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in the hair
of a willow
may 2021
deadhead May 4
the wind scatters
the seeds of the dandelion,
in hopes of making
a wish come true
the wind blows the seeds about, creating a delicate blizzard
deadhead Apr 22
this morning i saw
frost laden dandelions
shining in the sun
deadhead Apr 18
old dandelion
close your eyes and make a wish
gently blow the seeds
deadhead Apr 6
bright dandelions
poking through a field of green
like rays of sunshine
Anna Mink Jan 17
May dandelion embroidery watch over you as you sleep.

It's nostalgic for me to speak in such a wishful language. It's foreign to you - this strange concept of peace and an unconditional, untethered intimacy where you no longer have to flinch at one's unpredictable movement.

Where was it while you grew? The trust? Where was it as you were forced to reconsider everything that is not yourself? And why now, as you sleep vulnerable, do you flinch at my touch?

~ A.M, F.H.
Written & Published 16th of January 2021.
Pharooque Nov 2020
I get lost in things wild and beautiful;
and there she was,
a dandelion in the wind;
I've never been more in love.
Kayla Nov 2020
The bright shining rays that the summer sun always seems to bring, escapes through your smile without fail every time I’m with you. Even at the start of a crisp winter, as the fluffy snow begins to set, your laugh will always remind me of the smell of morning dew resting on a lawn of freshly mowed grass. As your eyes light up and the sun begins to hit them. I can feel the lilacs start to bloom, and the bees buzz as they make the honey that also happens to remind me of you, since I cant help but stick to you whenever I’m by your side.
Be all of this as it may, you yourself are not some extravagant iris or tulip, but a little yellow dandelion that happened to wander into my peaceful garden of eden.
I’m not angry about this, I’m not even annoyed. Dandelions are plentiful yet beautiful and vibrant flowers that I cant help but stop and stare at when I see one, much less a flurry of them.
So just remember when you’re at your lowest low and, can only think of yourself as a ****, I yearn for you to know that through my eyes I see a lively powerful flower that can take over an entire garden of asters, daisies, and daffodils with a little tough love, all you need is the courage to do so and you can take over the world just as you did my heart.

My darling you’re the light of my life I only wish for you to see how amazing you truly are, and one day I know you will.
gracie Nov 2020
they say “a rose is a rose”
but I’m more of a dandelion
clumsy and soft, always growing
in gardens I’m not meant to be
and betting on the wishes of silly
tufted daydreams.
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