Tonight I couldn't sleep,
just like I couldn't sleep the last 5 nights in a row.
Despite physically exhausting myself during the day,
and brief calls of slumber come midnight,
I never quite succumb.

But that is beside the point.

Tonight I couldn't sleep,
so I made myself some tea
chamomile and spearmint
(ironically I hate spearmint, but in this particular tea it is good)
hot water, and honey.

And I was reminded of my grandmother's rose tea,
the kind she bought in big boxes when I was little,
with ceramic animal figurines inside
and how I wished so dearly for the dog or the cat
only ever getting a pony and a sleek grey goldfish

I wonder what happened to those little dolls
or those big boxes of rose tea
have they passed with age,
or remained strong, like I, lying in wait

Tea // Thursday, May 18th, 2017 // 1:41 am // f.r.h.

Every night I wait for you
The only one ,
which can give me peace
take away the restlessness
away from fatigue, stress
Make me dream
as far as my imagination takes
be with me as day breaks

Though some nights
you come late
Make me count stars and sheep
then take me away in trip

But still the only thing I yearn at night
and some times , at other times too
is to sleep , a nice amount of sleep
Sleep away too deep

Amazing, curve of an arm,
wave of a hand speed breaking
over the stretch marks on lower back
feeling the lines like the habit
of taking corners of clothes and sheets
pressing in between the gaps
of two fingers, a pleasure
no one else ever even sees.

Wrap of an arm, making the back
and front the ancient interior China,
the arm, the great wall of China,
protecting from sadness
and occasional loneliness.

Curve of the legs fitting the other
like they were two rods under thermal stress.
The vastness of the ass comforting the lack
of it on most days, when my body hair
is as natural to you as blinking,
I miss how two bodies become void
In the shape of night’s silence, the arc

Written for not being able to just lie down, wrap and sleep with people anymore
Nylee May 8

Some nights ,
I wish all my musings will end
And I'll get some sweet sleep

alyas 'Ana' May 4

I live for the roads at night
for the moon only shines at it as bright
as the light posts in the streets.

I live for the lights at night
for the dark won't remain as black
as the souls that are awake.

I live for the silence at night
for the minds are as quiet
as the sound that your eyes make when you blink.

I live for the entirety of each night
for the night doesn't remain as dark
as how the word 'night' sounds.

I live for nights like this
for the souls may be as dark
but the light will remain the same.
Shining upon the dimlights
each and every one of us chose to blame
for our dark souls.

Maria Etre May 3

Sleepless nights
prompt me
to spill the day's joys
and sorrows
to the stars that
sit there
staring back at me
shining with understanding

Sarah Rose May 2

Crying allows me to slow down and obsess over the weight of life's problems
like an anorexic preteen watching as the numbers tick on a scale
Sadness consumes my every thought

I was feeling a little down one night and this just popped into my head. So, I wrote it down.
Anna Grace May 1

November night so cold it shook our bones
Our friends out in the grass, singing new age songs
You kept talking about the stars;
I couldn’t stop staring at your eyes.
Who needs lights when the moon was so bright,
Even the insects felt something in the air that night.
In the light, it’s funny how far it seemed
When you sat by me on the couch
We watched a movie that made you laugh,
But all i could think was how close you were to me.
I was left behind to clear my mind,
I had no space for dreams
How could i dream when the only thing running through my head
Was your laugh, the grass, and the stars?
Now November ends but my heart was left in it,
my heart, your laugh, and the stars.

Ivy lynn Apr 30

been through a lot and you've said you'd be there,
when i'm crying at night why'd i think you would care,
why did i believe every word that you said,
now all of the memories are stuck in my head,
yea it hurts to be loved,
yea it hurts to be lost ,
in a sea full of people,
your trying to move on.
There's so many nights
when i cant go to sleep
when i only can sleep
at the sound of your weep.

Chris Vans Apr 26

I stepped outside and all I see is the air you left behind
The candy bars we used to eat

I close my eyes and all I see are phosphene colors
The feelings broken down in a kaleidoscope

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