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rk 1d
i still remember
your sleepy steel eyes
staring back at me
bed hair and soft sheets
your tender fingertips
always lost
in my crimson hair
that just couldn't stop itself
from gently spilling
onto your face
in those moments i knew
you would always give me
a thousand new reasons
to unravel for you
before the amber sun
filled the sky
with her nectarine kisses.
- it's all for you.
I have everything I want. But my mind still visits times we had together. It's melancholy really. A beautiful time shared between us when we  had been so lost ourselves.  But yet we found some type of hope inside our wicked bodies.
Eva 2d
I've been searching
for what seems to be nothing.

I've been dreaming
for what seems to be unrealistic

I've been waiting
for who seems to be missing.
rk 5d
i should have warned you
that if i kissed you
more than once
i'd fall in love
but your lips met mine
underneath the velvet moon
and i couldn't help
but ask for more
my lips longing to taste you
again and again
my own demise
dancing infront of me
your sweet kisses
my own undoing.
- i couldn't stop loving you if i tried.
Malina 5d
i've spent so much time in my bedroom
that i've memorised the walls.
i know every stain
every scratch
like the back of my hand
because it's become my new every day

i guess my physical presence
was the reminder of my existence
and now that it's gone
i'm no longer present in their thoughts
and so i'm left here
i just need to be able to hug someone
rk 7d
what if we weren't
so bound by time
what if, like the universe
our thoughts,
our memories were linear
burning, alive and electric.
what if we could swim
between what has been
and what is yet to come,
would our moments
underneath a summer moon
where our souls bled
and our demons danced
be the ones you go back to?
- this routine is all too familiar.
Troy 7d
I’m breaking down
My heart beats hurt
I can’t contain it for much longer
It just keeps building and building

The harder I push it down
The harder it pushes back
And I break down in tears
Bawling my eyes out

All I do is think about him
Even with music blasting in my ears
The thoughts race by without stop
He’s all that’s on my mind

I miss him so much
I don’t know what to do
I shove my head into music and games
Yet it doesn’t work

I’m up late into the night
Constantly thinking what will happen
What if things were different
If the situation was different

Would we have actually became a couple
Or would this have still happened
I’m trying so hard for him
To just be his friend through this time

But the more time that passes
The greater the pain becomes
And I wonder to myself
Did I fall in love?

Is that why this hurts so much
Is that why I can’t help but miss him
Why he is constantly on my mind
Running circles around my distractions

I’m honestly afraid of the next time I see him
What if I run inwards and cause the body to faint
What if I run to him and kiss him?
What about a deeply felt bear hug?

Would he hate me?
It’s petrifying to think about
And each outcome is just painful
I’m so afraid to tell him

Afraid to say what’s on my mind
About how much this hurts
About my feelings for him
About how much I miss him

Should I cave and tell him?
Or should I bare the pain a bit longer
Letting the fates dictate
What is to come

I need answers
But I know that no one can give them
It has to come from me
Whatever my mind and heart decide
Malina May 19
i crave your touch
and the safety of your arms around me,
engulfing me into your being,
surrounding me with your warmth
and encapsulating me in a moment with you.
9 weeks without hugs from him
Lying in my room
   wondering what's missing,

   those brown eyes that matches the color of my coffee,
  my soft blanket that felt like your embrace
  or the alarm clock where I'm pretty sure it was your voice that
         woke me up 30 minutes ago

Sometimes "I miss you"
     every item in my room
remembers a piece of you
   waiting for you
to come back
rk May 18
now there's an ocean
lying between us
the nights grow dark,
the waters cold.
these velvet tears
and this rabbit heart
can't help but wonder
if i meant anything to you,
or nothing at all.
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