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DEAR ENPAL PEOPLE, a poem to the dark;-?>

worn out faces
empty starks from deepest embraces
once called on together
never true alone even better

neon lights
blame them on the lonely nights
in advance
I get the train traffic another chance

elevated the chills
things that can't be drowned upon stupid pills
done with healing
now the skin put to the pealing

set red to the lies
gazes speak in dresses fancy to die
time scattered on the desk slow motion
in a black marker all clear devotion

eternal freeze
when the upside embraced the back some disease
contagious when escaped
cant **** even when baked

Open palm of your hand,
the fruit of a ripened plum pressed cool against your skin.
Placing the young flesh against your lips, with a sweet perfume scent.
A lovely summer afternoon spent loving you.
Short and sweet
Aŧül Jul 7
Even during the darkest of nights,
I am with this thought of my future,
Nothing scares me just enough to stop.

Even during the blackest of days,
I am with the memory of time past,
Nothing depresses me enough to pop.

Even during those hours of blues,
I dispel each of the purples in strait,
Because in being sad, I find just glop.
My HP Poem #1935
©Atul Kaushal
Savio Fonseca Jun 30
My Lips like Flaming Fire,
are in search of Quenching Kisses.
I'm lost in your Midnight Love,
experiencing Romantic Blisses.
My Passions are full of Feelings,
as I look into your Eyes.
U settle into My Arms,
waiting for another Sunrise.
Your scent lingers in My Senses,
turning the fire On.
Tempting Me for another Session,
before My flame is dead and Gone.
I have a good taste for Romance,
therefore I crave for U.
Darling.... U are the only Woman,
turning My Dark Nights into Blue.
Zack Ripley Jun 20
Lonely days turn into Lonely nights.
The Lonely heart: the casualty
of one too many fights.
About commitment, parenting.
Money. Responsibility.
But not all hope is lost, Lonely heart!
You've fought before. You've lost before.
And as long as you keep fighting,
someday you will see Sweet victory.
Srujani Jun 19
This feel of sad without any reason
This tiredness without any work
Burning eyes without any tear
Hurting heart without any incident
Why?why is it all happening??
Is it ok to be like this for this night?
Am sure I gonna wakeup with a charismatic smile tomorrow morning
Then why is this night seems like a long achy summer day??
Erian Rose Jun 2
As the days grow long
And nights shrivel to hours
The feeling of little sunflowers
In the eversinking sunlight
Bloom softly among
Lonely, setting summer skies
Evenings a lovable sensitive thang.
Opting to pass usual good morning greetings as some sang.
Skipping morning bits.. rushing into the afternoon.
She welcomed the mid day
Knowing  with it a smile was on the way.
She allowed early evening to greet letting things bloom.
Working away late evenings as sleepy eyes rang.
Conversations a quick cute head nodding overhang.
Good nights are like lullabies of verbal hugs sangs.
Wasted evenings are snatching from beneath feet taken for granted rugs.
All to start another night in shimmering thoughtful plights.
Tugging away ribbons in flights.
Meaningful minds quietly dreamin.
As others may be secretly scheming.
Attentions paid to faded good morning hello's.
With hollow tones from yesterdays grading zero's.
Wash rinse and repeating..
Behaviors seems to be overwhelming.
Creativity craves new feelings.
Rare moments  seems to be fleeting.
Evenings are acceptable, noondays are welcoming,
as are the rushing of mornings.
selinasharday rosePoet s.a.m 2019-5-1
Just saying passionate about the passing times..
Raven Feels Apr 23
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, pen ink cries too:(

fines that cant be identified on the near

or the writes put on paper they die they cry

got my reasons for the sacred peasants and held daemons

nurtured weapons earned upon various treasons

came surrendered on your questioned gazes

that i fond a sweet spot on my unsolved mazes

unhealthy for the mind

my ears brought up to a permanent blind

you descend my pride

to fault on knees loose

cut on shortage of scenarios to choose

amazement on the major dominance captive of my shoes

leading calls to a song never told never sold

Sarah Flynn Apr 8
I’m tired

but this isn’t
the type of tired
that sleep can fix.

I’m not tired
because I stayed up
too late last night.

I’m tired of
fighting with
my own mind.

I’m tired of
feeling like this is
a permanent feeling.

I’m tired of
being so tired.
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