It's been months.
I've not seen or heard from you,
And I still miss you.

Regardless of your current whereabouts,
I would still give anything.
I would drive all night just to see you for an hour.

The worst part about
missing you is not knowing
whether you feel this
way about me too.

I miss home.
Maybe it’s the feeling of quiet in the night, how the air seemingly stands still, the silent cricketing of… crickets singing their symphony of the night
Maybe it’s the gentle breeze that graces you through the hot endless summer of the tropics
Maybe it’s nothing more than the endless stream of tricycles drag racing down city streets.
Regardless I miss home.
This place is beautiful.
This place, with the massive stream of culture flowing from every part of the world
This place, with it’s beautiful, clean air, and tap water so clean you could drink directly from it
This place, with the promise of something better - a life full of opportunity
Honestly, this place is amazing. This place to one may seem like paradise.
I’m not one to disregard my blessings, and living here, it is one, but this place lacks one thing.
It lacks family.
This place, in all it’s beauty and it’s cultural mish mash, lacks all the people I wish I could explore it with.
This place, with all it’s opportunity and promises, lacks the people I wish could have a part of it.
This place, though bewildering, endless, and… different, lacks the people i wish to share it with.

Often my heart goes home.
Often my heart flutters off of my chest as I lay face up at night, and takes me to another life.
A life full of what ifs.
What if I didn’t leave.
What if things turned out differently
What if they came with us
What if. What if. What if.

My mind drifts into this hulking chasm, one which the end of it stretches farther than the echo in which I use, curiously trying to finding the end.
The friends I would have made. The bonds I would have connected, severed, connected, and perhaps severed again.
The lessons I would have learned. The mistakes, shortcomings, failures, and perhaps even the way I dealt with them. How different it would have been.
My hair style. My taste in music. Hell, even my skin color.

And as I lie in that bed I start to miss something. Something that was never mine in the first place. I start to miss that life that I never led, the path that has long closed itself to me.

I desperately want it, but desperately don’t. Caught in a cycle of would have been, should have been, never was, and never ever will be.

Nevertheless, though the memories were never made, the bonds that were meant to be are still there, and I’ll cherish them until the day both paths converge again.
I miss home.

I hate airports.
I hate the vibrant colours, the staff who work happily, even through the mass of sadness that countless others are experiencing around them.
I hate the food, which is good, but sometimes, the bitterness of leaving sinks to the taste.
But most of all, i hate the the idea of parting, the idea of saying goodbye.
No matter how near or how far I may go, just knowing that I’ll be away from your grasp is painful enough.
I hate waking up on that day. The surrealness of it. To know that in a mere 24 hours, this won’t be home anymore. My last day on that bed. My last day with those people. My last day on that ground. My last day breathing this air, until well… god knows when.
I hate seeing you. I love you so much, but seeing your dead eyes, and seeing how your inner pain is so great that it’s affecting you physically, affects me too. I hate seeing you struggle to be strong, even though the pain is evident.
I hate hearing the plans for our trip.
The bags and boxes that served as my storage unit and dumping grounds, all neatly packed up, just like the day we landed. The only tie I have to the place that serves as my “home”. Really, “home” to me is a home away from my real home.
I hate the feeling of guilt, knowing YOU are the one who’s leaving a hole behind. That though it’s hard, it’s always being left behind that hurts more.
The voices and extra noise that I made. The late night guitar playing or the early morning screaming. In 24 hours, gone.
All of it parts on a metal tube in the sky. Planes….
I hate that "back to normal" feeling, that lack of presence that we leave behind. I hurt them, even though I don’t want to.
Then there’s the ride going to the airport
Please, come with me. I need you here. Just a few more minutes. Just another second. Anything.
Every little inch closer to the airport, I have to look out the window, act like I can’t see your eyes through the reflection. Act like I don’t know what you want to say. Act like I’m just giving this place “one final look”. Holding back the tears.
Mess up my ticket. Burn the plane. Pop the tires. I don’t want to go.
I wish I didn’t know these streets, but I do. I know the ride. I know the locations. I can tell we’re getting closer.
I know you don’t want to be here. But please stay with me.
I want to know how much time we have together until I have to leave.
i can already imagine, during that ride back...
The black stain of absence that I left. The emptiness of everything, and the pain you’re facing.
I wonder why you seem like you can barely move. Like you’re wearing shoes made of -
It’s the weight.
I’m sorry.
I look back at the spot on the bed that I used to take up.
I hate taking these photographs.
The smiles I give are always fake, and I know yours is too. We pretend, because at the end of the day, there is no happy family. Not today. Not while we have to separate.
Please don't capture this moment.
Please give me a hug.
Don’t let go. A part of me prays something inside you goes berserk, like in those supernatural movies
That maybe you’re keeping some sort of secret power or trump card that you’re waiting to use.
That maybe you might grow wings and take me away from here so we miss the flight.
That maybe you just whisper “run” and for some strange reason, we just run away, buying even just a few moments. A few fleeting moments.
It'll be awhile before i get another one of your hugs, so please, hold me like it’s your last because god forbid if I die on that plane I’ll never get to hug you again so please.
Even though you’ll feel empty after, please. It’s so selfish but god, do it for me.
Thing is, I know deep in my heart I’m not the only one feeling this sadness
Right and left there are goodbyes
There are couples who are a few goodbyes away from a long distance relationship
There is a kid who is clinging to her dad's leg telling me to stay or take her along because he's working abroad
There are people sharing words to family members who live far away
There's so many people feeling the same, but... it doesn’t take away from the pain.
“Have a safe trip!”
I want to die.
“Call us when you’re home!”
I am home.
“Don’t cry”
You’re lucky you can’t see into my soul, because I’m not crying. I'm bleeding.
“Come back soon!”
I don’t need to leave.
I don’t want to go
Don’t push me away
Why did you make me leave this place.
I don’t want to go…


I hate airports

From your very first
Breathe till my last I will for-
Ever love you both

To my boys
Mims 6d

I can feel my mind opening up,
When I talk to you,
Like little pieces of me are unfacing,
With every passing revelation,
And our inside jokes,
Are growing,
With every converstaion,
And I like that I like to talk to you,
How I wanted to feel,
With you,
I like that it's relaxed,
Like none of that bullshit,
From the past,
Had ever even happened,
Because isn't it just nice,
To be friends,
And be sarcastic,
In fact I think it's damn near fantastic,
That I can speak with such ease,
And not care what you think of me,
I love,
This foundation of friendship we're building,
I wish our construction had never been delayed,
And I know that's partially my fault

But I had reached a bump,
I didn't know how to talk.

But the rose that has bled into my mind and soul,
Has caused my scars,
to decrease,
And they haven't grown,
For two years,
So thank you for friendship,
And trying to stay,
Even when I actively pushed you away.

Alaska 6d

tempted to hit you up just so you can make
my emotions go
numb again.

You told me you loved me, and I  believed you
I trusted you not knowing what you were capable of
I gave you all of me, not knowing you didn't want me
I opened up to you, not knowing you wouldn't keep my secrets
I had faith in us, not knowing you didn't want us
I loved you, knowing you loved her, not knowing, I couldn't change it
you told me forever,  and i believed you
I tried to love you, knowing your heart had been broken
I tried to work with you, knowing you wanted to work alone
I tried to fix you, knowing you didn't want my help
I tried to be with you, knowing you wanted to be with another
now im telling you I want forever, will you believe me?
Will you let me help You?
Will you let me fix  You?
Will you let me stay with You?
Now im telling you I love you, will you let me?
I always have, and i always will
But you already  knew that

Call me BabyGirl again please...

What if, in a parallel universe it would be you
writing this poem about me?
What if that day, six years ago,
I wouldn't have written to you?
What if, the dreams I have been sulking in,
became true?
Do you miss me now?

It is hard to let go
Mims Apr 16

Cloudy skies,
Stormy conversations.
Lightning strikes of vocal chords.
Warm air,
Hot breath.
Clouded minds,
Foggy observations.
This conversation. Is electric.

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