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B D Caissie Sep 21
Sleepless nights I look to thee
Within the dark how clear I see

Scars they open and speak to me
Pleading my mind to be set free

I look upon paper to write my plea
Heaven’s gift that fears must flee

The dawn will rise a timely decree
Light of hope for our humanity

Or at the very least my sanity...

girl gonzo Sep 20
i cut the envelopes that come in through my mailbox with the jagged edges of my front teeth
women used to chew their umbilical cord after birth
and my mother tied my hair in the same ponytail the entirety of my girlhood
the elastic snapping a couple times a day
because the girth of hair was always too thick
and I envied the women with thin, silky hair
the kind that didn't snap or break
split in two like my lip in the winter
or when hitting the pavement

years later when I became bored with everything
everyone I knew was in love with
I became queen of abandoning all in a jiffy
sobering up and growing up
the more I went up
the easier it became to be simple and dumb

so cut my tongue-tie
leave me in the dark
i'll never be middle class
as you explain poverty to me in your fake squalor
I understand that one day you'll eventually
move back to your parents' wealth
and my sun will be hotter

I'll quit my job and live in between different parks
with similar names and the birds that always remember your
face but they have so many
your head becomes a scrambled egg
you'll listen to my songs
but that's only because
you want to believe they're about you

it's liquid gold
when everyone is defined by what kind of milk they drink
the most convoluted poem I've written in a while
alluding sort of to some kind of amniotic complex
Seanathon Sep 19
I love when colored salmon spawn
And leap with ease over towns on high
With rippling waves and glistening sheen
How they bound between these rocky outcrop clouds
And spread their whispy tendril fins
Across the cascading pinkish sky
I love the night just before it breathes
Quiet as waivering gills unseen
When the salmon color seeps into the sky
zelda Sep 13
feline gasps for air
far away from the seashores
of supremacy
Luna Pan Sep 12
I know it was just a one night but i can't forget you.
The way you talk, the way you smile.
I know it was just a late night talk but i can't forget your intimacy.
The look in your deep egremnoi eyes while you are talking.
I know it was just a one night but i can't unlove you.
Amanda Sep 11
April 28/30

Let me be your Sunshine from Harlem Nights.
Taste this cookie, you'll fall in love from the first bite.
I’ll have you contemplating about leaving your wife;
you said your kids will be all-right.

I want to be your sunshine when your days feel like nights.
When darkness clouds your mind, and you're not sure
if you should shoot or fight.
Let me be your clear conscience.
I’m not the devil on the left shoulder,
I’m the angel on the right.

Let me softly kiss your cheeks when daylight peeks,
I like to express my love to you in the morning.
I can bring your wet dreams to reality.
My juices dripping down your shaft,
we didn't even take a bath.
You get me wetter than the dew on the lawn.    
I wanna' be your sunrise lick my crack of dawn,
from dust ‘till dawn then put it in my mouth when I yawn.

Baby, I’m a lucky dime.  
No, I’m not gold, but
I glitter from within my soul.
My curves are so fine, my kisses are divine, and
my ***** is so good,
if you threw it up in the air,
it would turn into sunshine!
Flower C Sep 11
I’ve been too drowned in my own cries,
Too used to suffocate,
The coldness doesn’t even reach me anymore,
That I am unsure of my own feelings,
If I have any,
To say I have none would be misleading,
When the tears are still streaming,
And the nights are always long,
Where the sun never rises.
J J Sep 10
Weeping sonatas haunt the patio
Underlined with your twisting fingertips
Once ablur and tracing Beethoven Debussy
Mozart and Bach and it's all gone now—
I still recall your grey eyes as clearly as the rusted
and snagged red wood that forms the old arbour
Where we use to sit and trade stories.
Still here and seeming
A relic that should have been forgotten.—
I  watch the sun turn the wood white
Then crackle crisply into night, I can still
Hear your spectral steps from the day you
Left us.

I slept in the bed that used to be yours wondering
Written about two years ago.
Jac Sep 9
i had felt so calm

as if i was swimming in a lake
nearing two am on a summer night
the water still
warm from the sun
that had set hours prior

floating while gazing at the stars
with the moon illuminating
the subtle waves
rocking me into my sleep
Luna Pan Sep 9
We were mad but it was us and beyond mad we were something beautiful and fragile, we were the euphoria itself.
things i wanted to say to you
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