A Embers 16h

Depicting a beauty ethereal
I’ve become your sun
In the morning
And the moon
Of your night
I’ve caught you
And hypnotized
By every lie
Knotted in every line.
You reach for me
Clinging to the caress
Of the cadence
I have penned
The unspoken depths
Reeling blissfully
Among this fabricated fancy
Finally, I’ve caught you
Yet not before long
I too am enthralled
Longing for your trusting gaze.

I run from things when they move too fast,
Because my last relationship left nothing but cracks.
But you promise to stay and I promise to love you,
Even if I know that none of what we say is true.
Because human beings promise forever, not even stopping to think if they'll be around for that long.
So when my blue boy promised a lifetime,
I thought it would be okay to sing him my lovely midnight song.
But when he left after leaving marks under my skin,
I knew not to fall in love again.
I am claustrophobic,
I have severe philophobia,
But I'll say things like I'm yours I'm yours I'm yours,
And then I'll leave again,
Because I'm not made to love anyone like you, I must confess.
My feet move fast,
But you'll see how fast they can go when I'm running from the things and the people I called my home.

Fear of Love Phobia – Philophobia. The fear of love (or falling in love) phobia is known as Philophobia.

I wish that I died with you when I had the chance,
So I don't have to die alone again.
Because in my dreams we drown together,
But in reality we're nothing more than friends.
But how can you be Just Friends,
With someone you're in love with?
How can you smile and laugh with them,
When on that very bed you've felt their skin?
In hushed kisses and promises,
Forever was in every gasp,
But when you introduce me as your best friend,
No one really thinks that.
"I'm over her."
"It wasn't even real."
"We're just kids."
Are the lies I spit and spit,
While going home to brush my teeth so no one can smell you on my breath again.
Inside and out,
I've fallen for you,
But when we roam about,
No one knows our little truth.
I wish that before this ended,
We drowned in one more kiss.
I wish that before we truly ended,
I felt a little more of that Perfect Deadly Bliss.

AS Nilsen 21h

all i ask

is she worth me

in the back

of my mind

i hope

she’s worth more

Lily 2d

I cannot see you with her
Because it makes me feel weaker
I cannot cry every night
When all day you are within my sight
But by her side

I don't want to do this anymore
My body is sore
From crying sitting on the floor
With my back against the door

Seeing you hurts
It proves my feelings
To be weaker than hers
I want to end this love story
Because its just mine and not ours

shiv 15h

Your mouth is a gun
And each I LOVE YOU
Is a bullet, reminding me
That im alive.

I hate the way you drop and fix your hair.
The way you stare, and speak, and bite your lips;
Your image is too much for me to bare,
From head to toe to limbs to eyes and hips.
The sweetness of your voice, it leaves me ill.
And as you talk to me, I end in rage.
Your skin, electrifying like an eel—
You’re too much for my patience and my gauge.
Yet, why are you a magnet to my mind?
I’m sometimes lovesick, sometimes paralyzed;
In rage, I burst if you, I cannot find.
“I’ll love you all my life,” I realized.
I hated you, I did, but old me died
For it’s from loving you I will not hide.

For the first person that I loved
Mims 2d

The universe said "lets fuck with her head" so they sent me two exes in a day
In the same place
I was trying to perform but I saw her and my head got all cloudy
I forget my steps
She smiled at me
I broke up with her because she was boring
But I'd never say that to her face

I saw him through a shop window
His whole head followed me
In ripped skinny jeans
An hour later I said hi to his sister
We broke up because he missed me too much and when I kissed him I thought of his sister
I smile
Haven't seen either of you for a while
So I laugh to my friend Nzuki and he punches my arm and says I'm a player
I laugh
When I don't see a chance at love I disattach
I step back
I saw two exes today
And it didn't hurt
Growing up is growing thicker skin
Shedding old until the body they touched
you no longer are in
It's smiling instead of crying
It's joking instead of dying
The pieces of you they loved

no longer exist

And soon I forget them
For their minds that I loved and their lips that I kissed and their bodies I touched
Don't belong to me
So I keep the memories in a folder in my brain that says:
If I ever do stand up comedy
I laugh
This is me
Doing fine
It just takes

Reminder with a story
Alegria Mir Aug 20

c o c o n u t
the girl is so random
pointing at objects and saying, "coconut"
a different type of crazy
chill and cozy
insert heart emoji

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