comme un oiseau,
Elle vole de ses propres ailes.

her silhouette is black against the evening blue of the sky,
the breeze as gentle as her whispered words.

Le vent souffle doucement
Aussi lente que les saisons passent.

and just like a bird,
she flits above the treetops, her chicks left at home in the nest.

Mais comme un oiseau vole,
elle ne peut pas voler longtemps

but every little bird, no matter how brave
must return home.

I wrote this poem so that I tells the reader three poems;
the first: in English, tells the story of a mother-figure, having dream-like experiences.
the second: in French, tells us of how she struggles to keep going
the third: the whole poem is about her needing space from her family, her life, because she's struggling, but that she just can't stay away for ever.
this poem is entirely about the readers interpretation.

She came to him one day and said
That She wished to fly
He met her gaze and shook his head
And begged her not to try

Her lips twisted and brows knit
As She failed to understand
Just why He wanted her to quit
And be content on land

An oath, She made, to herself to see
The stars She would explore
Although He said no just let it be
And wished to hear no more

She asked him why She shouldn't go
And why He so loved the ground
For She dreamed of soaring to and fro
And living amongst the clouds

He looked at her, sighed and said
That this journey would only lead
To disappointment in the end
As She would surely not succeed

Encouraged by his stinging words
She set out to do even more
She promised to be just like the birds
To not just fly, but to soar

So for a time, through night and day
She tried again and again
Until the morn She found her way
And rode, gracefully, the wind

She glided, majestically, here and there
And also far and near
And so She told him so, with love and care
That He had nothing to fear

Yet, on the ground He wished stay
And still refused to go
So the two went their separate ways
She flying high, and He perched below

Through his eyes, his sorrows fled
His heart a heavy stone
Because He had known how this would end
With her free, leaving him alone

And He remembered the day She said
That She had wished to fly
For it was not She he doubted, but himself instead
As He had never dared to try

Morn after morn, He awoke alone
And prayed for her return
Until the truth made itself known
That to have her heart, He'd have to learn

To gather up all of his strength
And fly away from here
To let love carry him any length
And not be driven by fear

If I stayed the same and did not move,
By the world I'd be left behind
I'd be static in my opinions and views
And be cast from others' minds

So I must evolve in my character
And the things I do and don't believe
Not so much to please another,
But in order to shape my higher self, and make that higher self, me

With this He made a promise, for today, and not tomorrow
To not be frightened by how the wind blew
To not be kept back by regret and sorrow

And so to his dreams, He flew

Jasmin A Jul 13

Nothing can upset me more than the ground
Although, I've only touched the sky in few places
The clouds tasted sweeter over the ocean
But you, your air, it's sweeter and I'd rather roam your skies

I haven't been on in so long.. J.A.
Julie C Smith Jul 12

Hey, I hit a record high
Because of you I learned to fly
You made me live and gave me wings
Instead of chunky diamond rings

Up in the air behind the clouds
The sky is blue and without doubts
I know I will and have to fall
To save the greatest love of all

Flying alone is not fulfilling
For you I'd fall to the precipice of sinning
Descending from the highest height
To be with you before it's too late

Written in February and I only now realize that this was an exact premonition of what was about to happen to me. I understand it now in retrospective and it all makes sense and it all came true.
Noné Billi Jul 7

Have you seen them,
Flying in the night,
Allured by the brimstone
And the fire light.

Their eagerness
In spectral flight
All in search
Of a source of light.

The moon beckons
But artificial glow
Dazzles their eyes,
As they fly to them
Burning in the hold
That they have them.

Those who are wise,
But at luck follow the moon.
Those stay behind
And die in the first light
Of noon.

Cutezeni Jul 7

Life is colourful
But not in the way I'd like,
It's shades keep changing
From lemon to blue to burgundy,
Feels like I'm living
In a constant state on melancholy.

Tried hard not to stare
At the melody that kept swirling
In front of my eyes
And through my ears,
Sometimes I forgot breathing.
And it trapped me into the deep
Clawed hard to come up from beneath,
But it was hard to hold on
The walls were too steep.

Never thought I'd wish
For a colourless life of black and white,
Of boring creatures and ordinary sight..
Never thought I'd be the one
To want my seeds to sow,
To want my roots to dig deep and grow.

Maybe flowing with the wind
Is not for me,
Free-falling is not the same as flying,
Peter should leave me alone now,
I don't want to end up dying.

Thought I almost saw
Heaven from where I was,
But it lay barren
With no gates or guards,
Or even angels or gods,
Either the books or my mind is lying,
It is overrated to wish for dying.

But I made it through
Somehow I swam back ashore,
Fought the muddied waters that blinded me,
Somehow I found my door.
And to sanity I return,
With lessons and scars that still burn
It's good to look ahead with clarity,
It's good to be back to reality.

Makayla Shea Jul 1

I look out the window
I see the sky
I watch these birds fly by
They glide with the wind
Rise up against the swells
Where they go no one tells
It is all a mystery
The way the birds fly
The reasons people always die
The reason I'm always alone
Remains completely unknown
Atleast to me
It may be easy for others to see
But I know not
This is my plot
And im alright with it
So long as I get to watch
For watching brings no pain
It is only in the actual act of soaring
That one can ever fall
So whats the point of trying at all?

Just a random poem I thought up.

You're the hummingbird, storms tried to wreck her!
And you're scarred by the thunder's black sectre.
Fighting battles unseen,
Stronger than you seem,
Yet you feel unworthy of nectar.

You're the robin whose breast lights morn!
Calming as a rose without thorn.
With voice so harmonic,
Powerfully euphonic,
Yet silenced by imag'nary bourn.

You're a crow black as sin unabsolved!
A mystery no one tried to solve.
You were never shown love
By the white of a dove
And your anger has ne'er been resolved.

You're the image of swan-like grace!
Purity is etched into your face.
Embroidered with elegance,
You dance with white innocence.
But you're yearning to flee from this place.

You're an eagle hatched just for the skies!
With fierceness to blind naked eyes.
Feathers ablaze,
Wings burning sun rays,
Yet too scared of falling to fly.

You're the pow'r of the mighty condor!
With the force of an army at war.
Strength of the night,
Armour black with neck white,
Yet feeling too weak to soar.

You're the birds of the darkness and light!
You're swans white and crows black as night.
But you're so scared of falling,
You're deaf to your calling.
My dear, you were made for flight!

- p. winter

martjn ysidro Jun 27

when i was little i made parachutes out of letters i'd written.
none would ever fall so far away.
but the words on the ground were enough to tell stories of my growing up.

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