PuppeteerV Dec 2017

How morbidly cruel we humans are
To have deemed the cherry red rose
Slashed of its life and rid of its thorns
As the purest symbol of love

starchild Dec 2017

i’ve picked many roses before
but you were different;
you had thorns
but chose not to use them.

Britney Lyn Nov 2017

Your name felt like thorns on my tongue.
Oh, but how I longed to see the rose you once were.
I admired you even as you wilted.
Even now, dead.
But I miss the flushed color of you, the velvet of your petals against my flesh.
The pains you left on my heart.
The mess you left in my head.

I no longer like the smell of roses, because none of them smell like you.
K Balachandran Oct 2017

Desire is a rose,
with long thorns aching to hurt;
keep eyes wide open!

Tahirih Boodhoo Oct 2017

When the petals had decayed
When the leaves had scorched     When the stalk had withered
When only thorns had remained
Your love was still untarnished

4:43 pm. Wed, 11th Oct, 2017.

Whats in a name? That which we call a rose , by any other name would smell as sweet~ W.S.
TeenWords Sep 2017

A lovely piece
with a thorn in every kiss
A crimson red
And a beautiful design in the bed

a burgundy color
with a pleasant odor
Snow rose a poisonous rose
is your friend that is close

A smile that is dulcet
but in  behind was so upset
Killing you desultory
And a shock on epiphany

Her love to him
was torn in between
A dalliance with a friend
She didn't know how will it ends

A naïve young woman
Wishes a talisman
in her world whose full of lies
unil the day she dies

it's been awhile ?
K Balachandran Sep 2017

A thorn is nothing
but a wish stubborn,
with an earnest point
to make a deep impact.

2.Her Reality

The core of a nightmare
broke loose, is she,
dislocated in a space
on broad day light
ready for someone
with a yen, for day dreaming.

3.A borrowed Deja vu

He suspect his love life, in vain
is piece of a well orchestrated ordeal,
of some one regaled much in pain;
just a cosmic 'cut and paste' job!

4.Tiger's aesthestics

"A match perfect, for me,
you are a befitting target"
growled the greedy tiger,
as he sighted the gazelle.


Day and night act
so well as the opposites,
yet they complement
ad infinitum,without
any complaint,
and sans even a trace
of pride or  jealousy.
Everything, even those
looking diametrically
opposite to untrained eyes,
are uniquely meaningful.

emmie cosgrove Jul 2017

He was my rose

Beautiful from afar


I'd always bleed

After touching him

Vyscern Feb 2017

The rise and the fall
Of the rose petals in a storm
Left to defend with only thorns
And already more than halfway gone

The scent carries on the wind
Of this Rose, I'm guardian
Guarding what is left
Of a beauty left in the past...

Because although they say true beauty never dies
A rose wasn't built to last

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