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As you lay your head
On my shoulders
Feeling your windblown hair
Caressing my cheek,

I can't help but stare at you
How beautiful you look
The moonlight glinting on your cheek
The scent of you hair, wafting the cold air

I can't fathom it
How can someone so
Beautiful and benevolent,
Come to like such a

Broken and misplaced
Person like me
I always take her to the bottom of the sea, before I realise I've forgotten the greatest commandment.
Love as you wish to be loved.
Sam 6d
I can't wash off the flower she drew
on my arm earlier this afternoon
A forget me not.
A game of 'she loves me. she loves me not'
A knot untied
I feel the fear that Narcissus must have felt as his ears turned to petals,
his hair to vines.
and his scream to a blooming flower
she's broken
she's scarred
and full of flaws
but it just takes one person
one **** person
to see through all of that
all the brokenness
all the scars
her imperfections and flaws
and love them all
love her for who she truly is
love her despite her flaws
love her with all the baggage that she has
because that person would give everything
and anything for her to feel okay
even just for a moment
for her to breathe
for he just wants her to be okay
notapoet Feb 20
It's your birthday today
So I thought I'd write something
Here goes,

I wish I could say that I love you

Why can't you see what you do to me?
When I see you, my heart races
I have been told that you like me
But not the same way that I do

I want to say I love you, but I'm scared
What if it breaks our friendship?
I can't stand to lose you

What's on my mind?
Can you hear my heart?
I can feel it burn me on the inside
My heart, I sacrifice
Wild and running for one person,
You; will I ever have you
anotherdream Feb 5
sometimes I feel like you're dead to me
you're merely a face from long ago that use to comfort me
tell me everything would be alright.

why do I keep coming back to you?
holding on to the hope of seeing you again,
when you're smiling, breathing...
returning to that beauty I used to know.
back then, it was so unfamiliar.
the sound of being so close, that unwanted feeling.

now you are the one who is unfamiliar to me.
have you changed, were you a different person then?
was I close friends with a ghost,
whose hands I could not reach....
was it all simply an illusion?

why am I here? why are you here?
do I miss you... or....
do I miss... the old you?
the version of yourself that died long ago?

maybe things have changed too quickly,
and I've failed to catch up,
you have focused on yourself,
while I was wrapped up in my thoughts.

I don't know why I keep coming back to you,
or why I can't let go.
why is it so difficult?

all I know at this point,
all I've ever known is,
I was closer with you than anyone else... even more than her.
and when I cried in front you,
that created something special, a sort of bond that I had never felt before then and...
haven't felt since either.

you know that feeling too.
because when you become close with someone,
and you show them just how much of a mess you are...
it changes things, at least for me.

things change even more when that same person,
who's seen more of your flaws than anyone else,
decides to turn their back on you,
and call you horrible things.

saying "you're selfish", "you're a narcissist",
throwing insults at you while you're trying your best and trying to help.
but when it comes down to it, you have to take care of yourself too.
maybe that is the reason, I don't feel anything when I'm around you.

maybe that is the reason I'm with your ghost.
because the you that I had known is dead to me.
I don't want to lose you... but I think I already have.
Madison Feb 4
She hates herself so much.
I could never understand how she calls her self ugly.
Shes so pretty my stomach hurts with want.
Not just her face or body
All of her.
She is amazing
I hurt myself but the only thing I feel is her.
I have never been in love but maybe this is what it feels like.
It hurts.
I like it
rawnak Jan 31
I wish there was a way to say something without using words
I want to tell you that I’m in love

No grand gesture or gifts can express the feeling I feel for you
Your beautiful prevails and has taken what I had kept only for myself

My heart is now yours, and you can choose to crush it
You can break it into a million pieces or choose to keep it

No one can judge or even care
The one who cares is right here waiting for you

It’s okay not all love is mutual but if only you could share a telepathic dream just the me and you
You might just fall in love or at least with the love I have for you.
I met a girl
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