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Enzo 2d
Mornings and sunshine
Your hair is sublime
Crazy and tasty
You're ****, I'm needy
Good hair is your hair
My all mornings ...

let's start our morning ...
with a huge hug ..
and follow this hug ...
with a romantic kiss ...
to irrigate our soul ...
with warm love ...
through a hungry lips ...
which it the object ...
and the name of love ...
let's babe start this day ...
me and you ...
and our warm feelings ...
while lips ...
our lips ...
hugging ...
and tongs dancing ...
there deep ...
into our warm mouths ...
to fire up more ...
this love ...
as we starting ...
a young love again ..

let's start our young morning ...
as we feel ...
as you are ...
my every morning  ...
the shaky of my heart ...
and the beats ...
that beat...
only for you ...
and the only words ...
which are always between my lips ...
created only to speech your name ...
and to start my all mornings ...
with you ...

good morning ...
sweet angel mine ...

hazem ...
Joie Yin Oct 18
I push myself out of bed
Messy hair and squinted eyes
Without glasses is a blur me
Sleepily getting myself ready.

Trying to get clues in my head
Wishing forever be my off days
But first a cup of coffee
To gather the early energy.

Hopes make mornings blessed
Driving through the highways
Thoughts of work come to be
With music as my company.

Looking forward the day ahead
As bright as the sun shine rays
Enjoy little things that meant to be
Starting of my every day open diary.
Joie Yin
Leah Oviedo Oct 30
When that sliver of daybreak tugs at your eyes
Wake up to unexplored possibilities
Stretch your body in gratitude
Embrace the gift of a new day
Open your heart to a compassionate view
Welcome the sun as she rises for you
Ground into this world and listen for what you need
There is work to be done
In the streets and in your own heart
Start from the root
This is the first poem in 'Start From The Root', my recently published book of illustrations and poetry.  After a year of polishing this book, I'm excited to have completed this goal. I have been writing poetry for most of my life, but only seriously in the past four years. After several people I loved died in just a few years, I began to write poetry as a way to heal. It has been some of the best medicine.
Mornings and I don't get along
We are like oil and water
There is no sweet connection
They don't ever get my attention

Conversations invade my mental fog
Please be quiet and don't speak
Give me just five minutes to clear out
Before closing me in with words from your mouth

Allow me to refuel with some caffeine
Marinate my senses through coffee beans
Let it break up the fogginess screen
For if you don't I will let out a piercing scream
Not a morning person whatsoever! When people who are too hyper start conversations with me early in the morning it irritates me to no end! Good morning to all anyway! :)
Azurel M Oct 4
Dusty bus windows,
Smell of warm AC,
Red emergency exit.
Kids half asleep,
Concrete that sparkles,
I wonder what they’re listening to.
Empty parking lot,
Don’t let the sun blind you,
Motorcycle in the same place as always,
Mannequin’s waking dreams.
Hoodie with pockets too full,
You are under arrest for being broke.
Bike sign painted twice,
Freshly lain asphalt,
Crows mingling through wet grass,
Shower hair covering their face.
Stranger-friend avoiding me,
Pine trees growing from roofs,
Shadows having a dance party,
The bell rings,
I wish I could sleep.
Ollie D Oct 4
The sound of your soft breaths as you sleep,
Your sweet aroma filling my lungs.
The texture of the blanket as I stand up,
Look at how perfectly messy your hair looks,
And go to rid myself of the taste of sleep.
A good night's rest tastes revolting.
Lydia Sep 28
mornings like this remind me of us
when we first started out
cold air and cigarettes
your hand in mine, warm and loving
soaking up every second just to have one more minute with each other before reality sets in and we have to be just you and just me
instead of we
cold nights wrapped up in blankets and each other
unable to stop kissing and laughing and talking
all the "I miss you's" and the "wish you were here" over the phone while we stayed up to talk way past when we should have been in bed
the nights out having a drink and then singing on the way back to your house to cuddle in bed and watch TV until we can't keep our eyes open anymore
the cold makes me feel warm
filling me up with good memories I get to keep
I love you so much Benjamin. My constant muse and inspiration and truest friend and lover I could ever ask for ♡
EP Robles Sep 8
I mouthed the morning,
and dew and petal!

I ate the soil but not
the bee but even thorn!

I saw the gnome  
inside a root of tree!

I kissed his conical hat
and kissed his feet!

This I did all before
but never within my sleep!

:: 08-26-2014 ::
nature, imagination, dreams, reality, love
Josh G Sep 4
These eyes are weighted
Offering peace to this fight
Sleep sweeps me away
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