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JB 19h
Study's show that when you don't trust your gut
you get the wrong answer

I should have trusted my gut
I should have stayed away
it was rocky
you pulled me in and out
like the tide
but you knew your end goal

I let the waves shake me
as I drift
into the unknown
of your heart
your trap
Pandanoia 23h
Right here I lay
In tears running astray
Down my cheeks so cold
In this pain unfortold

Silently I weep
Praying to fall asleep
Before I fall apart
Before I die of a broken heart

But wishes don't come true
You can't start life anew
What's done is done
And what's gone is gone.
I had a chance to talk to you again,
A chance to finally try my best to make amends,
A real chance to make amends

But you were crying almost every night,
'Cause you missed his love, but didn't miss mine,
I prayed to ***, to let me change your mind

You were so hurt by everything I'd done,
All you thought to do was turn and run,
How I wish I hadn't let you down


Is there a *** above?
Watching over us,
Watching me fall,
So far i can't feel.
Is there such thing as love?
Or is it all made up,
I fall down,
There's only one way out

Your love
YOUR LOVE missing chance hope gone wish
your name still feels great
reaching the back of my throat—
after a while.
i recognized the same longing
the familiar feeling
—bringing back memories
more than my entire past carries.
my parted lips
easy to let the phrase slips
presenting the emotions i keep
after a while.
nothing is changing
not you, not me, not anybody
i am still me
the girl who’s always on her knee
praying for you to be happy.
and you—
are still you
the one my hearts always dedicated to.
for j & his magical yet confusing maze
Laura 2d
How tempting would it be
To be able to put it all in a jar.
All your words and your laughter.
Your smell and your touch.
So that I could open it once in a while
When we’re too far apart.
Just to feel a little closer.
Nothing I've done In
life, I think was bad
but probably could
have made more
Should told her
more often just what
she meant to me
should have tried to
make her see of all
she was to
But life doesn't offen
go to plan, always be
tomorrow I thought
But sadly that turned
out not to be true
before I knew It I'd
lost you, If only i had
loved you more
kissed you
Regrets yes quite a
few I never thought
for moment thought I'd missing
you, they say times a
healer, but I don't
believe I have enough
time left In my life to
allow a healing process
to even begin
Always spend the rest of my life thinking
could I have done more
My palm tuned into a fist.
With it, I hold a baby's screams,
And all the world's deaths.
My body turned into an armor.
With it, I guard a mother's life,
And the milk, coming out of her *******.
The only chance of survival,
In the middle of the chaos.
My hopes turned into mist,
With it, I blinde murderous enemies,
And,our end. It won't find its ways.
My shirt turned to a flag of surrender.
A torn-apart one, to save torn-apart lives.

Hand over your anger,
Let me ignite the cannonball.
Pour out your teara,
Let the floods begin.

Crosses carried distorted bodies,
Ones with missing hands,
Ones with missing heads,
Ones with missing legs,
But what they all shared,
Is missing souls.

forced them to surrender.
To save what's left of their memories,
Before they become a memory,
With fellow millions another.

When they look into their reflection,
They see what is left undead,
But they don't see the soul,
That will never again be fixed.
Closer to life they got,
But further of themselves felt.

A chess board they inhabited,
But they weren't a part of it,
Soldiers died. So did the two kings.
But they paid for a fight that's not theirs.

A song, I heard.
They sang an idle song, for those,
Whose souls left their bodies empty,
And left free,
In they space, that might contain,
Their former life's misery.
To a clavery, they headed, bleeding,
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