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If your lips are dry, let me moisten them with the sweet fragrance of my lips. When your soul is empty, let me fill it with the fruits of my love so you can moan in ecstasy. Let me whisper in your mouth and it shall melt like honey. A kiss of mine can satisfy the wishes of a Master like you. Tell me how to please you, Lord. Come and swim like a fish into the ocean of my love. Let us melt into each other, let me wound you with everlasting pleasure. God shall be our kingdom and you my only Master.
Caitlin Oct 4
I am the snake shedding her skin
I am the tree, my leaves changing colours and falling to the ground
I am the wind changing in every direction
I am a flowing river that shares your reflection
I am ready now to no longer hurt
I am ready for this version of me to be burnt
Lost in a memory
In need of a remedy
The poison I pick is that of rebirth

The poison is bittersweet
I am reborn standing on my feet
Head high, heart strong
The sound of rebirth is the Goddesses well known song
Born again a new woman today
I vow to never be the woman I was yesterday
Uzzie Oct 2018
If only I could sing
to only express myself in  melodies
breathe in my tune and dance in your ears
With background beats
plugged by foreign instruments
which every artist can play but me...
Maybe its my disability to wording that each and every time I gather my words , my expressions built to sentences
I am never heard...
so allow me to be an artist today
let me express my words in a melody
I won't stop you if you can relate
but if it goes deeper
allow your soul to dance to my rhythm...


To a woman who lays cold without pulse , dead, because of her sexuality.
To a woman who was taken advantage of because she was not in her right mind.
To a woman who stares in front of the mirror doubting herself because she lost her sight in miserable visions.
To a woman who lays in bed at night waiting for him to arrive and fill her with bruises because of his mistakes.
To a woman who depends on the streets.
To a woman who looks forward to darkness to fill her worth.
To a woman who's waiting for her beauty to be validated by a man...
love , its time to know your worth.

To woman who drowns herself in erasing stretch marks
I see you behind those make-ups
as much it breaks you
collecting pieces of your worth.
I understand that you are broken
crying silently.
I understand you cannot express yourself coz you fear jugdement from flesh just like you and I.
I understand that you just enjoy being numb to your feelings
Its what hugs you most.
Woman , you need to know your worth.

I see why you seek recognition
I understand you want to be heard
You want to explain yourself in words that you too dont understand
but you looking the wrong way for acceptance.
You need to understand that a woman was not meant to be understood
A woman was not meant to be just curvy, skinny, light
SHE can be whatever the hell she wants to be

You are more than a "WOMAN"
You are Gods precious gem
You are the walls that make a home stand
You are the daughter that God took time to carve
Prepared you for different seasons
You see,
my kind of woman dusts herself after falling
she smiles even when tides turn
she understands that beauty isn't about her physique
my kind of woman needs no permission to be herself
My woman makes broken look beautiful
She needs no fixing coz perfection is enhanced by her imperfection...
she dances in her imagination allowing herself to live in her dreams
has her own melody
and she's poetic in her own rhymes.
My kinda woman is an artist
creates her own tune
expresses herself and dances to her feelings..
Now that's my kinda woman.
Flower C Sep 21
Vestal white roses,
Shed their serrated surface,
Then tainted in red.
A Greek goddess, love, roses, and blood.
Jesus, Jesus, where you hide,
bring your kiss on balms of light,
the white petals of my soul are drowning in pollen,
nectar picked from high abodes,
kiss this sister of yours,
Goddess of divine allure.
I am the flower of my Jesus,
the pink veins of the sun of erudition,
bring your perfumes from your Father,
touch me with the gaze of holy beauty,
I'm trembling the ocean waves of sweet fruition,
look how much you've changed,
Jesus, Jesus, where you hide,
let your temple of sublime beatitude overflow,
kiss your Goddess in the night,
there's no Goddess like me on your shores,
be not afraid of me,
come and catch my enamoured glows,
pick my jewels and intellect,
I put the prayers of mankind before your feet,
time breaks its bosoms, it is complete,
wedding gowns and dawns of silk.
Panting, and panicking
He knocked a door in distress
Pled the goddess before him
Pled the majestic woman
"Open your door, my love
Open your door, don't you fear me"

The goddess smiled
Not a smile of malice, nor
A smile of deceit
It was a warm smile, that of which
A mother would smile at
Her son, a lover at her one

And in that moment,
His soul trembled very much so
Not out of fear, or confusion
But simply, because a goddess
Was smiling so warmly at him
It was unbelievable!

Her heart was moved, stirred
And goddesses shouldn't feel that,
Should they? I'm pretty sure not
But she felt like she's suffocating
flowers blooming in her chest, heart
ripped open, stuffed with sunshine

His soul could take the distance
No longer, he couldn't wait
The soul wants what it wants,
It wants it's other half, the half residing
In this distressed woman before him, who
Had roses bloom out of her lungs

"I want this,"
They thought, reaching out at each other
"No, I need this, "
They thought, gazing at each other
Their hearts joined hands,
Chambers opened, blood shared
The man, and the woman, are one

Flowers engulfed them, in an embrace
And although they barely held each other
Barely, ever-so-slightly touching
The power, the intensity,
It brought them to their knees,
And colours crept all over their skin

The woman held on, as tightly as her conscience would let her be
She cried repeatedly, in his arms
She cried repeatedly, on the hardwood floor
He cried repeatedly, too
For they both found each other at last

Along the way, when their tears dried up
And the colours had painted them, with
Vibrant hues, ones we can't see
And flowers had given up their scent to them
When their souls were not souls anymore
When they joined existence

The souls became one
Smile! :)
You called me Queen
A Goddess
You worshipped me
For hours
On end

Sang songs to
Me, with each new
I fell
For you

You said we'd sail
The seven
Oceans together
In time
We'd see
It all

Making each and
Continent our
Our special

I was
In shock
For days

How could I not be?

I was the
**** duckling
In oil spilled
On me years

You saw past it
All into something
I didn't believe
Existed in me
A priceless

My father offered you
Three cows and oh
How the village
Laughed at

Laughed at me

They all did

How could she
Be a three
They mocked
Me and I heard


Only told I was ****
For so long
How could
I know
I was a priceless
Pearl without your eyes?
I sit today
On both my seat

In what I hope
Will be a holy

I find myself
For the very first
Time in a temple

Unlike any
I grew up

I saw a sign
With the most
Beautiful woman

The Krishna Temple
I must stop here!
Her eyes said as much
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