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wren Apr 8

We were arms and legs,
ruffled pillows and
twisted blankets
bare writhing bodies
reflected in a warped carnival mirror
glowing embers of a fallen star
Your strokes
tentative and wavering
in an unsteady tremolo

find me where the shy dawn
dare caress the black crystal waters
that sparkled so green
amidst cold oceans of metaphor
and warm, streaky peach jam skies

gift me, make me, break me, grant me
may i find nourishment and sustenance
in suckling the dripping honey
from your velvet rose-tinted lips
slake Your thirst
sate Your hunger
drink from these fountains
and eat from these briars
revel in my sanctum
but let no blessed water
pass my parched lips

i will etch soliloquies into the nape of your neck
i, the calligrapher, you my masterpiece
monet's soleil levant and water lilies
botticelli's map of hell and rorshach blots
i will find god in your twinkling sepia eyes
and repose in the contours of your body
chiseled with conviction bold
i will trace lines traced long ago
and discover you anew
lilting auroras behind these tired eyelids
sweet aubades of clotted maple cream
embroidered into the
buttery cashmere shearling
of Your lush being
knotted, blistering lilac and rose
in this churning ****** sea
of flames and sculpted ice

bold sensual soft
caress but never kiss
it's five a.m.
and i still can't sleep
we're out of time
there's no stopping what's to come
but the taste of jasmine white tea
still lingers on my tongue
i'm still shouting to the void
and playing piano in the brazen dark
~escapril prompt no. 1
~dedicated to a tayden and a david, and to a lana for seeing me through it all :)
~this will also probably become a part of dichotomy pt. 2
~"crystal water that sparkled so green" -- kipling's seal lullaby
~feedback much appreciated <3
Mazen Edlibi Feb 23
I’m Failure!

She said that with a shining crystal tear in her eyes…

She broke my silence!

Shrinking in her bed, hiding her face, with a tear which killed my strength and toughness… I felt naked.. felt I have no power to make her safe!

Like a little child, eager to have that warm hug, that safe hug, that secure corner… and She broke my boundaries with world I don’t belong to….

Did she saw me how I see and feel her!

Did she felt how she had my back safe and my feelings secured!

Did she realized how stabilized our time and life together!

You didn’t fail me!

You didn’t hurt me!

You didn’t make me feel tired!

On the Opposite….

You did let me feel my humanity…my worthness…my existance…my signature…myself!

And after all that you are saying “I’m A Failure”

You can feel Sad..You can feel Pain…You can feel Disappointed …. You have the right to be Human!  And we will still experience Sad, Pain, Disappointment beside other things however we didn’t Quit… we didn’t Surrender… we still in the Arena that we created and will create and that we will keep creating together and with each other.

Be who you are and don’t be a shame of showing your uniqueness… your worthiness…showing how treasure you are for me…

With love..with admiration..with humble I tell you…you are Enough!
For the one who makes me feel the true of who I am
Cynthia Jean Feb 17
Those bleak , black  clouds

are full




Cynthia  Jean
February,  2020
I lost somewhere
In the translucent water
With the blue violet hues
Where there are no ripples
And dirt to destroy the beauty
Of that crystal clear water
Which is known as blue lakes

Somewhere I melted
In its calmest surface
As a transcendence
Vanished in heavenly lakes
Of mystical drops
Like a mermaid 🧜‍♀️

With its first sight
I dreamed to dive in
To enjoy the visible depth
Of crystal lake
Became a real dream
As it is the most clear water
Recorded in the world

Dreaming as a swimmer 🏊‍♀️
In the clearest natural waters
Is the gorgeous Blue lake
Also known as
Which means lake of peaceful lands
That located in Nelson lakes National Park of New Zealand

Being a dreamer’s dream
Will remain as it is
Due to it’s sacredness
Thus not allowed to enter
In the divine lake
Which holds the visibility record
Upto 80 meters or 250 feet

Deep in the eternal blue
With its pristine waters
Everyone wish to swim in it
That is not possible
As is maintained for clear water record
But anyone can enjoy
Its incredible view
By staying in
Any of the 700 near huts
Will definitely be a
Eternal cool view
In the heart of calm blue
Heavenly lake
The beauty of crystal clear blue lake is mesmerising and that too with a clear visual depth and with no ripples in it make it really calm and cool.
Seanathon Jan 4
You are sunlight alive for an instant
A clear reflection found
In the crystal spray off the gulf of Mexico

Your eyes cutting waves deep
Like rudder and hull

Your hair in the breeze
Like the rigging and sails alive

And you all a smile on starboard edge
Perched atop this blue world
You live and atop the cresting waves, fly

She was a sailor
She was a sailor
Aquila Venatici Dec 2019
there is something painfully romantic
about pushing a needle through fabric
for hours, upon hours
sewing a poppet.
i know i will curse it anyways-
but the thought is nice.
I jinxed it !
Grace Haak Nov 2019
your crystal eyes
a kaleidoscope
crisp colors changing each day
like stained glass
these patterns pass
reflecting light in a most beautiful way
one i wrote a while back
Anastasia Aug 2019
the warm wind filled her dreams, while she dreamt of what she was missing
her eyes shined
and her cheeks blotched
the stars whisper a soft hello in her mind.
her hair gently floated,
the breeze playing with her locks
the beasts in her head nuzzle softly against her skull
she watches the stars
guarding them in their slumber
collecting her crystal tears
to make a chandelier
her shadow twirls in the dandelions
catching fireflies underneath the violet sky
stitched together
as a blanket for the night.
I don't remember writing this, but I found it in my drafts. Written June 4th, I love this poem, and I think I could call it one of my favorites. It didn't have a title, but I was able to create one. I hope you enjoyed, and have a lovely week.
Pyrrha Jul 2019
I love myself when I'm with you
Every imperfection becomes a crystal forest
Your words shine down and make me shimmer with amber sunlight
Together we are a sunset that outshines the stars

You make me radiant
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