lean into the wind they say
balance on the balls of your upturned feet
shut your eyes and away the breeze will take you
falling is a floccinaucinihilipilification
yet when you hit the ground
it's so much more

Back and Forth
Poetic T Jan 13

I'm mute to the content
of others misgivings
            of my silent ego..

Clambering upon my
             every concern,
  yet I'm deaf to their every syllable.

But in reality I don't give a flying fuck...

laying in the dark over three empty seats
high up in thin air now
in the dark with a couple of warm lights flickering from the aeroplane ceiling
just enough light to see a father and daughter seated across from me
enough light to see how simple happiness is when you're with the people who love you
how love can be found everywhere
it is something that is not meant to be searched for
but that is gifted
in return for all the good given by you

the glimpse of them gave me a happy rush
giana Dec 2017

when i see you i can only describe my feelings to flying
my adrenaline is seeping out of my body
i am at a loss of words
and i feel as though i'm on top of the world

Willow shade Dec 2017

I fly in the endless sky,
You have an aquatic life
You resemble a colorful fish
You cannot be taken out,
I can't live under water

You are not for cuddling,
But my hands try to catch
I want to show you horizons,
Making you be out of breath
So, you have to slip away

I approve odd theories,
Nature is also on my side
I wish I saw you one day
Soaring along the waters
Like rare flying fish

My willingly chosen life
Turns all dreams into facts
But the day I forget you,
Logically is undefined
Like division by zero

S S Nathan Dec 2017

Wind . . . blowing up baggy sleeves of my cardigan of ivory
Sky . . . grey and cloudy . . . perfect weather for me
Earth . . . I can see it right beneath me but nobody can see me
Fire . . . hottest of its kind within me can no longer hurt me
I am at peace

One would ask what I am doing.
I would answer . . . I'm going to Heaven, human.
One would ask how I can go.
I would answer . . . there are many ways but I'm just gonna let gravity catch me one last time.
. . . because it can't get me again anymore after this

Only one step forward . . . and I can feel it
The gasp, the heart drop . . . Yessss
Flying downward and . . .upside down
I am . . . weightless
It's everything that I've ever imagined
And more
Hear humans screaming down there
Don't you dare ruin my trip
A pause
My eyes sparkled with surprise
Is that . . . the Large world? . . . My Large world?
Pure and bright . . .
I can see it . . . I'm getting close to it . . .
Close my eyes . . .
Goodbye gravity

Z Trista Davis Dec 2017

I love looking at highways from aeroplanes,
They snake across the blotchy, flat earth
And slither into the endless blue haze,

I wonder what they find there,
Is it love or death?
Or old friends?
Or happiness?

Perhaps, their happiness
Is in the curly-q designs
They scrawl like ancient script

I trace it,
Running my fingers over three-pane glass,
Until they disappear

And the clouds look like fingers and hands,
Reaching out to touch me,
Expanding with every breath I take,
Calling me down to the river,
Calling me down to the trees

But my happiness is in the single, breathless moment of take-off,
The moment I feel my heart lurch,
And bang into the something inside me pushing me forward,
Into the illusory blue

Skylar Musa Dec 2017

I spread my wings
Looking left before turning the other way
This time I can make it

Jumping from the spot I perch on
Soaring across the ranges
Watching my shadow fly over the fields

Almost made it
Looking left and sighing
Once again I didn't make it

One last glance is thrown at the place I yearn for
My wings failing me as I plummet to the ground
My eyes opening only to see the familiar scenery of my room

One more failed attempt to get what I want

Dreams can leave us wondering what we want in life
Can make us ask ourselves what it is that we want
What we want to do
Stephanie Franco Dec 2017

Spinning rapidly.

The voices in my head are heightening.

Streetlights passing by
As my hair flows through the wind.

My eyes are tiring.
They're ready to close up for the night.

My heart, however, keeps pumping.
Pump, pump, pumping.
I can barely hear the alarms ring.

It keeps my eyelids from tiring.

Spin, spin, spinning slowly now.
The world pumps its brakes,
And I go flying.

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