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October, 2019

Red Dandelions - Red dandelions are part of the chicory family. ... Red dandelions are the foliage from a red dandelion plant before the plant flowers. They have reddish stems and dark green jagged leaves.
Flowers buried deep
Rooted in her skin
Growing in her sunlight
Drowning in her rain
A scattering
Of dandelion seeds
Left to thrive
In a local park
Popping up and out
Turned away from the ground
Face to the sun
Everyone wonders
Where we come from
Pick yourself up off the ground and find another quiet place to cry.
The crying isn't the problem; it's the people who see you.

Bury yourself old novels.

Go to therapy and order coffee afterwards,
But always go through the drive-thru.
You can't let them see you fully.

Take your medicine instead of stockpiling pills like a suicidal squirrel.
Attempts won't get you anywhere, you know you're too afraid to die.

Make some friends and fall in love with all of them.
Know that they will never love you back but do it anyways.
If someone tells you you mean something, they're lying.
That's what happens when you're sad.
People pity you.
The last thing you need is pity.
K Lupus Aug 22
A feeling acquired from the ravine of Icarian desires
never an impulse, nor half-bloomed
influenced by the geminus cases that love him,
as to leave him breathless

He was subjected to the duality
that was meant to delude the senses
while being comforted by views that was always meant
to give favor to the most convenient
and utopian perspective by ear,
imposing a better version of reality
forcing the idea of being gifted, being special

It continued to haunt the victim
stirring a morose persona into blend

Was ostracized before he was able to express
was rejected due to his impairment

Clouded and deterred
he became the living portrait of pain
well passed the limits of being

Knees rooted on the ground
with weeds surrounding him
he pluck and blew with fingers crossed
how wonderful it could have been
to have lived normally like the rest of them
-Neil Fred-
Let the wind guide you.
Don’t change with the weather,
Let it change you.
Born in autumn,
Born again in winter,
Born again in spring,
Born again in summer.

Seeds drift on the current of the air,
Carried so far away from here.
But change is needed for you.
See from a different view.
Life moves on, and we must move with it,
Or die just behind it.
\              words
     ­                     are seeds
                           which float like
             a dandelion fluff in the
             wind / a breath of air
             can send them to
            flight/ yet




           ­      E    A    R    T    H
Concrete poetry

The first one I’ve done in quite some time
F A Pacelli Jun 25
the humble dandelion
a **** to some
but a wondrous gift to me
clusters of yellow flowers
decorating fields of grass
like tiny smiling faces
signaling the birth of spring
delicious bittersweet leaves
nourishing earthly roots
cleansing to liver and body
abundant and free
nature’s most overlooked plant
i am not easy to love
i am broken
you can't just plant kisses on my skin
and expect me to grow

Indranys Jun 14
She is small and white
She will broken into some pieces when the wind blows
She has beautiful visual
She is symbol of strength
Do you know the secret of Dandelion?
She hid her wounds from rain, sun and wind...
She never complain for her pain
Try to look out of  their root when they grow
She can live,,
Wherever she live

She patiently sowed her hopes
Although she losses a thousand hopes
Even though, she looks weak and fragile...
She can survive and live well
Everything comes to you at the right time. Be patient and trust in process. Please give me comment or suggestion to make my poem more better. Happy reading
m h John May 27
my place in this world
is as big as
a dandelion
in a field of daisies
don’t be afraid to be the outcast in this world
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