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I sit quietly in terminal B11
My flight doesn't leave til' seven
But there's plenty to see here
In this waiting room before the air
The flying alone does not scare me
But the crowds give me anxiety
So I watch, and I wait, all alone
Praying to catch the next flight home
Justyn Huang Dec 3
I wonder which bird
was the First to
step off its perch
enough times to Fly

Or were all birds born that way?
Then what is the average number
of times each one fell until their
wings could carry them High?

Definitely not the penguins or the dodos
But I know that anyone can try.
Brynn S Dec 2
Manufactured moans
My stomach turns to stones
I cannot feel, how I used to is a flare
Each second after I am left
Left to something odd; my mind
My mind can’t place or displace
Everything evaporates
Not much is left to salvage
The rubble vibrates
Turning into winged creatures
They escape through my mouth
It’s over
Zoe Robles Nov 30
on that rooftop
i looked into the distance
and wondered why i couldn't see

i wondered
why the world stops.

but i realized
if you fly,

the world never stops.
there are surely
other ways to see the world

boy soaring
aim for infinity
periscoping love
feeling coming from all directions
raining down
visible to the *****-eye
Kama muta cite goosebumps
riding your space vehicle
opened hatch
hidden sanctum
missing throbbing molten heart
what tugs you here
then there
compelling omnipresent
hand reaching in
or is it reaching out
universe within delivering
vision dialed
even ratio
seeing yourself
inside and out
universe is unfolding
moore's law in reverse
things around spreading tenfold
humbling you
like a grain of sand
lost on a beach
Dani Nov 26
Incoherently decreasing my voice ...
                             Spinning?                       Spiraling?

                                       Absolutely falling!!
In love? Or into darkness?
                                                What is this called?

            I AM FLYING!!

Oh, what a sharpness...
                                          To find out you are falling.

Whispers slowly growing
                                               Shadows casting.

A dark world turned black ...
                                               Falling still?
                                                                   No I think I am flying!?
Up above ... I swear it!

I must be lifting higher!
                                          Or am I just ... falling too fast?

I do not know what I cannot understand.

What a terror
                         Oh the despair

Screams envelope the blackness
                                                          Beauty glides along my veins

                                   Flowing up from my body

                 Amazing trickles of red dots moving above

                                  How can I stop, catch myself?
Where is love?
Spontaneous write. Just spilled out. I couldn't bring myself to edit it as I want to do too many things. Maybe one day I can elaborate, but right now I don't even understand it.. This work.. just is what is is.
Apporva Arya Nov 17
Crashed last night,
When tried flying high.
Was dreaming of skies,
When stuck in lies.
Getting lost within,
In the echo of noise,
of the monstrous mind.
Sometimes ruling over,
sometimes surrendering to
the battles within,
A warrior just trying to survive.
They say it right "The darkest of night get ended with brightest of sunshine," No matter how many of my dreams remain unfulfilled ,i will keep dreaming new and keep fulfilling them...
Johnny walker Nov 11
When just a child I'd
look to the sky would
wish birds swoop down
and Carrie me away to
a much warmer place
far away from the cold
climate I lived

Got jealous birds gathering
ready to migrate I wanted
to go with them fly away
to Africa and see the trees
unusual flat trees always
fascinated me
Birds flying take me with you when you migrate let me see the Africa trees
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