I want to kiss the constellations in between us; the ones that hide amidst the places where you and I lay. This bed feels lonelier than it used to, but my heart doesn't beat as slow as it used to. I'd choose your smile over any sunset, (though they are so much prettier when I imagine I am sitting next to you.) Distance doesn't have to be all bad. And love only exists if we let it. So let your petals unfold; I'll be on the next flight out.

Anon 12h

I was pretending to be a poet,
to find you
for I felt a warm breeze of rumour
that you lived your pain in a labyrinth of words
floating like  an ephemeral phantom
between  fiery verses of your own
and dark corners of strange rhymes
as if under a sorcerer's hushed spell
my fate hurtled toward your tempest
now that I've found you
I can stop pretending
neither poet nor storyteller
all I am is a man
writing with ink possessed
in hope you lay eyes one day
on words pregnant with your name.



My love
I have nothing i can give
But the together we will live
My love will never end
Lets be together

The one ❤
Anon 1d

a veneer of blur
dropped unceremoniously
on a sea of strange faces
awake but
a dream
in a dream
of a dream
I dared to dream
stumbling footsteps
breathing reluctant
searching for a face
amongst faces I can't see
I sense its coming
the absence of knowing
black void swallowing time
fall through the cracks
a dark comes
to claim its time
as these words fill a page
a screen
I wonder if regret
will be for time lost
or what was done
how many hours
will I lose this time
if only
if only I could
find that face
her face
maybe it's too late...



I still get nervous when you walk in the room
I still get butterflies when I sit next to you
I'm in love with you

I have always been beckoning
In the streets and classrooms,
In the schools and coachings,
In the soccer goals and chess games.

I have always been searching,
In the lonely evenings and nights,
In the sunny days and afternoons,
In the packed markets and parties.

I have always been so very patient,
In the empty Sundays and holidays,
In the private moments and hours,
In the public places and datings.

But true love was nowhere,
I searched the whole world,
Then I finally had it accepted,
That true love was only twice.

First was when I was born,
To my mother and father,
Second was the rebirth,
In an ICU's rebreather.

My HP Poem #1604
©Atul Kaushal
Anon 2d

Brick by brick
an ebon-shade city
I built in your name
desolate streets haunted
now remain.

Riot 2d

Drink her words up,
They make you forget you’re forging
A fire deep in your soul
Burning you alive.
Her mind
is stronger than her words,
so let that burn
in the back of your throat,
As it goes in your system.

Her words intoxicate me.

Amanda 3d

It is hard to watch her touch you,
The way you used to touch me,
Her fingertips graze her thigh,
and you smile quietly.

I try to shift my eyes away,
I search the floor for reasons,
If only I could shake the ghost,
Thats been haunting me for seasons.

But you're everywhere i go,
When will this loneliness end?
I hope that you're happy now,
Not having me as your girlfriend.

It's difficult to look at you,
Knowing you'll never look at me,
But this happened for a reason,
We were never meant to be.

Jacob 3d

I'm scared to know that I'm wasting my time
I'm so scared to realize I'm losing control of my life
I'm scared of commitment, of calling anything mine
I'd be lying if I told you "I'm fine"
Wiping these tables to put some food in my stomach
I'm tired of hearing my folks say "Don't worry, it's coming"
My heart is racing, I'm running to anything other than nothing
Drowning in depression and I'm trying to pull myself above it
I need someone to tell me everything will be okay
Tell me why did everyone I love, went up and faded away?
Am I crossing your mind? Because you've been all up in mine
But I bet if I saw you, I wouldn't know what I would say

Instead of being together with her, I need to get it together
Instead of writing these letters, I want to live to remember
Am I better from my past?
I wonder what I would know
Haunted by a nightmare when I really need let it go
I guess things happen for a reason
Should I  have left these things to chance?
My grandma is getting sicker
And I'm never there when I should be
Feeling lost, I guess it runs in the family
Family told me, dreams and passions should always be plan B
How could you judge me if you don't understand me?
Right now everything feels like a do-or-die situation
"Who am I?" Every day I ask myself the same question
You call it nine to five, but I call it suicide
I rather be heartbroken and broke than be labeled as happy
They don't want to understand me cause no one can stand me
It's always the outsiders and not the real friends who end up standing beside me

Don't look down on yourself.
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