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EmperorMoth Dec 2020
Turn the lights on,
so you can see my body
glazed by the honey shea cocoa butter.
Like a crystal reflecting the vanilla notes of the sweet somethings floating off of your tongue.

I come to you, eyes focused on yours.
You mean so much to me,
enough for me to expose my body.
Look at me,
Tell me, what do you see...

I don't usually crave milk chocolate,
the warm and hypnotic taste,
pouring down my throat,
into my spirit.

I can't help it right now,
Because you have my hips in your grip,

Rocking and falling,
swinging and calling
I feel intoxicated in this honey shea cocoa butter.

I bite my lip,
and I reach in for a kiss
my mouth and yours,
reaching for each other,
to get closer
Caressing your body,
with my fingers,
writing love tones with my features

Trailing your art with my words,
writing them all with my tongue,

you're looking at me,
but not with just your eyes
Your body's staring back at me too
shimmering with the honey shea cocoa butter

I didn't use to be this way
At least not with anyone else
But then you touched my soul
So Let me touch yours too

Shamed by my body for so long,
a healing broken heart.

Walls built by the past,
I didn't think I'd meet a soul that could get through the last
But you're a surprise

Looking at me
A hot chocolate serenity,
Love bites,
******* on your skin,
let me in
I want to touch your soul too

Let's make love, like a love poem can do
Erian Rose May 2020
Her eyes blossom of frosty summers
kissed in gentle storms
of cocoa and honey
Anastasia Dec 2019
i bet you'd taste like chocolate
melting in my mouth
sweet and decadent
just give me one taste
of sweet love
a rich taste
of your cocoa kiss
and your silky lips
32 words exactly.
Qweyku Mar 2019
Sun Kisses
& melanin
a cocktail
made for

Radiant power
within brown skin

Witnessed by
heavens glory
white-lies & kin

Look yonder
troubled waters

...rays of hope
bask in futured
lumination of all
His Children

© Qwey.ku
Sun's Children
Kewayne Wadley Dec 2018
And it was one of those kind of days.
Enjoyment of the little things.
She filled both my hands.
My mind at ease,
She was very good at stuff like that.
Warm to the touch, my hands snug around her.
The way she smelled was life itself.
Flooding my nose with endless memory.
Deliciously swirled & tasted.
My insides fluttering in thought.
No longer empty but filled by anticipation.
This was the kind of weather she was made for.
Jeans, sweaters.
Lazy days to throw any old thing on and lounge around.
It was one of those kind of days she filled my mug,
My hands with hot chocolate.
Her being the very chocolate that warmed my soul

Of all things
Just because
Jack Mandala Nov 2018
the air has called winter's name
hot cocoa nights in our future
bundle up and light a fire
Christmas carols play as we fill the house with festive spirit

maybe next year i guess
Lily Oct 2018
I feel slowly
My crush for you is fading
Flowing out of a faucet
Like water down the sink
But I know that when I see you
Again, they will come rushing back in as if I were a kid out in the snow who came running  inside for some hot cocoa
There's this little shop in heaven
They call it Cocoa Palace
It's where God creates the world's greatest chocolates!
Idris Elba was made there
Boris Kodjo too
This is where Tyrese was double dipped
& where 2 Chainz got the juice
This shop is open to the public
So all the little girls (& boys) in line can have a little of chocolate too!
I've been in line a few times cause you see
A girl, like me, has an allergy
Cocoa could literally **** me
So God sends me gifts
Every now & again
To see which chocolates my body can stand
There was mocha with nuts
A beautiful cheating candy bar
There was double dipped chocolate fudge
I knew that was going too far
I shouldn't press my luck
He even sent white chocolate macadamia
But even that didn't **** with my taste buds
Recently I turned 21
& I knew He had something special wrapped up
He sent an import with hints from the islands
The type of chocolate ordered by queens & stolen by pirates
A special order for me
Milk chocolate dipped in honey
Drizzled with black licorice
Coated with a mouth piece
It even came with instructions
Savor slowly please
Negative reaction? Not yet
So maybe it's meant to be
Was this God's Special recipe?
Of course not, baby, you have an allergy .
Poem 4— Muffin
Blossom Jan 2017
One mug- earth
2 tablespoons Cocoa mix- people
1 cup boiled water- society
1 mini marshmallow- me**

1. Place the mix inside of the mug.

2. Pour the water into the mug, and mix it until the cocoa is completely dissolved.

3. Drop in the marshmallow, and continuously dunk it into the scorching hot water until it dissolves.

4. Enjoy perfection!
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