some sort of phase.

Can't believe what I see,
The way it feels to me.
Wondering how this can be,
This feeling of glee.

How could I have gone,
So long,
It feels wrong,
But I feel like I belong.

Here in this moment,
Something feels potent.
I can't explain,
So many feelings remain.

Seeing you once more,
Walking through the door.
My heart aches,
Twisted by the hand of fates.

This moment I've dreamed of,
Like a sign from above.
I tremble and shake,
For the first time I'm awake...
That moment they walk in, and take you completely by surprise.
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