The mountain is my protector
The wind is my guide
The trees are my family
The rivers are my eyes

The path through the forest is my gospel
The birdsong is my choir
Every step I take is inspiration
That sets my heart on fire

The Mother is my protector
She is my truest guide
I feel her breath in every breeze
That coasts across the sky

The Mother is my family
And I see through Her eyes
For She sees deep within me
To the soul that lives inside

Here is a prayer to the Great Mother that I made. Please use as you like, but remember that I wrote it. I'm not trying to preach a new religion, just a fresh spirituality. Enjoy lovely children!

Philosophy intrigues me.
The depth is formulating.
The aspect is deriving.
My mind...
Its enticing.

Questionable thoughts and unanswered delusions.
The thought of every desire onto which I account to...
Its illusions got me fantasised.
The dilemma...
The time lapse...
The ticking clock...
Tick tock...
Tick tock...

The universe is my soul...
My soul, the universe.
May time unravel my true desires...
As continuously become the greater being.

An alien goddess in a human form

Durbin 5d

Diana of the woods and
Wild animals, as swift as winds
That rustle leaves, her muscles are as
Mighty as the brown bear, her legs are as
Steady and strong as the wolf dog that yips
At her swiveling hips, her motion as graceful
As the rushing rivers, yet as fierce as a tornado’s
Spiral, pouncing, bounding, she cuts the air as sharp
As the arrow that springs from her bow, eyes transfixed
On her target—

Diana, goddess of the woods and
Wild animals, captured in black bronze
And displayed atop marble like a prize won.

I wrote this while observing a sculpture. I tried to capture the power of her figure and contrast the dynamism of her legend with the stoicism of the art form. I hope you enjoy. Please leave comments. -DD
Guden 5d

I am a lunatic,
I worship the moon from time to time.
I dream and ask dumb things
like love.
She asked me to shave off my beard as an offering for her,
For the moon is my goddess
I do as she commands.
I do not look handsome without a beard,
My nose looks too big for my clean face.
I won't find love with a nose like this.
The moon was playing tricks on me,
She only listens to wolves.

Her bare-feet slapping on the pavement.
The moon shone down on her.
The stars twinkled.
Her laugh echoed through the empty street,
Her curls flying behind her head as she ran.
The light trapped in her flew out,
Lighting everything around her.
Screaming in laughs,
She felt free.
You could see.
That just for a second.
She had wings.

Men shielded their eyes from her effulgence,
Heat rippling across the valley
Cascading into cool mists -
That was how the tempest began.
Each naive stride and stroke
Raking chain reactions through the fields,
Winds picking up speed
She began to dance.
That was when she noticed the chill.
Her arms opened wide to beckon her sisters,
The sea,
And they ran to her,
Changing her,
Lending her
Their powerful wings.
Cyclopsian, she rose above,
First drizzles, then droves, and deluge.
Shiver, shiver, shake,
Drops sprayed and furled
Across the innocent
Wreaking havoc
From moon to covered moon
Until she'd spent it all.
Heat, chill, water, light, wind,
All gone.
To trudge up the mountain
Searching for radiance once more.

Inktober prompt: Gigantic
Rules: Whatever comes out of the pen is the poem. No editing allowed.

Every maiden should severe their wrist
to taste the blood of supremacy that obscure
by the darkened green of connecting veins
like a circled labyrinth that blended with lies—
and hiding the things that they should know.

The reason why they are still living with fear;
fear of touching the grayish blade of the sword
fear of seeing Hades or the gloomy underworld
fear of wearing metallic suit from head to toe
fear of showing braveness and fight like a girl.

Are they afraid to die and meet the hell?
the hell— what's the comparison and contrast
of their living world from the underworld?

I, Athene, the Goddess of Intelligence
can able to answer it with my ruthless words;
nothing—there's no difference between the two
due of their world that filled with darkness too.

So you, mortal, listen to the words of wisdom
it's not bad to taste the red liquid of the art
in your personify that pumped by your heart
telling you to craft it into phrases in your skin
so that you'll know the importance of the pain.

Stand up, use your voice and rule your city
girls are not just girls, would you believe me?
if you don't trust me then learn how I fight
for a resplendent city that named after me
feminism is not a bad thing, young lady—
it's your voice to have freedom and equality.

I''ll end this message with a simple question
would you mind to stick with my footmark
or you'll just go and follow the wrong path?

Mythology inspired! My fourth poem <3 Hope you'll like it yay
Luis Liriano Oct 2

you are beautiful
like a dream where the sunset is forever
and the season is always spring
you are lovely
like a picture of a blooming flower
where dreams come true each time you open your eyes
you are the embodiment of beauty and the reason why it even exist
you inspire goddesses with the color of your eyes, so they make angels after your imagie
but then again you are a goddess yourself
blessing me every time your presence, when it's near
because your presence is a present alone

BandedEarth Sep 27

I saw you glowing
Radiant like the angels of myth
You were transfigured before me
Beyond the beautiful
That I previously had known
You became rapturous
Your loveliness an unyielding summons
Like the siren's melody to passing sailors.

I leaned in! Quickly!
I closed my eyes and kissed your lips.
I tasted you, and caressed your back
As my mind raced consumed with attraction
And also Fear.
Scared of the madness you stir in me.
A capriciousness you draw from primal places
Cautious of the cost of this magic.

I wonder if you are Gaia
The earth herself calling me down
Away from my forged protective dome
Charmed by your elemental glamour
I risk the death of Uranus
Castrated by the adamantine sickle
My blood spilled from the sky.
Yet being with you weighed worth the cost.

You are the potential
for utter annihilation
I saw it clearly three times just yesterday
First I simply looked away
The Second time I kissed your face
Lastly, I squeezed your hand a bit too long
As I turned and walked away.
"Worth it" I reassured the disquiet inside me.

The old magic is quixotic
I am already too far entangled
Into the Allure of your enchantment.
I have glimpsed the shining prestige
Gazed inside to know that you are goddess.
I am stripped of my careful watchfulness
My intended precautions are abandoned
I am here; come your love or my destruction.

I was leaving town for work but got to spend like an hour with her before I left. I am too rational to understand what I really saw, but three times in that hour I looked at her and could have sworn she actually glowing.
Babe Sep 20

I blame Diana, the hunt, the game.
He was a fool for her wily ways.
I blame the girl, the victor of the tale.
She gets the spoils, I only fail.

He says he needs time.
But time doesn't wait.

Just a thought (hello, I'm back)
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