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Shofi Ahmed Sep 24
Hand on the thorns
and eyes on the rose.

Singing ravishingly
a happy song
is only half of
the story is told!
xxx Sep 6
If there's a flower in your hair, there are thorns around your neck.
You bleed.
We were similar,
we still are.
We used to understand,
and support one another.
Stripping vulnerability,
over vulnerability.
Our friendship was deep,
our trust rung strong.

But then you grew thorns,
that would *****
when I would come near.

I just wished we helped
one another bloom rather
than let our insecurities
strive us to compete
as to who will bloom
better and faster.
Hopes and dreams
are soft and fragile
as the petals above.
Bathing and blossoming
in the radiating warmth,
love and happiness
of the sun.
But attached to these
fragrant petals
are thorny stems
the one needs to climb
to bathe and breathe
the intoxicating and enriching aura.
Easy it is to be caressed by
the soft-wine colored petals.
Easy it is to breath in the aura
of the fragrant roses.
But are you ready to come close
hold the razor sharp thorns;
enduring the pain of the thorny stems
are you ready to accept the roots
from which she grew.
Once upon a time
I was sweet, soft and bright
Now I am dry, hard and dark
When did I stop looking at the sky,
chasing the warm sensuality
and start slouching to the ground.

Hue and texture are no longer the same,
my thorns have been magnified
with the petals of my love
crumbled and withered away.
I am no longer the same.
When petals of a wilting rose are plucked
Do not be surprised when all that remains
Are thorns
Joyce Jul 6
you unfurl my petals for me
though my thorns *****
you rest on my leaves
and bathe in my scent
i didn't know i was a flower
until the bee came to me
Ash Jul 1
An interesting tale, this one
That of the thorn-
Scared, scary and the opposite of sociable.
She had seen kindness from the time she was born
But not kindness that would knit her a shield;
She found such humility
So she tried to perform to the best of her ability.

Ms. Thorn learnt zaps beyond imagination,
Beyond blooming Thursday tulips and glistening rivers
And then- with time, began her altercation.
Kindness & knowledge asked to enter her mind
Until the moment she glimpsed at her reflection in the misty rain drops
And saw a rose.
It was time to quill several full stops.
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