She wears a mask.
Her beauty is hidden away from us and we think that she's just adding extra fuss.

She's hiding.
Her mask could be hiding the scars that she doesn't want the world to see.

She believes society.
Her whole soul is written in societal phrases which degrade her in all of her beautiful spaces.

She's afraid of her identity.
Her mask is all we see, but her heart wants to secretly jump out at you and me.

A firefly gleaming through the dark,
Flying independently like a spark,
Seen by few,
Hastily it flew,
Scared and terrified,
Began to glide,
Chased by the beast,
For them became the feast,
Caught and ripped into pieces,
The light within ceases,
Because of their harshness,
Gets mixed with darkness.
She's a firefly.

Dedicated to girls who gets devoured by men.

It's like trying to run away from the moonlight
history without tragedy
sun without fire
it's inside me, I can feel it burning
and I never know if it will hurt or heal
but I keep running
trying to get to you
like a wolf at midnight
your love is what keeps me alive.

Gathering leaves of our tomorrow seasons
Falling to earth on the breath of a breeze
Till comes the day when she sits here beside me
Sharing the beauty her smile does inspire.

he wrote about
her and
made her

-- Eleanor

You sitting on my lap as my arms keep you warm I passionately kiss your gentle neck and whisper soft romantic beautiful words into your ear forever your beautiful a beauty so pure only you could truly touch my heart.


You wrapped your arms
around me in the middle of the
night, I almost forgot what it
was like to be cared for,
until you reminded me.
And when I came over
and took care of you
while you were drunk
I was in fear,
because growing up
and even in past relationships
I only saw violence in
intoxicated men.
But when you looked at me,
while I was only wearing
an old T-Shirt and shorts,
and called me beautiful
I knew I shouldn't be afraid.
You started showing me what it's
like to be cared for,
instead of abused
and used.
And I know I may be scared sometimes,
almost like some sort of
bad PTSD,
but please just stay with me.

Alegria Mir Aug 20

a b r a s i o n
on her elbows and knees
on her missing soul and tainted heart
on the puppy that's been left behind

it was that night, not under her sleeves
so dim, i didn't see
the outcome of blissful events
not hidden yet unseen

The Alphabet of You

We watched stars shine bright, searching for any that shot,
and we witnessed none that night so we wished on the ones we got.
I confessed with a laugh that if my brain was split in two,
they could observe each half and each stem would lead to you.

We stood in dark parking lots, feet treading on glass long broken,
my head was drowning in thoughts; every one unspoken.
I stumbled on a confession each and every single time,
that you were a drug and an obsession; a favourite of mine.

And she talks to me in dreams,
whispering words of true love.
It tells of beautiful melodic themes,
a voice that comes from above.
Two souls forever bound, two bodies wrapped in sheets,
listening to the sound of our joined heartbeats.

We laughed together in dim light to jokes only we would get,
and you were the only thing in sight, my sunrise and my sunset.
I traced the outlines of your form, with both hands and my eyes,
and together we'll keep warm; arms on shoulders, legs on thighs.

And she kisses me awake,
her lips greet me like the sun.
But my dream world doesn't break,
'cause her presence tends to stun.
I have finally been found, once I was lost in the dark streets,
now we're listening to the sound of our joined heartbeats.

Caress my skin and whisper my name in my ear,
I'll let your voice in 'cause it's all I want to hear.
Fingertips can scratch, but now they feel so smooth,
the last mark I didn't catch but now I think I got the groove.
Candlelight will show me all I need to see,
and my hands will guide to where they need to be.
Our voices mesh into one, our souls and mind link,
and our hearts beat together; perfectly in sync.

And she blows air into my chest,
giving me oxygen to breathe.
With her hand resting upon my breast,
I promise her that I'll never leave.
Side by side on the ground, same song just repeats,
and we're listening to the sound of our joined heartbeats.

Centerd around golden seeds
Velvetine pedals from my ivory stem
Beautiful on the outside but
Lifeless deep within

Maybe im not okay going it alone
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