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Tilly Apr 25
From cherry blossom pink to vivid greens,
a season turns;  This, is not the first          
confetti covered path
we've trodden

With all our senses [not just the five] look towards those brighter,
clear blue skies, my love.
Watch & wait.
When all other words fall short...
There is always poetry x
Shane Lee Mar 10
Nocturnal beauty,
Night glory,
Days-end oddity,
Midnight blossom.
In awe of your blooming
at an evening's kiss.
Your beautiful petals outstretched,
To the moon!
Exposed, to the chill of the darkness,
The final yawn of daylight.
You breathe again as your lover's glowing light
reaches your unveiled anthers,
gently caresses your filaments,
kisses deep within your stem,
and how glorious! Your untouched nectar ...
But who is to know,
Moonlight Flower?
I hope you enjoy!!
© Shane Lee
Leocardo Reis Aug 2021
A timid flower
comes to full bloom
under the brush
of the summer breeze.

I have blossomed
by the warmth
of another's heart.
JKirin Jul 2021
Cherry petals through currents of air
travel far to get caught in your hair.
Just as I travelled, woeful, worldwide
to find home here, at last, by your side.
Thrown off balance when first meeting you,
I resisted but fell for your charm
and strong heart that can never wish harm.
Blooming trees around you—what a view...
I reach out, set the pink petals free
from the waves of your locks—a brown sea.
Like a siren, you call—my head dips.
You're the one in control, don't you see?
My mind races, my pulse wildly skips
as I steal a warm gasp from your lips.
about finding home in another man, worshipping him under blossoming trees
Leocardo Reis May 2021
At night,
I have a terrible urge
to be sentimental.
It's as if my insecurities
are a Datura bud,
lying dormant in the day,
but flowering under the moon.
what a ******* joke that i would think to publish this
Hussein Dekmak May 2021
As I gazed at the starry night sky,
The stars whispered:
We are your horoscope, and your fortune tellers!
We bring your loved ones together, so you share and bask in our beauty.  
We shine so bright to illuminate and guide you through even your darkest of nights!

The moon whispered:
I am your loyal companion, and your secret keeper.
I provide you with light; I am the symbol of transition and progression!
I am the master of infinite beauty that inspires you with creativity and poetry!

The sun whispered:
Every day when I rise, I heal your old wounds.
With my shining face, I shower you with joy and smiles.  
I provide you a life full of hope, growth, and empowerment.
I am your eternal song of rebirth, inspiration, and a new promise for a better day!  

The earth whispered:
I have made myself a home for you and decorated it with trees, flowers, and rivers.
Do you remember when you had taken your first baby steps?
You stumbled and fell; I lifted you up with my gentle heart,
And provided you with everything that I have, to watch you grow and blossom.
When you are ready to depart, I promise to hold you like a baby in my gentle arms,
And bury your fragile body, along with your precious secrets, deep inside my heart.
I will embrace your soul with infinite love since I am your mother nature!

Hussein Dekmak
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aha May 2021
the flowers that grow on the trees
look like
muted explosions
but not malicious enough to hurt the eye

the flowers are so tender and soft
and all i can see is nature's true beauty
as the gentle breeze animates the trees

we're standing in my driveway
and it's a vivid spring day

pastel tones tones
swaying lightly in the wind
their sweet fragrance is
only noticeable if you are close

close enough to disregard
the fact that you have allergies and asthma and should
not inhale pollen...

close enough that when you reach out and
touch the branch the impossibly small petals
break free and fall slowly to the ground. . .

close enough that i watch as the petals brush your face
and you are,
for the minute,

at peace.
🌸 cherry blossom trees are so beautiful in the spring, i just had to write a poem about them. 🌸
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