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Nights when the Sun bereaves
The moon in between the graveyardshifts
He is boundless enlightening her
While her baits are never unleashed
Moon,"A Midas touch,
Burns who touches him as me.
He's the Anno Domini worshipped,
While I'm a mere eclipse.
Perennially furious,
I stare at him."
The moon hoards his strength and perquisites that she gives.
Bohemian Feb 10
'When nights shall be drunk
And souls be tumbling in revelry
When the comic of roles end
And cold shall be burning
I await to call the utmost illegitimate side of us
As my penchanted pleasure
For you be semisane
Caught half into adulthood and rest you know...
Neither you nor me or they
Be sceptical or carrying the peels of scruples
Much than the stars infatuate at nights
Does her dark skin through the lattice of her top
We bereave the nights
Instead we sneak peak under the sun
There ,she achieves utmost pitch in giggles
I trail ,fall and then fail
zz 6d
I´ ve lost the count
of sleepless nights
when dark window
mirrors my face
I no longer recognize
without you
I am nothing
Esther 7d
you're my Friday night
and i'm your Saturday morning
you seem more ideal than me
but i offer you the comfort that you need
you give me life
i give you peace.
Hello Daisies Feb 15
My dear friends
I miss you
On those warm summer nights
The sky's thick hue

We are all lost
Running away
Because we are so afraid

So let's get in the car
Turn that cd up loud
Drive through them city lights
Dancin like we proud

We'll always find each other
Even far as **** away
Laughing til we cry
Even in the worst of days

Always there for every first
Tired nights with
Heavy brights

We  in that car
So Turn that cd up loud
Drive through them city lights
Dancin like we proud

Can't even comprehend
How lucky we are
To lay with each other
And stare at the stars

I'll be there with you
From your wedding day
To your darkest day

Won't let it leave my heart
When we're in my car
Blaring that cd so loud
Highway lights passing by

We'll keep going far

Driving together in any car
Cup Noodles Feb 12
the days have been silent
the nights grown longer
the mornings are murk
the afternoon sears
as days are as dragging as nights

out the window the colors are dull
but in this room no color appears
and in these thoughts are cages
the rooms sound way better than
where am i now

my own consciousness hinders me
my own consciousness hinders me
zz Feb 3
I took my love for you
my broken heart,  my fears
and buried them so deep
that now I wonder
if I ever get the wings
Peter Balkus Feb 3
If you say No to Love,
your days will become nights,
no more hellos, just goodbyes,
the doves you feed will turn into crows.

If you say No to Love,
start digging a grave for yourself,
for there won't be many days left,
before you - loveless - are gone.

And - instead your name on the stone -
they'll write: "Here lies a poor man,
whose life became but a mare,
since the day he said No to Love."
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