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Erian Rose Oct 2020
Her voice trembled under unsettling cold
breath hitched at starless dusk,
an ocean of black ink
drowning the moon's marvelous magic

Footsteps echoed her own
a balancing act in the dark
playing with unwritten spellwork
scattered in her shaken eyes

She wasn't afraid of what lurked
Beneath the running seas and crashing shores
the orbs that followed her
all but left to her cryptid-tale
I try to draw a heart
I find it filling the sky
From the fourth direction is appeared
From the south to north and the west to the east
Like the big cloud being passed

Having red color inside and out
Make me attracted to be at
Filling the universe with light
Getting the soul wanting to fly
Having two arrows passing at
One carrying your name got in
The name of mine flies and I forget
I remember only your marvelous
Who reflects your inelegance

It reflects green light
Destroying every worst
To make the land in kind
Pushing good smell to be out
drawing a heart at the sky is the imagination method to get a good reflecting of sense
Rowan May 2019
It stood among no giants, no towers, no mountains.
Heedless to the wind, scattered without waving stalks and rusted leaves,
it chose to fall where it could not.
Jaded, perhaps, but not without sterling hands crafted to bellow.
A smattering of elbows chastised the woodpeckers pecking.
Ephemeral? Beautiful? Sober? Lassitude?

It fell among no gorges, no ravines, no swale.
Heedless to the rain, swamped in a dell without sliver streams,
it swelled up above the ratty woven sails.
Coarse, perhaps, but feather flew, vying for sky.
A copse of whitebark pine pillaged no battalions.
Mauve? Tender? Empyrean? Redolent?

It pattered among no small sorts, no ant hills, no chambers.
Heedless to the duke, sabotaged without sword, spear, stone,
it swallowed a hive of rabbits in no fields.
Desultory, perhaps, but not with quintessential ripples bent in space.
A harrowing panacea flourished in spindles of florid bristles.
Sempiternal? Susurrous? Honeyed? Irascible?

It churned among no whirlpools, no pots, no frosting.
Heedless to the maelstrom, sluicing in a myriad of slanted lanterns,
it chose to lure where it could not beguile.
Laconic, perhaps, but not without furtive gallows smoldering.
A candelabra of viridian mire spies spied genteel dragonflies.
Enormity? Enmity? Vestigial? Switchback?

It stood among nothing.
It stood enervated.  
It stood.
rgz Jan 2019
Delicate hearts, diabolical minds
We may be alive in marvelous times
But at times all I find is a rising divide
An inability to stop choosing sides

On one side a heart - is the other a mind?
Diabolical or otherwise I'm trying to find
Some reason for the feelings we're all leaving behind
Enthusiasm for a heart combined with a mind

Appear a certain way
Appearance always fades
I'm waiting for the day
That we can unveil

Our hearts from our minds

Life in marvelous times
another song line prompt
Marvelous YOU
What if my heart sways on arena of you
What if extract of me tends to touch you
What if moon starts gossips of entice in you
What if sun trance to dance with you
Marvelous YOU
What if mountains converse enormity in you
What if ocean utters profundity in you
What if wind sighs to tinge aroma of you
What if color glean to be discerned by you
Marvelous YOU
What bees expire to fill sweetness from you
What if light tingle to illumine by you
What if flowers blossom just to gaze you
What if storms intense to impress you
Marvelous YOU
What if poets can’t liberate stature of you
What if word fall less to articulate you
What if numbers can’t match to count you
What if text can’t describe diligence in you
Pedro Garcia Oct 2017
get out of my head you sapphire eyed beauty
don't pervade my life with that wondrous smile
leave my heart alone with your infectious laugh
stop with the enjoyable quips of your life back home
the more I know, the more I care, and the more I care to know
if you give a mouse a cookie, he's going to want some milk
if you give me too much attention, I'm going to want your love
and to love you is the mistake that'll be my end
to spend my time thinking about the cute way you say y'all
to fantasize about the taste of those supple lips
or to become lost in hearing your rambles about life
doesn't matter what you're talking about
I'll eat up every word
becoming an anxious little boy every time you suggest getting together
losing my silver tongue whenever I'm in your presence
words like daggers when you talk about the men who covet you
it's more than your skin which radiates of marvelous florida beaches
it's more than those ivory teeth which reside in that five star smile
it's more than those azure blue eyes which captivate my greedy peepers
you're special to me not because you're an angel
you're special to me because every moment with you is heaven
so cast aside those charming glances and do away with your silky voice
sheathe those killer looks and put away your honest conversation
stop asking for this dance
once I get lost in the motions I'll glide through the steps
enthralled by your being
spare me the trouble love
Leslie Ledezma Jul 2017
I met you in a marvelous moment.
Tall charming, divine
Hair smooth, talk warm
and eyes that were wild.
hazem al jaber Mar 2017

as a weapon your love is....
sneaked with its bullet so fast with no ask...
sneaked and reached the point to my heart...
hit the main vein to stay so deep there inside...
to live happily while it gives a happiness there...

stunning ...
yes you are...
don't look around ...
its you whom i'm talking about...
marvelous with the feelings which you owned me with...
stunning and so **** with your bright sight...
with your touches....
with your whispers...
with every motion you did...
yes you are...
even within your craziness...
drove me so madly to you...
excited up all my feelings inside...
even your eye's bullet which pierced my heart...
amazed me so...
amazing you are...

sweet stunning girl....
in spite of your farness....
your effect controlled up on me...
till i saw you wherever you be...
felt with every breathe you took...
with every beat of your heart...
and with every tremor of your craziness' ******...

you owned my heart with yours...
lived within your soul there inside..
even to my dreams...
you were the most pretty stunning guest...
thats why i got stunned...
stunned because of you...

marvelous you are..

hazem al....
Seán Mac Falls Jan 2015
The smile of her eyes  .  .  .
Sun giving birth to sparkle,
  .  .  .  Waves on bright water.
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