A toasted bagel
And a nice cup of coffee
Gets the day started
Yums me and my fanily fav new morning snack xx
Alec Jan 31
You make me wanna come home
After a long day, when my soul wants to roam.

You remind of lazy summer mornings
Curled up on the couch watching tv and adoring.
The way the yellow light seems to curl and seep through the blinds
While sweet fantasies entrance my mind.

Sprawled out
With no worries, no doubts.
Anisah Jan 26
I may not be able to move mountains,
with my hands tied up behind my back.
But I can make it weep with avidity,
and I will make an ocean out of that.
I may not be able to build bridges,
with bitter bones brittle with my pride.
But maybe I can transport the cities,
with words of life when living life has died.
I may not be able to change a world-wide problem,
when my knees quiver at the mention of the word.
But maybe I inspire a word of one too many,
with galaxies of intrepid fears and woes are heard.
I may not be able to see tumultuous thunder,
when the clouds strike across the mourning sky.
But when I'm not speaking more words are spoken,
the lightning can be heard from deep inside.
I cannot fly nor swim nor crawl,
when my every limb is bound.
But I can write meaning I can live,
in every single universe not found.

-Anisah Mariah
I want to wake up next to you
Hear your soft snores
See your crazy hair
Paint my hands across your back

The way your arms rested on my waist
And your head nuzzled into my neck
It was perfect
It was my heaven

The raspy morning voice
The stupid jokes
It was the best way to wake up
Tangled up in the sheets

We would kiss sometimes too
Maybe even more
And you’d tell me I was beautiful
And I'd tell you you were worth it

I wish I could go back to those mornings
And hear your soft laughter
I wish we could go back
I wish it was still the morning after
Danny Dec 2017
Locks glitter in the morning light
As a peaceful expression washes over a sleeping face
And thick blankets drape over a naked form
Sculpted from white
Glittering marble
Eyelashes laden with starlight
That illuminates oceanic eyes
Holding a depth in irises
And a world of dreams
One which the watcher wouldn't mind getting lost in
A marvelous mind weaving dreams into breath-taking tapestry
Lips kissed by rose petals
And skin smelling of flowery fragrance
Tongue tasting of honey and sugar
The sun's rays braided into strands of hair
That falls messily onto the cloud-like pillow
And a smile passes over features
Softening eyes and spreading warmth
A flicker of a flame
In the other's chest
At witnessing the otherworldly essence and appearance
Of such a lovely being.
I went with a rather heavy emphasis on morning and warmth and warm colors in this one, but nevertheless I hope some poor soul enjoys this. I like to think of it as a slice of summer (albeit in the form of a person).
Alyce Black Dec 2017
It's 5:30 in the morning
and something is breaking
my heart.
The seams that split
and the cracks that spread
leave splinters in my chest.
I can't find the cause
and I won't bother trying.
I stare at the ceiling.
It's 5:30 in the morning
and my heart is already breaking.

It's 5:35 and something
is wetting
my cheeks.
The chest pains that woke me
and kept me from sleep
have brought tears to my eyes.
Overwhelming emotion,
long pounding behind my mask,
has found a way out.
The waterworks come
with the force of a sprung
taking my boat down with me.
It's 5:35 and
tears are wetting my pillow
and running
down my cheeks.

It's 5:45
and I don't feel anything.
A violent and silent eruption
has left a cold volcano
in it's wake.
I'm empty,
and my warmth left me
with the waste
I so recently expelled.
My aches
and pains
and spins don't subside,
but fade to the background
in the still moments of early morning.
Every morning, the same.
I go on the porch for a smoke,
replace the warmth that fled
with something warmer.
It's 5:45 and I
don't feel anything.

It's 5:55,
and I'm ready to start my day.
Danny Dec 2017
I ache to think of when the sun rises
Because once the light hits the surface of your window
Scattering rays in abstract patterns
And beautiful, glittering gold
The toll bells for me to leave
Though I don't wish to go
I'd much rather stay and watch the way
The morning light pools over your shoulders
And lean in and kiss the soft skin
Glowing amber
I'd much rather listen to your pulse
Slow and steady by sleep
Wondering if your dreams
Are any bit of sweet or wonderful as you
I wonder if they star me in them
Though I can't be all that interesting
No, perhaps what you dream about
Is something I can never comprehend
After all, what a beautiful mind you have
And I've taken refuge in it
Somehow I managed to snag a small space
And occupy a bit of your time
And every moment I'm with you makes me curse the ticking of every clock
As each second that dawns closer to morning
Signals my departure
But until then I'll watch the golden threads
Weaving through your hair
Touching your locks and making you appear
As breathtaking as any otherworldly being
As I chuckle to think that perhaps you are, in fact, from another world
How else would you be the miracle you are
Managing to like someone like me
Who really isn't worth the time of day
With your spools of gold that make up your mind
Glittering with every thought that acts as a match to light your passions
And I love to watch you come alight with excitement
At whatever topic you speak about
For the words you say tumble out like soft music notes
Almost visible through the air as they hit my ears
And ever so pleasant to listen to
And the determination that makes up your skin
Sculpted from marble
Smooth and slick
Yet still hardened from life
Is something my fingers desire to run across
And polish with affection
As you shine in contentment
And defend in opposition
And the delicate way your hands move
As you cup my cheek
Never have I been deserving of such careful treatment
And the way your eyes are made from a drop of every ocean imaginable
Culminating into a blend of blues and greens
Drowning me in awe
As your gaze lands on me
And the way the red of your cheeks
Is similar to roses
Coveted and admired
And the heart of yours I've somehow stolen
Even if it's only for a moment
And I doubt I have all of it
But even the tiny shards I've managed to caress
I'm grateful for
Is made from the light of stars and quietude of the night
Cosmic fibers weaving it together
With drops of the sun to make it glow
And dipped in the moon to make it shine
Even in the darkness
So I'll still kiss you when the morning comes
Reminiscing of all the extraordinary things about you
That I've somehow gotten to see
And the feeling of longing will leave me
The moment you kiss me back
Because mornings only last so long
But nights can be infinite.
It's not in the traditional style of poetry I write in, but..I hope any readers enjoy it (even if it's only a little). I tried to describe the subject of the poem using various similes that would elicit mental images relative to the description (such as the heart or mind parts of the poem). Hopefully someone got something out of it.
Lemon Wren Nov 2017
I pull up to the drive-in
My least favorite coffee shop
Nope, decide to park my car
Get out, forget to lock

Packed to the brim,
This pit looks grim
But I do need my coffee
They might as well
Open a hotel
And have a giant lobby

I wait in line 'till half past nine
No one has time for this
Only the hopeless addicts
And my name is on the list

I order a lot of latte,
But I am not prepared
Too sweet to eat, and much less drink
Four bucks? You think it's fair?

Between the screams of sugar
My tongue complains of ash
All I want is roasted beans
Not burnt. Too much to ask?

I feel cheated, chug it down
And throw away my cup
Off to work, and with a frown,
In traffic, I am stuck

Of course I talk, and I complain,
And chip, and gripe, and whine
But tomorrow I'll be here again
The same thing every time.

Einstein defines stupidity
Actions of repetition.
Again into infinity,
And this is my condition.
Dovey Nov 2017
My head is full of useless numbers
And my mouth is full of crepe
While my veins rush with coffee I drank from neglecting to go to sleep

I’m too tired to care and
Just stumble down corridors of pencil lead
All the while muttering, “fuck it all, I feel like the dead”
ever gotten up in the morning- a whole day of responsibility ahead of you- and just realized "fuck it all i dont want to do this"

Im too tired and i dont know for life right now
Jessica Nov 2017
Hi, hello, good morning
Hi, hello, I miss you
Hi, hello, look at me
Hi hello I love you
Hi hello
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