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Strung Jul 8
I am a nothing nothing nothing person
Nothing here to see
I am a nothing failing bailing person
Clinging to a dream.
I am a nothing nowhere no good one
A one who dries out eyes
I am a nothing but a husk person
Who can’t fight the dark demise.
A Dark Crystal demon look alike
It’s true, I’m not dead yet
I look my nothing in the face
And question it’s true taste
For if blood was what it wanted
Then blood it would’ve had,
But my nowhere eyes are missing spite
And deep down nothing me is glad.
A demon eyed me is nothing new
But here, I find a light,
If a nothing me was fighting so
Why can’t I feel the bite?
Give up then! I always do
A nothing keeps its name.
Look my nothing in the face
And play this ******* game.
Dark Crystal creature crawling to the surface of the world
To tell everything
To Shove It
Joanna Jul 6
I see a crystal tunnel with beveled windows and leaded doors.

Each holding hidden treasure, a magical surprise to be explored.

While at the same time, upon entry, I am guarded as I am led to see.

Its walls are transparently established as a key, to a habitat of
beauty yet to be revealed.

Marking the way before me as sealed in love.

Giving me the strength to walk in boldness, and at the same time gentle as a dove.
I wrote this at a time that understanding things of spirit was as a child...I am older and my understanding is not changed..except childish is being burnt away and the heart of a child instilled.
What is the bridge between the worlds
Of matter and the mind?
That bridge is made with spoken words
Which contour and define

So if the wealth which I create
Depends on what I say
I will choose to enunciate
The strongest words today

With words I form and crystallize
And shape my world anew
With words I freshly realize
The work which I must do

Words are the bridge between the worlds
Of matter, thought, and will
I'm eager now to learn which words
Will all my dreams fulfill…!
This is Prosperity Poem 21 at  and you can see it displayed on a beautiful background here
Ashley Jun 14
I say I be doing fine but **** sometimes I miss those good old times
I’m selfish I’m mean I just need methamphetamine
But I’m fine
I’m fine I’m really trying to be fine
I just need a line
8ball and I’ll be fine
4 yrs sober and I’m fine
It’s just a thought of not being fine
But im fine
Anastasia Jun 11
crystal trysts
souls collide
making something beautiful
golden thread
braiding hair
hands run through
in the night
"but i'm not tired"
wanting to hold you
when i can't sleep
crystal trysts
hide with you
in a bed of flowers
hands on my skin
lips on mine
suns set
letting forth night
holding the moon
in your eyes.
c.b. ♥
Anastasia Jun 7
Dew drops
Whispering to starlight
Never told
A  small girl
With hair like fire
By a lake
With water like the night sky
Emerald frogs
Ruby roses
Crystal violets
And a pearl moon
All of this
Could be hers
But she just wants
To make friends with the fireflies
Enjoy <3
Anastasia Jun 2
forever waiting I shall be.
for my love to come to me.
there is a pain in my soul.
the time collects in a crystal bowl.
waiting forever, shall I be.
i shall wait until the end of the sea.
till the sky fades away.
till the flowers turn to gray.
for my love, forever, I shall wait.
H N Aki May 14
We live within a world full of glass.
Where light and sight
are strayed when they pass...

The things we see;
monsters that loom...
Twisted creatures all around me.

Razor shards sting;
gashes with each step.
Screams from the people ring.

through the pieces lives the demons face.
A terrible, ungodly sight.
Yet, it took me to a familiar place.

Just then became plain to see
the closer I came to the shard.
This is a world of mirrors

The creature is me.
Sometimes we have to remember to look and realize that we have demons. It's the best way to keep them at bay.
Kevin Apr 30
I stand silently by the crystal water
Lost in thought,
Running to find a way

Gently with the back of my hand
I place it on the clear pond
mindlessly sifting through the
stillness of the calm

The reflection of this diamond sky
reminds me of her
                translucent emerald eye’s

Wondering when again-
         they would meet mine
Pyrrha Mar 4
You know how when you break open
some rocks you find crystal?
My heart is like that
break it open and you will find
all my love for you

I'm like a geode
I seem **** and hollow at first
but after you break me apart
you will see all the treasure in me
that was hidden on the surface

Only now it is no longer yours
every touch from then on
turns my crystals to rust
one shard at a time

A geode turned to coal
for the next heartbreak
to reveal my hidden gold
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