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Andrew Aug 27
as I move my hands,
happy, as I walk to
the door -

Happy, happy,
happy - my heart smiles -

I see it on my face.

I see it when I
see You. I am


         because of You
xavier thomas May 13
Her love heals my soul
Her sweet morning mocha skin  
Her joy sets the tempo
Her support helps my pain
Her character is a *** symbol

Her last name carry under mine
basil Aug 26
maybe if i could show people
the poems i wrote about them
i wouldn't need to write them at all
Sandy Aug 19
on the day
of the hearts sun
the glowing bloom
which shed upon her

his first ever love
couldn't even recognize her
still he look back
to catch a glimpse

of the divine beauty
her eyes present to him
his heart was forever sealed
in cage of her skin
Gerald Aug 15
She drunk his sweet
words like poison;
She knew they would **** her eventually.

She wore his
compliments like bait luring
the demons. She knew they were coming.
Just to know how it feels. "Put dracula in charge of the blood bank"
lua Aug 15
my heart hurts
it squeezes
and bursts in my chest
as i cough up petals
she talks to me in flowers
and the sweetest of curves
but not about me
not about me at all
not me and her
and im left to yearn
yet to smile for her
bring the balloons
answer her questions
and watch them together
this is how it always ends
and ill never tell her
how often i explode for her
i never will
Rama Krsna Aug 13
picking fall couture ~~
when did she start putting
herself in his shoes?

© 2021
dedicated to those who see other people’s pain.
mark soltero Aug 4
set in with uncertainty
we watch the sun go down
scarlet beams from the sky illuminate your pity

remember the night you looked stunning
the sky hit your skin
our bodies vibrated in the warm tides

it was wonderful right
I stood in the meadow
Looking towards the window
A picture emerged
I knew what it was
Yet I couldn't decipher
I moved towards the window
The picture did grow
A painting of a lush green meadow
It was hanging on the wall
No one standing
At the window
No one standing
In the meadow
Cows were missing
Birds were missing
In the meadow
She was missing
At the window
Missing were so many things
I was on the fringe
In the  middle of the meadow
Dry and burnt meadow
Looking towards the window
She was missing
At the window
D CoLe Aug 1
If you look into my heart, you'll cry
the brilliance that keeps it whole hides when you get too close.
Each piece with a different tale, my heart is an erratic choir
echoing the blues dining with love.

Yet with you, echoes of ecstasy emanate from my heart,
forging a beat, from my litter
As though love knew it'd wrong me,
with you as her gift to me.
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