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Elle 2d
Happiness passed by
So long ago
But the grass looked greener
In scorched fields
And now I wallow
Across dry barren earth
Elle 4d
Nostalgia is
The laughter down the rec
As we poured beer
And did milk shots

Nostalgia is
The camp fires
The boys added hairspray to
And panicked

Nostalgia is
Your arm around my shoulder
Protective and proud
And very nervous

Nostalgia is
The Daisy chains
And gossip of
Who kissed who

Nostalgia is
The innocence of
Running wild in fields
Till the sun came up

Nostalgia is
Our beating hearts
Under the duvet
Hoping your brother didn’t hear

Nostalgia is
Knowing it’s just a memory
No longer to be

Nostalgia is
Looking at old photos
With a half smile
And chest ache
The warm light of afternoon
brings a blur to our harsh wrinkles.
Like a line drawing drafted over and over
after several mistakes.

The blemishes of us bleed and clot like brush strokes
on the painting of a landscape
Fleeting blues, searing orange,
the vista of our bends and breaks.

We sit together, as close as we can,
my nose in the cavity of your neck.
My surplus in the caves you carry,
your tears, lakes in my overbite.

I'll hold your hand holding mine holding yours,
breathe in your breath out.
If nobody is whole you can be my left foot,
and I can be your right.
This poem is about realising the things you thought were wrong about a person are what make you love them.
rk May 9
despite knowing
how it ends
despite the loss
the emptiness carried
over hundreds of moons
despite the ghosts
haunting these halls
i would love you
and lose you
a thousand times over
just to call you
once more.
Zywa May 8
This black hole in time,

the accident, will be filled --

with my memories.
Novel "Buiten is het maandag" ("Outside, it's Monday", 2003, J. Bernlef), chapter 6-4

Collection "Being my museum"
Jeremy Betts May 7
Pay attention to what lengths one will go to
And still find themselves incapable of making it through
No push or pull through, both options taken off the table on a path of glue
Acknowledge the mental blocks that are constantly fought 1v2
Never told, so never knew
Sold a bad bag of repackaged goods labeled NEW
But these missing brighter days have an expiration on the carton too
As well as an enforcement of a curfew
That's never been required to pursue,
Yet they still do
While most never notice the touch of darkness lurking in their happy places too

ross Apr 29
and so i had fallen for her
just as day becomes night;
quietly and patiently
without knowing
too then all at once.
the sun sets;
birthing an endless
array of stars;
in that darkness
in their audience
i confessed my love for you.
the universe held it’s breath
time stopped
planets wept
for i had been here before;
i would love you and lose you
in a thousand lifetime’s
if it meant i could have you
for just one.
rk Apr 25
you said
we were a destined love
just right person
wrong time
and so i loved you
in that space between
sleep and awake
where the weight of your kiss
still lingered
like peter losing wendy
wondering just how long
i was meant to wait
for you
to come back to me.
Ander Stone Apr 23
I miss the nights spent
Under warm candle light,
Writing poetry together
Under the sheets
Of stormy skies.

I miss the mornings
Slipping through the fingers
That play with strands
Of wine red hair
And porcelain skin.

I miss the days that
Could have been,
If only I would have been
Brave enough to see
Myself in your eyes.

I miss the evenings
Caressing the glow
Of your life-giving,
ever-beckoning lips.

I miss the moments
That never happened.
I miss what we've never shared.
I miss the love that might've...
rk Apr 22
you placed a crown
upon my head
making me feel
like i was the queen
of your castles
little did i know
they were made
of nothing but sand
then the tide crashed in
and swept them away
hushed promises
forgotten by morning.
- my kingdom for a kiss upon her shoulder.
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