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A perfect white rose
The picture of innocence
Virginity unfolding knows
God’s elite Magnificence

Only a shadow of a glimpse
The unfolding of Jesus Christ
Similar to the rose emits
A silent release of fragrance from Light

Summoned by the suns warmth
Each petal unveils beauty
Dying in this outer way performs
The Life she portrays intuitively

Fragile petals uncurl
Opening eloquent truths
Once the petals unfurl
Falling off revealing couth

The power of the Life
Of Jesus Christ
Was in His death a sacrifice
Rising to a New Creature of Light

The rose’s sacrifice
Was in vain
Her elegance was but flesh
Living to die in Christ is the same

As a rose grew the thorns
That crowned
Our Savior’s blood poured
Giving us His Life to abound

Forevermore Life is found

tinhearts ~©️
All my poems are published
My rose is mine
Mine is my rose
My rose is unique
It has enchanting effect
It petals are like blades
It stalk is a trumpet
It cuts when touched
And silent when blew
But it makes me aware
Of your presence
At my door knocking
If I give you my rose
Will you keep it as my rose?
Or will you let it waste away
When you keep it as your rose?
I pray of you
Let it be my rose, mine alone.
twindrill 10h
In the house, a blue rose sits inside its icy interior.
Still as blue as ever, its petals unwithered.
Frozen in time, as always.

A red butterfly sits atop the ice, its legs pierced by the chill.
Red and blue, together as one. An elusive combination.
Frozen in time, as always.

Children peer into the ice, gazing at the treasure beneath.
It is so valuable, they think. And yet so unobtainable.
Frozen in time, as always.

The clock tower ignores the ice, focusing on the world itself.
There is no sign of cold in this world, aside from the rose's eternal cage.
Frozen in time, as always.

Centuries pass according to the ice, but would you know that?
The ice has barely melted, and the rose has barely faded.
Frozen in time, as always.

Frozen in time, as always.
Queen Z 1d
I like white sweets,
For you only, my heart beats.

Your smile is so valuable,
For you, anytime I'm available.

You are my life,
That lucky lady is you,my wife.

Please don't be angry,
I know you are so hungry.

I've cooked your favourite dish,
I deserve at least one kiss.

For this gorgeous lady, one red rose,
How you will look on "Garmi" pose.

Forgive me for God sake,
Let's go and cut the cake.

I'll look after you everday,
By the way jaan, "HAPPY  BIRTHDAY."
She's a fragile rose... that can't be opened.
Jennifer Alé
For thy silent
       beauty rose
any word
        is not full!
Maja Oct 18
I took ten lives
to save a thousand

I lost a battle
to win a war

To hold up the halo
I got my horns,
because I cannot take the rose,
without taking all its thorns.
Does the end justify the means?

can the means justify the end?
CyRhen Sohngs Oct 16
People talk about
the noise of nothingness
The vacuous emptiness of electrical snow
But my static
Oh, my static sounds like symphonies
A cacophony of me
All discordant
I have seen a soul lost her way in the maze of thorns.
It is prickling her heart everytime it winds.
She is never sad
She is only smiling
In her happy days, And in her lonely nights,
She is only showering the essence of love.
She is laughing beautifully even when she lost her petals.
I think,  She remembered her happy life she once lived and she smiled a miserable smile.
such a beautiful heart you have,
such a beautiful soul you are.
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