L 15m
This life we're living, this place we're at, this thing we're feeling. Its amazingly surreal. Like a waking dream that is our reality. Almost too good to be true. And while every rose has gotta have its thorns, even our thorns are oh so sweet. Maybe they remind us of how frail we are. How quick a prick could draw blood. And even the blood is sweet. In a way. In a dark twisted beautifully morbid way.
Email is the most intimate form of communication. It is also the most frustrating. The proof is in the persistence.
Boiling syrup sweetened by
the rose's water
Blushing pink, from strips to cubes
Dusted with icing sugar
Small, gently perfumed,
chewy, light
Seventeenth Epulaeryu! ^-^
I LOVE Turkish Delight, oh my gosh!
Mainly because of one of my favourite books, The Chronicles of Narnia, the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe! Classic!
It's because of both the book and film that I first tried it!
Lyn xxx
Wyatt 23h
In a garden of white,
the red takes flight
off my paint brush.
Drafts in process
are now painful roses.
Observe my creation,
pay this great attention.
I call this thing of mine
a bouquet of brokenness.
I sit in puddles of red,
on vivid land in the west.
Tracing lines on my skin,
pulling petals again.

Love me, love me not.
This here’s all I got,
my tear to peer into the well.
Dry of water, don’t bother
to wish a wish inside a well.
You can hear every penny
when it lands at the bottom.
No signs of utopia,
just a dated dystopia.
I make lines in the soil,
dried up of all euphoria.

Red on my hands,
red on the day.
Blue in my eyes,
fate in my wake.
Gardens of dye
drown in my paint.
A sight for sore eyes,
a mark of my pain.
My garden turns red every time.
The heart is twisted

Like a dancer did

When one heard

A melody

Telling something important

Showing the heart interesting

In hearing a talent


A bout deathless love

Giving and sacrifice

As the heart may advise

To share your love

In inner heart without fear

That is not enough

Giving a dream

In rosy

Your eyes are opening

They are not closing

Or even doing

As the lover near

By your side

Telling a proud

That is found

By meeting

By eye

There are no eyes

As many are tided

Room four eyes

Those are showing

Into one is observing

Into one I known

Heart and eye

Whose eye?

The two lovers saying

They are swearing

That belongs


They are true

The love must do

Tie them and go

In the race of life

The feeling is appeared

In lips when they say

When they smile in way

Of shiny

There may be some fault

Or saying wrong

But they return in fast

Saying in frank


The mind know

The heart go

In green valley

To share the rosy

And dancing with fly

Around the world

Telling the talent

The love is important

If it is clear

Ending, no beginning

With holy tie

That is only


When one says

The angels go in ways

Spreading roses in away

To show the smart tie

And slow the time way

To give the love amusing

In tie

The morning will stay

The nights go away

The willing increases

The heart flame appears

Trying to get calmness

By sharing calm of heart

Another and say

That is my desire

That is my love

Who will give

The mean of life

For only

Long way
the love is like a garden
They said to him
Why do you love her?
He said in short
Can plants live without water?
Can flies fly without air?
Can you see roses without admire?
Can you smell the good without feel?
Can heart pump without share?
Every limb in body to make sure
The live will not go without her”
There was a princess
Soldier loved in confidence
That he will not tell her
She will certainly refuse and dismiss
Or send him inmate without late
The king was going
To face enemy coming
To occupy his land
The soldiers got stood
The king trained hard
As he knew the enemy is strong
The battle began
The king fought well
The winds do not blow up
As the ships desire to go
The king was beaten
The king was gone
He was dead, he was killed
The soldiers returned with taste
The taste was acrid
They were torn
Their selves were torn
Also their cloths
She was as a ghost
She met him
She caught and shook
She cried and said
“Save my kingdom
Save my soul”
He bowed and agreed
He hid somewhere
He collected the rest
He cried and said
The princess became slave
We must get her save
We will swear at that
To return her freedom”
They agreed and started
They collected and attacked
They fought as one heart
They fought as you heard
He was in front
He said he talked
To the soul that coming
Of king and telling
‘’Fight my sons as solid
Fight more than you could!
Our kingdom must be free”
The soldiers got ready
When the sun raised
The enemy walked straight
Toward the kingdom to occupy
The soldiers downed
They waited tell the hot
Of weather spread its wings
The sweats were ascended
More than rain coming
love changes the bad things
Zenon 5d
Wide eyed nights , exhausted mornings
Mourning the loss of my dreams
My dreams unfolded into nightmares
I Lay my soul to rest, in its own casket
White roses adorn the coffin and in it, my own body
Mind is gone, lost many nights ago
Dreams used to unfold like sweet candy
and vanish before you can get a real taste
Now they bleed all night long
An open wound, raw and real as nightmares
Zenon 5d
A dozen roses will not make up for much.
But seeing their smiles sure does help.
Knowing if someone's day was just made a little better is plenty of thanks.
Still you feel the hole
the heart bleeds behind a cool composure.
I choose not to disclose but I slowly grow colder.
The quill is the tongue of my very soul;
         dipped into the ink made of my tears.
           It matters not if my words are thorn to many;
                              This Queen will speak and touch those                    
                                       ­                      special few.
"Though honey is sweet, do not lick it off a briar."
                                                                              -Irish Proverb
Queen Lyn xxx
Shofi Ahmed Aug 8
You’re nothing but a rose
I stepped on the thorn
and came out
to be your nightingale.
It’s all yours all in all
just give me a call!

Nothing can hurt me more
then when your shadow
isn’t in the shadow of mine.
Without you my rainbow
has no colour.
But if you come back you will  
find the earth in bloom
You will see the sun is in a dew
Come back, like you do
smelling of rose.
Just give me a call.

I heard you say
the sun is out basking
down on the blue sea.
I wonder what more
I am missing
with my limited vision!
But when you ring
the bell on my door
I can see the sunrise
in the little peephole.
Come now, just give me a call.
Larri Aug 8
Pick the rose, prepare for the thorn.
Love the thorn like it's the softest petal.
A super small poem I really like the meaning of and thought I'd share, enjoy!
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