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I'm living in a house without electricity-
This city could have been so pretty,
Grass and trees and leaves and bees-
Now it's become gritty,

Concrete dreams and pipes and steam-
Steel beams: at night they gleam,
And a scream, what could it mean-
Another life torn apart at the seams,

A body, broadly speaking-
Left to rot and reeking,
The people peaking out their curtains, meek and-
The police chief got no sleep this weekend,

I'm living in a house without water-
My daughter's missing- 6 o'clock news fodder,
Dead and cold maggots and mold-
She was just a toddler,

Blood, dirt and mud-
Not soap nor suds, I'll need a flood,
To wash way this god-
Forsaken rug before my ****** mug,

A family- no longer,
Leave the song here,
We're gone or goners-
Born in April, now May is dawning.
Bhill 2d
Pieces that are broke
Pieces I can't renovate
Pieces are missing

Passion for spirit
Passion for being myself
Passion for sharing

Bring back what's now broke
Bring back the passion for life
Bring back simple love

Brian Hill - 2019 # 246
Do you have e broken pieces?
unknown 2d
hazel eyes showcased your troubled life
or the things you were scared to tell anyone growing up
your curls take up space in my head, paying rent every week
i wished you let me play with them in the final moments
gentle lips brush against mine
and hold my ruby red lipstick hostage in the corner of your smirk
you have a fear of pain, even when i beg for it
yet you bruise my body in other ways
the path in your mind has been wandered many times
i don't know how often you lose yourself there
lost and confused
i'll let you roam your room in your head
i won't bother you
just know i miss you dearly
for your hazel eyes reminded me of a safe home
Did you ever keep a picture, a really meaningful picture that reminded you of someone?
And even though they weren't there with you that picture you kept of them made you feel okay.
Today I lost that picture I was keeping. My heart hurts. I can't look at that picture when I feel lonely or depressed. When I reach into my pocket for a little warmth it won't be there, and it finally occurred to me that, THAT person is no longer here with me. It's like a loss all over again.
i wrote this about my baby hes alive but im never with him because i go to university and it takes me away from my life at home seeing my babys picture makes me happy but today i lost his pictures when I needed encouragement the most. i miss him so much but its all for him
alexa 6d
i still check in on you after months of not having talked to you.

i'm still trying to break the habit of texting you after a really hard day.

people tell me about how you posted yourself crying on your story and i have to fight the urge to ask you if you need someone to rant to.

i miss talking to you and hearing about how your day was.

i miss you.

but i'm okay for now.
this was based off of lil skies song lmaoao. but i miss her a lot :/
Amy 6d
I search for you,
I search for you in my dreams
I search for you in blank faces that cross me in the street
but it seems you’re so far to reach
I won’t ever stop longing for you
once we do find each other
I know you’ll be worth the wait.
to my soulmate that's out there
this is one's for you
andY 6d
there is a cupboard in your mothers house
filled with the softest towels one could imagine.
you always said: just pick one!
then i would stand for a little while in front of it
trying to figure out which one would make me feel like home the most.
i loved that.
i'll miss that.
Joseph Rice Oct 5
Feelings left reeling by simple words peeling
Back the cracked and dried scab of love's lack.

Yes I’m doing well.
But I miss you like a cave misses the sun.
I wish I had the courage to tell you.
Benjamin Fox Oct 4
I could write you here
If I persevere
And I'm opening another box of pencils
Sadia Oct 4
What she missed most about him was his smile.
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