His beauty brought attention
to even the prettiest of skies
His heart so full of passion,
even the fruit can't compare
His love in those crystal eyes,
even the water paled
But his color started to fade
The fall took what it could
His silence beckoned storms,
even across the seas
His hands of stone crushed
my spoiled heart-
He became
no longer in use
And so he left, along with the fall.
she wakes up feeling like a villain
ironically, it's my heart she's stealing
i'm sorry. i didn't mean for you to worry
how could i be good for you,
if i'm not good for me?
Crave for me like a smoker
Craves for a puff each night.
deery Mar 23
i have to stop falling in love with her
because every time she begins to fade away
i can feel my heart break more and more
and i want to move on but i'm afraid that she may want me back some day
so i have to stick around
because i want her to love me
i want the next time to be forever
i want to keep the barrier broken this time
even though i know
she will build it back up
until she becomes the piece of me that's in love with the past
"you are so gorgeous,
you are so kind to me,
you're so brilliant,
you practically blind me"

"your words are sweet,
and so are your eyes.
i can feel my heart beat
faster when you walk by"

"i should've told you all this,
but now i'm watching you walk away"

i tell myself i'm saving it for a better day
eli 1d
you break me when you call her baby
she took your heart from my hands
i didnt want to let go
she stole your heart from me
memorials of my affection
lay unrequited
like wilted flowers
i haven't quite fallen
but i'm dangling on the edge
and i'm getting closer every hour

everything was
great 'til the breakup
when you walk your separate
paths and realize you've nowhere to go

you can't chase
you'll look strange
the only thing to do is turn your back
and run away

i hope the fact that i want to please you
pleases you
if you gave me one chance i promise i'd
never leave you

the sun rises
we both cry
because we realize
this could've ended
so much differently

you get a new guy
we don't say hi
grown between us is
a sheet of ice
we're both freezing

all my thoughts of you are run-on sentences
my english teacher's don't approve of this
all my thoughts of you are tangents
i'm trying to sell words for a dance
I see the world
suspended in your eyes
like nothing matters
nothing has ever mattered
but her.

her nails are painted
her dress is short
her heels are high
her laugh is obnoxious
and she's just like the last one.

she's nothing new
and nothing special, yet
you think she's different
you think she's beautiful
you want to love her.

while I sit and watch
as you love another girl

and while she's at work
you hold me close
and tell me you're sorry
and that I have to go
before she comes home.

why do you tell me
that you wish things were
if you really did,
you wouldn't be looking at her.

it happens every time.
how could somebody
be so oblivious
being a bystander
for this really sucks

just listen to her
why can't you read?
maybe take a look at her
can't you see?

it's you that she's thinking of
don't you dare complain
you're luckier than us
and it's keeping us in pain

when my heart begins to throb
i can guess who it is from
it's you i'm, thinking of
because this happened once before
and i thought that it was love
it almost ruined us

if i slip for you
i promise
i won't become confused
i know i'm not the guy
you're thinking of
unfinished (not that it'll ever be finished). was gonna delete but someone thought it was good so here we are.
at what point
is it pointless?
am i just
picking at my scab?
all that loving does
is make me sad

please don't leave me now
everyone seems to doubt

music you've heard
becomes just
white noise, it's absurd
it's pointless when
you already know the words

please don't leave me now
everyone seems to doubt

we are just two stars
driving parallel,
strangers forever

now we're both just
another star
with a broken heart

please don't leave me now
please don't leave me now
please don't leave me now
please don't leave me now

please don't leave me now
everyone seems to doubt
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