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Jiawen 张 Feb 28
I wish you can tell me that
I can just be ordinary in this life.
Just like that one dandelion
Growing on the side of the road

I wish you can tell me that
Life has more than hardships.
Just like that one dandelion
Enjoying the sunshine like a sunflower

I wish you can tell me that
Wind comes from different directions.
Just like that one dandelion
Being carried away to the unknowns

I wish you can tell me that
I can land anywhere with my roots.
Just like that one dandelion
Landing its seed on the side of the road
f Nov 2023
“i live to let you”
my spirit has been broken by the loss of grains
and i feel like the world has become more grey
i have so many regrets for this lifetime
but i really regret every fight with grains
i’d take them all back, every one
i regret my ****** actions when i was younger
and i can’t lie, i regret things i've done since i’m older
i often feel as if i’m not a good person
but i’ve come to realize that i am a good person
just so broken
and it is is my responsibility to heal, because i have power over those around me
i just hardly see the point of preserving my own life
i’ve attempted suicide, and have never stopped self harm
i hope when i’m gone people remember me for the good things
the laughs we shared, and the intelligent conversations
and i hope people remember i love them
despite all my ****
i’ve realized i never let go of love
“love never dies”
and i’ve accepted i will always love you
i never forget you
one day everything will make sense
and things will suddenly become not a coincidence, but fate
lessons that have become invaluable to who we are
i hope to preserve the memories that light up my heart and mind
even when everything has truthfully become so dark
it’s still true i self harm and love pain, or don’t feel it
it’s still true i don’t value my life and am not afraid to **** myself
it’s still true i am a dandelion tuft-a delicate cancer
but i choose to accept what has happened, what i have done, and forgive myself for regrets
and to never forget love
if this existence ends for me, please know i love you and i’m sorry for everything
Eloisa Feb 2023
I wonder if every dandelion I have sent through the wind
whispered how I still long
for a warm embrace.
And so I begged
my friendly, fragile friends
once more.
These  little wisps of white.
Please murmur my wishes
to the breeze.
My song of love,  my dream of peace.
Blissful Nobody Jan 2023
I have gone cold turkey
On many a vice and addictions,
Wasn't nearly there,
When it came to you,
You -a newly seeded dandelion,
In my beautiful garden,
Pulled you out cleanly,
From root to tip,
Far away from flowering,
You didn't even look pretty,
Once a part of a  beauty,
Swayed fuzzy and whispy,
Got kicked and treaded over,
Scattered fragments,
Waiting to seed again,
Pretty on the outside,
Trouble for the gardener,
Didn't even use my rage,
Just calmly uprooted you,
So you wouldn't flower,
Won't scatter anymore,
Spread like a **** again,
But who knows,
Weeds are resilient,
Maybe you'll flower,
In someone else's garden,
Blossom and bloom,
Just to be kicked again,
Always loved a dandelion,
Pretty in the hands,
Prettier when scattered,
So I won't hold you again.
Leaving you out in the cold
Pyrrha Nov 2021
I want to be like a dandelion
Full of color and patience
Waiting for the day to come
Where I'm free to fly away
I found this in my drafts and I don't remember what this was about or why I didn't post it
alupa Sep 2021
I feel like a dandelion
My rib cage is fragile
And it takes nothing more
than a gust of wind
for my heart to fall apart
Anna Alycia Jul 2021
dandelion is me,
wind has my fate.
it sends me to the mud,
where it's filled with unknown.
I thank wind for teaching me,
"you'll grow when you start to appreciate"
Gratitude is always vital
Draginja Knezi May 2021
step by
nail by
in the hair
of a willow
may 2021
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