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Diljeev May 3
On a rare starry night
dead silence prevailed,
with them all unsheathing
their very own plight.
The moon turns envious,
as she appears in sight,
for it is but a torn kite
before she in her own right.
She turns her records on,
echoing in the silence,
let the humming commence,
all are safe and all are sound thence.
As they all sink in the tune
She confides in the moon,
in the planned secrecy,
she confesses how she
loathes his absency,
even more than
she loathes to admit this.
The flowers bloom and another day passes,
Summer comes again.

I walk and walk without a destination
Eventually there is an end.

Times that dazzled
Times that won’t ever come again.

Days that were so long,
That I walked through them with tears.

I love them all.
Because you and I are here
It becomes a memory.

Your smile that warmly blossomed for me,
My sad heart that couldn’t bear show you
I love them all
Because ,

You and I are here
It becomes a Memory.
I miss your eyes on me,
And I can’t sleep,
Your voice in my head,
Unable to think,
The mist and the tears,
I can’t decipher between;
And another glass sits empty.

I’m blank of meaning
Without any ideas to say,
Just tell me if I’ve been pushed
From your mind already
Because the silence
Has taken me to an asylum,

And when I yell to the breeze against my face
Barely alive and disregarding speed limits,
I wonder if the lyrics I speak
Tear you to pieces
As they do me,
Since they speak truth better than my own.

When did you forget me?
It’s degrading to only know
By feeling,
And not by telling.
I can taste the sulfur
In the air tonight.

Why didn’t you warn me?
30 lines, 258 days left.
Morgan Vail Apr 17
Like the choir in heaven,
Like the death of my eleven,
Like the many who have tragically died.
There’s a devil over yonder,
And she’s getting a little closer,
And what’s the point,
If it’s not played,
In blue?

And the trees outside keep dying,
My shattered windows keep lying,
I keep myself alive like god sleeping on the seventh.
Stray cat, come back home.
You’ll step on glass if you roam.
God, what’s the point,
If I’m not there,
With you?
My Dear Poet Apr 14
I love the things we don’t do together
They are the spaces between us
of how much I miss you
How much I need you
They are the silent conversations
I have alone in my head
and how much of a poet I can be without you
I love those things we don’t do together
because whenever you’re there
and I am here
I always remember
how much I need you
and want you near.
deadhead Apr 11
i call out your name
into the void of darkness
tripping over the
nothing of this pitch blackness
i awake- my bed empty
Left alone
In the middle of the sea
Turned to stone
No rescue for me
My warmth is missing
In head a mess
Denied a blessing
Searching for friends
They just ghost me
My will bends
Tougher than it should be
I try so hard
They try so little
Breaks my heart
To be belittled
I try to smile
My eyes are crying
Running for miles
While my hope is dying
Lucy Apr 5
“BEEP” goes my phone but it makes me feel blue,
As I look at the message I know it is not you.
I know that this distance right now is for the best,
Yet still I am craving to speak to you and get a lot off my chest.
Lucy Apr 4
Missing you is sorrow,
Missing you is love,
Missing you will never ever stop...
I hate it ended so suddenly
I miss the times you've made me smile
When you've made me cry
Gods, I miss your company!

Your words, like a symphony
My favourite painter
Left a crater
How I miss your company!

Your kindness like a subtlety
So selfless
Made me helpless
I do miss your company!

Now, unaccompanied
I go through life
In my back, a knife
Your company
Is lost for me!
How can I be?
Without somebody
To hold me
To sooth me
To say to me
"Don't you see?
You're the one for me!
You'll always be
Special to me!"

You go on without me
I do without you
Yes, I do
No more company!
No more you and me!
No more I love you, no more You love me!
Now it's just me

Don't know what to do
Oh, if I knew...
Don't have a clue
Life is blue...
No more me and you...
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