A goddess drops her chin.
Her finger covers her lips.
She says “shh”.
As her tears fall to earth
And her hair falls upon
Our faces.  
May 22.2017


She left her cave,
heart full of bones,
and unzipped. Her dress fell
to the ground. She stood, exposed,
layers unravelling in the sunlight.
Toes curled into fresh soil,
the smell of rain. Her body exploded
with bright, vivid colour.
Breasts bared to the whispering wind,
a bead of sweat found itself trickling
down the centre of her back.
Her arms stretched upwards as she
rejoiced the morning air,
laughing to the sky.
She stood firm.
Birds came home then left again.
Days changed to night then back again.
Winter came.
When the ice began to thaw, it started
at her feet.
She willed it to.
You can hear her peace
in the thrum of the ocean.
Her skin became the enticing
reeds, swaying to the beat
of the wind's drum.
You can feel her sorrow
in the cries of lonely wolves.
Her limbs became the stretched shape
of trees, making the horizon jagged
and green.
You can sense her anger
in the crack of lightning.
Her body became the earth, each
person born as one of her children.
You can see her, even now,
glowing with the sun and singing
to you in the morning air,
standing firm.

~~ She will not be defeated. ~~

She's a beauty.
A princess that turned goddess,
As her body metamorphosed.
She became haughty,
but in her dreams, she felt, remorse.

She remembers him.
A nice guy that turned angel.
He was someone. She was his love.
Before she went into her cocoon,
his hand held her's like a glove.

She's a goddess demoted princess.
Locked in the clouds,
in her friend's kids bedtime stories.  
Above the empire of all her, exes
she wishes he’d save her from her worries.    

True, her hand was like his bone,
His hair was like her ball of yarn,
Before they learned how different they really were.
Before she went into that cocoon!
He's still a nice guy and angel,
That knows the difference between good and evil.
He's not a fool.  

So, no, he never saved her.
He turns his back on her
For her to fight her own duel.
March 9/2017, 25th

A goddess in need of an angel...
lynnia hans May 2

chiseled pillars of ivory & gold
what beauty of this to be behold
glistening silks of pearl & silver
fire of amber and scarlet is housed near
pray to my ever loving goddess of devotion
dance my hips forever in motion

He knows my value.
He knows my worth.
He treats me like a
goddess of the earth

4-29-17 (C)

A little scribbling about my hardworking husband.

Working on some other pieces.

It's been an incredibly busy week with finalizing grades and an emotionally challenging one as well. More on that later.

Thanks for reading! K:)
Star BG Apr 22

I took an idea like a seed
nourishing it inside heart.
Planted it deep with love,
and readied self for its creation.

Feeding with trust and grand resolve,
seedling expanded with every breath,

Sending compassion and loving smiles
allowed flower to grow delicately.

Vibrations of light moved with wind
from heart to floret,
from scent to nose.    

The notion flourished spreading like weeds in field
to anchor near and wide.

The idea for peace on earth
became a blossoming flower
springing up everywhere.
Love sprouted in hearts
and all began to live in harmony.

StarBG © 2017

Luiz Syphre Apr 18

He's looking at messages on his phone with all the little, cutie, stupid stickers sent to him from different places. 'Those stickers are soo childish' he thinks, and then he clicks on the profile of a hand sticker waving at him...he glances at millons of pixels that come together to conspire her Angelic beauty.  Thru the flourecense the  conspiracy is supreme.  His wild dreams escape like dogs bursting from their leash! His mind barks with Imagination:

He pproaches her, gazes into her deep blue eyes and for a moment, he swears it's a deep ocean casting a view back.  He must look away before he drowns.  He takes her soft hand, the hand that's a simple "hi" to her, and at the most gentle touch...he's electrified! How could such a simple touch hold the weight of a thousand possibilities?! All his imagination flows in a second, like electricity thru his body, like high voltage in his veins.  He treats her hand delicately and lowers it to his patient lips.  He's been waiting a lifetime for this moment, so what's another millisecond to be graced by a Goddes?...he figures.  

Round and round, then BEEP, BEEP, BEEP!
The dryer with his clothes at the laundermat signals its completed cycle.  Just like that!.. It's midnight for this cinderfella and the electric bells of reality once again toll for a fool!

"Thank you.  I wave right back."

For Eternity I Do promise,
That Each Sentient Woman will become A Goddess,
You may fail and try again,
For Eternity A Woman is my friend,
And I Swear for Eternity,
Each Woman will become A Divinity,
Her Force is Sacred Never Misused,
Safe from pain, never abused,
And One Day it will be our turn,
To Be friends and forever learn,
That A Woman is the most wonderful Being in All Of Creation,
There will never be a greater affirmation,
A Woman is Sacred A Woman is Holy,
To Hurt A Woman is the greatest folly,
To Love Them Like The Sun, To shelter them from the rain.
To Fight for them until none is in pain,
Towards A Woman One must be Honest,
To Love them and treat them like A Goddess,
We must pray as we slay.
And strike all night and day
Until The Great Day where we raise Our Swords,
Female Energy, Our Dear Goddess, The Universe is Yours.

i love the moon.
her silken tendrils grace my skin
like the hands of a skilled lover.
i have never seen moonlight look so beautiful
on any form besides that
of a girl.
the moon is my sapphic goddess
and i walk ever in her light.

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