Anthea 44m
He sweapt through town like a storm
And all night long I danced in his rain
His lightning lit up the skies
Brought the flowers back to life
I laid in the clouds and fell in love
It's drought again now that he's gone
The flowers wilt
The grass is burnt
My heart is empty like a hollow tree
The clap of his thunder filled me
And my ache grows stronger day by day
I look to the sky while I day dream
I see him in every passing cloud
Waiting for the storm again

I will wait for the storm again
Hannah 8h
I miss you

I miss you like I miss summer in the winter
Begging for you to come back only to suffocate in your heat

Sometimes it is better to be cold

I miss you like I miss the rain on a hot, dry day
Wishing you would come and bring me soft showers and a cozy day in
But you only bring l me harsh wind and thunder

Sometimes it’s better to be hot

I miss you like I miss being able to sleep at night
Wanting you to wrap me up in your arms and tell me everything is okay
But you never will again

Sometimes it is better to be alone than suffer with the one that hurt you
This feeling leaves me lost of my senses, like the sound of rain in a dream.
Loving her makes me feel like I'm lost in a world where everyone wants to be found. An infinitely expanding universe, that I will never fully explore but will never grow weary of.

And missing her is like death in a bottle, that I sip in miniscule doses prescripted by the second.
Billie 1d
1:14am: how am I meant to sleep without his arms around me, without him to lean on, hold, without the sound of his breathing, without being more relaxed than I have been in years.

1:40am: for some reason, he was still awake; does he feel what I’m feeling? That once we’ve been together like that, so close you can’t tell who’s who, you can’t try to go back to sleeping alone.

2:15am: once you’ve experienced something you can never go back to what you used to settle for.

2:27am: the feelings bloom like roses, big and beautiful and sickly sweet, like poison baked into a birthday cake.

4:06am: my lungs are filling with space dust, teeth now shining candelabras; life is documented through post-it notes over everything, my walls, my mirrors, my hands, coloured reminders I can no longer ignore. My eyes only see reflections of my surroundings.

4:33am: nothing seems real.

6:06am: why has life been boiled down to just looking forward to things, and not living in the moment as it is? Who destroyed our ability to enjoy doing nothing?
snapchats from a sleepless night without you.
Calm, like a lake on a warm summers day,
Soft, like a pillow, duvet or matress,
Firm and strong, feisty and fun.
she's beautiful:
her hair,
her eyes,
her everything.
sweet as if she were made purely of sugar
kind and compassionate like no other before.

she was fun and silly, like a child
she was Happy just to see me.
she didn't care about anything,

but i did something
something unforgiveable
and now...

She's Gone
Chloe 2d
soft hands
against soft skin.
soft touches
draw sighs from within.

soft words
make everything okay.
soft smiles
make my entire day.

i miss you
even though it hasn't been that long
because it just doesn't feel right
when you're gone.
there is a part of her missing
and it's not hidden between the lines of her journal
or the baby hairs constantly tucked behind cold ears
a part hidden by too much sunlight
it's not secrets under fingernails
or worrisome thoughts engraved deeply into smile lines

a part of her is missing
but it cannot be found in books yet to be written
in artful lines and timid smiles
in the iris of her eyes
it's not mapped out by the freckles on her shoulders
or in the laughter spilling from her insides
it's not written in her tears
or in the dreams that haunt her

a part of her is missing
it cannot be found or unlocked by you
you cannot bring it out into the daylight
or hold it up to the moonlight
for she has to be the one to stumble upon
the part of her that she is missing
over the past year and a half i have struggled with finding the person that i am and the person whom i want to be. within my 19 years on earth i have been told by countless numbers of people about the kind of person that i am, what things i should believe in, the way i should act around people, that you have to like sex and boys, that partying is a must at my age. and for a hot second i believed it, i believed that to be normal i had to follow all of the norms of being a 19 year old girl, wild and loud and fun. i have since come to realize that, that person is not me or the person i hope to be. i have come to realize that i don't really know who i am, hence that part of me is missing. no one gets to decide this part for me, to tell me who i am or who i should be. i get to decide that, i get to stumble upon the part of me that is missing, the part i have yet to find.
c 3d
I always wondered
If something I never had
Could hurt me

But then I held my breath
And my lungs screamed for the air
They didn’t have
it isn't a crime to miss you
but it's a crime to fall for you again.
and i am not a criminal
but memories like to replace
my happy thoughts these days.
is it the emptiness you left in me?
the letters i've thrown out?
the things i've done to impress you?
are they nothing to you now?
maybe that's why i feel lifeless
because you were a source of energy
that scared my darkness away.
without you i wallow in self pity.
come back.
we'll never be the same,
we'll never be that way,
but all i want for you to do
is come back.
and stay.
huge drops of sorrow
fall on my heart
like hail from heaven
i miss heaven
heaven misses me.
i miss God
Does God miss me?
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