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I hate feeling trapped.
Anger boils inside me
the feeling of not having power over myself.

I want an escape

From those specific words,  your name, your words.
The memories of things that I'd rather forget.
It makes me collapse into the floor everytime I remember,
It triggers my overwhelming anxiety
what happened in december.

And I think of those moments,
tearing my mind  apart
About the reimagination of delusions
of yesterdays and today's

I can't compare
those moments so long ago were so rare,
the marks I still bear.

Its your  touch on my skin,
my reflection on the mirror
and the question I hold within
what could have been.
Owen 7d
They told me its gonna get worse
before it gets better.
Im afraid
they are right.
And tonight,
no amount of company,
or love
is enough to keep you
from filling every corner of my mind.
Hijacking every thought
and tearing down walls
that kept me safe.

Once again I'm reminded
there's no love like yours,
and it will take
every bit of my will
to keep cement from filling
the torn hole in my chest
and seizing my heart.
i hate how much i miss you.
this is gonna ****....
thyreez-thy Oct 7
The devil's time, its so true
Cause it feels like hell trying to forget you
Starving, but my heart is content
With immoral flashbacks of the time we both spent

Holding the pillow tight, it hurts to think
That my imagination pictures your perfectly until i blink
Street lights shine from my room's windows
**** my ***** mind for thinking of you with innuendos

Insomnia's to blame for what a disappointed heart did
Selling your heart away as if it was some bid
The clock carries on as the blankets feel lonely
Useless are the promises you know were made solemnly
Bed thoughts
James Sep 24
Ive been gone.
A long awaited freedom.
Gone for so long.
Ive been gone.
For too long,
Ive been gone.

In my memories,
A past lingers in a haze.
The spaces so divided,
A connection seemingly quixotic.

Its cloudy.
Its dark.
A moment in space.

It feels like an eternity.
Floating in a universe with possible impossibilities.
Yet I remain aimlessly afloat,
enshrouded in nothing.

No drift
No serendipity
No clemency
To pull me from this cold idle.

And when I see a comet hurdling by,
I can only wish to share its great journey.
Mrs Anybody Sep 19
faint glimmers crackle,
smoke fills the air and lungs,
laughter fill ears.
secrets are exchanged,
jokes are told,
memories are relived.

All underneath
the moon who watches
our sins.
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Today, tiredness
has strapped itself
to my ankle bones.
I'm walking upstairs
with adult weight,
dragging eyelids open,
nudging consciousness
still lying in the road -
desperate to drive along
that towering bridge
and back into

last nite, the strokes
of three, four and five
passed me knowingly
like a former lover.
Grudges were embedded
long before the peak.
There were teeth marks
left in breeze blocks,
street signs stolen
as the town went under.
Down a park slide,
we deep-dived life.
Climbed theatre roofs
to discuss our plays.
Threw our shoes,
plus socks, in frost,
before settling on home.
American video calls.
Empty cereal bowls.
Maybe six or seven
goodnight smokes
with a slumped hug,
voicebox croaked
during the final tokes

and I'm under covers -
today, tomorrow.
There are crumbs
on a camera lens
and fingerprints
smudged on mirrors
hidden behind a face.
I'm not coherent,
feeling anything
but God, this Sunday.
Poem #2 from my collection 'A Shropshire Grad'. This poem is about wild nights and the sense of achievement that lingers the following day... despite the fatigue.
Leeann Rose Aug 28
Late nights
It was 12 am & I was wide awake
Up, thinking of you
All we have been through
I cant sleep
I feel so weak
My heart hurts
My body is yearning for you
My mind is racing and so clouded
So many lonely nights
Fighting demons to pass the time
How did we end up alone?
Use to be the one i could call
You use to hold me so tight
I thought I loved you right ..
Its gonna be a long night
The sun will shine again soon
And I'll still be up thinking of you
Karly Codr Aug 27
Moonlight pours in through windows
Pillow soaked with tears
Holding my hands over my mouth
so the sounds of my crying cannot be heard
Surrounded by blankets
because it's the only way I feel something.
I have become numb on the inside
but on the outside,
I look like I'm fine.
So... I started writing this story... And it's super f***ing emotional. Like honestly. I don't think I have ever poured that much emotion into a story before and I'm kind of proud of myself but at the same time, it's a super depressing and I'm kind of mad at myself for writing a depression story but whatever... it's still a story and it has emotion, which my stories really haven't had before. So.
Mitch Prax Aug 21
Death has made
one too many
in my dreams.
I forgot how long it's been
since he first woke me up or
how long it's been since
I feared my own
Kashish Aug 16
Every time I felt insecure about us
Every time you stayed away for nights and days
Made me wonder if you still loved me
And you never failed to prove that you do and you always will, in all ways.
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