Blissful mornings
Petals falling
Flowers singing 'hello'
And she's smiling
For the wind is playing with her hair
Teasing the blinds  
Sunlight enters again,
Greets her hopefully
And she gently kisses.
Bells sing out loud
But can't be heard
Once she stars singing
There's no voice around
And the song continues
Until the very dawn
And again she traps
The sunlight in her room
And she gently kisses.
Rays of sunlight shining dimly at dawn
Slowly illuminating the fading night sky
Stars becoming invisible as morning comes
As cirrus clouds streak the early morning skies

Morning traffic jams slowly building up
Quiet streets waking up with blaring car horns
Sidewalks brimming with people in transit
As the sleeping city slowly comes to life

Amidst all that chaotic, monotonous cycle
I find myself gazing at your sleeping face
Listening to your soft, gentle breathing
Entangled cozily in my embrace

Your tranquil snoring feels like music to my ears
Your calm face etched in my most beautiful memories
My hands can't stop from touching your gentle cheeks
As I contemplate if should I kiss your lips good morning

I just want to stay under these soft bed sheets
Staying with you here,  entrenched in your soothing warmth
Pretending to be asleep, waiting for your morning kisses
While pulling you back from the cold to my greedy, wanting arms

These are the mornings I want to wake up to
These are the mornings that I pray for everyday
Dear God, please don't let her wake up yet
Let me just stay and stare at this small piece of heaven

I've prayed for you for a very long time
And in my search I may have been unfair to you
I may have done these with other people before
But this time, I know, nothing beats these mornings with you

So I'm sorry
If I didn't wait before
I'm sorry
If I never stayed faithful
I'm sorry
If I was in a wasteful haste
I'm sorry
If you were never my firsts

But now
I thank God for leading me to you
I thank God for staying faithful
I thank God for His mysterious ways
I thank you, for waiting to be my last

These are the mornings that I want to wake up to
These are the mornings that I wanna live for
So please, If time can just stop for a few more minutes
I just want to savor how blessed I am to be with you

I love you with all my heart
I love you with all my soul
Stay in my arms, let's leave the world be itself
Sleep in my bed, let's stay here for a little more time
Enjoy the read!

Lucia May 9
If it were up to me,
I'd let myself rot here
Drowned in my cotton sheets
And allow my skin to finally sink
In between the gaps of my rib cage.

Rot and
putrefy and
fester and
Flesh dripping off bone,
So this stink of my own decay may be apparent to me alone no longer.

Senses overburdened by defeat.
can't bring myself to get out of bed
Maja W J May 8
When you sleep next to me
and I lie still
the first to wake this morning
I listen to you
your breathing
and everything's calm

The rest of the world
outside this apartment
isn't important

The only action worth
is stroking your hair
so you won't wake up

The only thought
the only feeling
here I go again
filling my morning
with my head full of thoughts
thoughts that never end
thoughts that keep on making me sad
Mimi Apr 26
sawdust on your lips, in your hair, falling. the early morning tastes sweet, chill before dawn stinging your cheeks. you think you've done good.

‘do you like it?’ you ask, though you don't know how she'd tell you, locked up in this pretty box you've made for her. still, you poured your love into it. you want her to say yes.

the five o’clock sunrise leaves you hanging.
written 8/27/16
Brenda Mukisa Apr 19
She turned over in her sleep
but she could not
she just could not push past the hard body behind her
then she remembered where she was and smiled.
he still had his hand around her
she tried to turn and peep at him
he breathed peacefully in his sleep
but even then ,
he still remembered to hold her tighter
he adjusted his position and re-aligned his body with hers.
to pull her closer into him
as though just holding her was not enough
his alarm sounded the first time
and sadness swept over her
the moment had ended, but she was wrong
over and over, his alarm sounded
but he constantly turned to put it off and held her closer
the smile on her face was as though it was painted on her
consistent and not leaving
just like her heart bit and the pulsing behind her
the sun rays kept passing through the curtain
the hours went by
she felt hot, but couldn't move
that was their story.

And that was enough.
First poem in the about us series.
Gabe Apr 18
The cold breeze welcomes me,
The open window, the beautiful scenery,
The knock on my door startles me,
So early, who could it be?

My best mate, he once call,
Between us, who knew he would fall,
Earlier than me, faster than me,
He is the best there is.

He stands upon the door,
As if he lives on my floor,
Truth is he’s below,
About a floor or so.

He holds hot coffee and a plate of bread,
I look at him with dread,
He was startled, surprised,
My hair looks like a bird has risen.

He goes in and I rush to my room,
Brought out clothes, run to the bathroom,
He laughs and settles in,
“Look how cute you are, sleeping in.”

He waited outside, with breakfast in hand,
Scared, because it isn’t too grand,
I went out, fully clothed,
Trust me I was more than touched.

I went near him and kissed his cheek,
“What’s this? Are you sick?”
He smiled at me, and told me to eat,
I smiled and squeezed his hand, thankful for it.

When were done, we went out,
Wiping the crumbs from my mouth,
Locked the door, went to the elevator hall,
Still I’m sleepy, I could fall.

Waited more, down to the first floor,
I sighed, filled with bore,
He looked at me, grabbed my hand.
I smiled shyly, showing fond.

Stepped out of the lift,
The lobby, people-filled,
We greeted the staff and the guard,
Well, were young and it’s what we afford.

We head to school, hand-in-hand,
Now our entrance, for too grand,
We pass by silently,
Quitting the attention, quietly.

He led me to my class,
Were separated by a thick glass,
He messaged me quickly,
“See you in a bit, beauty.”

School passed by quietly,
He’s by my door, silently,
Surprised him with a kiss,
He smiled with bliss.

Went to eat for dinner,
Somewhere, but simple diner,
Got our favorites, waited.
Thrilled and comforted.

With each other we feel settled,
Comfortable with each present,
Love filled his eyes,
I looked at him as everything intensifies.

We walked home and rode the elevator,
Lifted to the 17th floor,
We stayed in each others arms,
Showing no one’s in harm.

I walked him to the door,
When the clock strucked 8:34,
He said, “Good night, sweet dreams.”
I said, “Dream of me, sweet.”

I slept, with a smile on me face,
No one else will ever graze,
Can’t wait for the morning to come,
I want to surprise someone with some.
Saturday mornings around 10am waking up to the smell of eggs and sausage. Getting up to go the kitchen seeing that mom has already had you a plate on the warm stove. A hug plate full of grits, eggs, sausage, bacon, and butter toast. Then you sit at the table talking about your plans for the day.

The good mornings

Then other Saturday mornings at 12pm you wake up. You just lay in your bed till 2pm dreading to get up and finally when you do. You lay on the couch rapped in a blanket watching cartoons.

There is a different feel to every single Saturday because you don’t know if you’ll wake up depressed or not.

                              With love,
Madolyn Mar 17
Morning sunrise comes
Birds’ sweet melody is heard
My soft snores in bed
Spring break has come!
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