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Polseh Dec 2022
There is nothing (I) want to say more.
To give all my (Love) in a simple, but monumental way.
I hope, I pray (you) accept my heart.
D Cole Dec 2022
I had tailored denial for my heart
and for each new sun, that fabric became home.
I had lost taste of the lips of love


I started dreaming again... feels as though she'd never left
Igniting obscure euphoria bereft of my heart


I'm trying to convince myself...
that it's just another night when she ruses
me with pills of nostalgia.

Pulling strings that remind my body of the excitement when our skins knead.

Teaching my heart, again, how to skip a beat.

I'm trying to convince myself that it's just another night...
...but she is now an anchor in my dreams,
dragging me to what it felt like
to be in love.
The after effect from the perfume of love,
Even after we fall out, I catch glimpses of what we were
Jules Harper Aug 2022
First time I met her, dimmed and dull my day was
Cool and cold she'd been, so scary I needed a pause
For some reasons to me, she's intimidating
All went on for some time, until we started talking

Minutes to hours, to days, to months
All of the sudden, I realized it all at once
An existence of hers, my day scintillated
Every tomorrow from now on are days anticipated.
Prompt: scintillate (v.) to sparkle, or to dazzle or impress with liveliness or wit

I attempted a one piece a month with the prompts being MW's word of the day last month. I didn't finish it, but got this one.

Also I just realized that aligning left is my default template. It's cool but it kinda gets boring over time. Guess I'll be changing things up some day.
David M Harry May 2022
Let this hymn beneath an ebony sky
Be the breath of angels upon our skin.
A song of scripture and silence
written upon your body and mine.
My head upon your breast on this night and your lips upon my mind.
Our breaths swirling like a sacred fragrance
are everything I need to know of love.
there won't be many shrouded gowns
or tears or tales to tell
above a bed with tiny frowns
to watch my carcass swell

perhaps a friend or cousin
no colleagues from past tense
i'd be shocked to see a dozen
if i don't outlast the 'rents

don't go too far out of way
or bring a spot of gin
just to watch my bones decay
and sorrow o'er my skin

kiss my head or curse or bawl
i won't know whose farewell
staring at a furnace wall
while looking up from hell

for now i'm lying here to show her
i can’t bear without your face
who knows if you'll need closure
i'll be dressed for just in case

i’d have lived for you but only
let's not talk about regrets
i'll wish you'd never known me
but hate to think you might forget
--The End--
Sam Apr 2022
our crescent moon floats in idle reverie
amidst its opal lagoon
in that lacuna befAore the day's first morning blush
while the fish hold their breath

and as she swims,
she illuminates the heiroglyphs scrawled on the sky
in the scumbled vapourtrails of hurried planes
soon to be dispersed
by the heavy breaths of snoring gods

but i just don't ******* care
moon, please let me sleep
Tony Tweedy Mar 2022
I stand upon a familiar shore,
of white sands and ocean waves,
looked upon so many years before,
you and I joined as true loves slaves.

Salten sea breeze fresh upon my face,
casting mist and haze like some dream,
where I see that other time in this place,
bound forever, or so it then did seem.

In this place I now stand so all alone.
as if drawn across rolling dark water,
to calmer days once warmly known,
before love like tide ebbed unto it's slaughter.

Days when loneliness was an unknown.
where sun was warm, and seas were still,
before any storm squall gales had blown,
or wave and wind wrought it's winters chill.

You alone were there to share my time,
I recall beauties smile upon your face,
beauty before tears performed their crime,
it was you that made this a perfect place.

But this sand now beneath my feet,
leads nowhere I would wish to go.
My memories now of loves defeat,
in a time my heart still longs to know.

Sand worn away and faded coastal dreams,
waves roll and ebb high upon the shore,
eroded memories by times cold extremes,
Never to know the beach as in those years before.
Even memories fade and become shadows of what they were.
The years erase thought the heart still knows that something was lost.
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