Like the sun in the window
That i've gotten so used to
I expected you to be there
Every morning when i woke

Like the mon between the palms
Of a squinting kid
I just want to hold you
If only for tonight

Like the dog without a collar
Wandering in the alley
I have the whole world
Yet i all i want is to find you

Like the simile on the paper
Containing all my insides
You knew me like no one else
I miss my other half

When I look into your eyes I see a light, it distracts me from time to time because I've never seen beauty so aligned.

The most graceful personality is what attracts me. But your beauty in which I see isn't just outside, but within. :) Stay beautiful.
Jay Lewis 20h

You stay over again at mine,
while she thinks that, you're covering the late shift-"you're so kind."
You kiss me like there's no tomorrow tonight.
We're on borrowed time.
This love is so shallow.

Does she see the marks on your spine?
The lipstick stains of how much I want you to be mine.
I hear your phone buzz,
You don't answer it-but why?
I get it now,
This is our lost time.

You go to gig,
With the band.
She thinks that your just with your friends.
I see you there, across the bar,
You say: "let's go back to ours."

Does she see the look in your eyes?
You're not happy, your in disguise.
I'm not just the other girl on the side-
I'm "The One" he calls because I'm on his mind.

4 years too long,
We waited for this moment to arrive.
You whisper; "God how much I've missed you in my life."
You hold me until I fall asleep by your side.
But I'm not sure this time... this time...

I can't believe you didn't tell me,
you were still with her, do you still love her?  
So go ahead now try me!
What's it gonna be?
Her or me?


To her friends, she is the angel created to save
To her lovers, she is the demon built to kill
But only a piercing true man enough to be brave
Can see she is an angel made by the devil

nica 1d

The constant wonder
of how things would've been if you didn't need to go away

The permanent reminder
of how things happened that led us to part ways

The never ending regrets
Of what I should've done

But now, we're all done
And the only option that was left, is to forget

nica 1d

We're now longer over
Than the time we've been together
Still, all the memories sting
Coz pain of what if's and could've been's is all it brings
Yesterday's promises of future
Now serve as pure torture

And there's no escaping it

Hades 1d

The waves of the mistakes we've done
Crashes on the shore of head; I thought it's gone,
The seafoam embraces the sands of my mind
Seeping down to my aching heart, and I can't anymore find
All the feelings that poured down the flesh,
I feel undeniably ashamed

I wish the memories would just withdraw back
Back to the farthest side of the ocean
Or getting crushed by the tides
And will never return to my shore
Because all these negativity will never let me go
I want your image in the sea of my brain to leave me alone

What do you love young girl?
Rabbits, Flowers, Toys?
Anything to keep the mind pleased during our time?
Perhaps, my cell phone?
No? do you want prefer to be alone?
Fine, remember you will always be my Young Girl Love.

A short poem about spending time with my little cousin.

If her smiles didn't made you crazy all day,
You're not in love with her

If it only hurts you when you see her cry,
You're not in love with her

If her tears didn't made you feel like you want to kill yourself,
You're not in love with her

If her eyes doesn't made you stutter and forget what you'll say next,
You're not in love with her

If her laugh doesn't sent butterflies in your stomach,
You're not in love with her

If in your eyes she's only pretty when she's naked,
You're not in love with her

So if she asks you if you love her,
Never say you do

You're in love with the idea of loving her
Not with her

I'm not questioning the feelings of a person.  Love her and not her body
Crimsyy 3d

I am going to
immortalize you
in all the most lovely
poetic ways,
but not in shades of blue.

I am going to immortalize you,
give this snowing
weather a break,
give my mind
something new to taste;

It tastes like the smell
of a favourite meal being cooked
on a bad day,
it tastes like a good day,
it tastes right.

Although my most
relatable poems
have been about
suffering and pain,
I want to depict a new picture,
illustrate the vibrant yellow
in my brain.

Because as long as I feel this,
as long as it's real,
I don't care to make relatable rhyme because this happiness is mine.

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