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Oh, dear Luna!
In thy light through the night
I follow ‘til come the morrow
When embarked through the dark
Thou reside by my side
So bright! Thy holy lume
So sacred! Thy godly rule
For no God hath before
Brought light to cursed night
And upon its undead shore
Spawned life from Heaven’s halls
O star of eternity
O queen of divinity
May the mortal man ne’er know
How among immortals
Thy crown glows!
The night sky's brightest "star". A beauty of the dark, a goddess of the light.
rose-tainted lips
what does the pomegranate taste?
you born with crown upon your head
choose the darkness instead

flowers upon your wake
wilted as you walk ahead
yet only the pomegranate remains
standing tall with arms spread

oh dearest Persephone my goddess
didn't you know you had been deceived?
the seeds you ate tasted so sweet
was just a trap, a sin for you to commit

what really bind you two wasn't love
but the fruit that bore his darkest desire
desire to have you by his side
the warmth that his world never had
and the pomegranate laugh
Greek mythology inspired.. Hey I'm back
jules May 7
she is blossoming
her truth
discovering the wisdom
within her higher self
channelling divine energy
she is mother earth’s child.

breathing in
the morning sky
feeling soft grass
beneath her feet
hearing the wind
whisper gently
her lover
by her side.

it was then
that she realized
she was not alone;

everything is interconnected.
she is a child of the universe.
Even Aphrodite is an object to you?
A goddess that lays ahead of us all
In marble out of the hands of hundreds of men
by the thousands of women and children
Why do you perceive beauty in a frail eye
or a possession of your own
And yet the “private parts” of hers
were carved out of holy marble
for the male gaze to seek and consume
Because no beauty and lust came without the loss of innocence
Never mind the power she held
You still stripped her down
And looked

And made a mockery of women.
Jennifer May 5
clouds tumble gracefully across
the velvety expanse
like some frightening titan
reaching down from
the void of heaven,
blackened and ghostly.

breaking apart and
welding together,
some mighty, sickening
war must be bringing that
chill, that quiver in the air;
storm’s coming.

dark Nyx, my soul trembles
when i think of eternity,
the vastness of beauty and
of trepidation that hang over
our heads like some spinning

i am so afeared i could weep
or dance.
Prince May 4
Am I yours forever love
jules May 4
discovering her true divinity
she feels the ancient wisdom
that lies within
passed down from
ancestors and teachers
she breaths it all in,
deep into her being
observing her consciousness awakening,
the dragon within startling

her eyes open to the mysteries
of our deep universe,
as she sees reflections of herself;
a girl once lost and found
exploited and heartbroken
ridden with trauma and pain,
they were lessons in disguise
she’s come undone
transforming her into
the goddess she has become.
transforming pain into power.
Modra Galica Apr 29
She sits and stands, dances and spins.
Laughs a bit and then cries the saddest tear,
no fear in her eyes, a puzzle unsolvable.
And she knows she is capable of anything,
she can do magic and pull any string.
Sometimes a bit empty, in her thoughts she would sit,
every bit of her skin hot and wet, on the edge of the world.
Her glance deceives without you knowing,
her eyes going far while she disappears
to some other loves, never fully happy
curiously lost, those dark and wild things...
and she can stare at clouds for hours,
at rain, black bird's wings...
And then she slips out my hands,
once strong and now weak as spiderweb.
And she sings, what is life but a dream, deception?
Then I admire her, and want her for myself
to hold on to her for another moment.
And as the sunset watches us, I know
I am the one being left without her, alone.
As she seduces, as she chants and sings,
she is my maiden, my God, the black bird's wings.
Jennifer Apr 28
dogs snarl and
yowl as she approaches:
her silken dress trailing
the ground,
her ashen face, unsmiling.

lady of the night: she leads
her army of ghouls with cold,
heavy chains that make a
sickening sound as they
stroke against the black concrete.

she is unseen, but watching,
cold malice in her
shadowed eyes.
she can see the sweat beading
upon your pallid face
as you struggle to wake, gasping.

heed her unnatural beauty,
for it is too dark to see
her true face. she
parts the road thrice
and awaits your decision.
a smile curls her lips:

she is warning you.
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