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I wish I was in France right now
with that soft accordion singing in the background.
An oil canvas of the town
a slight warm breeze with a magenta and violet sky.
walking around everywhere.
soft tones of everyone's voices from all around are swirling around me like an array of beautiful colors
I want to sit on one of those patios with the great view with you.
Sip our tea, talk for hours.
As long as it was with you.
I paint the love we share in my head like Picasso.
Its beautiful.
I wanna do everything with you.
I wish to stay at that apartment in Paris during the summer one day.
I could see myself with you, living.
I can picture it vividly like a photograph
clean, white, warm, open, and bright.
Everything is perfect with you.
Im in love with you
I need to be

with you.
written in thoughts of you
jcl 7d
Animals have an intuition about danger. Men have “gut feelings.”  I should have listen to mine.  The first time I saw her, I knew she was dangerous.  I could feel it, and it excited me.  She was a predator, a tigress, a seductress on the hunt.  A wild, untamable savage woman who destroyed men.  She would destroy me.  I saw it in her eyes the first time I saw her.  She was walking by with her girlfriends, laughing and giggling  She looked up, caught my gaze, and my world suddenly froze. A thousand feelings were expressed in blink of her eyes.  She told me I was prey.  She told me I would die. She smiled, releasing my gaze.  My world rushed back into focus with the abrupt harshness of a slap in the face.  I was sweating. I was afraid. I was excited as I  watched her disappear into the crowd. I was reeling, trying to conceive a way to approach her, to find a clever, witty one liner to distinguish myself from the rest.  I set my drink down. I couldn’t think of anything.  I was spent.
Written  May 13, 1998 Paris, France while sitting at a bistro
Irene J Mar 12
Under the night in Paris,
I dreamt.
The man that I love came to me,
giving me all the hope that I've wished,
a love from him,
from his whole heart.
Juan Bot Mar 1
A beautiful Friday,
The birds are singing
April in Paris.

The people are dancing
In front of the eiffel tower.
Dancing to the beat of Je t'aime.

A guy is in the corner
Playing jazz on his saxophone.

A good day
In Paris.
A beautiful city expressed in this poem.
Emily Feb 27
I want to go to Paris,
but I shouldn’t be so careless.
I think I’ll go to New York City,
But I’ll look like such a pity.
What about Chicago?
I’ll go to wherever the wind will blow.
Or maybe I’ll just stay home.
But then again, I do love Rome.
This is a little fun poem I wrote with my friend.
Anne Feb 15
if dreams were real
like they said.

wouldn’t you
   meet me?
under                               *    
                                   *      *     *     *      *
                                   *         the      *   *
                          *      *      *          *    *      ­

                                    *        eiffel         *     *  
                          *             *           *             *       *
                        *       *          t o w e r         *         *
                       *    *      *      *        *        *          *     *
                              *    where lovers meet.
whoops accidentally got deleted.
under the stars, with the smell of chocolate croissant
now you are going to the Eiffel tower's restaurant

merci beaucoup lovers
come back sooner than fires

hope you guys stay together
cuz you seem good for each other
Thank u for reading.

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Take care **  -E
Cash Carlos Jan 30
Who cares
about the ***** laundry,
the coffee stained sheets,
the flowers wilting
on the table,
when so many homes
are scrubbed clean
and sanitized
of everything

Let me undress you
in this mess,
and in the time
it takes to do the dishes,
we will have gone
to Paris
and back,
making love
smoking cigarettes
and laughing
at the world,
and how
but us.
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