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Who used to stay up late talking?
You were drunk and had no one else to listen

Love the invisible fishing line that hooked me directly through my gills even still to this day

You caught me without using a single piece of bait
Written 4-29-20
irinia Jun 23
night comes with waves of perfume
the trance of flowers is quiet and only
the winds can touch the secret of trees, still
sleeping under the apple trees gives one deeper dreams
when darkness hunts me I remember
your empty hands against the form of light
how you struggle to find the archaic tune
the chronicles of the invisible unfolding
my mind recycles thought from sprout to seed
the vesper bell plunges the crickets,
the roundness of the heart deeper
into the hour of the dark
Invisible breath
sometimes in the colder months
she wears a white coat
Jhené Apr 28
i fear my perception of love is inadequate.

quick naked pictures,
compliments i drown in.

hours go by and i feel like a ghost,
invisible to the naked eye,
until i am giving,
and i am seen.
Pooja Basnett Jan 10
I am a prisoner of thoughts,
Fighting invisible battles every day,
Some days I win and some days I lose,
But I put up a good fight, I give it all in!
My head is in chaos, voices of surrender,
I close my eyes and call out to my saviour.. He doesn't disappoint!
Amanda Kay Burke Dec 2022
We're riding bikes on this trip known as life

In midnight hours

Facing wind with a hefty amount of risk mixed with intoxication adorning my head with an imaginary crown in place of where nonexistent helmet should be

Drunk not on alcohol
Instead from the countless tears formed by self-hatred
Hot liquid bubbling over edges of my eyelids

I hope we find our way
We travel without light guiding our direction
Two insignificant nomads blindly navigating this vast existential void
Attempting to reach sort of adequate destination before time reaches us
Held together by fingers and an invisible magnetism more powerful than the unknown forces pulling and prodding around us at all angles
And led forward by our hearts
I miss my partner in crime
Heavy Hearted Oct 2022
Ill write this down - again
I don't enjoy being alone-
especially when I'm right here
with you-

You're a wilted rose & I'm an empty crowd-
With enchanting prose & voices loud,

I don't enjoy being alone-
especially when I'm right here

Still beside you.
at the end of a moshpit or our time together, my last letter to Zuzu.
Kim Oct 2022
I’m the space between light and shadow
The dimness just beyond the headlights
I’m the silver lining of a storm cloud
The pause after crescendo
The top of the rollercoaster, just before the drop

I’m the hum between beat and rhythm
The echo in the valley
And the wake of the ship
The air that moves between hummingbirds’ wings
The scent of gardenias on the night air
The wet sand that makes castles but clings to your feet and never leaves the lining of your swimsuit so you never forget that day at the beach.

Someday you may spot me in the background
Shield your eyes against the floodlights and peer into the urgent quiet at stage left
You’ll hear the scribbling of last minute changes;
And know that:
I’m that improvised line
on everyone’s mind
at the end of the night.

The essence of a memory
You can’t quite place
Christmas mornings
Summer jobs
The undertones of a complex wine
The elusive je ne sais quoi
That sends you back to the food stall
With no name
On the corner of that park
We used to love
to cut through
On the way back from grandma’s.

You’ll recognize me
In the dying applause
Bonfire smoke on the morning air
The late afternoon breeze that reminds you to pick your kid up from school
The coolness of a glass of water after the first rain of the season
The third chew of an intensely flavourful bite of food
The stubble on his chin in the morning
Music at a wake
Bourbon at her graduation
Coffee in a hospital waiting room

I am the crease of your forehead between tears and laughter
The glowing ember of a discarded matchstick
I am the space
Between footsteps
And words
And silent chants
Between your hands
When you fold them
And hold them
And raise them up
To touch the sky
And lower them down
To return to earth

I am the space between Light and Shadow
Between earth and sky
When you need me, I’ll be there.
Even if you don’t know it.
I am love.
Things are not going in the right direction, nowadays
I wake up and begin to think a lot of things and end the day with the same thoughts 
I'm going through various phases these days that I don't know how to explain
And I don't want to express them either...
Happiness has been something that I can clearly see but can't feel 
I see people laughing and cheering around me, but that seems so artificial...

Now I abstain from being a part of those social groups
Where the use of the “F” word makes you cool and gives you a certificate for your confidence
But I don't blame them, Perhaps it's me only who lacks something
Something that makes me feel alienated in the crowd 
Every day I feel like a glass broken by several strokes of a hammer
But I collect myself again... just to witness the pain of those invisible scars...

Writing gives me peace of mind, but these days I avoid writing down the things
Not because I'm lacking inspiration or something, but I'm afraid
Afraid of the same words that used to heal me before but now haunt my peanut brain every now and then
The words I used to put life in are now attempting to shape my entire life...
I'm feeling like that caged bird who can't fly even after being freed 
Because she's got the false notion that she has no wings, perhaps the same notion I'm getting too.
I have to express a lot of things... might share them in the next part!
Anyway, I'm back here again... will try to interact more often now.
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