My lips are too numb
From lack of kisses
And I must miss you again

I knew I was in trouble, the moment I realized I was missing you even though you were right next to me.

Myself 3d

I ran my fingers across the screen.
I tapped on the video of us, that I created.
It was a video with our favorite song.
Although there was more than one voice, and all the music,
the only thing I could focus on;
was your voice.


You are beautiful
Like a fireworks display
You are funny
Like the flat earth theory
You are unstable and essential
Like the oxygen
And everything that looks like you

Do you remember
When the fog buried us in the city we hated?

And do you remember
When driving on the coast
We found out that the sky was clear?

But not even the winter
And the blindness
Separated us

And then you said
That the heart is just a big wound
And love is just a slight context

But you filled my gaps
Like the tide fills the lagoons with the sea

And I believed it was all my fault
Because you gave me the watercolors to paint reality the way I wanted it to be

There is pain in patience
We are no strangers to this
A man who lusts for a woman
Will lose himself waiting
A woman who waits in silence
Is screaming on the inside
We all feel this pain
In one way or another
A form of agony and distress
Longing for what we desire
Patience brings pain
And we have no control
We are afraid to act
So we sit in solitude
Our minds soon betray us
And the tears begin to fall
Frustration soon follows
And then all goes numb
I am impatient
Though I know I must wait
And when thinking of you
My spirit grows heavy
Temperance is my goal
But I fail each time
So I suffer in silence
And let time pass by
I’m longing for you
And it’s quite obvious
I know patience is key
But I’m impatient for you


In a jar of salt
Time scratches petals
Time has no eyes

And if my ache
Could bring them back
Swear I'd never let you fade

My setting dawn
My only sound
forever gone

For years im always at awe.
With your writings.
For years I have been a big fan of you.
You have that special touch with every verses you write.
And I couldnt say no more.
You encourage me to write.
And I have written
Allot of stories but more of you.
I dont know why but I have kept searchin for your poems.
The day you have deleted or maybe blocked me from your tumblr.
I felt devastated for I was obsessed
And I was already drowned by how deep you write.
Now I followed you here but I cant even follow you.
For Im scared and Im still puzzled.
May this reach you.
My dear partner gwyn.

Gwyn I miss your soul in your poems and I dont know what to feel no more.

I carved my words
On your bones
Drenched in your blood
Immersed in your loneliness

And every word I wrote
Was about what I wanted to be
And what I wanted to bring

But I only brought desolation
And you tried to repopulate my world

I brought devastation
And you tried to rebuild an entire city

I brought illness
And you were the vaccine

But I've always been terrified of needles

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