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Yashika Nov 7
Friendship blooms when both make an effort
To remain in touch and not to hurt
To console when other is sad
To remain together no matter what the situation is
To accept all flaw and correct
To help without any conditions
To keep giving without any expectation to receive
To pray for the well being for real
To double the will power of each other
To keep each other happy endlessly
To divide all sorrows whenever it takes place
Do not let the friendship fade
It will blossom if properly made.....
friendship is never ending relation if properly
Luna Maria Nov 6
stepped on
was the flower,
little did she know
she could grow back
and maybe become even more
graceful than she already was.
she only needs to realize that she's the same flower as before.
Your body is God’s exquisite gift.
Treat it like a little prayer.
Cherish it with love and care.
Protect it like a precious diamond.
Nurture it with a healthy diet.
Feed it like a caring mother.
Guard it from toxic habits.
Let it blossom with exercise.
Keep it fresh with your positive attitude*.
Make it an oasis for creative mind
A soft heart, and humane person.

Hussein Dekmak

UA Slam Aug 14
You are my flower I won't let die, when I see your petals starting to wilt, I strengthen your roots.
You are questioning everything, everything impacting your life, but I won't let you down. Day after day you think all the Love has vanished from the soil, and with that seeps life. But minute after minute I'll reassure your life, because there will always be Love, no matter the thoughts.
No matter the case, no matter the question, no matter the venture. If you ask for the world, I'll give you a galaxy by the end of this sentence.
I say you're a flower because now you doubt it, but soon you'll blossom into a carnation of power.
No matter the problem I will be down for you, like a soft dew drop falling from atop the tree leaves of an Amazonian jungle.
I will make sure you know I'm always behind you, like the luminous sunshine that will always come with a radiant smile, after any thunderous storm.
~ GabrielG
Donna Aug 10
Sometimes in life you
got to let go of love ones
So you can blossom

This is so true ***
It takes an abundance of love and care to make a flower to grow and blossom.

Hussein DekmaK

Using a flower as a metaphor for raising a kind  human being or rendering services to people.
Cox Jul 12
Tend the flowers in your heart.
Mend them.
Give them time to sow.
Allow them to grow.
[20 June 2020, 2:37 AM]
Notes on Self-love.
Do not show me your tears
Diamond are your tears
If I have a case
Surely I will gather in cases

Do not blame yours
We are not responsible for fate
And the time will moderate

Do not let your tears
As my wind fellows
So will do all members

The rainbow appears at your face
Gathering different colors
Closing all blossoms
The sun flies
As she says
There will not two suns
In the same place
when the the lovely woman cries all the world gets sad . the life became different and the sadness control the acts
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