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Luiz 1h
Always by moonlight
awaiting to race into my mind
wine awakens ancient feelings
never knowing what I'll find

wined up and feel the green light!

like a stocked car, pictures race
you're in all your grace!
circling my mind your sweet face
I need your embrace!

hold to the vein
flung with my love

my heart will come undone
the further I'm upon...
Do you miss me?
For me,
and not for you?
I don’t know if I want you to or not tbh
JR Falk 22h
the gallon of arizona green tea that you only drank a fraction of.
the salt and pepper potato chips you meant to eat, but only did so in the dream i had last night.
the unmade bed that was still unmade when you flew back home, the one i still cannot bring myself to make.
the dyed green hairs i keep finding around the house.
the way you always pronounced 'mosquito' as 'mosk-it-toe' on purpose, and how you pronounced my cat's name 'sullumun' instead of 'solomon' on accident.
the partially closed closet door from the morning i drove you to the airport.
the faint smell of your sweat on my pillow left because of your hyperhidrosis.
the flannel you wore and the longsleeve shirt you doused in your aftershave, that is three sizes too big for me to realistically wear.
the empty taco bell cups in my car from your fourth day here.
the empty shopping bags from our impromptu mall trip.
the polaroids you really wanted to keep, but we couldn't find when you packed.
the pieces of you that you never meant for me to keep that i keep piecing together as though, like an alchemist, i could make you appear again though i cannot, and you are not here, you are gone.

youre giving me so much more inspiration than i think you intended
JR Falk 22h
the wind is howling, untamed aggression singing tirelessly.
distance is relentless.
it begs and screams to be acknowledged, until the day it is pardoned and we meet.
the howling ceases.
all at once it is calm, the now softened breeze humming sweetly its truest intentions.
your fingertips graze my face as gently as a sunrise, i can hear the morning doves as you whisper my name. the light you emit convinces me that all this dark was only temporary.
but as your journey back to new york ensues and i can do nothing but watch you disappear, the world around me dims. the sun sets, and i am once more met with the wind.
your scent haunts my pillows like a ghost. it caresses my face when i do my best to rest, it comes out of seemingly nowhere and i am met with thoughts of yesterday.
all at once the winds are roaring again, beckoning the inevitable world of darkness i had momentarily forgotten.
i am swallowed in their turmoil, straining my eyes for the comfort of your light.
but the sun is no longer in my sights.
this wind continues to howl, still as angry as can be, and i beg that i might stumble into the sun again. i cling to the shirts you left as though your body remains inside.
i cling to the memories of day, and when you were mine.
sky 3d
Suddenly you weren’t you and I wasn’t me.
I wasn’t who I was and the you I knew was gone.
You killed her with your own two hands, leaving the new you in her place.
The funniest thing about that is we kept on pretending that we didn’t change.
You and I would talk through words left unspoken, believing the lies we came up with.
Simple things were said.
“I love you.”
“I loved you.”
But they weren’t true since we were now strangers.
Your life quickly evolved, and for some odd reason you kept it from me.
I would tell you my secrets, only to have them thrown around, and your secrets never left your lips even though you knew I wouldn’t let them leave mine.
The messages got shorter and shorter.
Repeating, over and over again.
No response.
A deadline.
“I miss you.”
Connection terminated.
I see you everyday
I bring you anywhere
But I can never touch you
like before
'cause your just a picture
perfect photograph
Frozen in time
forever remaining to that picture
perfect smile
for I can never see you
once more
beyond this photograph of us
'cause you'll never see the sun shine
for another time
And I'll remain here silently
missing you
in the living world.
L 3d
I'm not simply missing you
you are missing from me
I don't only miss you
I miss a part of me too

when you´re gone
something seems off
like you know you forgot something
and just don't know what

you’re missing from me
because I can’t be me
without a part of you
you complete me
you make me who I am
you bring out the best side of me
you make me laugh
like no other can
I’m smiling
when you’re around
and when you’re not
it’s like my happiness
went with you

wherever you go
you carry a part of me
with you

that's why I’m not missing you
that's why you are missing from me
I like french

The morning peaks through your pristine blinds
                                         already up, dressed and ready
The morning trespasses on my dusty mind
                              snooze, turn away and rest unsteady

Lunch break, out with your friends (and him)
                                      stories you tell, is he listening? (he is)
lunch break, alone still and again

Night has blanketed you with Argus' eyes
                            cuddled close, watching and kissing
night has blacked out with my stammering cries
                            in bed, alone, shivering and missing
Ms Noma Aug 28
It's not the same
Without you here
I sit with blame
And hurt and fear
Because you're gone
Our world has broken
We fail to bond
You were our token
I've tried my best
I am sincere
It's just a mess
Without you here
You were a stranger..... turned into a familiar smile
Turned into a best friend then into a lover that lasted a while

We turned into each other’s worlds then our worlds crumbled as we spoke with words of anger
Used to share every single problem now we turned to others to ease the pain thought we vowed never to talk to strangers

Strange to think of a life with out you
Strange to think I can live with out you

Our whole worlds turned upside down as we looked at each other as foreign beings
Like who is this? Where is the person I love? I swear I’ve never seen stranger things....

Even though we did not want to part ways
We both agreed it’s better this way

I wanted to be at peace with you but I guess I have to say peace to you ✌

You were my familiar smile.... and that smile it still lingers
now somehow again, weve come to a full circle we turned into complete strangers
Inspiration: (Wale- Friends Strangers)

To Rochelle; my first love. Hope some kids fall in love on the 52 bus line too.
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