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Enlighten me darkness,
For you hold the key,
Unlock the chains that restrain me

Darkness my friend,
It’s now time to set me free
Tear down these walls and uncover me,
Let me crawl out of this hole
And uproar the cry of a free soul

Enlighten me darkness,
Let me go my friend
I will never return,
I won’t be blind again
Mori 3d
I feel like boiling water
slowly evaporating into thin air
and thus,
becoming invisible to others.
Something that came to my mind while cooking.
lila 6d
it’s no secret
that i’m short
it’s always been that way
and it will always be that way
stuck at 4’9 forever

and by the laws of physics
or science
or whatever
i don’t really
take up much space

but ever since i was young
i couldn’t help but feel
that i was too much
i took up too much of the room
around me

so a lots of times
there were these thoughts
always playing, like static
telling me how
to take up less space
or make less noise
and become even more

pull your arms closer
tuck them in your lap
tip toe, so floorboards
don’t creak under your steps
don’t move
keep still
and most definitely
do not let any words slip from your mouth
because any noise, and movement
brings attention
and attention brings judgement
from the people around you
so just blend in
and be invisible
never take up too much space

but that was not living
and i’m sad it’s taken this long to realize
that my existence is too beautiful
to be invisible
and blend in among the crowd
so i will stomp the ground
and shake the earth beneath
i will laugh and
shout and dance
and let everyone know that i am here
because i am worthy
of taking up space
I stand here dripping wet from the rain;
From the storm you left in your wake
Shivering from exposure;
Droplets fall off of me to the ground
My tears blending in;
No one can hear my calls for you
The thunder drowning out my cry's;
No on can see me with the fog that begins to crawl in
But I am not invisible;
I see myself
From a distance I see headlights approaching;
As if my prays had been answered
And looking through the windshield I see you,
as if you had never left
Bringing with you the sunshine I so crave;
And I can finally begin to dry.

This entry of mine is kinda of half based on myself and half just my imagination and i hope you like it x
but I don't know how to
in a world where
not having money
is just another way to be dead
Pedro Vialle Feb 6
In a world full of people
it is truly sad to feel alone
To be invisible
in the midst of your own
But then again
to live is to die
and maybe in death my soul will matter
or will I disappear whitout leaving a sign?
i keep seeing spirits in front of my eyes
white wisps of smoke floating by
why are these ghosts taking shelter in my mind?
they do not belong here
am i just turning into a ghost myself?
no one sees me, no one knows
am i invisible?


Who am I?
Am I all alone?
I have friends though,
At least that's what I want to believe.
How do people see me?
I see myself as a monster,
In fear and sorrow,
With scars on wrist.
They see a man who is happy,
That's because I want them to see that.
I lost myself long ago,
And the one I know is no longer so.
Do I need help?
Do I tell people how I really feel?
But then again everyone would just make it a big deal.
I want to say,
But I can't find that day.
I can't stop myself,
The thoughts just never go away.
And when they come,
The cuts come subconsciously.
I need help,
And will you be the one to make me stop.
I want to be myself again,
To find the brighter day,
To mend my broken soul.
But until then I sit in the cold rain,
The rain in my brain,
That causes all my pain.
Because why not, right?
Stay sad Jan 24
It's kind of a weird story,
How I got these scars.
The're very special,
You can only see them
If I tell you they are here.
But the scars you think you saw,
The scars you think you pointed out on my body,
Don't exist.
The scars i have,
Are seen when i tell you to see them.
So now they are invisible.
Because no one will ever know.
That i want to be the one to speak her name as mine.
These scars,
Are from not from my knife but from you because i told you to hurt me and it would be better for you, for me, and for everybody.
Maybe you want to take the risk.
And want to see the scars.
I'll show them.
But i warn you.
You will not only see scars,
This can go on for a while.
I'll tell you this.
The one thing i keep in mind.
The one thing you should keep in mind.
Don't know, Don't see, Don't show, Don't feel.
And some more lies.
Euphie Jan 23
I haven't disappeared.
I'm still here.
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